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Image: Clementine and Winston Church. Photographer unknown
WW2: 1942
Researched by Colin Coates
Colin Coates writes:

Twenty-one years after the end of WW1, we were again at war with Germany when war was declared, 1 September 1939. This monthly diary will show events in Saltaire throughout the war from January 1939 to the end of 1945.

The primary source of the information is the Shipley Times, which was published weekly
throughout the war. Where possible I have used the exact wording from the newspaper. Where appropriate there are links to biographies on the website.

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This page: Life in WW2 Saltaire: 1942

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Saltaire Times, January 1942


Mrs R. Knott, Valley Street, Windhill, has learned that her husband, Private Stanley Arthur Knott (Border Regiment) has been killed in the Middle East.

He was a Guiseley man but lived in the Shipley district four years before joining up and was employed as a weaver at the Saltaire Mills.


Mr. & Mrs. Edward Slinger, 2 Helen Street, Saltaire, have learned that their son, Ordinary Seaman Leslie Slinger, was killed on H.M.S. Barham. He joined the Royal Navy at the age of 15, and was in action at Crete, Greece, and Norway.


Lance-Corporal Harold Robinson Doyle, a member of a prominent Shipley family, has been awarded the D.C.M. for conspicuous gallantry during the fighting in France.

With great courage he held on to a post to cover the withdrawal of his comrades when the Germans broke through.

Lance-Corporal Doyle is the third son of the late Mr. Thomas Francis Doyle, of Saltaire, who was a member of the Shipley Council. He joined the Army at the end of the last war and served in Archangel, Egypt, and India. He rejoined when this war broke out.


Stated to be a member of the Apostolic Church and to have become a deacon, treasurer, and secretary of the church missionary work at Saltaire within a period of 18 months, Ernest Wilson Richardson, aged 25, civil engineer, of Bank Crest, Baildon, appeared before Leeds Conscientious Objectors' Tribunal, Monday 26 January.

Asked whether the church was short of men that Richardson should have taken these positions in so short a time, the pastor, Wilfred Ewart Rhodes, said his congregation only numbered 15 to 20, and most of them were women. There were about six men.

Richardson was registered for non-combatant duties.


Jack Gott, aged 8, of 19 Wycliffe Road, Shipley, was knocked down by a motor van in Saltaire Road, Shipley, on Monday (5 January), and taken to Saltaire Hospital suffering from a badly fractured leg.

In attempt to avoid him, the driver swerved, and the van crashed into the front of a shop.

(Colin’s note – Jack Gott – born, 12 June 1933. Died, 31 March 1993 at 186 Wycliffe Gardens, Shipley.)


John Hudson (57), of Westcliffe Road, Shipley, maintenance electrician, died at Saltaire Hospital, Tuesday 13 January, from injuries received when he fell 17 feet through the roof a factory at Woodbottom, Baildon.


Jacob Holmes Light (57), The Gales, Menin Drive, Baildon, fish and chip shop proprietor, Saltaire Road, Shipley, collapsed and died in his shop on Saturday night (31 January).

He had some trouble with his car and went into the shop, it is stated, for a block of wood. He was found lying on the floor and was taken to Saltaire Hospital, where on arrival he was found to be dead.


The Bradford Parks Committee has decided to recommend the Corporation to sell the two old cannons in Roberts Park, Saltaire, to the highest private bidder for use as scrap in the war effort. The cannon are relics on the Crimean War.


Shipley District Traders’ Association held a very successful and enjoyable whist drive and dance at the Saltaire Institute on Saturday night in aid of their Ambulance for the Forces Fund. There were over 300 guests.

Mr. Albert Coulton was the M.C. for the dancing which took place in the Victoria Hall. Mr. W. Lupton Brooks was the M.C. for the whist.

The aim of the fund is to raise £300 for the purchase of a light ambulance for the Forces, but if the war ends before this object is reached the balance in hand will be presented to the Saltaire Hospital.


The Governors of Saltaire Hospital, at their January meeting, decided to invest £6,500 during the Shipley-Baildon Warship Week on behalf of the New Hospital Fund.

Mr. W. H. Crabtree (Chairman) presided, and other Governors present were Miss Dunn, Mrs. Birbeck, Mr. James Wall, Mr. H. E. Sucksmith, Mr. A.S. Hyde, Mr. J. R. Hardcastle, and Dr. Sharpe.


