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Mill Workers who lived in Saltaire
Researched by Colin Coates

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Tattersall, Edwin

Tattersall, Edwin - Mill Worker / WW1 Roll of Honour


Tattersall, James
1848 – 11 August 1929

James Tattersall was born, 1848, in Bradford to Matthias Tattersall & Sarah Ann Maudsley.

Living at 131 Dale Street, Shipley, and working as a weaver, James married Priscilla Rushforth, 24 February 1878, at Bradford Cathedral. She was born in 1844 in Shipley. She died in 1880.

In 1881 widower James was living at 10 Well Croft Street, Shipley. He married widow, Sarah Hannah Ackroyd, (maiden name Whitfield) 27 August 1882 at Bradford Cathedral. They had five children

In 1891 the family were living at 10 Well Croft in Shipley with James working as a hawker. In 1899 they lived at 26 Amelia Street before moving to 21 Constance Street in Saltaire with James working as a hoist driver in a factory.

James’s second wife, Sarah, died 30 January 1915 at 21 St. James Square, Bradford.

In 1921, twice widowed James, living at 21 Constance, was a hoist minder at Saltaire Mills. His daughter, Susannah, and son, Edwin, were also working in the mill, Edwin had served in WW1.

James died 11 August 1929 at 9 Well Croft, Shipley. In his will he left £327 5s 3d.


Tattersall, Susannah
21 November 1882 – 15 February 1960

Susannah Tattersall was born, 21 November 1882, in Shipley to James Tattersall & Sarah Hannah Ackroyd.

In 1891 the family were living at 10 Well Croft in Shipley with James working as a hawker. In 1899 they lived at 26 Amelia Street before moving to 21 Constance Street in Saltaire with Susannah working as a weaver and her father a hoist driver in a factory.

Susannah’s mother, Sarah, died 30 January 1915 at 21 St. James Square, Bradford. Susannah's brother, Edwin, served in WW1.

In 1921 Living at 21 Constance Street, Susannah was working as a weaver at Saltaire Mills. Her father also worked in the mill.

In the 1939 Register, Susannah worked in a sweet shop. She was living with the Whitfield family at 9 Well Croft Street, Shipley.

She was living at 29 Aireview Crescent, Baildon, when she died, 15 February 1960, at St. Luke’s Hospital, Bradford. In her will she left £328 11s 5d.


Taylor, George

Taylor, George - Mill Worker / WW1 Roll of Honour


Thomas, Gladys (nee Bullock)
30 May 1903 –????

Gladys Bullock was born, 30 May 1903, in Shipley to Herbert Bullock & Annie Elizabeth Watson. In 1901 they were living at 28 Dale Street in Shipley with Herbert working as a bricklayer. By 1911 they were living at 38 Ashley Road in Shipley with Herbert working as a bricklayer. By 1915 they had moved to 3 Caroline Street in Saltaire.

Herbert served in WW1 and was killed in action 1 July 1916.

In 1921 Gladys was living with her mother and siblings at 3 Caroline Street. She was working as a spinner at Saltaire Mills.

Working as a dressmaker and living at 2 Maddocks Street, Shipley, Gladys married Charles Henry Thomas, 2 October 1926, at St. Paul’s, Shipley. Charles was a woolcomber born, 13 December, living at 30 Rhodes Street, Shipley. They had at least three children.

In the 1939 Register, they were living at 62 Albert Avenue, Shipley. Charles was employed galvanising and paddling. He was a part time volunteer with the Shipley Auxiliary Fire Service. It is unclear what happened to them after this.


Thomas, James
1873 – 22 December 1899

James Thomas was the son of James Thomas snr. James snr. was born c1835 in Colne, Lancashire. He married Margaret (maiden name and date of marriage unknown). In 1861 they were living in Saltaire Road where James snr. was a weaver. By 1871 they were living at 12 Murgatroyd Street.

