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Image: Spitfire in the foreground. Artist unknown.
WW2: Saltaire Roll of Honour
Researched by Colin Coates
WW2 Roll of Honour: surnames beginning with:

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Hague, Arnold
1912 – 1965

Arnold Hague was the son of Benjamin Hague. Benjamin was born 1867 in Rotherham. He married Sarah Ann Hedge, 1890, in Rotherham. They had 16 children. In 1901 & 1911 they were living in Darlington, County Durham, where Benjamin was an iron worker.

Arnold, their youngest child, was born in 1912 in Yorkshire. By 1918 he was living with his family at 8 Dove Street, Saltaire where they remained until 1934. From 1935 they were living at 5 Daisy Place.

Arnold married Lilian Grace in 1936. They had 3 children. From before 1939 to 1945 they were living 18 Helen Street. Arnold served his country in WW2. He lived with his family at 15 Mary Street from 1948 to 1953.

Arnold died in 1965 in Dewsbury.


Haigh, Wilfred Harry
29 November 1920 – 1 June 2009

Wilfred Harry Haigh was the son of Harry Haigh. Harry was born, 23 June 1896. He married Ethel Ann Jane Nutt in 1916.

Wilfred was born 29 November 1920.

Report from the Shipley Times 17 October: -

Wilfred Haigh, aged 3 of George Street, Saltaire, was in admitted into hospital on Wednesday (15 October). Whilst in Saltaire Road the boy was knocked down by motor lorry. He sustained injuries to his head, and his right leg is broken.

In the 1939 Register the family were living at 11 Dallam Avenue, in Shipley. Harry was a boot & shoe repairer; Wilfred was a leaded light makers glazier.

After working at Saltaire Mills and being a member of their Home Guard, Wilfred served as an able seaman in the Royal Navy. By 1942 he was a prisoner of war in Japan.

Having survived the war, Wilfred married Rene Lupton in 1948. She was born, 5 July 1923. They had no children. They lived at 4 Amelia Street in Saltaire, before moving to 32 Avondale Road in Shipley around 1956.

Report in the Bradford Observer 16 June 1950: -

Aid for British ex-prisoners of war from the Far East will be pressed by a Far-Eastern Prisoners of War Association, to be formed in Shipley Parliamentary Division. at a public meeting in Shipley Conservative Club on 27 June.

The Shipley association, which embrace Bingley and Baildon. is the idea of Mr. W. H. Haigh. of 4 Amelia Street. Shipley. Mr. Haigh. an ex-prisoner of war is among those who returned without their health being permanently damaged but he knows of many less fortunate.

He studied the development of similar associations in Lancashire and then with two friends approached several local councillors and Shipley's M.P. Mr. Geoffrey Hirst, who has signified his support.

The Shipley Association follows the example of similar bodies in many parts of the country, which have been formed to press the Government to aid British P.O.Ws.

Mr. Haigh has sent a circular letter to all ex-prisoners of war known to be in Shipley.

Report from the Bradford Observer 20 November 1954: -


When a motor bus and trolley bus collided at the junction of Barkerend Road and Otley Road, Bradford, yesterday, passengers in both vehicles were hurled to the floor. Sixteen people were injured and taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary. None was detained, however.

The cabs of both buses were badly damaged. The buses were fairly full, and five people were given on-the-spot treatment at a nearby chemist's shop. The roads were covered with broken glass and traffic was diverted round the junction. There was a 25min. hold-up in the trolley service to Bradford Moor.

The two drivers were Mr. Wilfred Harry Haigh, of 4 Amelia Street, Saltaire, who received a head injury. and Mr. Ronald Anthony, of 16 Eltham Grove, Wibsey, who had a lacerated scalp.

Wilfred was cleared of any blame for the crash. He was well known in the Shipley district as an accordion and harmonica player.

Rene died in 1991; Wilfred died 1 June 2009. They were buried together in Nab Wood Cemetery with Rene’s mother, Elsie Lupton, who had died in 1981 aged 87.


Harris, Frank
28 July 1915 - May 1994

Frank Harris was born 28 July 1915. He married Ellen Wallage in 1938. In 1939 they were living at 18 Mountain Street in Shipley where Frank was working as a sheet metal worker.

