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Image: Saltaire postcard. Date unknown.
Saltaire People: Additional Biographies
Researched by Colin Coates

Saltaire People: surnames beginning with:

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Paley, Joseph
c1843 – 23 March 1915

Joseph Paley was the son of Benjamin Paley. Benjamin was born c1814 in Baildon. He married Mary Renard 16 July 1832 at All Saints Otley. They lived in Baildon with Benjamin working as a wool comber.

Joseph, the fourth of nine children, was born c1843 in Baildon.
Joseph married Mary Hodgson 31 August 1862 at St Wilfrids Calverley. They had six children; Mary b1862, Oliver b1864, Ezra b1865, Martha b1868, John b1874 and Maria b1875.

In 1871 they lived in Baildon with Joseph working as a cotton warp dresser. By 1881 they were living at 16 Gordon Terrace (renumbered 81 Bingley Road) in Saltaire. In 1891 Joseph was a publican at The Ring of Bells in Shipley.

His wife, Mary, died in 1895. Later that year he married Mary Eliza Fox. In 1901 they were at the Bay Horse Inn in Baildon. Joseph retired and in 1911 he was living with his wife at 15 Westfield Avenue in Idle.

Joseph PaleyJoseph is best known for being a prize winning cornet player and the teacher and conductor of the Saltaire Brass Band from 1866 to 1894. Under his leadership the Saltaire band become one of the top bands in the country. Joseph’s son, John was also a renowned cornet player.

Joseph died 23 March 1915 at Clayton Workhouse Hospital and his funeral took place 26 March at Baildon Church.

Two of Joseph’s grandchildren, John Paley & Ralph Paley gave their lives serving their country in World War One. Joseph was a descendant of William Paley, a renowned philosopher.


Palliaser, Harry
1864 – 5 December 1916

Harry Palliaser was the son of Benjamin Palliaser. Benjamin was born 1831 in Shipley. He married Elizabeth Grear 30 December 1854 at Bradford Cathedral. They lived in Shipley with Benjamin working as a stone dresser.

Harry, the third of six children, was born 1864 in Shipley. He married Martha Hannah Wood, 18 May 1884 at Bradford Cathedral. The couple had thirteen children, five of whom died as infants.

In 1891 they were living at 4 Princess Street in Shipley with Harry working in stone quarry. They moved to 10 Alexander Square, Shipley in 1895. Then in 1906 they moved to 3 Baker Street in Saltaire where they would live the rest of their lives.

Harry died 5 December 1916 and he left £310 11s 10d (worth c£25k in 2016) to Martha. Martha died 18 December 1951 and she left £428 12s 6d (worth c£13k in 2016) to Joseph Murgatroyd.


Parker, Florence Louisa (nee Barnard)
21 July 1893 – November 1993

Florence Louisa Barnard was the daughter of Frederick George Barnard. Fred was born 21 March 1870 in Brighton He married Sarah Jane Stace in Brighton in 1892.

Florence, the eldest of seven children, was born 21 July 1893 in Southill, Middlesex. In 1901 they were living at Norwood in Middlesex with Fred working as a gas works labourer. By 1911 the family had moved north to Haworth with Fred working as a wool comber and Florence working as spinner. By1914 the family were living at 24 Albert Road (re-numbered 47) in Saltaire. In 1918 they were at 12 Shirley Street and by 1925 they had moved to 2 Daisy Place.

Florence married Frank Parker in 1923. They had two sons, Norman, born 20 February 1929 and Ernest. In 1939 they were living at 18 Britannia Street in Shipley with Frank working as a railway labourer. By 1945 they had moved to 9 Jane Street, where they were still living there in 1962.