James was born 1873 in Shipley. In 1881 the family lived at 36 Moorhead Villas with James snr. working as an overlooker. By 1891 they had moved to 1 Mawson Street in Saltaire with James working as a weaver at Saltaire Mills. James died 22 December 1899.

Report in the Shipley Times 30 December 1899:

Funeral of a Saltaire Football Player
On Tuesday the funeral took place at Nab Wood Cemetery of James Thomas, of 21 Ada Street, Saltaire, the well-known forward of the Manningham Football Club, who died on the previous Friday, in his 27th year.
A large number of friends and officials of the Manningham Club, as well as representatives of the workpeople employed at Saltaire Mills, with whom the deceased formerly worked, attended.


Thompson, Arthur Harold

Thompson, Arthur Harold - Mill Worker / WW2 Roll of Honour


Thompson, Lilian (nee Love)
26 August 1895 – 4 September 1987

Lilian Love was the daughter of William James Love.William was born c1858 in Bombay in India. He married Margaret around 1885. He spent his working life doing various labouring jobs.

They lived in the following houses: -
1889 - 5 Stubbing Road, Windhill
1890 - 68 Crag Road, Windhill
1891 - 31 Helen Street, Saltaire
1896 - 22 Wrose Hill Terrace, Shipley
1901 - 5 Whitlam Street, Saltaire
1904 - 26 Shirley Street, Saltaire
They spent the rest of their lives in Shirley Street; William died in 1912 and Margaret died 3 July 1925.

Lilian, their youngest of five children, was born 26 August 1893. In 1921 she was a weaver working at Saltaire Mills. She was living at 26 Shirley Street with her mother and her elder sister, Gertrude, who was also a weaver in the mill.

Lilian married Henry Thompson in 1922. He was born, 1 August 1897, in Shipley. He had served with the R.A.F. in WW1. They had a daughter, Mary, born in 1923.

In 1924, living at 26 Shirley Street, they emigrated to Australia. They sailed from London for Melbourne, but they were unable to travel on the same ship. Lilian and her daughter departed 24 February aboard S.S. Jervis Bay. Henry, who worked as a fitter, followed the next day aboard S.S. Beltana.

Henry died 27 November 1980. Lilian died 4 September 1987. They were buried/cremated together in Rushworth Cemetery in Rushworth, Victoria. (The burial records show them as being Roman Catholic.)


Thompson, Richard

Thompson, Richard - Mill Worker / WW2 Roll of Honour


Thornton, Arthur
1854 – 18 April 1915

Arthur Thornton was the son of Thomas Thornton. Thomas was born 15 August 1814 in Haworth. He married Ann – maiden name and marriage date unknown. In 1851 they lived in Wilsden with Thomas working as a weaver.

Arthur, the youngest of seven children, was born 1854 in Wilsden. He was baptised 8 Oct 1854 St Matthew Haworth.

By 1861 the family had moved to Saltaire, living at 17 George Street. In 1871 they were living at 3 Fern Place with both Thomas and Arthur working as warp dressers.

Arthur had a son, Fred, in 1875 with a Mary Elizabeth – maiden name and marriage date unknown.

Arthur married Jessie Harriet Goodacre in 1881. They had eight children: Tom (b1882), Arthur (b886), Albert (b1888), Beatrice (b1889), Ada (b1890), Edwin (b1893), Jesse (b1895) and Robert (b1897). In 1901 Arthur was working in Saltaire Mills as a warp dresser and living with his family at 10 Constance Street. By 1911 they had moved to 8 Albert Road (renumbered 15) in Saltaire. By 1915 they were living at 68 Victoria Road in Saltaire.

Arthur died 18 April 1915 and was buried two days later at Hirst Wood Cemetery. Jessie died in 1928. Arthur was a renowned cricketer, with a long connection with Saltaire Cricket Club. Four of their sons: Albert, Arthur, Edwin & Robert, fought in World War One.


