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Image: Clementine and Winston Church. Photographer unknown
WW2: 1941
Researched by Colin Coates
Colin Coates writes:

Twenty-one years after the end of WW1, we were again at war with Germany when war was declared, 1 September 1939. This monthly diary will show events in Saltaire throughout the war from January 1939 to the end of 1945.

The primary source of the information is the Shipley Times, which was published weekly
throughout the war. Where possible I have used the exact wording from the newspaper. Where appropriate there are links to biographies on the website.

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Saltaire Times, January 1941


Shipley & Baildon Joint War Weapons Week begins on Saturday 18 January. The aim is to raise £250,000, representing the cost of nine motor torpedo boats, and plans for the joint effort are well advanced.

Events include a dance by Shipley Traders’ Association in Victoria Hall, Saltaire on Wednesday (22 January) evening.

Proceeds will be converted into war savings and handed to Saltaire Hospital new building fund.


W ake up! Wake up! This is War Weapons Week.
A id all you can, for we must reach the peak.
R oll out the £ s. d., make a big pile.

W ar Weapons Week will have then been worthwhile.
E verything’s running quite smoothly, tis true
A ided by Baildon, we’re sure to pull through
P rocession, displays, inaugural lunch,
O ver the top, to give Hitler a punch
N ine Motor T. Boats to launch will be fine
S core on the Fuhrer, the bus catch, in time.

W ar scarred our cities, and those who defend
E ngland expects – yes! The whole world depends
E merging from war (please God) we shall rise
K eeping our fathers’ faith – love never dies

Miss Alice Mawson
39 Dove Street, Saltaire.


Shipley's new "Fitness for Service movement,” for which Mr. Fred Blakeborough is the boxing instructor, made a successful debut at a boxing tournament held in the Saltaire Institute last night (23 January) in connection with the Baildon- Shipley War Weapons Week.

Jim Richmond defeated Driver Bell in the best bout of the evening: R. Kershaw easily overcame Driver Hobson with a whirlwind attack in the first round, and Colin Rosbrook and W. Rhodes, two members of the Shipley Youth Centre, who recently joined the "Fitness for Service" movement, fought an excellent bout in which former won by a narrow margin.

Other results: A. Brown beat W. Horne. G. Sheldon beat Carne. Bryant beat H Binks. Sergeant Uphill beat Harrison. Lance-Corporal Parley beat Brown. Waterfield beat Davis. W. Pow beat R. Jones. Peacock beat Elliott. Gough beat R. Miller. Ormsley beat Thurston.

The tournament was organised by Police Sergeant Beanland.


A highly successful film concert was held at the Saltaire Picture House on Sunday night (26 January) in aid of the Shipley Services Comforts Fund. The effort was organised by Mr. Harry Waite (chairman of the Finance Committee), and among those present were the Lord Mayor of Bradford (Alderman William Illingworth), and Mr. A. K. Horne (chairman of the Shipley Council).

The artists were Margaret Nowell (soprano), Olive Leedham (elocutionist), Tom Culvert (tenor), Norman Dracup (baritone), Rudolph Kohner (violinist), Donnie Collinson (compere) and W. Lupton Brooks (pianist).

The film shown was “Mannequin,” featuring Joan Crawford anti Spencer Tracy.


An interesting experiment took place at Shipley last night (7 January), when officers, instructors, and members of the Shipley Fitness-For-Service movement paid a visit to the Shipley Youth Centre.

The Fitness-For-Service movement, which holds classes every Monday and Thursday in the Saltaire Institute, had been invited by officers of the Youth Centre to stage a demonstration for the benefit of the boys at the centre.

Major Graystone (organiser) accepted the invitation, and last night Mr. Fred Blakebrough gave an interesting display of boxing with the aid of members of the movement. while Mr P W. Fidle organised keep-fit games, which were greatly enjoyed.


A platoon of Shipley Home Guards held a successful supper and social in the Salts (Saltaire) sports pavilion last night (9 January).

Mr. D. H. Marchmont, presided, and among those present were Captain Jackson, Captain Lynn. Major Stansfield, and Captain Brigg.

An entertainment was provided by Mr. T. Culbert, Mr. Arthur Day, and Mr. J. Robbins, with Mr. Fred Longbottom at the piano.

The arrangements were carried out by the social committee with Mr. S. Riley as chairman.


The third annual ordinary general meeting of Salts (Ireland), Ltd., was held at the offices of Messrs. Kennedy, Crowley and Co., Westmoreland Street, Dublin, on Wednesday 8 January.

The company’s nett profit on trading was £50,184. They had an overdraft with the bank of £76,136.


The death occurred at his home, St Michaels, Slyne Road. Lancaster last night (15 January) of Councillor Ernest Varley (73), a member of a local laundry firm, who was elected to the City Council for Skerton West Ward in January 1936.

Mr. Varley was a native of Saltaire but moved to Lancaster many years ago.


The Librarian reported that 10 members (four of whom were ladies) of the staff at the Saltaire Institute and the Carnegie Library had offered to give voluntary service in connection with the arrangements to be made for fire watchers at the Saltaire Institute and the Carnegie Library.

The Clerk reported briefly on the obligations of the Council in this matter.

It was resolved that the Librarian authorised to make arrangements for the operation of a scheme of voluntary fire watches, and that the Chairman authorised to purchase of suitable equipment, i.e., bunks, etc., for the use of the persons undertaking the duties.

Shipley boy's sudden death

"Death from natural causes" was the verdict at an inquest held at Shipley yesterday (28 January) on Kenneth Yeadon, aged 7, of 13 Carlton Walk, Shipley, who died suddenly on 9 January.

Mrs. Yeadon stated that her son was in the playground of the Albert Road School, Saltaire, about a week before the Christmas holidays, when he fell and bumped his head. He went home but after she had bathed his head he returned to school.

On Wednesday 8 January, he was taken ill, and on the following day Dr. McClelland ordered his removal to the Bradford Children's Hospital. When the ambulance arrived to take him there, however. he had collapsed, and he was taken to Saltaire Hospital, where it was found that he was dead.

Dr. J. D. McClelland said a post-mortem examination revealed that death was caused by meningitis, due to some organism of a virulent type which had not been identified. Nothing could have saved him, and death was not due in any way to the fall in the school playground.


2 January – My Favourite Wife
5 – The House Across The Bay
9 – Grapes Of Wrath
12 – Saloon Bar
16 – My Two Husbands
19 – Curtain Call & Gaslight
23 – Turnabout
26 – The Westerner
30 – My Son My Son


Hall – 7 January – John Robert aged 54 of 50 George Street, Saltaire.

Metcalfe – 10 January – Phyllis aged 73, of 43 Mary Street, Saltaire.

Saltaire Times, February 1941


A profit of on the past season of £20 was reported by Mr. W. L. Smith (secretary) at the annual meeting Salts (Saltaire) Cricket Club on Saturday (1 February). Mr. Smith said that in view of heavier expenditure, which included the engagement of Leonard Hutton, this result was gratifying.

A further application had been made to join the Bradford League, but this had been unsuccessful. The committee felt their rightful place was in the Bradford League, and they would persist in their efforts. In the meantime, they had re-entered the Yorkshire Council.