Report from Shipley Times and Express Wednesday 02 September 1959 as follows:

Passenger’s Fall
Henry Francis Grainger, bus conductor, of Stonegate Road, Bradford, was fined £2 for being the conductor of a public service vehicle and failing to ensure the safety of passengers thereon. He pleaded not guilty and was represented by Mr. R. M. Priestley.
Florence Parker, of Jane Street, Saltaire, said at 7.30 p.m. on June 20 she was travelling on a single-deck West Yorkshire bus. When she got near to her destination at the top of Victoria Road, she asked the conductor to ring the bell. She had only one foot on the ground and then the bus started to move, and she was thrown to the ground. Mrs Parker said she had had a broken ankle and that it was awkward for her to get off the bus. She did not hear the bell ring.    
Cross-examined by Mr. Priestley she said she was facing the rear of the bus and put her right foot down first. She was getting off opposite to the normal method.
Victor Crooks, driver of the bus, of Royd Street. Bradford, said he came to a halt, but immediately got the bell to move off. He had gone about a yard when he received several bells. He pulled up and looked round and saw Mrs. Parker getting up from the ground.
In evidence. Grainger said Mrs. Parker was the only passenger on the bus. He gave a ring on the bell as she moved to the rear of the bus and then proceeded down the steps. She was about to get off the bus in the wrong way and Grainger said he told her to be careful The bus came to a stop and her foot contacted the ground and she lost her balance. He said when he rang the bell the bus did not stop immediately but was moving slightly. When the bus stopped with a jolt, he touched the bell, accidentally, and then Mrs. Parker fell off.

By 1991 Florence was a resident in the Salts Nursing Home in Victoria Road, Saltaire. She died here in November 1993 aged 100.  


Parkinson, Frank Buxton
1867 – 31 December 1936

Frank Buxton Parkinson was the son of Thomas Parkinson.
Thomas was born c1840 in Bradford. He married Mary Emily Buxton in Hunslet in 1866.

Frank, the eldest of seven children, was born 1867 in Bradford. In 1871 the family were living at 38 Albert Road (renumbered 75) in Saltaire with Thomas working as a commission agent. They had a servant living with them. In 1881 they were living at 10 Park View Terrace in Manningham, with one servant.

Frank, a stuff warehouseman, married Sabina Heaton, a dressmaker living at 66 George Street in Saltaire, 12 July 1890 at Bradford Cathedral. They had four sons and a child who died in infancy:-

Frank (born 1891) – served in WW1
George Heaton (8 May 1893 – 1974) – served in WW1
Harold Milligan (1895 – 1 March 1951) – served in WW1
Ernest (1899 – 2 March 1916)

In 1891 they were living at 18 William Henry Street in Saltaire. By 1901 they were living at 2 Moorhead Lane in Shipley with Frank working as a stuff buyer. In 1902 they were living at 8 Bromley Road in Shipley, moving to 16 Highfield Terrace in Shipley around 1906.

From 1911 they lived at 3 Albert Road in Saltaire, (renumbered 5), moving back to Highfield Terrace around 1920. Their final move was to Morecambe in Lancashire around 1934.

In May 1915 Frank was appointed as a member of the executive committee of the Shipley Voluntary Force. By January he was Commandant of the Volunteers.

Frank died 31 December 1936 at 31 Erving Terrace in Morecambe.

Report from the Shipley Times 9 January 1937: -

The death occurred on Thursday of last week of Mr. Frank Buxton Parkinson, of 31 Marine Road. Morecambe.

For several years, whilst residing in Shipley. Mr. Parkinson was a stuff buyer in the firm of Messrs. Pinner A Willis, Ltd., stuff merchants. Harris Street, Bradford.

Mr. Parkinson was a respected member of the Shipley 'Unionist and Conservative Club, Northcliffe Golf Club and “The Boys,’’ the latter organisation being connected with the old boys of the Shipley Parish Church.

Owing to ill health Mr. Parkinson retired about three years ago and went to reside in Morecambe. He was 70 years of age and leaves a widow and three sons, one of whom (Mr. George Parkinson) resides at Heysham and the other two sons, Mr. Frank Parkinson and Mr. Harold Parkinson, are engaged in the tobacco business respectively, in Montreal. Canada and Smyrna, Turkey.