Thornton, Robert
c1845 – 11 March 1921

Robert Thornton was born c1845 in Wilsden to Thomas & Ann Thornton. In 1861 they were living at 17 George Street, Saltaire, with Thomas working as a warp dresser and Robert as a tinner.

Robert married Sarah Drake in 1867. They had a son, Jowett, born 16 December 1873, and a daughter, Lily, born 12 July 1875. Robert & Sarah lived all their married lives at 8 Lockwood Street. Robert was a tin smith at Saltaire Mills, where he was also the superintendent of the Saltaire Mills Fire Brigade.

Sarah died 3 March 1917. She was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley. Robert joined her when he died 11 March 1921.

Report from the Shipley Times 25 March: -

The funeral took place at Nab Wood Cemetery, on Monday (14 March), of Mr. Robert Thornton, 8 Lockwood Street, Saltaire.

The deceased, who was 76 years of age, was superintendent of Saltaire Mills Fire Brigade. The mourners included Mr. and Mrs. George Lincoln and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jowett Thornton, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Walton, Mrs. T. Thornton, and Messrs. Thackray, Ellison, Cryer, Smith, Bailey, Holworthy, and Winpenny. Mr. and Mrs Arthur Preston (daughter) and family, Miss Ivy Ella Preston (granddaughter), Mr. and Mrs Broderick (brother-in-law and sister), Mr. and Mrs. John Thornton (brother and sister-in-law), Mrs. Arthur Thornton (sister-in-law) Mr. B. Badland and Mr. Fred Smith (Old Pals).

The members of the Saltaire Mills Fire Brigade acted as bearers, under the supervision of Superintendent George Hall.


Thorp, Mary
6 October 1856 – 12 April 1941

Mary Thorp was born, 6 October 1856, in Esholt. Her parents were Mary Ann Alderson and Josep Thorp.

Mary started work as a spinner in Saltaire Mills on her eighth birthday, 6 October 1864. In 1871 she was transferred to the reeling department.

In 1871 she was living with her family at 13 Jane Street, Saltaire. By 1881 they were at 20 Gordon Terrace (renumbered 89 Bingley Road), Saltaire. In 1901 they were at 36 Dove Street, Saltaire.

By 1911, Mary, who never married, had her own house, 5 William Henry Street. She lived here for the rest of her life.

In 1911 and 1939 she had her niece, Alice Abbott, living with her.

Report in the Shipley Times 14 November 1924: -


After having worked at the Saltaire Mills for the last 60 years. Miss Mary Thorp, of 5 William Henry Street, Saltaire, retired recently.

It was on 6 October 1856 at the age of eight years that Miss Thorp started work in the spinning department at the mills, and at the age of fifteen or 53 years ago she went into the reeling department, from which she never left.

Miss Thorp first commenced working there when the reels had to be turned by hand, but now they are worked by steam. She distinctly remembers the late Sir Titus Salt, whom she describes as a nice old gentleman.

On the occasion of her birthday recently, Miss Thorp was presented with a cake dish by her fellow workers. The inscription the dish was as follows: “Presented to Mary Thorp her fellow workers in recognition of her 60 years’ service, 6 October 1924.”

Mary died, 12 September 1941.


Thorpe, Willie

Thorpe, Willie - Mill Worker / WW1 Roll of Honour


Tidbury, Lettice, nee Derbyshire

Tidbury, Lettice, nee Derbyshire - Mill Worker / WW2 Roll of Honour


Trigg, Maud (nee Quanbury)
25 September 1900 – 3 September 1977

Maud Quanbury was born, 25 September 1900, in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, to Thomas Edward Quanbury & Anne Melissa Bingham. She was baptised, 4 November 1900, in Market Deeping. In 1911 the family were living at The Black Swan, Market Deepening, where Thomas was the innkeeper.

In 1921 Maud was living with her sisters, Annie & Jane, at 20 William Henry Street, Saltaire. All three worked at Saltaire Mills; Maud was a cloth picker.