Captain S. B. Brearley (chairman) presided, and all the officers were re-elected.


Driver Albert Metcalfe, R.A.S.C., only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Metcalfe, of Lockwood Street, Saltaire, and Miss Joan Close, elder daughter of Mr. D. Close and the late Mrs. Close, of Field Street, Shipley, were married at Bethel Baptist Church, Shipley, by the Rev. W. T. Carling.

The bride wore a dress of ivory lace over crepe Chine and embroidered tulle veil held in place with headdress of orange blossom and tiny ospreys. She carried a bouquet of pink carnations. The bridesmaids, Miss Margaret Close (sister of the bride) and Miss Margaret Illingworth, were dressed in lime green taffeta and carried daffodils.

Mr. Edmund Gibson was best man.


A whist drive and dance organised by the social committee of Shipley A.U P. Casualty Service, held at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, was attended by about 300 members and friends, including the chairman of Shipley Council, Mr. A. K. Horne.

Shipley Casualty Service includes the first-aid post, first-aid party depots, and the ambulance transport service. Manned jointly by whole-time and part time workers, the service is in need of more volunteer drivers (men or women), first-aid party men and messengers. Inquiries should made to Shipley Casualty Service, Dale Street, Shipley.


THE death has occurred of Mr. William Knight Plunkett, of Sunnymede. Nab Lane. Shipley. a well-known Freemason and prominent figure in the social life of the Shipley district for many years.

Mr. Plunkett had been associated with the Prince of Wales Lodge of Freemasons since 1906 and was Worshipful Master in 1917-18. He was P.P.G D. of West Yorkshire Past Z. of the Ionic Chapter, and a member of the Faith Preceptory of Knight Templars.

He was also widely esteemed in local golfing circles, being one of the oldest members of Bradford Golf Club at Hawksworth, a member and past president of the Shipley (Beckfoot) Golf Club, and one of the founders of the Northcliffe (Shipley) Golf Club.

He was one of the leaders of the old Saltaire Rose Show for many years. and very successful as an exhibitor, first with violas and later with roses. He was also associated with the Heaton Show.

He took an active interest in the work of the St. Peter's Church. Shipley, and was vestry clerk for over 20 years.

The cultural activities which were carried on at the Saltaire Institute many years ago found in him an ardent supporter, and he was associated with the development of the Saltaire Conversazioni, as one of the leading functions of the social calendar in the West Riding.

In business he was estate agent for the Musgrave Trustees for 40 years. He leaves a widow and one son.

(Colin’s note – William Knight Plunkett – born 14 July 1870, died 4 February 1941.)


There was large gathering at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, last night (5 February) the occasion of the annual dance of the Shipley section of the Bradford West Riding Constabulary.


The proposed Shipley-Baildon unit of the Air Training Corps has been registered as the Airedale (Shipley-Baldon) Squadron. The headquarters will be the Royal Cafe, Saltaire and the Salts (Saltaire) playing fields will be used for drill and physical training. Several applications for commissions and offers to assist In training the new unit have been received.


The Committee considered an application from the military authorities for free use of the Victoria Hall on Thursday afternoons in connection with educational lectures for the troops, and it was resolved that the application was granted.


The death occurred at the Duke of York Home, Bradford, yesterday, 11 February, after a short illness, of Mr Cecil Bardsley Mellor, for many years a member of the Bradford Exchange. and well known throughout the textile industry of the West Riding.

Mr. Mellor, who was 58, was chief representative in Bradford and colour manager for the Globe Worsted Co., Ltd., spinners, and combers, Slaithwaite.

Of a genial disposition, his home at Hillsborough, Slaithwaite, was visited by many friends, and as a keen lover of cricket he occupied various official posts in connection with the Slaithwaite Cricket Club.

He is survived by his widow and only son. Mr. Rex Bardsley Mellor who is a colour matcher at Salts, Saltaire.


News has been received from the United Slates of the death, on 10 January of Mrs. Polly (Trotter) Mason, aged 70, wife of Mr. Isaac Mason, of 725 Third Avenue, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Mrs. Mason was born at Saltaire in 1870, being a daughter of John and Mary (Stephenson) Trotter, and the news her death will interest many of her old friends. She was married 3 October 1891, and would have celebrated her golden wedding anniversary this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Mason emigrated to America 35 years ago and have been living at Woonsocket for 30 years.


Frances Emma Farnsworth, aged 74, of 71 Union Street, Shipley, was knocked down and fatally injured in the Market Place by a G.P. O. motor van driven by Albany Burke, 21 Shirley Street, Saltaire.

At the inquest the Coroner (Mr. E. Norris) recorded a verdict “That she was accidentally knocked down in the black-out, and by misadventure was killed.”


Write, Feather, 19 Gordon Terrace, Saltaire.

(Colin’s note – 19 Gordon Terrace was re-numbered 87 Bingley Road)

Death Notice

Briggs - 7 February at 15 Mary Street, Saltaire, Carrie, eldest daughter of the late Jonathan and Sarah Ann Briggs.

Saltaire Times, March 1941


Presentations have been made to employees Saltaire Mills who have a record of 50 years' service with the firm.

Mr. R. W. Guild, managing director Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., made the presentations in the board room, on behalf of the directors, and Mr. H. J. Guild (director), the departmental managers, and members of the administrative staff were present.

Mr. Guild said that during recent years 44 workers had completed half century there.

In addition to the gifts, framed presentation certificates were handed to the employees concerned, who were: Mrs. Mary Hannah Glenn, Miss Ruth Wood, Miss Mildred Souster, Miss Florence E. Carr, Miss Minnie E. Bickel, and Messrs. James Sykes, Silvester Law, John Excell, Jowett Iredale, Edgar Parker, Frank Dracup, Arthur Featherstone and Jonathan Holmes.


To have been on one firm's pay roll for 80 years is the record of Mr. Fred Ellis. of 81 Kirkgate. Shipley, who celebrates his 88th birthday to-day (19 March).

Mr. Ellis started work at Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., on 19 March 1861, and retired when he was aged 75. Since then, however, he has been on the firm's list of pensioners.

In his younger days he kept wicket for, and for some years captained the Saltaire team in the great days of Ted Peate. Richard Barlow. Harry Mosley and other celebrities. He has played at Lord's for the Colts of England against the M.C.C.

Mr. Ellis has a son and daughter living, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.


The following minutes of a sub-committee appointed to formulate a scheme for the establishment of community kitchens and feeding centres were submitted at the meeting of Shipley Urban Council on Tuesday (25 March).

The Clerk reported that since the last meeting of the sub-committee, the Local Authorities (Community Kitchens and Sale of Food in Public Air Raid Shelters) Order 1941, has been issued by the Minister of Food.

The Clerk stated that the order required every local authority to perform of setting or supplying food at any time within any public air raid shelter situate within that area.

The Clerk reported that the establishment of a community feeding centre at the Saltaire Institute had been amended, and that the scheme, the estimated cost of which was £1,360, had been approved by the Ministry.

The sub-committee then considered the question of arrangements to be made for staffing the community feeding centre.

