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Mill Workers who lived in Saltaire
Researched by Colin Coates

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Eastell, Herbert

Biography located in Mill Worker / WW1 Roll of Honour >


Easy, Florence (nee Horsfall)
2 July 1902 - 1993

Florence (known as Florrie) Horsfall was the daughter of Robert Horsfall. Robert was born 1880 in Saltaire. He married Agnes Cormack 4 August 1900 at St Paul's Shipley. In 1901 they were living at 23 Mary Street in Saltaire with Robert employed as a carter for a coal merchant.

Florence was born 2 July 1902 in Saltaire. She was baptised 29 October 1902 at Saltaire Congregational Church with the family living at 24 Caroline Street. By 1911 they had moved to 7 Joseph Street in Shipley with Robert working as a horse keeper. Robert died in 1916.

Florence was employed in the burling and mending department of Salts Mill until she married Harry Easy 4 June 1927 at Saltaire Methodist Church. They had one son and one daughter. They lived all their married life at 8 Shaftsbury Avenue in Windhill. They were both members of the Labour Party and Harry served as a Councillor for Shipley South & Central Wards.

Harry died 30 December 1972; Florence died in 1993.


Eccles, John
c1854 - 1909

John Eccles was born c1854 in Preston. He married Mary Ann Milligan in Bradford in 1875. They had two children; Evelyn Elizabeth born 1877 and James Arthur born c1880.

From before 1881 they lived at 9 Lockwood Street in Saltaire. James worked as a bookkeeper/clerk in a worsted mill. His daughter, Evelyn, died 1 August 1894, aged just 17.

John was working at Salt's Mill in 1870 when he gave evidence at an inquest into the death of a fellow worker, Thomas Baxter.

John died in 1909. In 1911 his widow was living at 6 Harold Place in Saltaire.


Eccles, William Henry
9 May 1860 - 12 July 1929

William Henry Eccles was the son of James Eccles. James was born c1829 in Lancashire. He married Elizabeth Bleasdale 7 August 1853 at St John's Preston.

William Henry, the fourth of eight children, was born 9 May 1860 in Baildon. He was baptised 24 June 1960 at St John's Baildon. In 1861 they were living at 33 Ada Street in Saltaire with James employed as a wool sorter.

James's wife, Elizabeth, died before 1871. In 1871 widowed James was living with his children at 28 Caroline Street. James married Charlotte Greaves 7 September 1871 at Bradford Cathedral. The marriage was short lived as Charlotte died in 1872. Twice widowed James then married Martha Davison in 1873.

In 1881 William was a railway booking clerk living in London. He married Emma Harold 29 May 1866 at St Martin's Camden. In 1891 & 1901 they lived at 47 Caroline Street in Saltaire. They had a son, Eric, born in 1900. By 1911 they were at 5 Harold Place, where they remined until their deaths.

As reported in the Shipley Times, 7 November 1924, William retired from the position of cashier at Saltaire Mills. He started at the mill as a boy in 1868. He returned as a clerk at the mill following working on the railways for 14 years.

William's wife, Emma died 23 July 1926 and was buried at Nab Wood Cemetery Shipley alongside her mother. William joined them when he died 12 July 1929.


Egarr, Arthur Ridgway
31 August 1883 - 2 December 1962

Arthur Ridgway Egarr was the son of Emily Egarr (father unknown). Arthur was born 31 August 1883 in Bradford. In 1901 he was living with his mother and her mother in Horton, Bradford. He went on the Saltaire Mills Office Staff Annual half day outing to Arnside on 19 May 1906.

Arthur married Lucy Harriet Searle in 1908 in Bradford. In 1911 the married couple were living with Arthur's mother and Aunties in Bradford. Working at Saltaire Mills Arthur did not serve in WW1.

Extract from a report in the Shipley Times 17 May 1918 as follows:

Sixty-eight cases from Sir Titus Salt, Bart., Sons and Co., Ltd., Saltaire, were disposed of last Friday night by the Shipley Tribunal. Coun. T. Hill, J.P., presiding.
Postponements to various dates were given to the following (including) Arthur R Egarr, 35, married, Grade 3, head shipping clerk in pieces department.

Lucy, Arthur's wife, died in 1959 in Bradford. Arthur died in St Luke's Hospital in Bradford 2 December 1962. His home was at 24 Spring Head Road in Bradford. In his will he left £460 7s to Jack Kenneth Egarr, a coal merchant's depot manager.