Do you know that a Branch of the

exists in Shipley.
We want another 2,000 members.
Send your name and address to
Mr. T. Johnson, Secretary, 1 Titus Street, Saltaire.
Membership 1s per year.


The wedding took place, at St. Paul's Church. Shipley, of Mr. Leslie Hartley, Frizinghall and Miss Kathleen W. Hanson, of Saltaire.

Mr. Hartley is secretary to the Ilkley Coronation Hospital, and the bride secretary to Onduras Ltd., Shipley, and also a volunteer clerical worker for the Shipley A.T.C.

The bride was given away by her grandfather, Mr. F. W. Hanson, aged 84.


Two Civil Defence ambulance drivers were married at Saltaire Methodist Church on Saturday (3 January).

They were Mr. Douglas Whittingham, elder son of Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Whittingham of Norwood Terrace, Shipley, and Miss Alice Mason, younger daughter of Mr. J. W. Mason of Rhodes Street.


The sum of £50 was handed over to the Shipley Red Cross Fund on Monday (5 January) by a representative of the Windhill Branch of the Women’s Industrial National Service.

This handsome donation was raised by means of New Year carnival dance held at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, Saturday (3 January), supplemented by men’s efforts.

The music at the dance was provided by Arty Kaye and his New Commanders, Mrs. Stott was organising secretary, and Mr. E. Hoyle was M.C.

A dancing exhibition was given by Mr. Hoyle and partner.


31 December – Saltaire Congregational Church

John, youngest son of the late Mr. & Mrs. A. Armstrong, Saltaire, to Doreen, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. D. Bilham, Cottingley.

24 January – Saltaire Congregational Church

Florence Irene, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Walker, Saltaire, to Charles, eldest son of Mr. & the late Mrs. G. H. Archer, Farnley.


METCALFE – 17 January at 57 Victoria Road, Saltaire, Arthur Metcalfe, husband of the late Mary Metcalfe.

CHARLESWORTH – 31 January (suddenly), at Mount Street, Harrogate, Joseph Charlesworth, husband of Florrie Charlesworth, late of Saltaire.


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Saltaire Times, February 1942


Private James William Blezzard, York and Lancaster Regiment, third son of Mr. and Mrs. John Blezzard, of Dallam Walk, Shipley, has been awarded the Military Medal for gallant and distinguished service in the Middle East.

Private Blezzard, a native of Shipley, was educated at Saltaire Road school. Before joining the Army as a bugler, about eight years ago, he was employed at Saltaire Mills.

Five sons of the family are serving in the Forces, three in the Army and two in the Navy. Joseph aged 27 in India; John (25) in the Military Police; James William in the Middle East; Robert (21), on a minesweeper, and Ernest, the youngest, in Naval Patrol Service.

The father, Mr. John Blezzard, served in the Royal Field Artillery in the last war. He is a laboratory assistant at Saltaire Mills, where he has been employed for 30 years.


The series of dances organised by the Saltaire Cricket Club to augment their funds are proving exceedingly popular.

Upwards of 400 revellers were present at a-dance held in the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, Saturday evening (7 February), and the company included several men serving in the Forces.

The Secretary ( Mr. A. W. Burgoyne) was the M.C., and the music was supplied by the Ambassadors.


There was a large gathering the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, Saturday evening (14 February), when the annual dance promoted by the Shipley Men's Catholic Club was held. Mr. Jack McLaughlin was M.C., and the music was supplied by the Melody Makers.

The dance was organised by the committee consisting of Messrs. V. Wensworth, J. Burden (secretary), J. W. Jordan, J. Haste. T. Thompson and A. Sheard.

Refreshments were served under the superintendence the ladies' committee: Miss H. McKenzie. Mrs. J. Burden, Mrs. T. Thompson. Mrs. A. Sheard and Miss M. Haste.

It was an enjoyable gathering, and the extra hour for dancing which the Shipley Urban Council had granted was much appreciated.


Organised by the Shipley Section No. 3 Troop Legion of Frontiersman, a very successful and well attended dance was held in the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, on Saturday evening (21 February).