It was resolved that the Chief Librarian and Manager at the Saltaire Institute, Mr. Christopher Snailham, be invited to take administrative charge of the feeding centre at the Institute; that the Medical Officer of Health be consulted with regard to the preparation of the meals at the centre; that the Treasurer and Accountant be instructed to prepare a scheme lor the financial administration of the centre; that the arrangements providing lor the engagement of a cook and two kitchen assistants be approved, and advertisement be issued inviting applications for the position of cook at a wage of £3 per week.


In recognition of allocations amounting to £539 from the “Yorkshire Observer,” Hospital Foursomes Fund, a "Golfers' Bed" was formally dedicated at the Saltaire Hospital on Saturday (1 March).

The ceremony took place at the hospital, and was attended by a large gathering, which included representatives of the local golf clubs. The prayer of dedication was offered by Professor E. J. Price (Principal of the Yorkshire United College). and a tablet commemorating the occasion was unveiled by Mr. F. Fearnley Rhodes. chairman of the board of governors of the hospital.

After the ceremony tea was provided at Shipley Town Hall by the directors of the “Yorkshire Observer.”


Saltaire Cricket Club, members of the Bradford League, who last season had the regular assistance of A. V. Pope (Derbyshire) and the occasional assistance of W. E. Bowes (Yorkshire), yesterday (3 March) completed the signing of four professionals for the coming season.

Three are Derbyshire County players – W. L. Copson, the fast bowler, with England connections, L. Townsend. the all-rounder, and A. V. Pope.

In addition. they have signed A. Spencer, the wicketkeeper, who has played for Windhill during the past few seasons.


The Shipley Red Cross Hospital Supply and Comforts Depot are doing some remarkably good work, led by the president, Mrs F. H. Rhodes.

I (Susan Butler) spent an interesting time with the members one afternoon this week in their centre at the Victoria Hall, where about 60 of them were busily occupied in making garments and bandages.

The full number of workers is 170, and Mr. Rhodes tells me they could still do with more. They work from 10 until 4.30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and devote Wednesdays to cutting out, but some time on Wednesdays is now being given to first aid classes, which are taken by Mrs. White, of the St. John Ambulance Brigade, many of the members feeling that a ‘refresher,’ is necessary.


AIR TRAINING CORPS No. 387 (Airedale) Squadron
ENROLMENT DAY – 15 March 1941

Youths, between the ages of 16 and 18, residing in the Shipley and Baildon Districts who wish to join the Air Training Corps are invited to attend at the Headquarters of the Unit (Royal Café, Saltaire Mills), along with their parents, on SATURDAY NEXT, 15 March, at 3.30 p.m.

A Film, “Out of the Blues,” will be shown, followed by an address by WING COMMANDER T. I. ALCOCK.

46 Church Lane, J. SHEARD, SHIPLEY, Secretary.


The officers of the newly formed Airedale (Shipley & Baildon) Squadron of the Air Training Corps are not entirely satisfied with the number of applications for membership so far received from local youths between the ages of 16 and 18 years.

When the unit was launched on Saturday (15 March), the attendance was considerably below the figure which might have been expected from two towns with a total population of about 40,000.

It has, therefore, been arranged that officers of the unit will be in attendance at their headquarters (the Royal Cafe, Saltaire) every night this week from 7 to 9 o’clock to give information and enrol members.


The first of two table tennis exhibitions by world champions and English internationals was given last night (17 March) to an audience of about 500 people at Connaught Rooms. Bradford.

The second will take place this evening (18 March) at Victoria Hall. Saltaire. The proceeds are in aid of the Duke of Gloucester's Red Cross and St. John Ambulance Fund.


Sergeant-instructor Leonard Hutton. the England and Yorkshire cricketer, has broken his left arm during Army duties, and will miss the early part of the coming season. Hutton was doing handsprings in the gymnasium of his camp when a mat slipped, and he broke his left arm. He is now in hospital.

Last season he played as a professional with Salts (Saltaire) in the Yorkshire Council, but has not entered into any engagement for next summer.


Albany Burke, postman, Shirley Street, Saltaire; desertion by Lily Burke, Idle Road. Bradford. Discretion exercised.


Newman – On 1 March, at the residence of his daughter (Mrs. Williams), 14 Fernbank Street, Green Lane, Baildon, Henry in his sixty-second year, husband of the late Elizabeth Ann Newman (of George Street, Saltaire).

Hall – On 4 March at 2 Harold Place, Saltaire, Beatrice Annie, wife of the late Herbert George Hall.

Abrams – On 19 March at 40 Titus Street, Thomas, in his 73 rd year, husband of Susannah Abrams.


3 March – When The Daltons Rode
10 – Millionaires In Prison & You’re Not So Tough
13 – Our Town
17 – Crooks Tour & Lone Wolf Meets A Lady
20 – Gas Bags
24 – Pop Always Pays
27 – Lucky Partners
31 – Foreign Correspondant

Saltaire Times, April 1941

(Referring to a meeting of Shipley Urban Council on 29 April.)

The meetings of the sub-committee appointed to formulate a scheme for the establishment of community kitchens and feeding centres stated that applications had been received for the position of cook at the British Restaurant at Saltaire Institute.

The subcommittee recommended the appointment of Mrs. J. Littlewood, of Bradford. at a wage of £3 per week, subject to one week’s notice in writing either side, at any time; such appointment to commence on 19 May; and also to be subject to the Council's rules on the payment of wages during sickness.

The sub-committee considered four tenders for the supply of cooking utensils and other equipment for use at the restaurant, and recommended acceptance of the tender of Messrs. John Moffett, Ltd., Bradford.


At the annual meeting of the Saltaire Hospital Board of Governors, 30 April, Mr. W. Crabtree was appointed chairman for the ensuing year, and Mr. E. Hyde was appointed vice-chairman.

It was reported that the donations to the new hospital fund amounted to £5,199.


Shipley M.P. Mr. A. Creech Jones. M.P. for Shipley (Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Ministry of Labour) visited Yeadon yesterday (6 April) and answered questions asked by Guiseley and Yeadon constituents.

In the afternoon he spoke at a meeting in the Victoria Hall, Saltaire.

(Colin’s note – Arthur Creech Jones (15 May 1891 – 23 October 1964) was M.P. for Shipley from 14 November 1935 to 23 February 1950. He was a member of the Labour Party.)


Stanford's "Songs of the Fleet,” was the main choral work at a concert given by the choir at Saltaire Methodist Church School on Saturday (19 April) night.


Shipley people are to have a chance of seeing the attractive display, known as "do's and don'ts of the boxing ring, " given by Army instructors, at a special charity boxing tournament which is to be held at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, on Friday (25 April) night (6.30).

This has been arranged by the City of Bradford and Bradford (West Riding) Special Constabulary, under the guidance of Inspector L O. Unsworth (Bradford) and Sergeant A. Beanland (Shipley). and there will be 12 events, with several good boxers in the programme.


Granville Ingham aged 50, of Red Cottage, Baildon, has died (18 April) in Saltaire Hospital. He was admitted with a fractured skull, and it was understood had been struck by a falling branch from a tree.


