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Image: Spitfire in the foreground. Artist unknown.
WW2: Saltaire Roll of Honour
Researched by Colin Coates
WW2 Roll of Honour: surnames beginning with:

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Golden, Frederick
19 June 1910 – 1969

Frederick Golden, born 19 June 1910, married Grace Wainman before 1933. In 1934 they were living at 16 Highbank Cottages in Shipley. In 1939 they were living in Bradford with Frederick working as builder’s labourer.

Report from Shipley Times 21 October 1942 as follows: -

Gunner Fred Golden, husband of Mrs. Grace Golden, of 25, Aygill Avenue, Hawksworth Road, Bradford (formerly of Shipley). He has been in H.M.F. over two years in the R.A., and he is serving somewhere in England. Before enlisting he was employed by Bradford Corporation (Waterworks) and prior to that was employed by Salts (Saltaire) Ltd.

Fred died in 1969 and Grace in 1997.


Gott, Albert
1908 – 23 November 1967

Albert Gott was the son of Willie Gott. Willie was born c1870 in Shipley. He married Margaret Ann Abbott, 23 December 1893, at Bradford Cathedral. They had nine children. In 1901 they were living at 21 Regent Street, Shipley, with Willie working as a wool sorter.

Albert, their second youngest, was born in 1908. In 1911 the family were living at 26 Jane Street, Saltaire.

Albert married Cicely Clayton in 1939. He served his country in WW2.

From 1945 to 1951 they lived at 7 Fanny Street, Saltaire. From 1952 to 1955 they were at 55 Albert Road. Around 1956 they moved to 5 St. Aidan’s Road, Baildon where Albert spent the rest of his life. He died 23 November 1967 at Bradford Royal Infirmary. In his will, Albert left £1,516 to his widow. She died in 1985.


Gott, Jack
4 October 1913 – 1970

Jack Gott was the son of John Thomas Gott. John was born in 1879 in Baildon. He married Martha Elizabeth Halliday 2 February 1901 at St Paul’s Shipley. In 1911 they were living at 8 Amelia Street in Saltaire with John working as a crabber in cloth finishing. John served in WW1. He died 16 October 1919; Martha died 11 December 1931.

Jack, the youngest of four children, was born 4 October 1913 in Saltaire. He married Alice Brown in 1935 and they lived in Jack’s home in Amelia Street. In 1939 Jack was employed as a comb jobber and Alice as a comb minder.

Report from Shipley Times 25 February 1939 as follows: -

A stirring call for moral and spiritual rearmament was sounded by Mr. Eric Eccles when he spoke most convincingly to a congregation that crowded into Saltaire Congregational Church at the Young People's Service on Sunday evening.
Young people took all the offices, and although the Pastor (Rev. S. G. McLellan) was present, he bad no part in the service.
Mr. Jack Holmes, a building society clerk, conducted the service; Mr. Jack Gott, employee of Messrs. Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., read the Lesson.

Report from Shipley Times 18 November 1942 as follows:

Jack Gott, husband of Mrs. Alice Gott, of 8. Amelia Street. Saltaire. He is serving with the R.A.F. Before enlisting he was in the National Fire Service, and previously was employed at Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., Saltaire Mills.

Report from Shipley Times 8 March 1944 as follows: -

Mrs A Gott of 8 Amelia Street, Saltaire, has been informed by her husband, Jack Gott, that he has been awarded “his wings” and a commission as a navigator, in South Africa, where he has been training. Pilot Officer Gott was at one time a member of the Shipley A.T.C. He is also a deacon at Saltaire Congregational Church.   

Around 1948 they moved to 12 Pasture Road in Baildon. Jack died in 1970. He had an elder brother, Harold Gott, who also served in WW2.


Gott, Harold
3 November 1902 – 1981

Harold Gott was the son of John Thomas Gott. John was born in 1879 in Baildon. He married Martha Elizabeth Halliday, 2 February 1901, at St Paul’s, Shipley. In 1911 they were living at 8 Amelia Street in Saltaire with John working as a crabber in cloth finishing. John served in WW1. He died, 16 October 1919; Martha died, 11 December 1931.

Harold, the youngest of four children was born 4 October 1902 in Saltaire. He was baptised 4 March 1903 at St. Paul’s, Shipley.