Sergeant John Chell was the officer in charge and Trooper Simpson was a capable M.C. The music was supplied by the Melody Makers.

During the evening, light refreshments were served under the supervision of the members of the Shipley Branch of the British Legion (women’s section).


Saltaire Congregational Church – 7 February.

Irene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Sharpe, 38 George Street, Saltaire, to Bdr. Frank Newton, only son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Newton, 4 Lister Avenue, Bradford.


CASH – Margaret at 31 Whitlam Street, Saltaire (no date given)

JACKSON – 8 February – at 22 Jane Street, Saltaire – spinster Eva Jackson, aged 36, daughter of Ralph Edgar and Mary Jackson.

CRABTREE – 11 February – at 65 George Street, Saltaire – Harry Wright , aged 51.


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Saltaire Times, March 1942


Seventy-eight years of continuous employment at Saltaire Mills, is the remarkable record achieved by Mr. George Excell, Albert Road, Saltaire, whose death has occurred the age of 95. Mr Excell commenced work in 1855 at the mill which his father had helped to build.


Lance Corporal Harold Robinson Doyle has been presented with the D.C.M. It was awarded for conspicuous gallantry in France.

His brother, Arthur Doyle, who is Chairman of Salts (Saltaire) Cricket Club, and his sister-in-law attended the investiture.

Lance Corporal Doyle was serving with the Gordon Highlanders in front of the Maginot Line, and was on duty with two other soldiers, when the German advance began. All three were wounded.

He is the third son of the late Mr. Thomas Francis Doyle.


Lance-Corporal Vincent Grace, Helen Street, Saltaire, is named in a list of British prisoners of war Italian hands received from enemy sources.

Mrs. Armitage of 3 Albert Walk, Shipley, has been notified that her son, Driver Alan Armitage, previously reported missing is now a prisoner in Italian hands. He was a member of the East Bradford Cycling Club. Before joining the forces, Driver Armitage was an employee at Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., Saltaire Mills.

Subscription and Helpers Needed

At the monthly meeting of the Shipley Hospital Supply and Comforts Depot, Victoria Hall. Saltaire, the President (Mrs. F. H. Rhodes) presiding, the main item on the agenda was the Prisoners of War.

It was decided to help each Shipley prisoner of war as much possible with his personal parcel which is sent once every three month.

The camouflage netting was next discussed and it was reported that this was going on satisfactorily, and average attendance eight to ten helpers per day was reported.

The Depot wish make an earnest appeal for subscriptions for the Shipley Prisoners of War Funds and also for more helpers for the camouflage netting.

Any persons wishing to volunteer can report at the Depot, Victoria Hall, Saltaire, which opens every afternoon excepting Saturday for this work. The number of garments and hospital supplies made since the beginning of the war is over 12,000. The depot is open Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for sewing and knitting. The depot also give out Red Cross Seamen’s Mission and Shipley Comforts wool for home knitting, the finished garments having to be returned to the depot.


A “lightning” effort at Saltaire for a mobile tea canteen in connection with the Shipley-Baildon Y.M.C.A. has resulted in £172 being raised within a week, without any expenses at all.

The idea of a bring-and-buy sale was conceived by Mrs. R. W. Hornshaw (formerly Miss Sowden), a worker in many good causes. Immediately a band of willing helpers rallied round, the Midland Bank lent premises without rent in Gordon Terrace, Saltaire, and the Shipley District Council also gave assistance.

Stock rolled in. People coming to buy, as well as to give, the articles in many cases being of considerable value.


The last of the series of the popular dances which have been organised by the committee of the Saltaire Cricket Club took place in the Victoria Hall, in Saltaire, on Saturday (7 March) attracted upwards of 400 dancers, who spent most an enjoyable time.

The Secretary ( Mr. A. W. Burgoyne) was the M.C., and the music was supplied by the Ambassadors.


Although naturally disappointed that their cherished hopes of joining the Bradford Cricket League did not materialise, the Salts (Saltaire) Cricket Club are facing the coining cricket season with great enterprise.

As championship winners of the Yorkshire Cricket Council last season the Club intends to make every endeavour to retain the championship. They have got an attractive fixture list of 21 first eleven matches, and their opening fixture is on Saturday 25 April.