Elliott, Annie (nee Thompson)
10 June 1902 – 4 May 1966

Annie Thompson was the daughter of Joseph Thompson. Joseph was born c1877 in Bradford. He married Margaret Hannah Harvey 10 July 1897 at St Peter’s, Allerton.

Annie, the third of five surviving children, was born 10 June 1902. In 1911 they were living in Bradford with Joseph working as a labourer. By 1915 they had moved to 26 Constance Street in Saltaire where they remained throughout the war.

In 1921 Annie was a spinner working at Saltaire Mills. She was living with her family at 26 Constance Street. She married Norman Elliott, 23 June 1923, at St. Peter’s, Shipley. He was born, 18 December 1901, in Idle. They had five children.

In the 1939 Register they were living at 26 Constance Street. Norman was a textile warehouseman. They were still living at 26 Constance Street in 1960.

Annie died, 4 May 1966. She was buried/cremated in Nab Wood Cemetery. Norman joined her when he died, 25 June 1991.


Ellis, Edwin
27 April 1855 - 19 September 1940

Edwin Ellis was the son of Joseph Ellis. Joseph was born c1829 in Halifax. He married Sarah Ann Naylor 21 November 1852 at St John's Halifax.

Edwin, the second of five children (including Fred) was born 27 April 1855 in Idle. In 1861 the family were living at 9 Whitlam Street in Saltaire with Joseph working as a warehouseman. In 1871 & 1881 they were living at 21 Victoria Road with Edwin working as a piece hooker then a weaving overlooker.

Edwin married Louisa Whitaker 12 December 1881 at Bradford Cathedral. Louisa was a weaver whose family lived at 13 Mary Street in Saltaire. They had two children; Joseph born 1884 and Clara born 1890. Sadly, Clara died 10 November 1890 aged just two months.

In 1891 they lived at 14 Almshouses (renumbered 37 Victoria Road). In 1901 & 1911 Edwin was a weaving manager living with his family at 34 Albert Road (renumbered 67).

Extract from a report in the Shipley Times 14 August 1903 as follows: -

Arthur Montgomery, who was remanded from last Thursday, was again brought np in custody on two charges of burglary.
Mr Edwin Ellis, weaving manager, living at 34 Albert Road, Saltaire, said that on Saturday night, the 1st of August, he went to bed about 12 o'clock, and saw that all the doors and windows were fastened as usual. He got up about 8 o'clock on the following morning, and the first thing he noticed was that his trousers pockets had been emptied. About 6/- in money was taken. He also noticed that the bedroom door was shut, and he had left it open the previous night.
Downstairs in the kitchen all the drawers were ransacked. An entrance had been obtained through iron grating which let light into the cellar.
The articles lost included 2 pairs of boots, a suit of clothes, 2 bunches of keys, a railway pass, and a card case, 3 pairs of stockings, shirts, and a shawl.

Around 1914 they moved to 29 Avondale Road in Shipley where Edwin would spend the rest of his life.

Report from the Shipley Times 28 May 1920 as follows: -

At the end of this month will occur an event which will be of interest to many thousands of people who have been connected with the Mills at Saltaire during the past half century, in the retirement of Mr. Edwin Ellis, manager of the weaving department there, and thus will be severed another link with the early history of the firm.
Born in Windhill in 1856 Mr. Ellis has a life-long acquaintance with the district, and his contemporaries will be interested in a reminder of the days when he and they played as children about the water wheel which provided the power to drive the old mill known as Dixon's, then standing on the site of the present huge and capacious structure.
A short residence in Windhill in his very early youth preceded his connection with the village, but not with the firm he has served so long and loyally, for even at that time his father, Mr Joseph Ellis and his uncle, Mr Ezra Ellis, were both employees of Mr. Titus Salt in Bradford and accompanied him to Saltaire where they continued to work for him. Mr Ellis's father for many years worked in the wool warehouse and his uncle in the Counting House until 1918.
In the year 1864, before he was nine years of age, young "Ted" came to work in the mills as a half-timer and attended the school for half-timers held by the firm in the building now known as the Royal Café in Victoria Road.
At this tender age he worked in the drawing room of the spinning department, but after a few months, and before he attained the solemnity of ten years, he became a jobber, which occupation he followed for some four years.
At thirteen he was transferred to the weft room of the weaving department and was employed there in pegging bobbins. From the weft room he advanced to piece-hooking and weavers' wages clerk, and at sixteen years of age, some 49 years ago. he took up the practical side of weaving.
At that time the workers were employed on the noted Donskoi wool, when three pieces per day were turned off the loom. This employment lasted some six months, and in 1873 his future was definitely decided, when, on Sir Titus Salt's 70th birthday, young Ted became an apprentice weaving overlooker.
For nine years, including his apprenticeship, he worked on ladies' goods in the Dresses Department, and subsequently for eleven years was employed on men's wear in the Coatings Department. A further period was spent in charge of the Pattern Weaving, and on December 13th, 1894, a few months after the advent of Mr. James Roberts and his co-directors, Ellis was promoted to be the manager of the whole of the Weaving Departments, which position he has held up to the present time, making a total length of service of 55 years.
Natural capacity and determination resulted in a very wide and thorough technical knowledge, and this was recognised by the local authorities when, at the inception of the Shipley Technical School in 1887, Mr Ellis was placed in charge of the textile Department, and he held this position for five years.