Salts (Saltaire) Cricket Club, members of Yorkshire Council, have secured J. Lawrence, slow left-hand bowler and useful batsman, who formerly played with Windhill, and who was qualifying for Somerset when war broke out.

Other players secured by Salts include Miles Coope, first-wicket batsman who has assisted Yorkshire colts, Bernard Hill, formerly wicket-keeper for East Bierley and Bingley, who has been engaged as player-groundsman, and A. L Claughton, another ex-Bradford League player.

W. A. Shackleton (Bowling Old Lane) has been re-engaged as coach.


Good Friday Remembrance

I agree with the letter from the Rev. G. B. Bentley, in our fight for freedom for our country let us not overlook the greatest sacrifice to mankind.

We observe the Silence for our fallen in the last war, so is it not right that we who fight for the preservation of home life and the right worship in whatever way choose should have a day set apart for remembrance? Good Friday means more to Christian people than a bank holiday.

DOROTHY MILNER, (Mrs.), 30 Constance Street, Saltaire.

(Colin’s note – Dorothy was the wife of John Edward Milner, who served in WW2.)

Domestic Firewatchers

Sir.—Some time ago street fire parties were formed among neighbours in all districts, and although I know that many of them have maintained their early enthusiasm, I am afraid that others are now performing their duties indifferently, if at all.

It is still essential that some members of these fire parties should be on duty every night, and that all should be available during an "alert," but my own experience is that after a week or so of turning out without anything happening, many of these fire-watchers have grown careless in the performance of their duties.

I think members of the A.R.P. services might help to revive enthusiasm by occasional talks, and practical exercises, and they, should certainly call round to see if firewatchers are on duty during an "alert."

Saltaire. F. H. H.


Easter Saturday – 12 April

Special visit of DAN WATSON and HIS “RHYTHM ACES.”


Search for talent – open to members of the Forces.

Can you sing, dance, or play an instrument?

Two minutes allowed – engagement for winner.

Dancing 6 to 10.

Admission 1s 6d Forces 1s


At the Saltaire Cricket Club's annual meeting held 17 April it was reported that the result of increased payments needed for professional fees there had been slight loss on the season's working.

Gate money and social functions showed an increase of £94 and £3l respectively.

In addition to the engagement stars already mentioned the club will have the assistance of new amateur in R Robinson, of East Leeds.

Mr. George Birbeck was elected president for the 28th year in succession. Mr. A. W. Burgoyne and Mr. W. D. Ogden were re-elected secretary and treasurer respectively.



In as a pretty a setting as some of the choicest cricket grounds in the country, and through the enterprise of Mr. J. H. Roper, an inspirer of sport, in taking a strong side to Saltaire on Saturday (19 April), the players had au early opportunity of loosening up for the coming season. Although Copson and Pope were never at full stretch they claimed five for 20 and five for 18 respectively in skittling the Bradford side out for 39, after Mr. Roper's side had lost only four wickets in compiling 146 declared.

Mr. Roper, the well-known Ripley sportsman, will spare no effort to ensure Saltaire having a successful entry into round two of the Bradford League Cup on Saturday 26 April against Great Horton, for in addition to' Copson, Pope, and Townsend, also Woodland, who gave a delightful display, of batting last week, and Ralph Smith will be included in the side.

(Saltaire won by the match by 10 wickets. They bowled Great Horton out for just 32. Copson took 6 for 13, Pope 4 for 12.)

(Colin’s note - William Henry Copson (27 April 1908 – 14 September 1971) played 279 matches for Derbyshire and three Tests for England.

Alfred Vardy Pope (15 August 1909 – 11 May 1996) played 214 matches for Derbyshire.)


Mr. Charles Edward Goddard, superintendent of the Parish Church, Blythe Street Mission Sunday School, and son of Mr. C. E. Goddard and the late Mrs. Goddard, 54 Balby Street, Denaby Main, was married at the Parish Church on Monday (14 April) to Mrs. Priscilla Harding, 24 Ada Street. Saltaire, second daughter of Mr. W. Lockett and the late Mrs. Lockett. of Blythe Street, Denaby Main.


THORNTON – 30 March at 8 Woodside Avenue, Shipley, Oliver Arthur, dearly loved husband of Dora Thornton.

Service at Saltaire Congregational Church, Wednesday 2 April, at 1.30 prior to internment at Nab Wood Cemetery.


Frederick George Barnard died 11 April 1941 at 2 Daisy Place, Saltaire, aged 71. He was buried In Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley.

Thomas Wilson Witts died 14 April 1941 in Royston, Hertfordshire.


The funeral took place at Nab Wood cemetery, Shipley, 15 April, of Mr. Reg Illingworth, Nab Wood Crescent, Shipley, brother of the Lord Mayor of Bradford (Ald. W. Illingworth).

Mr. Illingworth had been financial secretary of Saltaire Congregational Church and a member at the choir. The service at that church was conducted by the Pastor (the Rev. S.G. McLellan).


3 March – When The Daltons Rode
10 – Millionaires In Prison & You’re Not So Tough
13 – Our Town
17 – Crooks Tour & Lone Wolf Meets A Lady
20 – Gas Bags
24 – Pop Always Pays
27 – Lucky Partners
31 – The Great Dictator (Charlie Chaplin)

Saltaire Times, May 1941


OWING to the scarcity of eggs it is impossible to have the usual Egg Collection, but the Matron of Sir Titus Salt's Hospital, Victoria Road, Saltaire, will be grateful to anyone who can spare an egg to be put into storage for winter use, and it the person will kindly leave the egg at the Hospital it will be thankfully received.


While crossing Otley Road. Shipley. near the Feast Ground, Yesterday morning, Beatrice Hird, aged 22, waitress, of 6 Prospect Walk, Windhill, was knocked down by a motorcycle and fatally injured.

The motorcyclist, Robert Schofield, aged 25 of 87 Binbrook Street. Girlington, Bradford, was thrown from his machine and sustained severe shock. He was taken to Saltaire Hospital.


Mr. Ernest Varley, of St. Michaels, Slyne-road, Lancaster, launderer, member of Lancaster City Council, and an ex-president of Lancaster and District Chamber Trade, a native of Saltaire. near Bradford, left £6.872. net personalty £5.806. He left his residence and insurance policy to his wife, and the residue upon trust for her for life, with remainder to his son Eric.



Special Visit Of

Dancing 6 to 10.
Admission 1s 6d Forces 1s.


Man for window cleaning 2 or 3 days a week, or strong Youth to learn. Apply Walter Ives, 5 Harold Place, Saltaire.

WEAVERS wanted – dress goods and coatings. Apply Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., Saltaire Mills.


