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Image: Spitfire in the foreground. Artist unknown.
WW2: Saltaire Roll of Honour
Researched by Colin Coates
WW2 Roll of Honour: surnames beginning with:

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The Saltaire WW2 Roll Of Honour

Colin Coates: This section is to honour the men and women who lived in Saltaire and served their country in World War Two. There are fewer entries here than in World War One, but each and every one of them should be remembered with pride.



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Wilkins, John Beck [Updated 3 April 2024]
Alderson, Frank [Updated 1 April 2024]
Burke, Albany [Updated 1 April 2024]
Greenwood, Jack [Added 1 April 2024]
Sheldon, Fred [Added 1 April 2024 / Also a Mill Worker]
Sheldon, Robert [Added 1 April 2024]

Cosford, Thomas [Updated 11 March 2024 / Also a Mill Worker]



Abrams, Alwin
Abrams, Thomas
Alderson, Frank
Allott, George Clifford
Angus, Joseph
Angus, Leslie Wallace
Angus, Joss
Angus, Thomas Gibson
Angus, Jack
Armitage, Alan
Askam, Robert


Bailey, Gordon
Bairstow, Arthur
Barsby, Constance Annie
Baxter, James Edwin
Beaumont, Albert
Beck, Harold
Bedford, Arthur
Bedford, Thomas
Birch, Frederick Arthur
Blackburn, Edgar Hewitt
Blackman, John
Blezzard, James William
Blezzard, John
Blezzard, Joseph Edward
Blezzard, Robert
Bower, Gordon
Boyes, Cyril
Bray, Jack
Brickley, Kenneth
Brook, Harry
Brook, Jack
Burke, Albany


Clements, Charles Henry
Clements, Raymond Colin
Cosford, Thomas
Cox, William


Davidson, Walter
Dearden, Roy
Dovener, Arthur
Dowgill, Arthur Reginald
Doyle, Harold Robinson
Doyle, Kenneth Percy
Doyle, Thomas Francis


Eastell, John
Eastell, Thomas
Excell, William Thompson


Fillingham, Jack
Free, Ernest
Free, Norman


Golden, Frederick
Gott, Albert
Gott, Jack
Gott, Harold
Grace, Vincent
Green, John
Green, Robert Henry
Greenwood, Arthur
Greenwood, Jack
Gresswell, Norman
Grimshaw, George


Hague, Arnold
Haigh, Wilfred Harry
Hare, Charles Edward
Harris, Frank
Hillary, Wilfred
Hird, Stanley
Hodder, Eric William
Hopkinsson, Jack
Hudson, Leonard
Hull, George


Ingle, Queenie, nee Barsby


Jackson, Horace Taylor
James, Walter
Johnson, Frank
Johnson, Walter


Kelly, James
Kirton, George


Lambert, Harry
Lavelle, John Arthur
Lockwood, Jack


Mawson, Jack
McCue, Jim
McDonough, Jim
Metcalfe, Albert
Milner, John Edward
Milton, Charles
Milton, Maurice
Morris, James Patrick


Neild, William
Newton, Edward Rutter


Ogden, Harold


Pearson, Frank
Price, Herbert
Price, Percy William


Ramsden, Jack
Raper, William
Read, Frank
Read, George (also served in WW1)
Read, Harry


Sayner, Ruby
Seed, Arthur
Seed Fred
Sheldon, Fred
Sheldon, Robert
Shuttleworth, Harry
Simpson, Douglas Foch
Simpson, Herbert
Simpson, Jack
Slinger, Edward
Slinger, Harold
Slinger, Leslie
Smythers, Mary Margaret
Sowman, Edward
Sowman, Jack
Sowman, James Mortimer
Sowman, Joseph Gabriel
Spencer, Frank
Stone, Ernest Arthur


Taylor, George
Theakston, George
Thompson, Richard

Tidbury, Lettice, nee Derbyshire
Tinsley, Philip Ernest
Tyas, Leonard Harry


Wainman, Arthur
Wainman, Charles
Wainman, Denby
Wainman, Eric Burniston
Walker, Leslie
Weston, Cyril
Wilkins, John Beck
Wood, Harold
Wright, Harry


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