It is a natural thing on an occasion of this kind to look for floods of interesting reminiscences, and no doubt there are quantities of these stored up in Mr. Ellis's memory, for very many distinguished visitors have passed through the Mills and come in contact with the head of the Weaving Department.
But Mr. Ellis is of a retiring disposition, and entirely indifferent to the fact that there were incidents "all in a day's work to him" may have absorbing interest for other people.
Arresting scraps of information, however, emerge from conversation with Mr. Ellis. Housing troubles were rife in his early days as now, if not so vital, and when he came to Saltaire. with his father and the family, along with other workers at the mills, the houses were far from being ready for occupation that community lived in them for several months without doors.
He is a well-known character in old Saltaire, and in his younger days played in the first eleven with the Saltaire Cricket Club. He was in the team on the memorable occasion when they put out Scarborough for eleven runs.

It will be difficult to discover a total period of family service with the same firm to equal that of the Ellis family. Mr. Joseph Ellis, the father, worked for thirty-eight years in the wool department Mr. Ezra Ellis, Joseph's brother, spent sixty-six years in faithful service to the firm. Mr. Edwin Ellis is leaving with the total of fifty-five years to his credit, and his brother, Mr. Fred Ellis, is his 59th year of service in the combing department. And to carry on the tradition in a later generation, Mr. J. W. Ellis, son Mr. Edwin Ellis, is the head of the Dress Department, Saltaire, and has been considerably over twenty years with the firm.
That a long life of hard work does not injure health nor undermine vigour is proved by the fact that Mr. Ellis retires in hearty condition and with the full intention of enjoying time of leisure which he most certainly deserves. He leaves with the best wishes of his principals, who will have pleasant recollections of faithful service, and of his fellow-workers whose testimony of esteem which takes the form of a gold watch suitably inscribed, a happy reminder through the coming hours and days whose progress it will measure of those other hours and days spent during long and incidental years of honest hard work.

The presentation of the gold watch, which was subscribed for by the weavers, overlookers, heads of departments and other friends at Saltaire, took place at Mr. Ellis's home on Wednesday evening in last week, and was made by Mr. A. Whitham, who for 25 years has been an assistant to Mr. Ellis. Opportunity was also taken on the occasion to present Mrs. Ellis with a handsome set of silver fish knives and forks.
In handing over the watch, which is inscribed "Presented to Edwin Ellis by his follow-workers at Saltaire Mills on his retiring after fifty-five years' service. May 31st, 1920," Mr. Whitham said: "I feel greatly honoured asked to present you with this beautiful gold watch on behalf of your fellow workers as a mark of their esteem and respect for you."
"After a man has worked over 55 years for a great firm like Saltaire and has risen by merit to be head of a department, with a vast turnover, it needs no comment from me. I hold that 55 years' service is character in itself."
Continuing, Mr. Whitham observed, "We have worked very close together for over a quarter of a century and sometimes differed in our opinions. And I claim to know you as well as any man knows another. I had not worked with you, very long before I was convinced you were a honourable man, and I am pleased to say I have never had cause to alter that opinion. I trust that there is a happy future in store for both yourself and your wife.
Mr. S. Chapman, also assistant to Mr Ellis, speaking on behalf of the employees remarked that he had great pleasure in extending to Mr. Ellis their gratitude for his services and their good wishes for his future.
Continuing, Mr. Chapman observed that he had been personally associated with Mr Ellis for the last twenty-five years and thought that he was voicing the feelings of all when he said that he had always found him an honourable and straightforward man. "We hope he and his wife will joy good heath for many years to come" he concluded.