The club will have the assistance of John Lawrence, who last season took 100 wickets for them: Miles Coope (the Yorkshire Colt) and, when military duties permit, Jack Douglas, the all-rounder. Bernard Hill, their wicket-keeper, has been elected captain for next season, and the club will have the benefit of the experience of W. A. Shackleton (Bowling Old Lane), who will coach the young players associated with the club.


There was a large gathering at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, at an enjoyable function organised by the Shipley District Traders’ Association, with the dual object of raising money to defray the local expenses of the Shipley-Baildon Warship Week, and to devote any profit to the Association’s War Ambulance Fund.


The engagement is announced of Mr. Robert Shirley McDonnell Salt, second son of the late Sir Shirley B. Salt, 3 rd Bart., and the late Lady Salt, and great grandson of Sir Titus Salt, and Miss Gertrude Phillips, younger daughter of Rev. Robert and Mrs. Phillips, of High Trees, Ruslip, Middlesex.


A successful whist drive and dance was organised by the Finishing Department of Messrs. W. Oddy and Co., Ltd., Junction Mills, Shipley, in aid of the firm’s Soldier Comforts Fund, were held in the Victoria Hall.


The No. 3 Platoon (Saltaire Mills) of the Shipley Home Guard held their annual social in the clubhouse (Saltaire Playing Fields), at which Lieutenant Marchmont presided. There were also present Captain Yates, Lieutenant Dobson, Lieutenant Loyd, Lieutenant Whittaker, Sergent Major Midgley, and Sergeant Major Sproston.

Lieutenant Marchmont extended a hearty welcome to the guests, to which Captain Yates responded.

An excellent supper was provided followed by a programme of songs.

It was an enjoyable social gathering organised by Lance Corporal Riley with Corporal Pitts as secretary.


With the laudable object of augmenting the firm’s dependent’s fund a successful dance of the staff and works of Messrs. W. P. Butterfield Ltd., Tank Works, Shipley, was held in the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, on Friday (13 March) evening.

Upwards of 400 persons were present, and they spent a delightful time dancing to the strains of Clifford Hayton’s dance band.


The cleansing section in the First Aid Post, Victoria Road, Saltaire, and the public anti-gas station at the baths, are both designed to deal with persons contaminated by blister gases, whilst in addition at the Post, wounded persons contaminated by these gases may be treated.


With the object of taking the Gospel to the work people, special lunch hour services arranged by the Shipley Clergy and Ministers’ Fraternal will be held in the workshop at Messrs. J. Parkinson and Son, Machine Tool Makers, Shipley, and in the factory of Messrs. Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., on Good Friday.

The preacher at Canal Ironworks will be Canon W. J. Perrett (Vicar of Shipley), and at Saltaire Mills, the Rev. J. Parry Brooks (Superintendent minister of the Shipley Methodist Circuit.)


There was a record attendance at the annual ball of the Shipley Section of the West Riding Constabulary, which was held in the Victoria Hall, Saltaire.

Over 500 revellers were present, and notwithstanding that the dancing space was occasionally congested, everyone present entered into the spirit of the occasion and spent a most delightful time.

An excellent and choice programme of dance music was admirably played by the military band of the R.A.S.C. Police Constable Young was an efficient M.C. Supper was served in the small Social Room, and there was a buffet on the balcony. The catering which gave entire satisfaction was entrusted to Mrs. H. H. Long, confectioner, 25 St. Paul’s Road, Shipley.


That the total number of meals provided at the British Restaurant, Saltaire, was over 7,000 for the months of December and January, shows it is proving very popular in Shipley.

Of these meals over 5,000 were supplied in the Restaurant in December, and over 6,000 in January.

The Cash and Carry section is likewise proving an indispensable part of community feeding as over 2,000 meals were provided in the months of December and January.


The Shipley Branch of the National Fire Service held their first annual whist drive and ball in the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, on Friday (26 March). The function proved an unqualified success.

A whist drive in the York Room was controlled by Fireman H. Robinson. About 400 revellers participated in the dancing. Column Officer Gordon Waddilove and Fireman Jordon were the M.C.’s.

During the evening supper was served in the York Room. The catering being satisfactorily carried out by Annes (Saltaire) Ltd., under the personal supervision of Mr. L.P. Warne (manager).