8 May – The Return of Frank James & Yellow Caeser

11 – Public Debutante No. 1 & Pier 13

15 – Brigham Young

19 – Long Voyage Home

22 – Kit Carson

26 – Three Faces West & Come Up Smiling

29 – Neutral Port


10 May – Saltaire 164 all out beat Great Horton 47 all out

17 – Saltaire 182 all out beat Eccleshill 69 all out

17 – Salts (Saltaire) 183 all out beat Halifax 55 all out

25 – Salts (Saltaire) 44 all out lost to Baildon 44 for 1

31 – Saltaire 273 for 6 beat East Bierley 53 all out


10 May – Saltaire 186 beat Greengates 174


Annual Cross-Country Run

Senior Race

1 st R. Naylor; 2 nd A. Dolphin; 3 rd R. S. Heaps

Junior Race

1 st A. Todd; 2 nd K. Butterfield 3 rd M. Stolt

House Champions

1 st Angles; 2 nd Saxons; 3 rd Celts

Saltaire Times, June 1941

SALTS' £336,885 PROFIT

Preliminary results of Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., worsted spinners and worsted manufacturers, now available in respect of the 12 months ended 31 March 1941, indicate that company has continued to maintain a high degree of activity.

In addition to announcing a final dividend of 3 ½ cent on the 7 per cent Preference shares, the directors propose again to pay 1s per share (100 per cent) on the Preferred Ordinary, and 3d per share (25 per cent) on the Ordinary Shares.

Profit on trading amounted to £336,885, compared to £356,845 for 1939-40.


A COMMUNAL restaurant for the people of Shipley is to be opened by Shipley Council at the Saltaire Institute on Tuesday (10 June).

The basement of the building has been transformed into an attractive well-equipped restaurant at a cost of something like £1,500, and will supply hot meals in large quantities between the hours of 11.30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Two entrances are provided on the Lockwood Street side of the institute, one for those who eat on the premises and the other for those who take their own containers and buy hot meals for the family at home.

In the restaurant, accommodation is provided for 130 people at small tables.

The restaurant is decorated in a scheme of primrose and salmon. and is splendidly equipped with electric ovens, steamers, stand-by ovens operated by solid fuel, soup pans, and potato cleaning machinery.

The permanent professional staff consists of a cook and two assistants, and the auxiliary staff will consist of members of the Shipley W.V.S., a dozen or more of whom will be on duty every day.

The scale of charges will be as follows: Soup, 1d.: meat, potatoes and two vegetables, 6d.: sweet. 2d.: tea. 1d.


Shipley’s new communal restaurant was opened yesterday (10 June) at the Saltaire Institute and proved such an attraction that the day's supply of food was quickly sold out, and many would-be customers had to be turned away.

Interviewed by "The Yorkshire Observer" reporter, Mr. C. Snailham, manager of the Institute, said this difficulty would be unavoidable for the first week, but he would be able to make arrangements to increase supplies for the future, so that nobody would have to be turned away.

It had been impossible to forecast how many customers would attracted by the restaurant in the early stages, and the number they had prepared was 300. Actually, many more than 300 people had turned up. and the “cash and carry" department, which supplies hot meals for home consumption - had proved very popular indeed.

He added that everybody had seemed delighted with the quality, quantity, and variety of the food supplied, and he paid a warm tribute to the members W.V.S., who under the leadership of Mrs. Ballantyne, are assisting the permanent staff at the restaurant.

There was no formal opening ceremony. but many prominent local people took the opportunity to see the communal restaurant in action, including Mr. A. K. Borne (chairman of Shipley Council), Mr. T. J. Gray (chairman the Public Health committee), Mr. H. Barnes (Clerk to the Council). and Dr. E D. Irvine (Medical Officer).


British Restaurant. – It was resolved that a Community Feeding Committee consisting of Councillors Chippindale, Cowgill, Gray, Horne, Smith, and Todd be appointed to deal with the administration of the British Restaurant, Saltaire Institute.

Libraries. – The library report for the three months showed: -

Number of borrowers’ cards – March 7,281; April 7,484; May 7,589
Books issued – Saltaire – March 14,232; April 12,548; May 14,265
Books issued – Windhill – March 8,389; April 7,527; May 7,970.


Two new school records were set by one boy at Salt Boys’ High School (Shipley) sports.

R. Naylor covered the senior 440 yards in 57. 25 secs., and the one-mile handicap in 4 mins. 54 secs.

(Colin’s note – Ralph Naylor was born in 1923 in Shipley. In 1939 he was living with his parents at 22 Bromley Road, Shipley.

He emigrated to New Zealand where he married and worked for the Forestry Commission. He died in New Zealand 10 April 2007.)


5 June – You Will Remember
9 – Scatterbrain & Jolly Old Higgins
12 – Island Of Doomed Men & Out West With Peppers
16 – Spring Parade & March Of Time No. 12
19 – Spring Parade
22 – Diamond Frontier & Sandy Is A Lady
26 – He Stayed For Breakfast
29 – Spare A Copper


7 June – Saltaire 77 for 3 beat Bradford 76 all out
13 – Saltaire 180 for 1 beat Keighley 179 all out
20 – Saltaire 154 for 7 beat Queensberry 149 all out
27 – Saltaire 47 for 1 beat Bankfoot 45 all out


29 May – Abraham Hardy, aged 78, of 3 Herbert Street, Saltaire.
16 June – Timothy Horsfall, aged 77, of 19 Albert Road, Saltaire.

Saltaire Times, July 1941


A verdict “That he drowned himself while temporarily of unsound mind,” was returned at a Shipley inquest on Thomas Pearson, a retired fish frier, aged 69, of 41 Thompson Street, Shipley, whose body was recovered from the canal at Saltaire.

It was stated in evidence that he lost his wife about two years ago and had lost his business on account of the war. He had been very much depressed for some time.


Beatrice May Marsh, aged 11, of 5 Jane Street, Saltaire, fell down a quarry face at Saltaire last night (17 July) and sustained fatal injuries. She was playing around the quarry with other children when the accident occurred. Soldiers went to the Salt's Hospital nearby, borrowed a stretcher, and carried the injured girl to the hospital, where she was found to be suffering from extensive head injuries. Including a fractured skull. She died about an hour later.

(Colin’s note – Beatrice was born 16 February 1930 to Robert Marsh & Beatrice May Clements. They lived at 5 Jane Street until after 1960.)


Mr. James Anthony Hunter, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. William Hunter. Ivy House, Moorhead Pane. Shipley, and Miss Sheila Nora Williamson, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Williamson, High Close, Moorhead, were married at Saltaire Congregational Church.

The fathers of the bride and bridegroom are well-known businessman. Mr. Hunter being a former president of the British Wool Federation and of the Bradford Textile Society.

The Rev. S. G. McClellan performed the ceremony, and Mr. Ronald Wood was the organist.


Edwin Drake, aged 27, plumber of 9 Hall Cliffe, Baildon, was at Bradford West Riding Police Court fined 40s. for exceeding the speed limit on his motor cycle between Victoria Road and Saltaire Road, Shipley. His licence was endorsed.


Shipley people will have more holiday money than ever before when Shipley Feast Week begins on Saturday 26 July. Most of them will be staying at home to spend it.

In addition to the big disbursements resulting from holidays-with-pay, they are drawing large sums of money from holiday clubs, banks, and building societies. The Saltaire Mills alone is paying out nearly £2, 500 in holiday savings, an increase on last year.