Maud emigrated to Canada in 1922. She was aboard S.S. Montclare when she departed from Liverpool, 18 August 1922, on her maiden voyage. They arrived in Quebec eight days later. She settled with her brother, Neal, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Maud married Louise Charles Trigg in Calgary in 1924. He was born, 14 June 1898, in London, England. He worked as an accountant. They had four children.

Louis died 30 June 1964 in California, USA. Maud died 3 September 1977 in Maple Ridge, Vancouver, Canada.


Tottle, Walter Edward
21 May 1871 – 1939

Walter Edward Tottle was the son of Thomas Tottle. Thomas was born c1821 in Tiverton, Devon. He married Elizabeth Blanchflower, 31 August 1851, at St James, Taunton, Somerset.

Walter was born 21 May 1871 in Wellington, Somerset. By 1881 the family were living at 7 Herbert Street in Saltaire, with Thomas working as a weaver. In 1891 Walter was a woolsorter living with his brother, James, at 19 Mary Street.

Walter, who never married, emigrated to America. Having sailed from Liverpool on the S.S. Aurania, he arrived in Boston 13 July 1891. Walter died in Sanford, Maine in 1939.

Report from the Shipley Times 15 July 1939: -

The death has occurred in Sanford, Maine. U.S.A.. of Mr. Walter E. Tottle, a former well-known Saltaire cricketer. Mr. Tottle, who was a bachelor aged 68, was the seventh son in a family of eight, and as boy worked at Saltaire Mills. At that time Saltaire Cricket Club consisted mainly of employees of the mill, and the players were widely known as “the mill lads in white."

He went to America in 1891 to work in the American branch of the Saltaire Mills at Bridgeport, Connecticut.

He has one brother in Shipley, Mr. Fred Tottle, of 5 Russell Street, Carr Lane, Windhill.


Trueman, Cyril
5 August 1888 – 4 July 1965

Cyril Trueman was born, 5 August 1890, in Windhill to John Trueman & Sarah Hirst. In 1891 they were living at 40 Cemetery Road, Idle, where John was working as a carter for the Shipley Local Board.

Cyril married Isabella Patchett, 8 January 1906, at North Bierley Register Office. Isabella was born in 1888. They had a son, John, born 3 July 1906, and a daughter, Ada born, 1 March 1908. They also had a daughter, Violet, who was born and died in 1916. In 1911 they were boarding with Isabella’s parents at 7 View Croft, Shipley. Cyril was working as a general labourer.

In January 1914, living at 16 Piccadilly, Shipley, Cyril helped rescue a child from a house fire at 12 Piccadilly. Cyril served with Royal Engineers in WW1. He enlisted, 24 June 1916, when he was living with his family at 23 Piccadilly, Shipley. He was discharged, 20 December 1918, when his family was living at 18 Lower Wharfe Steet, Shipley.

In the 1921 Census they were living at 22 Herbert Street, Saltaire, Cyril was an out of work dyer’s labourer employed at Saltaire Mills. Their son, John, was a weaver working at Saltaire Mills. They moved to 26 Caroline Street in 1923.

Cyril was involved in an incident at around 10.25 pm on Friday, 31 August 1923, outside of the Shipley Workingman’s Club in Saltaire Road.

Extract from a report in the Shipley Times 14 September: -



A series of cross-summonses for assault occupied the attention of the Bench of the Bradford West Hiding Police Court on Thursday 6 September, but the evidence was of such a conflicting nature that the cases were all finally dismissed.

There were three summonses in all, Cyril Trueman, a dyer’s labourer, of Shipley, summoning Rodger Sellers, senior, Shipley labourer, and also Francis Atkinson, ice-cream vendor, of Shipley, for assault, while Sellers issued a cross-summons against Trueman.

Cyril was awarded a pendant for bravery in November 1923

Report in the Shipley Times 16 November: -



At Belle Vue Police Barracks, Bradford, on Friday (9 November), during drill parade, Mr. Cyril Trueman, of Caroline Street, Saltaire, was presented with a gold enamel pendant for having assisted a constable whilst attempting to arrest a drunken man.