Excellent arrangements were made for the comfort of the guests by a committee consisting of Leading Fireman F. Cass, Firemen L. Millbank, W. Walker and E. Eaton.

(Colin’s Notes – Leonard Percival Warne, born 21 April 1909 in Bradford, died 13 November 1990 in Bingley. Gordon Waddilove, born 30 November 1900 in Bradford, died 11 April 1976 in Shipley.)


7 March 1942 – St Peters, Shipley
Ina Erett aged 20 of 22 Whitlam Street, Saltaire, to Harold Baber aged 22 from Holmfirth.


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Saltaire Times, April 1942


Mr. & Mrs. Levi Greenwood, of 68 George Street, Saltaire, have been informed that their youngest son, Sergeant Jack Greenwood, has been killed in the Middle East.

Before joining the colours, Sergeant Greenwood was employed as a chauffeur at Messrs. W.P. Butterfield Ltd., Tank Works, Shipley.

Mr. & Mrs. Greenwood lost their eldest son, Squire Clarence Greenwood, during the last war.


A notable record with the forces is that of the family of Mr. William Sheldon, 49 Hirst Wood Crescent, Shipley.

Mr. Sheldon who is 72 years of age, served for 21 years with the King’s Royal Rifles.

Of his six sons, Albert, served in the Navy in the last war; Harry also saw service in the Navy; Louis served in the Royal Australian Navy and now in the Australian Imperial Forces (wounded and in hospital in Palestine); Fred is a P.T. Instructor in the R.A.S.C. (Northern Counties Amateur Bantamweight Champion in 1926/27); George (Nipper) P.T. Instructor in the R.A.F.; Robert P.T. Instructor in the R.A.F.

Mr. Sheldon’s grandson, Harry jnr., is a flight sergeant in the Shipley Air Cadets.


Mr. Joseph Henry Hart, of 20 Wellington Crescent, Shipley, who was the curator at the Saltaire Institute for the past three and a half years, has been appointed Orderly Room clerk and storekeeper to the 4th Battalion Home Guard, Bradford.

Mr. Hart, who commenced his new work on Monday (30 March), has been at the Saltaire Institute for 9 ½ years, and has discharged his duties with efficiency and courtesy.

Mr. Leslie Terry has been appointed as curator to succeed Mr. Hart.


It may interest my readers to hear that Miss Freda Barraclough, of 1 Park Avenue, Shipley, has recently been appointed to the rather important post of organist at the Saltaire Methodist Church, in succession to Mr. Leonard Percival Warne, who has been called up for National Service.

Miss Barraclough recently had the distinction of being awarded a Licentiateship of the Royal College of Music (L.R.A.M.) for Pianoforte, for which examination she was coached by Dr. George Firth and Mr. Edgar Knight.

As far as is known this is the first time a lady has held the position of organist at Saltaire. We are sure that Miss Barraclough’s many friends will wish her well in her new position.


At the Shipley Bethel Baptist Church, on Easter Monday (6 April), the wedding took place between Mr. David Close, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Close, 22 Ferncliffe Road, Bramley. and Mrs. Annie Wyatt, 11 Amelia Street, Saltaire. The bride, who was given away by her uncle ( Mr. Alma Riley), was attired in a dress of burgundy and blue coat with hat and shoes to tone, and she wore a spray of roses. She was attended by her sister (Mrs. J. Sykes) matron-of-honour, who wore a floral dress with a burgundy hat and wore a spray of roses. Mr. Harry Westerman was the best man, and the groomsman was Master Eric Wyatt. A reception was held at the York Room, Saltaire Institute.

The Saltaire Methodist Church Cubs formed an interesting guard-of-honour at a wedding at Saltaire Methodist Church on Saturday (4 April). The bridegroom was Corporal Jack Butterfield Horton, R.A.F., youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Horton of Glasgow. The bride was Miss Jean Margaret Dutton, the only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Dutton, 6 Bankfield Avenue, Shipley. The bride is cubmaster of the Saltaire Methodist Church Cubs, a member of the Saltaire Methodist Church choir, and a Sunday School teacher. The bride’s father is choirmaster at Saltaire Methodist Church.

