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Image: Wei Xinliang
Saltaire connected artists, photoraphers and events

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Claire Caulfield, artist, teacher and printmaker

Haworth / Clare CaulfieldClare Caulfied is a Bingley based artist and printmaker whose work is inspired by her travels to some of the world’s greatest cities including Paris, Venice, New York, Rome, Istanbul, Reykjavik, Prague and San Francisco.

Clare produces handmade original prints at West Yorkshire Print Workshop where she also teaches weekend screen-print courses. Her work can be bought from her online shop. More >

Nick Tankard, Artist and Book Illustrator

Nick Tankard works from his studio in Bingley, West Yorkshire, and has strong ties to Saltaire and Salts Mill.

Nick’s illustrations are produced using a fine line pen, layers of cross-hatching are built up to form structure and shape whilst other areas are left untouched in order to hint at a flickering light, a starry night or billowing clouds.

Nick's work can be bought from Salts Mill in Saltaire, and Nick's own website. More >


Sven Shaw, illustrator and painter

Sven Shaw Sven Shaw is an llustrator and painter with ties to Saltaire. He is a fellow of the RSA. Sven produces commercial illustrations for companies such as the National Media Museum, NHS England, the Science Museum, TUI/Thomson Cruises, the RSPB and the V & A. Sven also works to commission.

Saltaire Triptych by Tom Woolley, illustrator

Tom Woolley is a freelance illustrator living in Bradford and has produced a wonderful series of pictures inspired by Saltaire. "The architecture and history of the village is very appealing and I wanted to try and capture the prominent landmarks whilst trying to evoke the feeling of a late summer's evening." More >

David Starley, painter

David works exclusively in oil paint, which is very thickly applied with a knife to produce a three-dimensional, almost sculpted, image. This adds great depth and produces a surface that responds subtly to the changing light in the display environment. His subjects are mainly landscapes, often featuring ancient and historic man-made structures and native flora.

Image: Rufus the cat in Wash House Square.

More >

Bradford, Forest of Lights, filmed by local photographer, Wei Xinliang
This time-lapse film features the city of Bradford, which is approximately four miles south east of Saltaire.
It was shot by local phototrapher, Wei Xinliang. It's so beautiful, we thought we'd share it here.

More about Wei Xinliang >

Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey, SaltaireDan Bailey captures Saltaire through fresh eyes. His wonderful photographs are featured on this website.

More >

Jenny Freckles: Saltaire Daily Photo

"A view of Saltaire and beyond...a surprising place...World Heritage Site and my home"

Informative, engaging and with beautiful photographs. Highly recommended.

A bit about jenny freckles >

Go straight to blog >

Richard Heald, photographer

Richard HealdRichard Heald photographs local places, seascapes around the UK, and wildlife. He also enjoys abstract photography using various filters, flash guns, fisheye lenses and long shutter speeds to create motion blur.  Saltaire remains one of Richard's favourite places to photograph, so too the iconic, colourful and vibrant skylines of London. More >

A view of Saltaire from St Paul's Church, Shipley

Richard Coomber writes: Today I climbed - and a hairy climb it was - to the top of St Paul's tower (that's Shipley parish church not the cathedral). The views are stunning and I'm attaching a couple of photos for the Saltaire website.

More >


Salts Mill outing to Blackpool, June 1953

If you know anyone in the photographs, please let us know. The photos belong to Bradford Museum and local historian, Dave Shaw, is going through a process of identification.


Aire Sculpture Trail

Aire Sculpture Trail Peter Bottomley shares his pictures of the Aire Sculpture Trail. Great for children. More >


Geoff Tynan's images of Saltaire

Geoff TynanLocal photographer, Geoff Tynan also does pop-up galleries, workshops and photographic walks. More >

Added: 29 September 2013


Geoff Tynan's images of Saltaire - Gallery 2

Reflection of Salts MillLocal resident and photographer shares some images with us. More >

Added: 2 May 2009


Simon Sugden, local photographer

Simon was born in Ilkley and has lives in Shipley. He's had photos published in Yorkshire Life magazine and Mojo.

Follow Simon on Flickr and Facebook

More about Simon >


Andrew Moore: Winter - December 2010

Andrew Moore is a freelance interior/garden designer and semi-pro photographer.

Andrew captured a very snowy Saltaire during December 2010. More >


Saltaire Advent Calendar, 2018

Simon Sugden, Albert Terrace, Saltaire The Saltaire Living Advent Calendar is an annual event organised by Saltaire Inspired.
Twitter @SaltaireArt

Living Advent Calendar >

Saltaire Advent Calendar, 2017

Simon Sugden, Albert Terrace, SaltaireThe Saltaire Living Advent Calendar is an annual event organised by Saltaire Inspired.
Twitter @SaltaireArt

Living Advent Calendar >

Saltaire Advent Calendar, 2016

Simon Sugden, Albert Terrace, SaltaireThe Saltaire Living Advent Calendar is an annual event organised by Saltaire Inspired.

Living Advent Calendar >

Saltaire Advent Calendar, 2015

The Living Advent calendar is an annual event.

See the calendar >

Saltaire Advent Calendar, 2014

The Living Advent calendar is an annual event.

Living Advent Calendar >

Saltaire Advent Calendar, 2013

The Living Advent calendar is an annual event.

Living Advent Calendar >

Saltaire Advent Calendar, 2012

Living Advent Calendar >


Saltaire Advent Calendar, 2011

The Living Advent calendar is an annual event. Each evening from the 1st to Christmas, a Village window will light up. The leaflet showing the map of the Advent windows can be downloaded here. There's also a list of Saltaire's festive events throughout December, including such delights as the Torchlight Carols in Roberts Park on the 13th Dec at 6.30pm

Living Advent Calendar >

Saltaire Avent Calendar, 2007

Starting on 1 December, residents in Saltaire Village, Yorkshire, are creating seasonal scenes in their front windows, lighting them at dusk. All windows will be lit until 24 December, and many will stay lit for the 12 days of Christmas.

Living Advent Calendar >


The first Saltaire Advent Calendar, 2006

Saltaire Living Advent Calendar25 wonderful Saltaire windows for Christmas 2006.

Living Advent Calendar >


My best day in Roberts Park

Roberts Park drawing competition Roberts Park Picture Competition, 2007

This competition was organised by HTLA, Historic Landscape Consultants, who have been contracted by Bradford Council to draw up plans for the restoration of Roberts Park. View the children's pictures. All are wonderful!

More >



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