The Chief Constable of the West Riding (Colonel J. d' E. Coke), who made the presentation, said that on Friday, 24 August, when Police-constable Munro was attempting to arrest a man who was drunk and disorderly at Shipley, a hostile crowd of about a hundred had surrounded him and friends of the prisoner were reported to have obstructed him.

Mr. Trueman bravely assisted the constable, and Miss Betty Mills, now of Hull, also rendered timely aid. But for this help it is probable that the constable would have been seriously injured.

The Chief Constable, in making the presentation on behalf of the force, paid high tribute to Mr. Trueman's courage: and Mr. Trueman said the pendant would always be highly treasured by him. Miss Mills has already received a suitable gift.

Report in the Leeds Mercury 23 July 1926: -


His plucky conduct assisting a constable who was in danger of assault, saved Cyril Trueman, millhand, Saltaire, from a conviction for drunk and disorderly conduct, when he appeared before the Bradford (West Riding) magistrates yesterday. Superintendent Woodcock asked the magistrates to take this into consideration. The Bench dismissed the case on payment of costs.

Cyril was captain of the Dyeing Department team that won the Tug of War contest at the fourth annual gala day of Saltaire Mills Sports Association held at Roberts Park, 25 June 1927.

In the 1939 Register they were living at 194 Leeds Road, Shipley. Cyril was a driller at a tank works. Isabella was a woollen mill back wash minder.

By 1944 Cyril and his wife were living at 7 Mountain Street, Shipley.

Report in the Shipley Times 29 March 1944: -


Isabella Trueman (57), of 7 Mountain Street, Shipley, and Violet Martin (32), of 2 Westroyd Crescent, Shipley, both married women, were summoned for using abusive language. They did not appear.

P.C. Jordan said that at 10.55 p.m. on 2 March he was on duty at Shipley when he heard the sound of disturbance in Commercial Street. He went there and saw the defendants with two other women and some soldiers. The defendants were using abusive language and the other two women were trying to keep them from fighting. Sirs. Martin said, “She caused it, and I won't have it,” and Mrs. Trueman said “She is the cause of it. She thought I was taking the soldier from her.”

Witness said the defendants were under the influence of drink. They were each fined 10s.

In 1944 Cyril was working as a labourer at the tank works of W. P. Butterfield Ltd.

Isabella died, 21 April 1946, at 7 Mountain Street. She was buried in Windhill Cemetery. Cyril joined her when he died, 4 July 1965.


Trueman, John
31 July 1906 – 1974

 John Trueman was born, 31 July 1906, in Shipley to Cyril Trueman and Isabella Pratchett. He was baptised, 22 August 1906, at St. Paul’s, Shipley. In 1911 they were boarding with Isabella’s parents at 7 View Croft, Shipley. Cyril was working as a general labourer. He served with Royal Engineers in WW1.

In the 1921 Census they were living at 22 Herbert Street, Saltaire. John was a weaver at Saltaire Mills. His father was an out of work dyer’s labourer employed at Saltaire Mills. They moved to 26 Caroline Street in 1923.

John, working as a comber, married Charlotte Emily Fisher. 21 April 1928, at St Peter’s, Shipley. Charlotte was born, 26 May 1909. They were both living at 26 Caroline Street. They had a daughter, Violet, born in 1929.

In the 1939 Register, John and his wife were living apart. He was incapacitated and living with his parents at 194 Leeds Road, Shipley. She was a restaurant waitress living in Bradford.

John served in WW2.

Report in the Shipley Times 29 November 1944: -


John Trueman, aged 40, munition worker, of 7 Mountain Street. Windhill, was fined 40s. for being drunk and disorderly He pleaded “Guilty.”