The wedding took place at Saltaire Congregational Church on Saturday (4 April) between Signalman Stanley Meggs, of 13 Dockfield Terrace, Shipley, and Miss Kathleen Ibbitson of 3 Thomson Lane, Baildon Green. The bride is a member of the church and Sunday School.


“The public are very much in the hands of the drivers of vehicles used in the transporting of goods," said the Recorder (Mr. Frank Beverley) at Bradford Quarter Sessions yesterday (10 April) in imposing a sentence of ten months' imprisonment on Sydney Warth (20), motor driver, of Stanmore Place, Lidget Green, for the theft of parcels of cloth, value £5l, the property of Holdsworth and Burrill. Ltd.

Thomas Sayers (18), driver's mate, of Lady Lane, who was jointly charged with Warth, was bound over.

On two charges of receiving the cloth, John William Sharp Gott (27), motor-driver, of Beatrice Street, Shipley, was sent to prison for ten months, and Ernest Packer (30), electric welder, of Ada Street, Saltaire, was sentenced to six months.

All admitted the offences, excepting Parker, whom the jury found "Guilty," but added a recommendation for leniency.

In imposing sentence, the Recorder told him he would have had to go to prison for a longer term but for the recommendation.

Warth and Sayers were employed by Holdsworth and Burrill, Ltd. Other offences by all the accused were taken into consideration.


Mr. Ernest Bevin, Minister of Labour and National Service, addressed a crowded and enthusiastic assembly at the Saltaire Picture House, yesterday afternoon (12 April), under the auspices of the Shipley Division Ministry of Information Committee.


Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Alderson of 13 Constance Street, Saltaire, have been notified that their son, Mr. Herbert Alderson, has survived the sinking of H.M.S. Naiad, and is safe and well.

Mr. Alderson has also been notified that another son, Lance-Corporal Frank Alderson, of the West Yorkshire Regiment, is missing in Malaya. He joined the Forces in 1933 and has served 8 ½ years in India.

(Colin’s note – HMS Naiad, a light cruiser, was sunk 11 March 1942 in the Eastern Mediterranean, south of Crete by one torpedo from the German submarine U-565. 82 members of her crew went down with the ship, there were 582 survivors.)


Mr. & Mrs. Alfred William Webb, who once lived in Saltaire, but have resided in Bispham (near Blackpool) for a number of years, will celebrate their golden wedding tomorrow (16 April).

Mr. Webb started work at Saltaire Mills at the age of seven, and Mrs. Webb at nine. They were married at St. Pauls, Shipley, and went to Blackpool annually for their holidays, until going to live at Bispham in 1918. Mr. Webb is 75 years of age, and his wife 73.

Before leaving Saltaire, Mr. Webb was an overlooker close to 30 years. The couple now reside at “Glenaire,” 49 Sunny Bank Avenue, Bispham. They lost a son in the last war. They have visited his grave in Ypres ten times.


Referring to the removal of iron railings for scrap from the Bradford-controlled Roberts Park, Saltaire, Mr. J. F. McHugh, chairman of the Parks Committee, said they included a portion with which it had been intended to fence off the Thorn Lane quarry, into which a woman had fallen to her death.

It was difficult to find out actually who was responsible for the removal of the railings, but it had caused the Ministry of Supply a certain amount of concern, though there was no hope of getting them back.

While the railings had been taken the old cannon were still there.


At the Saltaire Congregational Church on Sunday evening (12 April), the service was undertaken by The Good Companions of Keighley. There was a large attendance.


Sub-Lieutenant in the U.S.A. Fleet Air Arm

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Farthing, of 44 Nab Wood Crescent, Shipley, have received a cable from their son, Mr. Desmond Stephenson, from America saying that he has received his wings the U.S.A. Fleet Air Arm.

Mr. Farthing, who is 20 years of age, left Shipley last August for training in the Fleet Air Arm, commencing as a naval air cadet, and he has now received his commission as a sub-lieutenant. He was one of the original members of the Air Training Cadet Corps, Bradford. He was educated at the Salt Boys’ High School, and later took an appointment in the Treasury Office of the Shipley Urban Council.

For three seasons he was a playing member of the Saltaire Cricket Club. He played for two seasons in the second team, and in the last season he assisted the first team and was an exceedingly popular member of the club.