In the 1939 Register Edwin is listed as being "incapacitated." Edwin died 19 September 1940; he was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery Shipley. Louisa was buried with him when she died 12 May 1952 aged 94. Their son, Joseph, was buried with him when he died 19 May 1944 aged 59.

Ellis, Ezra
1836 – 22 December 1931

Ezra Ellis was the son of Mordecai Ellis. Mordecai was born c1805 in Hipperholme. He married Sarah Briggs 13 August 1828 at St John’s Halifax.

Ezra, the second youngest of six children, was born 1836 in Halifax. He was baptised 31 July 1836 at St Matthew’s Lightcliffe. In 1841 the family were living in Brighouse with Mordecai working as a weaver. His wife, Sarah, died in 1845. He married Suky Blackley 3 December 1849 at St John’s Halifax. In 1851 they were living in Hipperholme. Mordecai died in 1889.

In 1861 Ezra, working as a worsted manufacturer’s clerk, was lodging with Robert & Sarah Leach at 18 Fanny Street in Saltaire.

Ezra married Eliza Dickinson 14 June 1879 in York. They had no children. In 1881 they were living at 44 Moorhead Villas in Shipley; in 1891 at 9 Albert Road (re-numbered 17) in Saltaire. From before 1901 they lived at 245 Bingley Road in Shipley in Bingley.

Ezra died 22 December 1931, and he was buried two days later at St Matthew’s Lightcliffe.

Report in the Shipley Times 24 December 1931 as follows: -

One of the lives which provide the last remaining links with the establishment of Saltaire Mills and the model village of Saltaire, ended on Tuesday, when Mr. Ezra Ellis, of 245, Bingley Road, Shipley, died at the grand old age of 96. A native of Lightcliffe, Mr. Ellis entered the employment of Sir Titus Salt at the age of 16, and he served as member of his office staff at Bradford for several years. In 1863, when Sir Titus opened Saltaire Mills, Mr. Ellis was transferred to the new factory and remained there as a member of the office staff until his retirement, about 13 years ago. He had then completed the magnificent record of 66 years’ continuous service with the firm, and had personally witnessed the growth of Saltaire, and the erection of the Institute, the hospital, and all the other splendid buildings which had been given by the Salt family for the welfare of their workpeople.

Following his retirement, his great ambition was to reach the age of 100, and he was confident that he would do so, but after the death of his wife, in May of this year, his health gradually declined.

Mr. Ellis was a member of a family noted for long service at the Saltaire Mills. One of his nephews, Mr. Fred Ellis, retired 1927 after serving the firm for 66 years, and another nephew, Mr. Edwin Ellis, retired 12 years ago after 56 years’ service, during which he as manager of the weaving department for nearly 30 years. The father of the two nephews, the late Mr. Joseph Ellis, worked at the mills for over 40 years. The service of these four members of the family thus reached the remarkable total of 228 years.


Ellis, Fred
19 Mar 1853 - 1947
Fred Ellis was the son of Joseph Ellis. Joseph was born 1829 in Halifax. He married Sarah Ann Naylor 21 November 1852 at St John's Halifax. They had at least five children.

Fred, their eldest child, was born 19 March 1853 in Bradford. In 1861 the family were living at 9 Whitlam Street with Joseph working as a warehouseman. Fred started work at Saltaire Mills 19 March 1861, his eighth birthday. In 1871 the family were living at 21 Victoria Road with Fred working as an overlooker.

Fred married Annie Elstrub 20 Dec 1873 at All Saint's Bingley. They had a daughter Edith born in 1875 and a son Harold born 1884. In 1881 they were living at 25 Titus Street; in 1901 and 1911 they were residing at 57 Victoria Road.