Inspector Sherwin, prosecuting, said that at 10.30 p.m. 18 November, defendant was seen in a drunken condition by two police officers. When spoken to Trueman made an abusive reply. He refused to be quiet. Defendant said he had recently come out of the Forces.

John died in 1974.


Turner, Charlie
1889 – September 1923

Charlie Turner was born in 1889 in Middlesbrough. In 1911 he was a cloth finisher living with his married sister, Sarah Jane Hall, and her family at 56 Earl Street, Shipley.

Charlie married Beatrice Kean in 1913. Beatrice was born in 1889 in Windhill. They had a son, Charles, born in 1916, and a daughter, Ethel, in 1919. By 1915 they were living at 19 Edward Street, Saltaire. In the 1921 Census, Charlie was a cloth finisher working at Saltaire Mills.

Charlie died in September 1923.

Extract from a report in the Shipley Times 21 September: -

By the recent death of Mr. Charlie Turner, of Saltaire, a prominent figure has been removed from local billiard circles.

Charlie was a cueist of mean ability, and last year distinguished himself winning the break prize in the Shipley and District Billiard League.

As a tangible evidence of sympathy towards the bereaved widow and family, the Shipley and District Billiard League are organising billiard matches, and there will be a concert performed by the Saltaire Mills Male Voice Choir.


Turner, Frances Mildred (nee Kilroy)
12 December 1902 – 1962

Frances Mildred Kilroy was born, 31 December 1902, in Blackburn, Lancashire.

In the 1921 Census, Frances was living with her widowed mother, Amanda Jane Heeley, at 234 Leeds Road, Windhill. Frances was an unemployed burler & mender. She had worked at Saltaire Mills.

She married Fred Turner, a bricklayer aged 24, at St. Peter’s, Shipley, 6 February 1923. They were both living at 11 Mary Street, Saltaire.

In the 1939 Register Frances was a burler living with her mother, not her husband, at 28 Regent Street, Shipley.

Frances died in 1962 in Ashton, Lancashire.


Turner, Norah
???? – ????

Norah Turner was the daughter of Wilfred & Mary Turner. She was working at Salt’s Mill when she married John Leslie Kendall, 26 March 1949, at St Peter’s Shipley. Norah was living at 23 Constance Street and John at 6 Mawson Street.
The married couple lived at 23 Constance Street until around 1955 when they moved to 9 Laburnum Road in Shipley. By 1958 they were living at 76 Coach Road in Baildon.

John was born 25 May 1921 and he died in 1980.


Tyas, Andrew
4 August 1888 – 1976

Andrew Tyas was the son of Henry Tyas. Henry was born in 1847 in Skelmanthorpe near Huddersfield. He married Elizabeth Lodge, 24 February 1873, at St. Augustine’s, Scissett, Skelmanthorpe. They had four children.

Andrew, their youngest child, was born 4 August 1888 in Skelmanthorpe.

In 1881 & 1891 they were living in Skelmanthorpe. Elizabeth died there in 1893. In 1901 widower Henry, working as a weaver, was living with his four children at 5 Jane Street, Saltaire.

In 1911 Andrew was a mechanic, working in Saltaire Mills, living with his spinster sister at 6 Edward Street. He married Florence Maud Smith, 30 November 1912, at St. Peter’s, Shipley. Florence, born 27 May 1890, was living at 24 Jane Street. They had at least four children, including Leonard Harry Tyas, who served in WW2.

From before 1920 to 1929 they lived at 38 Thompson Street, Shipley. In August 1923 Andrew presided over a Saltaire Mills Bowling Social evening, held at the Royal Café. From 1931 to 1934 they were at 4 Jane Street, Saltaire. From 1938 to 1955 they were at 4 Chapel House, Low Hill, Baildon, where in 1939 Andrew was working as a wool warehouseman. By 1957 they were living at 6 The Crescent, Shipley.

Andrew died in 1976.


Tyas, Leonard Harry

Tyas, Leonard Harry - Mill Worker / WW2 Roll of Honour






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