As a result of a collision on the Bingley-Keighley road yesterday (23 July) between a motor car and a motor lorry, Mr. Frank Kendall, Bingley Road, the driver of the motor car, is in Salt’s Hospital, with a chest injury and knee and chest abrasions.


7 July – Spare A Copper
10 – The Thief Of Bagdad
14 – No No Nanette
17 – Angels Over Broadway
21 – The Ghost Train & Blondie Has Servant Trouble
24 – Seven Sinners
28 – The Son Of Monte Cristo


5 July – Bradford 125 all out lost to Saltaire 127 for 6

12 – Saltaire 209 for 7 beat Great Horton 103 all out

19 – Saltaire 174 for 7 beat Eccleshill 126 all out

27 – Saltaire 160 all out beat Farsley 133 all out


GARGON – 10 July – At Shipley & Bingley Maternity Home, to Mr. & Mrs. George Gargon – the welcome gift of a son, Maxwell.

Sadly he died three days later, 13 July.


19 July – Arthur Greenwood, of Saltaire, to Alice Spencer, of Crossley Hall.

22 July – Saltaire Methodist Church – Elsie Fawcett, of Victoria Road, Saltaire, to Eric Arthur (Army), of Leeds Road, Rawdon.

26 July – St. Peter’s Shipley – Betty Ives, of Saltaire, to Bill Wilson, of Cottingley.


2 July – Bertha, wife of the late Joseph Lamb, of 13 Albert Road, Saltaire.

27 July – Gertrude Elizabeth Love (47), of 21 Ada Street, Saltaire.

Saltaire Times, August 1941


In his ninety-first year, Mr Edwin Parker died at his home, Springfield House, Cliffe Lane, Baildon, 14 August.

Mr. Parker was born at Oxenhope, where he began work at the age of eight. For 22 years he was employed in the drawing and spinning department at Saltaire Mills, and then he began in partnership with a friend as Messrs. Carter and Parker, hosiery spinners, at Guiseley.

For about 70 years he attended the Rosse Street Baptist Church, and he held the positions of deacon, secretary, church treasurer, and Sunday-school treasurer.


Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hird, 7l Kirkgate, Shipley, have been notified that their younger son, Flight-Sergeant Leonard Hird. an air gunner in the R.A.F. has been killed in action.

Flight-Sergeant Hird did not return from an operational night over enemy territory on June 27-28, and was reported missing. It has now been learned through the Red Cross that he was killed when his aircraft crashed in enemy territory.

He was educated at the Saltaire Road School and at the Salt Boys High School, and was a journalist in civil life, first with the Shipley Times and Express, and later in Bradford. His elder brother, Jack, is serving in the Royal Artillery.


Many Happy Returns to Mr. John Branigan, of 30 Grandage Terrace, Whetley Hill, Bradford, who celebrates his eighty-third birthday today (21 August).

Born at Preston, Mr. Branigan came to Yorkshire nearly 40 years ago, and was employed at Saltaire Mills until his retirement in 1931.


The Salt’s (Saltaire) Ltd. Band gave a performance at Northcliff Playing Fields at 3 p.m. on Sunday 17 August.


James Peel, of Glenholm Road, Baildon, was fatally injured in an accident at a Baildon factory on Friday 8 August.

Another operative, Alfred Lee, of 19 Caledonia Street, Bradford, sustained severe head injuries and was taken to Saltaire Hospital, where he was detained.

9 August – It was stated that his condition was “unchanged.”


Bridget Sagar (nee Egan), widow aged 73, of 26 Aberford Road, Bradford, was knocked down by a motor car near the junction of Bradford Road and Cliffe Vale Road, Shipley, on Saturday (9 August). She was taken to Saltaire Hospital, where she died shortly after admission.


Percy Brown (37), 1 Castle Street, Shipley, is in Salts Hospital, Saltaire, with leg and other injuries caused when his motorcycle came into collision with a car at Shipley late last night (Wednesday 20 August).


Gillian Feather, aged 5, daughter of Mr. Gilbert Feather of 13 Airedale Place, Green Lane, Baildon, was fatally injured by falling masonry while playing near her home on Monday 25 August.

It is understood that she was at play in Airedale Place when a boundary wall suddenly collapsed and some of the falling stones fell on her. She was taken to Saltaire Hospital but died on the way.


7 August – Mr. and Mrs. Smith Spare A Copper
10 – The Saint’s Vacation
14 – Back Street & The Man At The Gate
17 - There Goes My Heart
18 – Captain Caution & Ready For Riches
21 – Freedom Radio
24 – Dad Rudd M.P. & Rogues in Rhythm
25 – The Birth Of A Baby
31 – Dark Journey


2 August – Saltaire 212 for 5 beat Lightcliffe 125 all out
6 – Priestley Cup Semi Final – Saltaire 153 for 7 beat Bowling Old Lane 98 all out
9 – East Bierley 106 all out lost to Saltaire 109 for 3
23 – Pudsey St Lawrence 79 all out lost to Saltaire 81 for 4
30 – Saltaire 177 for 6 beat Bradford 29 all out.


30 August – Saltaire Methodist Church – Margaret Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Biggin, Farfield Road, Shipley, to Frank L. Templeman, son of Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Templeman of Cardiff.

16 August 1941 – St. Paul’s, Shipley – Stanley Hird married Jean Hanson, of Baildon.


Saltaire Times, September 1941



Beating Undercliffe in the Priestley Cup final at Park Avenue on Saturday (13 September), Saltaire completed an amazing record for the season.

They became the first side in Bradford League history to go through a season without defeat in either cup or league. They finished with the record of 22 wins and one draw, that being the rain ruined game at Farsley on 24 May.

As division “B” champions, Saltaire are the first side to win the cup and a league title in one season since Bradford did it in 1934.

Their league proportion of points is the highest in history. They are the fist team since 1913 to furnish both the league’s premier two bowlers in one year. They won all their last 18 games.

Bowlers held the mastery throughout the Priestley Cup final, for after Jaques (six for 37), aided by Sefton (three for 15) had got rid of Saltaire for 102 runs, Copson (six for 30) and Pope (four for 13) routed Undercliffe for 44, the lowest score in a final since Bankfoot were dismissed for 30 by Bowling Old Lane in 1920.

This was Saltaire’s fourth Priestley Cup triumph, for they also won the trophy in 1905, 1918, and 1927.

An attendance of about 7,000 provided receipts of £267.


Shipley Council is contemplating the establishment of a British Restaurant to serve Windhill and the centre of Shipley.

This was revealed at last night's meeting (30 September) of the Council when it was decided to endeavour to secure suitable premises.

Mr. T. J. Gray, presenting a report on the progress of Shipley's first British Restaurant, which was established recently at Saltaire. said that from the middle of June to 21 August 14,157 meals had been served in the restaurant and 4.419 had been sold on the "cash and carry" principle.

Victoria Hall – The Committee considered an application from the local branch of the Women’s Voluntary Service asking for the use of the Victoria Hall, free of charge, in connection with a bridge drive in aid of the War Services Comforts Fund to be held 8 October 1941.

It was resolved that the application be granted.