(Colin’s note – Desmond Stephenson Farthing died at sea, 28 September 1953. His Wyvern aircraft had crashed into the sea about eight miles off Le Havre. He was married with three children.)


The following officers were elected at the annual meeting of the Saltaire Cricket Club last night (30 April): Mr. G. Birbeck (president for 29th year), Mr. A. G. Burgoyne (secretary for 14th year), and Mr. W. D. Ogden (treasurer).

Presenting his annual report. Mr. Burgoyne said that to go through a season in the Bradford League without defeat, and to take the Priestley Cup in their stride, was likely to stand a record for a long time.

Much had been said about their inability to retain last years’ bowling pair, Copson and Pope. He had no wish to be involved in any controversy but he could assure the members that the reason why Copson and Pope did not want to stay at Saltaire could in no way be attributed to lack of effort or negotiation by the club and left no reflection on the officials. They could only wish Copson and Pope every success with their new club Referring to the loss on the season of £44, he said that owing to unfavourable weather, the cup-ties only just covered expenses.

Saltaire (Bradford Cricket League) have re-signed L. F. Townsend, the Derbyshire allrounder, for the season which is due to start in this league to-morrow week with the qualifying round cup-ties.

Townsend last season averaged 27 with the bat and took eight wickets tor 73 runs, having little bowling owing to the success of his county colleagues. A. V. Pope and Copson.


The Bradford " Telegraph and Argus " Nignog Revue artists on Saturday (18 April) visited Saltaire and presented their non-stop road show at Victoria Hall in aid of Shipley Youth Movement funds.

Mr Norman Carter, a principal of the movement, thanked the directors of the Bradford and District Newspaper Co. Ltd. and also the artists for their splendid performance.


The annual report of the governors of the Saltaire Hospital reveals an income during the past year of £4,623, including £1,092 from investments, £1,085 from employees' donations, £361 from general donations, and £277 from subscriptions.

The expenses amounted to £4,010, leaving a balance at the end of the year of £418, compared with £694 at the beginning of the year.

The donations to the New Hospital Fund amounted to £380.

Mr. H. E. Sucksmith was last night (29 April) elected chairman of governors of Salts Hospital. Saltaire, for the coming year. Proposing his election, Mr. F. Fearnley Rhodes said it was the first time a Baildon representative had held the office. Baildon was a strong supporter of the hospital and thoroughly deserved the honour.

Miss Dunn was elected vice-chairman, being the first woman member to hold this office.

(Colin’s Note – Henry Edgar Sucksmith, born 10 July 1877 – died 30 August 1963. His grave is in Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley.)


Empire Youth Sunday was celebrated at Shipley yesterday (26 April) under the auspices of the Shipley Youth Council. A parade of local youth organisations assembled in the Market Place and marched to Saltaire Methodist Church, where a service was conducted by the Rev. J Parry Brooks (superintendent minister of the Shipley Methodist Circuit). with the Rev. J. R. M. Johnstone (Vicar of Frizinghall) as the preacher.


At a brass band contest held at Cleckheaton on Saturday (4 April), organised by the West Hiding Brass Band Society.

Each band had to play two pieces including a march of their own selection. The judge was Mr. S. W. Rowe, of Manchester.

For the first section the test piece was Robin Hood, and the Salts Band won the second prize. They were also the runners-up for the march.

The hand was conducted by Mr. N. Thorpe. and the band had the distinction of having the only woman taking part (Miss J. Butcher), who played the cornet.


PRESTON - 7 April – of 67 Victoria Road, Saltaire, Mary Ann, beloved wife of late Benjamin Barrett Preston. Service at above address today (Friday 10 April) at 2.15, prior to internment at Nab Wood Cemetery. Friends accept this intimation.

(Colin’s note – Mary Ann was buried with her first husband, Horace Hutley.)


Fred Tottle, aged 76 at 5 Russell Street, Carr Lane, Windhill.


2 April – Citizen Kane
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Saltaire Times, May 1942

Suggestion it be Closed for Duration

Councillor John F. McHugh, chairman of the Bradford Parks and Cemeteries Committee, has suggested that in view of what has taken place at Roberts Park, Shipley, in connection with the removal of metal railings, that the park be closed for the duration of the war.