Report from the Shipley Times 13 March 1908 as follows: -

On Friday evening the residence of Mr. Fred Ellis, Victoria Road, Saltaire, was entered by thieves. The family were at Baildon at the time attending festivities in connection with the wedding of their son. A neighbour noticed three men knocking on Mr. Ellis's door, but thought they were insurance agents. There is little doubt that they were the thieves, possibly the same gang that recently committed robberies in the Nab Wood district. Fortunately, an old silver watch is all that is missing from Mr. Ellis's house.

In July 1920 Fred, an overlooker in the combing department at Saltaire Mills gave evidence at a court case regarding a raid on the mill.

Report from the Shipley Times 23 December 1933 as follows: -

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ellis, of 57 Victoria Road Saltaire, celebrated the diamond anniversary of their wedding on Wednesday. Mr. Ellis was born in Bradford but has lived in Shipley since he was three years old. He began work at eight in the Saltaire Mills and became a combing overlooker ten years later. He retired on a pension in 1927, after 66 years' service without a break.
In his younger days he was a notable cricketer. He assisted in the formation of the Saltaire Cricket Club and played with the first team as batsman and wicketkeeper until he retired from the game in 1887. In those days, the club consisted largely of employees of the Saltaire Mills, and the team was known as the "Millboys in white."
In 1877 he played with the Saltaire and district "XV.," which defeated the full Notts County team, and he scored nearly 100 runs against the bowling of Billy Barnes, Morley, and Flowers.
Two years later he was selected by the M.C.C. to play with a team of All-England colts at Lord's and scored an outstanding success. To-day, at the age of 80, he is in excellent health, and one of the happiest of men.
Mrs. Ellis, who is 78, is a native of Birkenshaw. They were married at the Bingley Parish Church, and have one son, one daughter, five grandchildren, and two great grandchildren.

Annie died in 1935. In the 1939 Register widowed Fred was living with his married daughters' family in Baildon. By 1943 he was living at 31 Kirkgate in Shipley.
Fred died in 1947. Fred's brother, Edwin, also worked in Saltaire MIlls.


Ellis, Joseph
1 February 1829 - 2 November 1903

Joseph Ellis was the son of Mordecai Ellis. Mordecai was born c1805 in Hipperholme. He married Sarah Briggs 13 August 1828 at St John's Halifax.

Joseph, the second eldest of six children (including his brother Ezra) was born 1 February 1829 in Hipperholme. He was baptised 8 March 1836 at St Matthew's Lightcliffe. In 1841 the family were living in Brighouse with Mordecai working as a weaver. His wife, Sarah, died in 1845. He married Suky Blackley 3 December 1849 at St John's Halifax. In 1851 they were living in Hipperholme. Mordecai died in 1889.

Joseph married Sarah Ann Naylor 21 November 1852 at St John's Halifax. They had five children. In 1861 they were living at 9 Whitlam Street in Saltaire; in 1871 & 1881 at 21 Victoria Road in Saltaire. Sarah Ann died in1883. In 1891 widowed Joseph was living with his daughter, Ada, and her husband, Bottomley London, at 32 Albert Road (re-numbered 63) in Saltaire. In 1901 he was living with his son Edwin and his family at 34 Albert Road (re-numbered 67).

Joseph died 2 November 1903 and he was buried two days later in St Paul's Churchyard, Shipley. Report in the Shipley Times 6 November 1903 as follows:

Out of the chain of Saltaire history another staunch connecting link has gone with the decease of Mr Joseph Ellis, who passed away on Monday morning, about 6 30, at the residence of his son, Mr Edwin Ellis, 34 Albert Road, Saltaire. The commencement of his final illness was about a year ago, when there were signs of heart disease, but he was able to go about for a period of six months until last spring, when a serious attack of heart trouble caused his confinement to the house for a period, and after he had partly rallied from the effects, he went to Morecambe. However, he was there taken suddenly worse again and was brought home as soon as possible, where be again rallied his fast diminishing stock of strength. He then went about until month ago, when commenced the final spell of his malady, which had a fatal ending on Monday last. His illness has not been of a painful character, but his vitality slowly ebbed away, and bis end came very peacefully and quietly in bis 76th year. He leaves a grown-up family of two sons and two daughters.
A native of Lightcliffe, Mr Ellis first came into Salt's employment when was about 21 years of age, having obtained a position in the Union Street Works at Bradford. When the Saltaire works were erected the deceased gentlemen removed the sphere of his labours there, where he was employed in the warehouse. A year after his arrival ha was promoted to the position of one of the managers of the top and noil department, which post he held for 38 years, up to the Saltaire Jubilee Exhibition year, 1887, when he retired from work.
In politics Mr Ellis was a staunch Liberal, and for period of he was a member of the committee of the Shipley Liberal Club. His chief work, however, was in the management of local government affairs. In December of 1891, on the amalgamation of the Windhill and Shipley Local Board, the deceased gentleman offered himself for public service, and was returned for the West Ward. He served the West Ward until his death.