Living at 8 Amelia Street he married Martha Wilkinson, of 8 Carlton Avenue, Shipley, 25 July 1927 at St Peter’s, Shipley. They had no children.

By 1930 they were living at 14 William Henry Street, where they would spend the rest of their lives.

In the 1939 Register Harold was a worsted cloth percher; Martha was a member the St. John Ambulance Brigade and an A.R.P. volunteer.

Harold served in WW2. He died in 1981. Martha died 1 March 1983.

Harold had a younger brother, Jack Gott, who also served in WW2.


Grace, Vincent
23 November 1918 – 2004

Vincent Grace was born, 23 November 1918, in Stockton-On-Tees, County Durham, to Herbert Grace and Dorothy Jane Metcalfe. In 1921 they were living in Stockton, with Herbert working as a passenger guard for North Eastern Railway.

Vincent parent’s died within a day of each other in January 1933.

Report in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle 30 January: -

Stockton Rail Staff Tributes to Influenza Victims

A double funeral took place at Stockton yesterday (29 January) of Mr and Mrs Bertie Grace of Alma Street who died within a day of each other from influenza. Members of the staff of the Stockton Railway Station where Mr Grace was an assistant stationmaster, and representatives from railway centres in the district were present.

Mr. B. H. Sharp, stationmaster at Stockton, headed the cortege. The internment took place at Durham Road Cemetery, and both were buried in the same grave.

There is a family of six, three boys and three girls, left to mourn the loss of their father and mother. One son aged 18 is ill with pneumonia, but is reported to have passed successfully through the crisis, while another boy (Vincent) aged 14 who was reported to be suffering from influenza, was recovered sufficiently to attend the funeral.

Vincent served in WW2. In March 1942 he was reported as being an Italian Prisoner of War. He was living at 18 Helen Street, Saltaire, with his married sister, Lilian, and her husband, Arnold Hague, who also served in WW2.

Vincent died in 2004 at Hatfield in Hertfordshire.


Green, John
4 July 1908 – January 1999

John Green was the son of George Joseph Green. George born 8 March 1870 in Leinthall Starkes, Herefordshire. He married Lily Taylor White in 1907 in Newcastle Upon Tyne. By 1907 George was a bank manger living at 1 Albert Road in Saltaire.

John, the eldest of four children, was born 4 July 1908 in Saltaire. He was baptised 10 August 1908 at St Paul’s Shipley.

In his father’s will dated 6 May 1942 he is reported as being a Major in the Army.

Transcription: GREEN George Joseph of 145 Corve-street Ludlow Salop died 22 March 1942. Probate Llandudno 6 May to Lily Taylor Green widow John Green major H.M. army and James Henry Prosser merchant. Effects £7232 5s 11d.

In his mother’s will dated 9 August 1960 John is reported as being a deputy regional manager.

[Note – 145 Corve Street is a Grade II listed building.]

Transcription: Green Lily Taylor of 145 Corve Street Ludlow Shropshire. Widow died 9 May 1960. Administration Chester 9 August to John Green company deputy regional manager and Elizabeth Mary Prosser (wife of James Henry Prosser). Effects £2394 10s 10d.

John died in January 1999 in the district of Chiltern in Buckinghamshire.

John had a brother, Robert Henry Green, who also served in WW2.


Green, Robert Henry
30 August 1910 – 10 July 1982

Robert Henry Green was the son of George Joseph Green. George born 8 March 1870 in Leinthall Starkes, Herefordshire. He married Lily Taylor White in 1907 in Newcastle Upon Tyne. By 1907 George was a bank manger living at 1 Albert Road in Saltaire.

Robert Henry Green, the second of four children, was born 30 Augustly 1910 in Saltaire. He was baptised 29 September 1910 at St Paul’s Shipley.

Robert served in WW2 as a Captain with the 2nd Battalion of the Strait Settlements Volunteer Force. He was captured by the Japanese 15 February 1942 and made a prisoner of war.

[Note - The Straits Settlements Volunteer Force (SSVF) was a military reserve force in the Straits Settlements, while they were under British rule. While the majority of the personnel were from Singapore, some lived in other parts of the Settlements, including Penang, Province Wellesley, Malacca and Labuan.]