Libraries – Issue of Books

June – Saltaire 11,585; Windhill 6,670
July – Saltaire 12,162; Windhill 6,731
August – Saltaire 13,389; Windhill 7,334


Shipley gave a rousing reception to the artists of the Telegraph and Argus" Nignog Revue last night (1 September), when they presented an entertainment at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire. in aid of the Shipley New Hospital and Charities Fund.

Proposing a vote of thanks to the directors of the "Telegraph and Argus." Mr. F. Fearnley Rhodes, immediate past chairman of the governors of the Saltaire Hospital, said these were very difficult times for voluntary hospitals. He thanked the young artists for coming to the aid of Shipley's charities.

Mr. W. H. Crabtree (chairman of the Saltaire Hospital Board and also of the New Hospital and Charities Committee) thanked all who had assisted in organising the effort.


Miss S. A. Jowett, of 10 Glenside Avenue, Windhill, Shipley, left (net personalty £888). Testatrix left £100 to Salt's Hospital, Saltaire: £50 each to Leeds Infirmary, Bradford Royal Infirmary, Bradford Eye and Ear Hospital, Bradford Children's Hospital, the Salvation Army for social work, and Rosse Street Church. Shipley. Her residuary estate she left to Salt's Hospital, Saltaire.

(Colin’s note – Sarah Annie Jowett born 18 August 1862 – died 10 July 1941.)


Three passengers were injured when a double-decker motorbus and a motor lorry collided at Shipley yesterday (15 September). They were Violet Smith (cut head and shock), of 7 Wilmer Road. Heaton; Sidney Smith (shoulder injury), of the same address: and Marion Gallienne (shock and bruises), of Chellow Grange Cottage. Chellow Dean. All three were taken to the Saltaire Hospital. but were discharged after receiving attention.

The motorbus was travelling from Bradford to Harrogate. and was crossing the junction of Otley Road and Briggate when the accident occurred.


WEAVING Overlooker wanted, for Northrop Automatic Looms, Tappits, and Leeming Dobbies. Apply Salts (Saltaire). Ltd., Saltaire.


St. Paul’s Shipley

6 September – Irene, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Laycock of Saltaire, to George Clifford, eldest son of Mr. G. Allott of Baildon.

St. Peter’s Shipley

6 September – Doris, elder daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Caygill Smith of Saltaire, to Walter, younger son of Mr. & Mrs. E. Edwards, of Great Horton.

13 September – Hannah, daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. Joseph Johnson of Saltaire, to Harry, elder son of Mrs. and the late Mr. W. Greenwood of Bingley.

Saltaire Congregational Church

9 September – By Special Licence – Elsie May, only daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. Allan Walsh of Saltaire, to John (in the Army), only son of Mrs. Mennetta Parratt of Undercliffe.


12 September – Mary Thorp, of 5 William Henry Street, aged 85.

16 September – (suddenly), at 21 Edward Street, Saltaire, Elizabeth A. (nee May) (47), widow of the late James Hainsworth.


1 September – So Ends Our Night
8 – The Philadelphia Story
15 – Kipps
21 – Everything Happens At Night
22 – Kitty Foyle
28 – Lets Make Music & Star Parade
29 – That Uncertain Feeling

Saltaire Times, October 1941


The death occurred yesterday (6 October) of Mr. Edwin Cowgill, of The Glen, Baildon, the "father" of Shipley Council, and a former head master of the Lapage Boys' Modern School, Bradford.

Mr. Cowgill. who was an ardent Liberal, had been a member of the Shipley Council continuously since 1913, and was chairman from 1925 to 1927 .

He was also a governor and former chairman of the Saltaire Hospital and one of Shipley's representatives on the Keighley, Bingley, and Shipley Joint Hospital Board.

(Colin’s note – Edwin was born 9 September 1865 in Horsforth. He was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley.)


Lance-Sergeant Eric Jennings, son of Mr and Mrs. T. E. Jennings, Woodlands Grove, Cottingley, and Miss Jean Stead, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stead, Bingley Road, Saltaire, were married at Saltaire Methodist Chapel, by the Rev. J. Parry Brooks.

The bridesmaid was Miss Hazel Balmforth, and Mr. Peter Carter was best man.

(Colin’s Note – This report is inaccurate. The Stead family lived at 205 Bingley Road, which is in Shipley, not Saltaire.)


Copson & A.V. Pope, the Derbyshire bowlers are to play for Windhill, the Bradford League Champions, next season. They have signed from Saltaire. They were mainly responsible for Saltaire winning the Second Division title.


The members of the Airedale (Shipley-Baildon) Squadron of the Air Training Corps were the guests of the management at the Saltaire Picture House, Shipley, on Monday night (6 October), when the programme included the R.A.F. film "Target for To-night.”

Other guests included members and officers the Baildon and Shipley Council, 20 men from a R.A.F. station, and members of the Shipley Youth Centre.


Mr. and Mrs. Frederick William Hanson, of Mawson Street, Saltaire, will celebrate the diamond anniversary their wedding to-day (9 October).

Mr. Hanson, who is 83, retired in 1934 after 68 years' service at Saltaire Mills. Mrs. Hanson is 80.


Mr. William Lester Whiting, 65 Clement Street, Birkby, Huddersfield, who (with Mrs Whiting) yesterday (14 October) celebrated his golden wedding.

He came North from Norwich at an early age, and when only eight, began work as a doffer at Salts (Saltaire) Miils at a wage of half-a-crown a week, parr time.

He is 73, a retired postman with 40 years’ postal service. He still walks an average of six miles a day.


Superintendent Laurence Milner, of the Salford City Police, who is the new Chief Constable of Chesterfield, is a native of Saltaire.

Since he joined the Police Force at Salford 17 ½ years ago Superintendent Milner has placed a prominent part in solving the city’s traffic problems. It was largely through his efforts that the city has come to be regarded as one of the safest for school children.

During the last war he served with the Royal Artillery, and he was awarded a commission on the field.


Mr. William Luther Booth, 19 Marlborough Road, Shipley, late headmaster at Crag Road Council School, Windhill, and Albert Road Council School, Saltaire, left £447.


Brown – 29 September, at the Shipley and Bingley Joint Maternity Home, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Brown (nee Annie K. Harrison), 21 Albert Road, Saltaire – a son.

(Colin’s note – the Brown family lived at 21 Albert Road, from around 1936 to after 1960.)


18 October – Charles Frederick Denison, of 24 Victoria Road, Saltaire, to Vera Lambert, of Baildon.


2 October – Old Mother Riley’s Ghost
5 – 4 Men And A Prayer
6 – You’re The One & Target For Tonight
9 – Westen Union
12 – You Can’t Have Everything
13 – Melody Ranch & Playgirl
16 – Topper Returns
19 – The Spy In Black
20 – Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary
26 – The Road To Singapore
27 – I Wanted Wings

Saltaire Times, November 1941


That the trade unions had a right to nominate a governor of Salt’s Hospital because of the support they gave the hospital was contended by Mr. T. J. Gray at a meeting of Shipley Council.

The Finance Committee had recommended Mr. T. R Hardcastle and Mr. A. S. Hyde as hospital governors to succeed the late Mr. Edwin Cowgill and the late Mr Hyde, but Shipley Trades and Labour council wrote asking that the appointments be deferred to allow nominations from local organisations.

