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Image: Saltaire postcard. Date unknown.
Saltaire People: Additional Biographies
Researched by Colin Coates

Saltaire People: surnames beginning with:

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Sanctuary, George
1857 – 12 October 1932

Biography relocated to Mill Workers. Follow this link >


Sanctuary, Jack
11 July 1903 – 1989

Jack Sanctuary was the son of George Sanctuary. George was born 10 January 1857 in Cullingworth. He married Hannah Maria Broadley in 1876.  In 1881 they were living at 46 George Street in Saltaire with George working as a worsted spinning overlooker. In 1891 the family were living at 28 Albert Road (renumbered now as 55). In 1901 & 1911 they were living at 68 George Street in Saltaire.

Jack, the youngest of seven children, was born 11 July 1903. He was baptised 2 September 1903 at Saltaire Congregational Church. Jack was awarded a scholarship at Salts School in 1915.

Jack lived with his family until 1939 at least. Following his father’s death in 1932 the family moved to 36 Wellington Crescent in Shipley in 1935.

Jack died in 1989 at Tunbridge Wells in Kent. He had an elder brother, William Thomas, who served in WW1.


Sanctuary, Norman
1878 – 24 August 1948

Norman Sanctuary was the son of Jacob Sanctuary. Jacob was born c1844 in West Walton in Norfolk. He moved with his family to Cullingworth in Yorkshire before 1851. In 1861 they were living at 5 George Street in Saltaire, Jacob was a warp twister and his father, John, worked in a combing shed.  Jacob married Margaret Ann Brook 18 May 1867 at Kirkgate Chapel in Stephen Road, Bradford. In 1871& 1881 they were living at 13 Titus Street in Saltaire.

Norman, the fourth of six children, was born in Saltaire in 1878. His older brother, Fred, served in WW1. In 1891 & 1901 the family were living at 75 George Street in Saltaire, by 1901 Norman was working as a house painter. They moved to 21 George Street around 1908. From 1918 the family lived in Ferrand Road, Shipley.

Norman married Mary Ellen Flatley in 1941. They lived at 14 Sunny Mount in Keighley. Norman died 24 August 1948 and left £386 8s 11d to his widow, Mary (worth c£13k in 2016). Mary lived out the rest of her life at 14 Sunny Mount, dying 30 April 1962 in Bingley Hospital.


Sharpe, Edward Stevenson
9 November 1878 – 10 July 1958
[Updated 5 July 2016]

Edward Stevenson Sharpe was born 9 November 1878 in Londonderry in Northern Ireland. He was the son of John William Sharpe, a Presbyterian Minister.

In 1902 Edward gained a degree in medicine and surgery at Edinburgh University. By 1908 he was a physician and surgeon practicing in the Shipley area and he was one of the doctors who attended Salts Hospital.

From 1908 Edward lived at 1 Myrtle Place in Saltaire. He married Ethel Rebecca Jackson 25 August 1909 at St Paul Shipley. They had three daughters; - Kathleen Laurentia (born 1910), Joan McMormick (13 January 1913 – 1990) and Mary Dorrien (born 1915). From 1924 the family lived at 227 Bingley Road in Shipley, where they remained the rest of their lives.  

During World War One Edward was the Commander of the Shipley Volunteer Force, who had their headquarters at Albert Road School in Saltaire.  

Edward died 10 July 1958 at Bradford Royal Infirmary and he was buried in Hirst Wood Cemetery. In his will he left £12,878 (worth c£270k in 2016) to his daughter, Joan. His wife, Ethel died 16 March 1979 and was buried alongside him.


Smith, Kirk
1862 – 1903

Kirk Smith was the son of Hardisty Smith. Hardisty was born 1838 in Horsforth. He married Mary Ann Kirk 9 April 1860 at St Oswald Guiseley. In 1861 they were living in Horsforth with Hardisty working as a woollen weaver.

Kirk, the elder of two sons, was born 1862 in Horsforth. In 1881 the family were living in Headingley Cum Burley with Kirk working as a twister.

Kirk married Sarah Jane Senior 15 December 1883 at St George’s Church in Leeds. They had five sons all of whom served in World War One; Leslie, Hardy, Harold, William & Gilbert. They had two daughters; Florrie & Carrie, who married George Henry Bower who also served in the war.
In 1891 Kirk and his family lived in Headingly Cum Burley, by 1901 they had moved to 25 Jane Street in Saltaire. Kirk died in 1903; his widow, Sarah, died in the same house in 1923.


Smith, Wilkinson
1855 – February 1914

Wilkinson Smith was the son of John Smith. John was born c1825 in Shipley. He married Mary, (date and her maiden name unknown). 