As international tensions heightened during the 1930s, an increasing number of men of the various nationalities in the Settlements — predominantly European, Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian — joined the SSVF. It included naval, air force, special operations, irregular units and home guard units. The SSVF — including four infantry battalions — took part in the Battle of Singapore in 1942, and most of its members were captured on 15 February 1942 when their positions were overrun.)

Robert was in the Malai POW camp, he was liberated 2 September 19145. He then worked as a solicitor and lived at the home of his parents, 145 Corve Street in Ludlow, Shropshire. He arrived In London from Malaya aboard S.S. Canton 8 September 1948.

Around 1951 he married Margaret Doreen (maiden name and date of marriage unknown). They had a daughter, Charlotte Ann Margaret, born c1953. The three of them sailed for Singapore, departing from Southampton 5 September 1954.

Robert died at Corve Street 10 July 1982. In his will he left £130,466 (worth c£500,000 in 2020).

Robert had a brother, John Green, who also served in WW2.


Greenwood, Arthur
28 July 1909 – 1972

 Arthur Greenwood was the son of Levi Greenwood. was born c1873 in Morton Banks. He married Eliza Jane Ingleby, 27 February 1897, at St Johns, Baildon.

Arthur, the second youngest of nine children, was born 28 July 1909 in Windhill. He was baptised 16 March 1910 at Christ Church, Windhill.

In 1911 they were living at 33 Kitson Street in Windhill with Levi employed as a fitter. By 1918 they had moved to 47 Titus Street in Saltaire.

In the 1939 Register, Arthur was a master hairdresser, living with his parents at 68 George Street, Saltaire. He served in WW2.

He married Alice Spencer, 19 July 1941, in Saltaire. She was born 25 January 1913. They had a son, Steven, born in 1948.

Arthur died in 1972. Alice died 9 August 1981 in Cottingley.


Greenwood, Jack
2 June 1916 – April 1942

Jack Greenwood was born, 2 June 1916, at 47 Titus Street, Saltaire, to Eliza Jane Ingelby and Levi Greenwood. They moved from 47 Titus Street to 68 George Street, Saltaire, around 1933/34.

In the 1939 Register Jack was working as a chauffeur. He served in WW2 as a Sergeant. He was reported killed in action April 1942 in the Middle East.

Report in the Shipley Times 22 April: -

Mr. & Mrs. Levi Greenwood, of 68 George Street, Saltaire, have been informed that their youngest son, Sergeant Jack Greenwood, has been killed in the Middle East.

Before joining the colours, Sergeant Greenwood was employed as a chauffeur at Messrs. W.P. Butterfield Ltd., Tank Works, Shipley.

Mr. & Mrs. Greenwood lost their eldest son, Squire Clarence Greenwood, during the last war.


Gresswell, Norman
1 July 1912 – 23 April 1987

 Norman Gresswell was born, 1 July 1912, in Saltaire to Arthur Gresswell and Lily Dixon (nee Tetley). They lived at 43 Mary Street, Saltaire until after 1915. From before 1916 they were at 6 George Street, Saltaire.

Norman attended St. Peter’s Sunday School, Shipley. He was a stage manager and active member of for the Shipley St. Peters Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society.

In the 1939 Register, Norman was a clerk working for Provident Clothing & Supply. Co., Ltd. Norman served in WW2. He died, 23 April 1987, at 6 George Street. In his will he left £41,172.


Grimshaw, George
09 January 1908 –????

George Grimshaw was the son of James William Grimshaw. James was born 11 November 1883 in Thackley. He married Jessie Wallbank in 1907. They had at least three children.

George, their eldest child, was born 9 January 1908 in Shipley. In 1911 they were living at 8 Thorpe Place in Idle with James employed as a card fettler.
George, a yarn warehouseman of 62 Albert Avenue in Shipley, married Katherine Bullock, of 35 Caroline Street, Saltaire, 22 October 1932 at St Peter’s Shipley. They lived at 9 Hirst Wood Road, Shipley.

In 1939 George was employed at Saltaire Mills and he was the scorer for Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., cricket team, when he joined the Royal Artillery and served in WW2 as a gunner.

After the war he lived with his family at 23 Rhodes Street in Shipley.


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