Mr. Gray moved this course be adopted. Mr J. Dibb sympathised with the viewpoint but thought any nominations should have been forwarded sooner, and Mr. Gray having ventilated the matter, withdrew his amendment, saying there was no opposition to the two nominees, who were then elected.


This has been quite a busy weekend for the A.T.C. Cadets, because, after sending a football team to Pudsey for a match against the No. 1038 Squadron on Saturday (8 November) afternoon, the evening A.T.C. dance in the York Room at Saltaire Institute brought nearly every Officer, N.C.O. and Cadet in the Squadron along with relatives and friends to a packed house which increased the new Recreation Centre Fund by about £l0.

Then, on Sunday morning, a contingent in uniform about 100 strong, under the command of Flight-Lieutenant Inman, took its place for the first time in the military and civic procession from Shipley Market Place to the Parish Church for the usual Armistice Sunday service.


Sir John W. Titus Salt. 4th Bart. who was 57 on Sunday 30 November, (born 1884), is the great-grandson of Sir Titus Salt, the first Baronet created, 1869, the famous Founder of Saltaire and former Mayor and M.P. for Bradford.

Sir John has three sons—David Shirley (aged 11). Anthony Houlton (10) and Patrick Mac Donnell (9). Their grandfather, Sir Shirley H. Salt, 3rd Bart., married Charlotte, daughter of Very Rev. J. C. MacDonnell. D.D., Dean of Cashel and Canon of Peterborough.


Running across Bradford Road, Shipley, in front of a motorbus yesterday (7 November), Kathleen Heaton (11), daughter of Mr. Harry Heaton, Pear Tree Cottage, Esholt, was knocked down and seriously injured. She was taken to Saltaire Hospital.

“Accidental death,” was the verdict at a Shipley inquest on Kathleen Heaton, aged 11 of Pear Tree Cottage, Esholt, who was knocked down and fatally injured by a motor bus in Bradford Road, Shipley.

(Colin’s note – Harry Heaton (25 November 1892 – 23 October 1942) worked at the sewerage works in Esholt.)


A policeman’s presence of mind and speedy action saved a Shipley woman from a terrible death yesterday (14 November).

Valerie Stott, (33), of 210 Leeds Road, Windhill, was repairing a basket chair in front of the fireplace of her home when her clothing caught fire. There was a sudden blaze and she rushed screaming out of the house. Police-constable Dobbs, Shipley, who was on his beat, appeared and flung his cape over her and smothered the flames. He then stopped a motorcar and rushed her to the Saltaire Hospital where she received medical attention within a few minutes of the mishap.


Salts (Saltaire) Cricket Club have applied for admission to the Bradford League to fill the vacancy caused by the decision of the Bradford Club to suspend operations for the war period.

J. Lawrence, who last season took 100 wickets at 7.18 runs each, has been re-engaged by Salts, who will also have the assistance of Ray Genders, who last season scored over 600 runs (average 42.00) for Wakefield.

In the event of their application being successful, Salts will sign a prominent professional and hope to again have the help of M. Coope (Yorkshire colt).


While three men were repairing the guttering at houses in Owlet Road, Windhill, yesterday (25 November), a ladder broke, and the men and the scaffolding fell to the ground.

They were taken Saltaire Hospital, where Julian Butt (62), Ada Street, Saltaire. who was suffering from severe injuries his back, was detained. The others were allowed to go home after treatment.


WANTED Shipley and Baildon Residents to present their old HEADPHONES to the local AIR TRAINING CORPS, No. 387 (Airedale) Squadron.

Search your attics and lumber boxes for these - relics of early broadcasting days and take or send them to the SHIPLEY TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, Exhibition Road, SALTAIRE —or send a postcard addressed to Pilot-Officer F. Barnes, who will arrange for them to be collected.


Weaving Overlooker wanted for Hattersley's Standard Looms.
Apply Salts Ltd., Saltaire Mills.


Church – 27 November to Jessie Mabel (nee Lund of Saltaire), wife of Arthur Leslie Church, of 31 Victoria Road, Colchester – a daughter.

(Colin’s note Jessie was a daughter of Percival Lund.)


Leslie Slinger of 2 Helen Street, killed in action, 25 November 1941.


2 November – Safari
3 – Baby Be Good
6 – The Prime Minister
9 – Untamed
10 – Cottage To Let
13 – Magic In Music
16 – “Q” Planes
17 – The Golden Hour
20 – The Devil & Miss Jones
23 – Midnight
24 – Escape To Glory
27 – Married But Single
30 – Rulers Of The Sea
31 – He Found A Star & Footlight Fever

Saltaire Times, December 1941


Mr. L. G. Humble, of 21 Leyburn Grove, Shipley, has received official intimation that his younger son, Marine John Leslie Humble, of the Royal Marines, has been killed in action at sea in the Near East.

Aged 21, he enlisted in April 1939, and had since been in action in Norway, and in coast actions at Dakar, Taranto. Greece, Crete and Libya while serving one of H.M.S. battleships.

Before joining was learning the textile trade. A well-known local sportsman, he was formerly a playing member of the Saltaire Cricket Club. His only brother, Lance-Corporal G. Raymond Humble, is serving with the Black Watch.


Many gardening colleagues attended the funeral of Mr. George Henry Jowett, head gardener of Bradford Moor Park who was cremated at Scholemoor Cemetery, Bradford, yesterday (10 December).

Mr. Jowett was formerly employed by an Eldwick market gardener and came to Bradford in 1920 when he was appointed foreman at Horton Park. Later he was employed at Saltaire and then took up a post as foreman at Bradford Moor.


William Booth, labourer aged 54, of Carlton Walk, Shipley, was knocked down by a bus in Otley Road, Shipley, on Wednesday 31 December. He was taken to Saltaire Hospital suffering from severe head injuries.

(Sadly, William Booth died 2 January, 1942.)


Booking plans for Miss Edith E. Beaver’s pantomime, “Dick Whittington,” are now open at 6 Victoria Road, Saltaire. As usual, Miss Beaver is putting on a first class show, with a company of 70 artists and 150 costumes. No expense has been spared to bring the show up to professional standard.


CHURCH – 27 November to Jessie Mabel (nee Lund of Saltaire), wife of A. Leslie Church of 31 Victoria Road, Colchester – a daughter.


PINDER – 6 December at 19 Mary Street, Saltaire, William Henry Pinder, husband of Martha Pinder.

HOLDSWORTH – 16 December at her son’s residence, 1 Scarborough Grove, Shipley, Ruth Hannah Holdsworth, widow of Arthur Holdsworth (Saltaire).


4 December – Great American Broadcast
7 – Saturday’s Children
8 – Lone Wolf Keeps A Date & A Very Young Lady
11 – Tall Dark And Handsome
14 – Each Dawn I Die
15 – Flame Of New Orleans & Meet The Chump
18 – Parachute Battalion
21 – The Old Maid
22 – I Thank You & Repent At Leisure
25 – Sunny
28 – My Love Came Back
29 – Model Wife & I Married Adventure

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