Joseph's son, Fred and Edwin also worked in Saltaire Mills.


Elphee, Nellie nee Gwilt
18 May 1900 – 1999

Nellie Gwilt was born, 18 May 1900, in Wednesbury, Staffordshire to Jane Thorp & George Gwilt. In 1901 they were living in Wednesbury, with George working as a brickmaker.

In the 1921 Census, Nellie and her younger sister Adelaide were mill hands at Saltaire Mills. They were boarding with Albert Henry & Margaret Long at 24 Edward Street, Saltaire.

Nellie married Edwin Javan Elphee, 2 July 1923, at St. Peters Shipley. They lived in Bingley.

Edwin died in 1977. Nellie died in 1999.


Excell, George
21 May 1846 – 2 March 1942

George Excell was the son of Samuel Excell. Samuel was born 23 February 1823 in Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire. He married Elizabeth Murgatroyd 8 February 1846 at St. Wilfrid, Calverley. They had nine children.

George, their eldest child, was born 21 May 1846 in Idle.

In 1851 the family were living in Idle where Samuel was a railway labourer. In 1855 George commenced work at Saltaire Mills in the combing department as a wool washer/scourer. In 1861 he was living with his family at 2 Ada Street, Saltaire.

George married Jane Willis 24 January 1871 at Calverley Parish Church. They had two children, Eliza born 27 August 1873 and John (Jack) 1 May 1879. In 1881 they were living at 58 Mount Pleasant in Baildon. His wife, Jane, died 13 March 1882.

Widower George married widow Elizabeth Crabtree (nee Blackburn) 23 October 1884 at St. Pauls, Shipley. They had three children, Susan born 22 May 1885, James 21 September 1886, and Samuel c1888. In 1891 the family lived at 23/24 Delph Hill in Baildon. By 1901 they were living at 20 (renumbered 39) Albert Road in Saltaire. George would live here the rest of his life. His second wife, Elizabeth, died 23 December 1921.

Report from the Shipley Times 7 January 1927: -

The annual supper of managers of various departments of Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., was held at the Royal Cafe, Saltaire. A special feature was the invitation to the four oldest employees of the firm to attend.

(George was the eldest the four.) He retired in 1929. In October 1937 he spoke with the King when he visited the mill.

Extracts from a report in the Shipley Times 14 March 1936: -

The happiest gathering of the year at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, is the annual Shipley and Saltaire Old Friends’ Treat, winch is given all residents of these districts who have attained the age of 65.

On Saturday (7 March) about 365 men and women partook of the excellent tea provided, the catering being by the Windhill Co-operative Society, Ltd.

The oldest person present was Mr. G. Excell, of 39 Albert Road, Saltaire, who is ninety years of age.

For 12 years George was a member of the Shipley Branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He was a keen gardener, maintaining two allotments.

George died 2 March 1942. He was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley. In his will George left £289 10s 9d to his spinster daughter, Susan.

Image of George Excell, courtesy of John Hilary Hill. John and his wife were both born in George Street, Saltaire, and are now living in Geelong, Australia. John's wife is a descendent of George Excell.


Excell, Harold
17 October 1914 – 1990

Harold Excell was the son of John Excell. John was born 1 May 1879 in Baildon. He married Gertrude Tomlinson 24 December 1901 at St Paul’s Shipley. By 1904 they were living at 10 Springcliffe Street, Green Lane, Baildon where they would spend the rest of their lives.

Harold was born 17 October 1914 in Baildon. He never married and in 1960 he was still living at 10 Springcliffe Street.

Harold worked as a warehouseman, he commenced working at Saltaire Mills in 1928/29. He remained there until after 1959.

Harold died in 1990.


Excell, John (Jack)
1 May 1879 – 6 March 1959

John Excell was the son of George Excell. George was born 21 May 1846 in Idle. He married Jane Willis 28 January 1871 at St Wilfrid’s Calverley.