Report from the Shipley Times 17 February 1943: -

Frizinghall Parents in Court
At the Bradford City Police Court, Monday. Frank Harris, residing at Kirby. near Colne, and his wife, Ellen Harris, of 26 Buxton Lane, Frizinghall, appeared on summonses charging them with neglecting their three children, Patricia, aged 3 years, Roy aged 2 years, and Raymond aged one year in a manner likely to cause them unnecessary suffering and injury their health.
Mr. H. M. Dawson prosecuted for the N.S.P.C.C., and Mr. H T. Manknell appeared for the male defendant, who pleaded "Not guilty."
Inspector Harrison, of the N.S.P.C.C.. said that he visited the house where the wife and children were living at Frizinghall in September and be said the children were in a filthy state, their heads being particularly dirty. They were, however, well nourished. On a subsequent visit he found the children's heads were worse. On one occasion when he went found an upstairs window was broken and one of the children had its arm through the broken pane. On a further visit he found the children locked in.
DUE TO NEGLECT Dr. West Watson said he had examined the children and found they had scabs on their heads, a condition due to neglect. A police officer said that on October 26 he was on duty in Frizinghall Road when saw the defendants' little children standing outside the house and unable to get in. He obtained a ladder and gained access to the house through bedroom window. The children were clothed, but there was no fire in the house and they were obviously cold. It being cold weather. While they were well nourished, they were in a dirty condition as was the house and the bedroom.
The male defendant, giving evidence, said he was working at Earby and was in consequence living away from his wife and family, but he never sent her lees than £3 a week. His average wages were about £8.
Cross-examined, he said he had been to 26 Buxton Lane, for weekends.
The female defendant denied the charge and said when she left the children, she arranged with a friend to look after them. She asserted that her husband had not sent her enough money to run the household.
Mrs. Lambert, a neighbour, said that Mrs. Harris had shown her three one-pound notes which she said she had received from her husband.
Mrs. Harris: How often have I borrowed money from you? Witness: You have not borrowed from me.
 After the magistrates had retired to consider their verdict the Chairman said they were satisfied that the children had been neglected, and they had decided to adjourn the case for six weeks. "We hope in that time there will some improvement. The officers of the Society will keep in touch. We want give you an opportunity of doing better and we think the husband should give his wife more money." The case was accordingly adjourned to March 26.

Frank served in WW2. In 1945 he was living at 44 Ada Street in Saltaire without his family.
Frank died in May 1994 in Leeds.

Hillary, Wilfred
16 February 1908 – 1988

Wilfred Hillary was the son of George Hillary. George was born 1883 in Horsforth. He married Sarah Moody, 6 January 1903, at St. Wilfred’s Calverley.

Wilfred was born 16 February 1908 in Windhill. In 1911 the family were living in Windhill where George worked as a mason’s labourer.

Wilfred married Edith Clough in 1934. At first, they lived at 10 Glenaire, Shipley with Wilfred’s parents. From 1937 they lived with Edith’s mother at 25 George Street, Saltaire. They remained here until 1951.

Report from Shipley Times 14 January 1939: -

Injured in Road Crash

Wilfred Hillary, motor driver, of George Street, Saltaire, was admitted to the Skipton and District Hospital on Saturday (7 January) morning suffering from injuries to his back, received in an accident on the Keighley-Kendal road between Cononley and Bradford Lane Ends. Mr. Hillary was able to return to his home on Sunday.

The accident occurred at about 8.30, when the road conditions were treacherous. Mr. Hillary was driving a motor-van owned by W. W. Lancaster and Son, bakers, Bradford, which came into collision with the rear of a stationary lorry owned by John Hammond, coal merchant, Keighley.

The van was badly damaged, the front end being wrecked, and its contents, including a large consignment of muffins, were scattered about the road. Little damage was done to the coal lorry.

Wilfred served as a Corporal in the Army in WW2. In1943 He received gifts from the Shipley Comforts Fund, his letter of thanks was published in the Shipley Times 10 February: -

I would like to take this opportunity of sending my most sincere and grateful thanks for the nice pair of socks I received from your wonderful organisation, and once again thank you for the Postal Order I received at Christmas. It’s a comforting thought to know that even if us boys are away from our hometown we are not forgotten and all I can add is, good luck to the W.V.S. and the people of Shipley and District. – Cpl. W. Hillary.

 Wilfred died in 1977. His widow, Edith, died in Bradford 12 July 1978. She left £33,477 in her will.


Hodder, Eric William
31 October 1921 – 2000

Eric William Hodder was the son of Valentine Frederick William Hodder. Valentine, an engineer living at 6 Shirley Street, Saltaire, married Selina Halliday, a weaver aged 21 of 27 Jane Street, Saltaire, 17 April 1922, at St. Peter’s, Shipley.

Eric was born, 31 October 1921, before his parents were married. By 1923 his family were living at 20 Amelia Street, Saltaire. By 1928 they were living at 12 Maypark Terrace, Shipley. In the 1939 Register they were living at 18 Victoria Road, Saltaire with Eric working as an apprentice fitter and his father as a milling machinist. Eric had a younger brother, Ronald Frederick William Hodder.

Image: Eric William Hodder. Image: Winifred Hodder, nee Briggs.

Eric served in WW2. In 1943 he married Winifred Briggs. They had two children. In 1945 they were living at 31 Ferrand Road, Shipley, by 1953 they were at 128 Union Street, Shipley.

In the local elections held in May 1958, Eric, representing Labour, finished second in the contest in Shipley Central. In October 1958, Eric, living at 7 Hillary Road, Wrose, was reported as being secretary of the Shipley branch of the British Legion.