The funeral took place at Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley. Before the interment a service was held in the Cemetery Chapel, conducted by the Rev. T. B. Cornish (Vicar of St. Peter’s Church, Shipley), who also officiated at the graveside.

The chief mourners were Mrs. F. B. Parkinson (widow), Mr. and Mrs, George Parkinson (son and daughter-in-law). Mr. Charles Parkinson (brother). Mr. Edgar H. Parkinson (cousin), Mrs. A. Collins (cousin), Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Eastwood (cousins).

“The Boys” were represented by Mr. A. W. Hirst, Mr. Harry Greenwood (Holmfirth), Mr. G. H. Hint (Parsley). Mr. A. Bowden. Mr. Herbert Stoll, and Mr. H. Dibb.

The Shipley Unionist and Conservative Club was represented by Mr. F. Rhodes. J.P. (President).

The Shipley branch of the Women's Unionist and Conservative Association by Mrs. Dennis, Mrs. Pearson, Mrs. Leach, Mrs. Ferguson.

St. Peter’s Church, Shipley—Mr. A. Firth.

Amongst the personal friends present were Mr. and Mrs. Alan Cliffe, Mr. A. G. Lummis, Mr. J. Jenny, Captain Williamson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Walker. Miss Holloway, Mr P Trombon, Mr S. Bradley, Mrs A. W. Hirst, Mr C. Brinkin and Mr F. Dibb.

There were several beautiful floral tributes.

In his will he left £520 14s 6d ( worth c£37k in 2020) to his son, George a textile company director.

His widow, Sabina, died 11 December 1952 at 359 Carlton Terrace in Morecambe. In her will she left £1401 4s 6d ( worth c£41k in 2020) to her son, George.


Pedley, Peter
12 July 1859 – 4 November 1915

Peter Pedley was the son of Joseph Pedley. Joseph was born c1827 in Hebden Bridge. He married Elizabeth Brown 30 December 1850 at Calverley.

Peter, the middle child of three, was born 12 July 1859 in Tong Park, Baildon. In 1861 they lived at Picadilly in Shipley with Joseph working as an overlooker. By 1871 they had moved to Kays Cottages in Shipley. Joseph died in 1880. In 1881, widowed Elizabeth was living at 5 Kaye Street in Shipley with Peter working as an iron moulder.

Peter married Annie Elizabeth Booth 13 November 1886 at St Wilfrid Calverley. They had nine children, of which six survived to adulthood:-
Louie (b1890)
Florrie (b1893)
Carrie (b1895)
Herbert (b1897)
Lawrence (b1898) – served in WW1
Edith (b1900)

In 1891 they lived in Idle with Peter working as an iron moulder. In 1901 they were at 98 Leeds Road in Shipley and 1911 at 41 Aire Street in Windhill. Around 1914 they moved to 28 Shirley Street in Saltaire.

Around May 1915 Peter got a job at the Airedale Mills as a wash bowl feeder. He died 4 November 1915 from anthrax. There was an inquest into his death, where the jury found he died from anthrax contracted by inhalation whilst following his employment.
His widow, Abbie, continued living at 28 Shirley Street until she died in 1937.


Phillipson, George Wade 
2 February 1835 – 11 April 1898

George Wade Phillipson was the son of John Phillipson.
John was born 1802 in Staveley in Westmorland. He married Jane Stevenson 30 December 1829 in at St Marys in Kendal.

George, the third of eight children, was born 2 February 1835 in Staveley. In 1841 the family were living in Kendal; by 1851 they had moved to Winksley, near Harrogate, with John working as a bobbin turner.

George married Mary Ann Harrison 1 July 1857 at the Register Office in Cockermouth in Cumberland. In 1861 they were living in Winksley with George working as a jobbing turner. By 1871 they were living at 42 George Street in Saltaire with George working as wood turner.
From 1878 to 1888 George was a grocer; he had a shop and living premises at 1 & 2 Katherine Street in Saltaire. In 1891 the family were living in Moorhead Lane in Shipley. In 1892 they had a shop and living premises at 15 Bingley Road in Shipley. From 1894 they had a shop and living premises at 4 & 5 Daisy Place in Saltaire.

