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Image: Saltaire postcard. Date unknown.
Saltaire People: Additional Biographies
Researched by Colin Coates

Saltaire People: surnames beginning with:

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Intro to Extra Biographies

Colin Coates: These are notes on people who have come to light during my research of Saltaire's history. These people may not have served in wars, or worked in the mill, but they are connected to Saltaire.


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Latest updates

Burge, Dinah (nee Waite) [Added 17 September 2023]
Wainman, Bernard [Added 17 September 2023]
Allott, Irene (nee Laycock) [Added 7 September 2023]
Sanctuary, John Ronald [Added 6 September 2023]
Sanctuary, Walter [Added 6 September 2023]
Whittaker, Brook [Added 22 July 2023]
Stephenson, Matthew Harold [Added 22 July 2023]
McCartney, Margaret Agnes (nee Hollywood) [Added 22 July 2023]
Hollywood, Francis Patrick [Added 22 July 2023]
Nettleton, George Allen Oswald [Added 9 July 2023]
Hoyle, Ernest [Moved to Mill Workers, 9 July 2023]
Gargon, George [Updated 9 July 2023]


Allott, Irene (nee Laycock)
Avis, George


Bailey, James William
Baldwin, Blanche Weavell
Balmforth, Eileen (nee Milner)
Balmforth, William
Baum, Herbert
Baumann, Edward Louis
Bayliffe, Fred
Bayliffe, Wilfred
Beaver, Edith Emily
Beaver, William
Bell, Albert John
Bennett, Pickles
Berry, Cecil Avanel
Biltcliffe, Sam
Black, James
Bowen, Benjamin
Bradley, Abraham
Bristol, Charles Clarence
Burge, Dinah (nee Waite)
Burke, James Allen
Butterfield, John


Carrington, Albert
Charlesworth, John
Clapham, George Edward
Clayton, Mary
Clements, Charles Henry
Coverdale, Herbert Edward
Cowan, David Russell
Cowie, John
Cox, Harry
Crabtree, Harry Wright
Crossland, Kendall
Czernooki, Alexy


Davey, Charles Willie
Dawson, Norah, (nee Hanson)
Dewhirst, Arthur
Donaghue, James
Dovener, George Willie
Doyle, George Robert
Dracup, Nellie
Drake, Denby


Fawkes, Thomas
Feather, Briggs
Feather, Enos

Feather, Horace

Fieldhouse, Jabez

Fillingham, Naomi
Firth, Edith Mary (nee Hall)
Firth, Naboth
Flude, Edgar
Foster, Elizabeth
Fox, Smith
Fry, George Cecil
Fry, William
Fry, Edgar Clifford
Fuller, Frank Joseph
Furnish, John
Furnish, Martin
Furniss, Thompson


Gargon, George
Garnham, Albert Charles William
Giles, John Harding
Goldsbrough, Harriet (nee Smith)
Green, George Joseph
Greetham, Fred
Greetham, Harold
Grice, James
Guerin, Frank


Haigh, Alfred
Hainsworth, Joseph

Hainsworth, Joshua
Hall, Grace
Hardy, Tom
Hare, Ann (nee Foster)
Harrison, Alice Peacock
Harrison, Florrie
Hartley, Josephine (nee Hanson)
Heaton, John
Hinton, Frank Arthur
Hirst, Marion
Hodder, Ronald Frederick William
Hodder, Valentine Frederick William
Hodgson, Charles
Hodgson, Harry
Hodson, George William
Hodson, John Richard
Hollywood, Francis Patrick
Houlden, Alfred
Howarth, Thomas
Howker, James
Hutley, Sarah Ann


Illingworth, Percy Holden
Ince, James

Isles, Gilbert


Jackson, William
Jolley, Joseph Harold
Jones, Maggie (nee Cash)
Jowett, Hannah


Kay, James Edgar
Keighley, Joseph
Kendall, Eliza
Kendall, Esther

Kitching, Ernest William
Kitching, Harriet (nee Stephens)
Knott, Benjamin


Lamb, Hiram
Lancaster, Albert
Larrad, Ashton
Laughlin, Adeline
Laycock, Thomas
Leach, Vera nee Crossland
Lightfoot, Fred
Linck, Gustav Arthur
Lodge, Wilfred

Lofthouse, Ann
Longbottom, Alfred

Lund, Hannah Gladys (nee Feather)
Lund, Percival


McCartney, Margaret Agnes (nee Hollywood)
McGowan, Anthony
McGowan, Anthony jnr.
Metcalfe, Samuel
Midgley, William Shackleton
Mills, Amy Emmott
Milton, Alfred
Minakin, Starkey
Mooney, William Patrick
Moore, Ethel
Morrell, George


Nettleton, George Allen Oswald
Newsome, Reuben


Paley, Joseph
Paley, William
Palliaser, Harry
Parker, Florence Louisa (nee Barnard)
Parker, Handel
Parkin, George Henry Westfield
Parkinson, Frank Buxton
Parratt, Mennetta (nee Horne)
Pedley, Peter
Phillipson, George Wade

Pickard, John Thomas
Pickles, Roland Harry
Poole, Eliza

Preston, Sarah Ann


Rawnsley, Mary (nee Pawson)
Rawnsley, Moses

Renard, Edward
Rennard, Fred

Ridgway, Mary Jane Taylor (nee Quanbury)
Ridgway, Reginald George
Riley, Alm a
Riley, Benson
Riley, Ethel Mary (nee Ridgway & Thornton)
Riley, Eric
Ripley, John Thomas

Robinson, Ethel

Robinson, William Batley
Rushworth, Emma
Russell, Ada (nee Fox)
Rutherford, Ethel (nee Moore)


Sanctuary, Jack
Sanctuary, John Ronald
Sanctuary, Norman
Sanctuary, Walter
Seeley, Alfred
Senior, Joseph
Sharpe, Edward Stevenson
Sidebottom, Maria (nee Fillingham)
Simpson, Kate (nee Simpson)
Slingsby, Walter Baxter
Smith, John Richard
Smith, Kirk
Smith, Richard Mosley
Smith, Wilkinson
Snailham, Christopher
Snowden, Benjamin
Speak, Savannah Johnson
Stead, Fred
Stephenson, Matthew Harold
Stirk, John
Stirk, Martha (nee Sunderland)
Stirk, William
Stone, Arthur
Storey,Thomas Sadler
Sugden, Edward
Summerhill, William
Swaine, Allen
Swift, Albert


Thompson, Benjamin
Thornton, Farrar
Thornton, Archibald Anthony
Thornton, Samuel
Tiffany, George
Tiffany, William
Tinsley, Ernest Herbert
Todd, Joseph
Tottle, Fred
Tyas, Henry


Urwin, James


Varley, Ernest
Varley, Sharp


Wainman, Bernard
Wainwright, Harrison
Walker, John Edward
Walker, Jonathan Reuben
Wall, Michael
Wall, Bridget Mary
Wall, James
Wall, Mary Ann
Wall, Margaret
Wall, Elizabeth
Wall, Josephine
Wall, Kathleen
Wallace, James
Watts, William

Weston, Edna (nee Schofield)
Whapham, Kathleen (nee Barker)
Wheeler, Charlotte (nee Hinchcliffe)
Whittaker, Brook
Wilson, James Edward
Wilson, Mathew
Winter, Walter Percy
Witts, Thomas Wilson
Woods, Rebecca (nee Wade)






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