In May1987 he was living with his wife at 178a Westfield Lane, Idle. After losing his wife in 1995, Eric died in 2000.


Hopkinson, Jack
30 July 1907 – 1946

Jack Hopkinson was the son of Deighton Hopkinson. Deighton was born 1873 in Shelf, Halifax. He married Sarah Elizabeth Walker, 12 September 1896, at St. John’s, Coley, Halifax. They had seven children, but three died in infancy. Deighton worked as a warp twister. In 1901 they were living in Bingley.

Jack, their youngest surviving child, was born 30 July 1907 in Saltaire. In 1911 the family were living at 8 Helen Street. Jack emigrated to Australia in 1928.

Report in the Shipley Times 10 March: -


Mr. Jack Hopkinson, who for about 12 months has been a member of the Saltaire Mills Ambulance Corps, left Shipley Thursday of last week for Australia. Previous to leaving he was presented with an inscribed silver cigarette case from the members of the Ambulance and Nursing Divisions. Mr. A. Lambert presided, and the presentation was made by Dr. J. P. Walker, the corps surgeon.

Living at 7 Constance Street, Jack, who worked as a weaver at Saltaire Mills, emigrated to Australia in 1928. He departed from London aboard S.S. Beltana 1 March. He arrived in Fremantle, Western Australia, 8 April.

Report in the West Australian 8 June 1934: -


Jack Hopkinson (27), single, who gave his address as 3 Cremorne Arcade, Perth, was admitted to the Perth Hospital yesterday of poison. Hopkinson told the police that at about 11.30 o'clock on Wednesday night he spread some rat poison on a sandwich, which he then ate. The poison had no effect and about 5.30 o'clock yesterday morning he ate some more of the poison. He collapsed at the Town Hall corner shortly after 9 a.m. and was taken to the Perth 'Hospital by the St. John ambulance.

Jack served in WW2 with the Royal Australian Air Force. He married Eileen Jean Lawry in 1941 in Victoria.

Jack died in 1946 in Parkville, Melbourne.


Hudson, Leonard
3 March 1905 -????

Leonard Hudson was the son of Arthur Brook Hudson. Arthur was born 1 October 1881 in Baildon. He married Sarah Elizabeth Dean in 6 August 1904 at St Paul's Shipley.

Leonard, the eldest of three children, was born 3 March 1905 in Shipley. In 1911 they were living at 82 Union Street in Shipley with Arthur working as an iron founder. From 1918 Arthur and his family lived at 12 Caroline Street in Saltaire. By 1923 they had moved to 1 Helen Street.

Report from the Shipley Times Friday 25 May 1923:

Eight Saltaire youths were summoned for playing football on the highway in Prod Lane, Baildon, on April 29. The defendants were; Arthur Lovelle (17), John Harrison (16), Leonard Hudson (18), millhands; Leavens Park (17), George Bacon labourers; John Hudson (14), doffer; Henry Ogden (17), jobber; and Harry Hainsworth (16), clerk. All pleaded guilty.
Police Constable Feanside said that when he told defendants they would be reported, they replied: Well, give us the ball back." The Chairman: Did you give them it back: -No, sir. Superintendent said that the offence was a very common practice with these youths from Shipley every Sunday afternoon. Another batch had been reported. There were complaints of people being struck with the ball and having their clothes damaged. Thera was plenty of room on Baildon Green if the youths wanted to play football. Defendants were each fined 5s.

Report from the Shipley Times Saturday 27 August 1927:

Summoned at Bradford West Riding Court Thursday, for gaming with cards, Leonard Hudson, millhand, of Shipley, was fined 20s. and Fred Seed and Leonard Williamson, both Shipley millhands, were each fined 10s.

Leonard's mother, Sarah Elizabeth, died in 1935. In the 1939 Register Leonard was a window cleaner living alone at 14 Westcliffe Road in Shipley. Leonard served in WW2.
After the war he lived with his aunt at 18 Ada Street in Saltaire. They were still living there in 1960.

Hull, George
2 December 1911 – 22 June 1943

George Hull was the son of Ernest William Hull. Ernest was born 9 July 1887 in Tollerton, a village north of York. He married Florence Berwick, 14 May 1910, at St. Paul’s, Shipley.

In 1911 they were living at 12 Elliot Street, where Ernest worked as a spinning overlooker.

George was born 2 December 1911. He attended Shipley Technical Institute. In September 1931 he passed an examination in worsted yarn manufacture. He married Matilda Ponder in 1933. She was born 16 September 1913. They had a daughter, Sheila Florence, born 9 October 1934.

By 1938 they were living at 6 Amelia Street, Saltaire, with George working as a weaving overlooker. He was also working in the Auxiliary Fire Service.

George served in the R.A.F. in WW2. He was a Sergeant Flight Engineer.

He was one of a crew of seven who lost their lives, 22 June 1943. They were in an Avro Lancaster when they were shot down over Boxtel in the Netherlands.

George is buried/remembered in Woensel General Cemetery in Eindhoven, Netherlands.






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