Wilkinson, the third of six children, was born 1855 in Bingley. In 1861 the family were living in a temporary hut in Barden in North Yorkshire. John was working as a carter at a public works. In 1871 they were living at 32 Albert Street in Shipley with John working as a farm labourer and Wilkinson as a yarn scourer. Wilkinson was a scourer all his working life.

Wilkinson married Elizabeth Atkinson 28 November 1874 at Bradford Cathedral. They had seven children, two of whom died in infancy; Fred (b1876), Henry (1879 – 1920), Mary (b1881), Harold (1890 – 1933) and May (1892 – 1916).

In 1881 Wilkinson and his family were living at 18 Queen Street in Shipley. By 1887 they had moved to Saltaire living at 16 Albert Road (renumbered 31); 24 Jane Street from 1897 to 1901; 14 George Street from 1901 to 1905; then from 1905 at 10 Jane Street.

Wilkinson died in February 1914 and he was buried 25 February 1914 in Hirst Wood Cemetery. His wife, Elizabeth, was buried alongside him 6 June 1918. Their children; May, Henry and Harold were buried with them.


Stirk, William
c1848 – 30 September

William Stirk was the son of William Stirk (Snr).
William (snr) was born c1816 in Eldwick. He married Martha Bland 9 July 1837 in Otley.

William, the fourth of seven children, was born c1848 in Baildon. In 1851 the family were living in Baildon with William (snr) working as a woolcomber. By 1861 they had moved to Shipley with William (snr) working as a worsted spinner. In 1871 they were living at 34 Albert Road (renumbered now 67) in Saltaire with William (snr) working as a wool dyer and William as a weaver. In 1881 they were at 27 Earle Street in Shipley with William (Snr) working as a yeast dealer and William as an overlooker.

William (snr) died 8 November 1885 and was buried in St Pauls Churchyard in Shipley. His wife, Martha, died 27 February 1888 and was buried alongside him. Four of their children were buried with them:-
Mercy (1850 – 21 February 1877)
Hannah (1852 – 8 April 1876)
Mary Ann (1855 – 1 March 1875)
Sam (1856 – 8 November 1867)

William, living at Croft Street in Shipley, married Sarah Stancliffe, a weaver living at Victoria Road in Saltaire, 20 February 1886 at Bradford Cathedral. They had one child, a daughter, Martha Elizabeth, born in 1887. The family lived in Saltaire all their lives. In 1889 they were at 6 Amelia Street, moving to 9 Edward Street. In 1903 they moved to 25 Dove Street.

William died 30 September 1915 and he was buried at Nab Wood Shipley. Sarah died 15 April 1930 and was buried alongside William. Their daughter, Martha, married Charles Houlden in 1918. They lived at 2 Myrtle Place in Saltaire. Martha died 10 April 1951 and was buried with her parents.


Stolworthy, Henry
1840 – 19 February 1928

Henry Stolworthy was born 1840, in Fetwell, Norfolk, the fourth of five children to John & Maria Stolworthy. In 1851 the family were living in Bradford with John working as a taker in of alpaca goods and Henry as an errand boy.

Henry married Fanny Briggs 5 February 1859 at Bradford Cathedral. They had three children, Annie, Eileen and Walter. Henry worked as a joiner and model maker. In 1861 they were living at 10 Amelia Street in Saltaire. Fanny died in 1869 and she was buried at St Paul’s in Shipley 20 October 1869.

Widowed Henry married Betsy Longbottom 22 May 1870 at Bradford Cathedral, they had no children. They lived at 10 Gordon Terrace (renumbered 69 Bingley Road) in Saltaire. From 1893 they lived at 49 Caroline Street. Betsy died 7 February 1916 and she was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery in Shipley. Henry moved to 12 Ashley Road in Shipley in 1920. He died 19 February 1928 and he was buried alongside Betsy.

Daughter Annie was born in 1862, being baptised 25 June 1862. She married Fred Hirst, a painter, 20 Dec 1883 at Bradford Cathedral.

Daughter Ellen was born 15 January 1864. She married Joseph Fearnley, a plush twister, 2 April 1887 at Bradford Cathedral. They had a daughter, Ethel, born in 1889. They emigrated to America in 1891. In 1900 they were living in New Jersey with Joseph working as a silk finisher. Ellen died 16 January 1949 in Philadelphia.

Son Walter was born in 1865. He worked as a mechanic and he married Sarah Ellen Chattaway 22 December 1883. Walter died in 1885 aged just nineteen. He was buried 22 April 1885 at St Paul’s in Shipley.


Storey, Wilton Saddler
5 October 1889 – 30 March 1975

Biography relocated to Mill Workers. Follow this link >







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