George died 11 April 1898; two days later he was buried in Hirst Wood Cemetery in Shipley. From 1905 to 1908 Mary lived at 13 Jane Street in Saltaire. Mary died 22 July 1915 when living with her daughter, Edith, at 94 Bradford Road in Shipley. She was buried in Hirst Wood alongside her husband.

George & Mary had seven children:-
Charles (1859 – 1864)
Isabela (1861 – 1864)
Edgar (1864 – 1916)
Harry (6 August 1866 – 19 January 1943) – moved with his family to Brisbane in Australia. Sailed from London 18 June 1913. Died in Brisbane.
Fred (1869 – 5 July 1931) – moved to Brisbane in Australia. Arrived in Melbourne 24 December 1892. Was living with his brother when he died.
Edith (1872 – 10 August 1944) – married Sydney Loyd Goldsbrough 14 July 1896.
Ida (1884 – 1957)


Pickles, Roland Harry
1877 – 1944

Roland Harry Pickles was the son of Timothy Pickles. Timothy was born 1829 in Addingham. He married Mary (surname and marriage date unknown). In 1861 they were living in Jane Hills, Shipley, with Timothy working as a stone mason.

Roland, the second youngest of nine children, was born 1877 in Shipley.  In 1881 the family were living at 19 Queen Street in Shipley. Timothy died in the first quarter of 1891, leaving widowed Mary living with her children at 20 George Street in Saltaire. Roland was a mill worker. In 1901 they were living at 9 Shirley Street with Roland working as a wool warehouseman.

Roland, living at 24 Herbert Street, married Sarah Ellen Stead 8 November 1902 at St Paul’s Shipley. They had a daughter, Clara, born 17 Oct 1903, she died in 1921. By 1907 they were living at 9 Caroline Street. In 1911 they were at 3 Crowgill Place in Shipley with Roland working as a goods porter on the railways. By 1919 they had moved to Keighley.

Roland died in 1944.


Poole, Eliza
1848 – 11 December 1915

Eliza Poole was the daughter of John Poole. John was born c1815 in Bradford. He married Mary Fieldhouse 25 December 1835 at Bradford Cathedral.

Eliza, the second of four children, was born 1848 in Bradford. In 1861 the family were living at 24 George Street in Saltaire with John working as an overlooker. In 1871 they living at 45&46 Titus Street, where John ran a grocer’s shop until around 1879.

Eliza married Alfred Harrison 15 October 1879 (possibly in the Saltaire Congregational church). Alfred was born in Bradford in 1852. He worked as a wool combing overlooker. They had two children who died in infancy and two daughters, Louisa born 1883 and Florrie born 1889. They lived at 4 Mawson Street in Saltaire until around 1909 when they moved to 72 Victoria Road in Saltaire.

Eliza died 11 December 1915 and was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery in Shipley. Her widower, Alfred, died 9 November 1932 and was buried alongside her.


Pouncey, Raistrick
1892 - 1966

Ref. Article appearing in Saltaire WW1 Diary, 14 April 1915

Raistrick Pouncey was the son of Alma Pouncey.
Alma was born 1852 in Bradford. He married Evangeline Raistrick in 1874. In 1881 & 1891 they lived in Calverley near Leeds.
Raistrick, the second youngest of nine children, was born 1892 in Calverley. By 1898 the family had moved to 2 William Henry Street in Saltaire, where remained until around 1918. Alma worked as a painter’s labourer until his death in 1916. In 1911 Raistrick was working as a gardener.
Raistrick, working as a munitions worker, married Jane Proffitt 19 August 1916 at Sion Jubilee Baptist Church in Bradford. He was living in Shipley when he died in 1966. Jane died in 1979.


Priestley, Thomas
27 March 1889 - 1970

Biography relocated to Mill Workers. Follow this link >






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