This park,” he said, “is costing the Bradford Corporation about £l,000 a year, and it is used largely by the people of the Shipley and Baildon areas.”

Regarding the removal of the railings, Councillor McHugh said that some weeks ago some persons entered the park, which was in the urban district of Baildon, pulled down the railings and took them away.

The railings had been reserved for protecting a dangerous quarry at Heaton. Some time ago when there had been fatal accident at the quarry, the Committee decided to use certain railings at Roberts Park to protect the quarry.

It had been very difficult find out who had been responsible for the removal. A letter had been sent to the Ministry of Works and Buildings and was told that the matter had caused some concern. They had not had a reply. The railings had gone and were probably in the furnaces now. The matter had affected the Saltaire Cricket Club, because a good deal of the seating had been made redundant. The whole position was being carefully watched by his committee.

“In view of what has taken place,” he added, “I feel inclined to advise that the park be closed for the duration of the war.”


In their second effort to assist the British Red Cross Fund, the Windhill Industrial National Service held a very successful dance in the Victoria Hall, Saltaire on Saturday evening (9 May). About 450 revellers were present and they spent a most enjoyable time.

Mr. E. Hoyle, I.D.M.A., was an energetic M.C., and the music was admirably supplied by the Pioneer’s Dance Band, by kind permission of Lieut. Col. Keighley Bell M.V.

The interesting event was organised by Mrs. E. M. Stott, who had worked assiduously to ensure the comfort of the guests.

(Colin’s note Elizabeth M. Stott (born 8 March 1893) was a dressmaker & tailoress, living with her husband, Morris, a bus driver, at 9 Park Avenue, Shipley.)


Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Griffiths, 52 Haslingden Drive, Bradford, have heard that their only son. Sergeant-Observer Peter Griffiths (25) has been killed. He was an old boy of Bradford Grammar School and formerly in the employment of J. T. Firth Ltd., spinners, Thornton Road.He was a playing member of the Bingley Rugby Club and of the Saltaire Tennis Club.

Sergeant Griffiths had seen service in Libya, Greece, Crete and Ceylon.


The Rev. George A. Parkinson (Deputation Minister of the National Children’s Home & Orphanage) was the special preacher at the Saltaire Methodist Church on Sunday when he preached appropriate sermons.

At each service, solos were beautifully rendered by Master Herbert Davies, of the Bramhope National Children’s Home & Orphanage.


Organised by the dancing committee of the Shipley Youth Centre, a successful dance was held at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire on Saturday evening (16 May).

About 500 young persons spent a most enjoyable time dancing to the strains of Jack Cartwright and his Bandits’ dance band. Spot prizes were also won by some of the dances.

The dance committee consisted of Jean Atkinson (chairman), Doris Airey (secretary), Kenneth Smith (treasurer), Maude Atkinson, Dorothy Rhodes, Eunice Wade, Dorothy Solomon, Herbert Coverdale, and Agnes Bolton.


Schofield Swithenbank, of 5 Lower Green, Baildon Green. a former well-known Bradford League cricketer, died yesterday (17 May) in his sixty-eighth year.

"Schofe," as he was known to all cricket enthusiasts of the district, was a mighty batsman. who played for Saltaire at Roberts Park for many years, and some of his big hits and quick-scoring feats are part of the history and tradition of the league. Up to his retirement about four years ago he was the licensee of the Woodman Inn, Shipley.


HOPE – 12 May at 62 Victoria Road, Saltaire, JOHN WILLIAM, dearly loved husband of Emma HOPE (late of Bridlington) – Will friends please meet for service at Scholemoor Crematorium 12 noon, Thursday (14 May). No mourning, by request.

MINTO – 19 May at 71 George Street, Saltaire, Annie Minto. Cortege leaves son’s residence, 27 Ada Street, Saltaire, tomorrow (22 May) at 2.15, for service and interment at Nab Wood Cemetery.

Friends please accept intimation. (No mourning).

(Colin’s note – Annie was the wife of George Arthur Minto.)


James Mortimer Sowman – 17 May, aged 27.
Harold Ives Pratt – 19 May, aged 61 – former Saltaire Cricketer.
Ewart Hullah Jolliffe – 10 May, aged 59 – former pupil Salt Schools.


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