John, who had an older sister, was born 1 May 1879 in Baildon. In 1881 the family were living in Baildon with George working as wool washer. His mother, Jane, died in 1882.

Widower George married widow Elizabeth Crabtree (nee Blackburn) 23 October 1884 at St Paul’s Shipley. They had three children.

John commenced working in Saltaire Mills in 1889. In 1891 he was living with his family in Baildon with John working as a spinner. In 1901 they were residing at 20 (renumbered 39) Albert Road in Saltaire with John working as a carder.

John married Gertrude Tomlinson 24 December 1901 at St Paul’s Shipley. By 1904 they were living at 10 Springcliffe Street, Green Lane, Baildon where they would spend the rest of their lives. They lost a child as an infant and they had a son, Harold, born 17 October 1914.

John retired in July 1958 after working in Saltaire Mills for 69 years. He died 6 March 1959.

Report from the Shipley Times 11 March 1959 as follows: -

Mr John Excell, of 10 Springcliffe Street, Green Lane, Baildon, who died on Friday at the age of 79, retired last July after 69 years unbroken service at Saltaire Mills.

He came of a family with a remarkable record of service, even at a firm where there is a tradition for generation to follow generation. His father, who lived to be 95, actually helped to build houses in Saltaire. and worked at the mill for more than 73 years. Mr. Excell’s sister worked there for 47 years, and his son, Mr. Harold Excell, has been at the mill for 50 years.

Mr. John Excell was at Delph Hill, Baildon, and started working in the drawing department at the mill when only ten years old. For more than 40 years he was a carding overlooker. In 1940. the directors presented him with an inscribed gold watch and certificate to record 51 years' service.

In his youth, Mr. Excell played cricket with Baildon Green. He was a member of the New Prosperity Lodge of the Shipley District. Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Manchester Unity, and of the Wood bottom Veterans’ Association. He leaves a widow, and one son.

A service was conducted at Wellfield Moravian Church, Woodbottom, yesterday, by the Rev. J H. Cooper, before cremation at Nab Wood.


Excell, Joseph
16 May 1863 – 23 March 1946

 Joseph was born, 16 May 1863, in Saltaire to Samuel Excell & Harriet Onions. They lived at 24 (renumbered 47) Albert Road in Saltaire.

Joseph married Emily Graham, 1 July 1883, at Bradford Cathedral. They were both living at 24 (renumbered 47) Albert Road. They had ten children with two dying as infants. The eight surviving were: - Mary (born 1883), Nellie (1886), Susan (1889), Joseph (1891), Emily (1894), Edna (1897), Edith (1901), and Florence (1904).

In 1891 they were living at 4 Helen Street, with Joseph working as a plate layer.

In 1901 they were living at 11 Whitlam Street, Saltaire, with Joseph working as a cloth presser. By 1911 they had moved to 22 (renumbered 43) Albert Road, They lived here until 1915. Their eldest daughter, Mary, died 25 April 1896 aged 12. She was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley.

In 1921, 1iving at 33 Titus Steet, Saltaire, Joseph and two of his children worked at Saltaire Mills. Joseph worked as a cloth presser. Joseph’s wife, Emily, died 10 May 1938 at 9 Whitlam Street, Saltaire. She was buried with her daughter.

In the 1939 Register, Joseph was living with his married daughter Emily Murgatroyd and her husband, Frank, at 9 Whitlam Street.

Joseph died, 23 March 1946. He was buried with his wife & daughter.


Excell, Susan
22 May 1885 – 1965

Susan Excell was the daughter of George Excell. George was born 21 May 1846 in Idle. George married Jane Willis 24 January 1871 at Calverley Parish Church. Jane died 13 March 1882. Widower George married widow Elizabeth Crabtree (nee Blackburn) 23 October 1884 at St. Pauls, Shipley.

Susan was born 22 May 1885 in Baildon. In 1891 the family lived at 23/24 Delph Hill in Baildon. By 1901 they were living at 20 (renumbered 39) Albert Road in Saltaire.

Susan worked in the combing department at Saltaire Mill’s for 47 years.

Susan’s father, George, died in 1942. In his will he left her £289 10s 9d. Susan lived at 39 Albert Road until 1947. By 1949 she was living at 32 Whitlam Street, where she was still living in 1960.

Susan, who never married, died in 1965.


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