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Image: Clementine and Winston Church. Photographer unknown
WW2: 1940
Researched by Colin Coates
Colin Coates writes:

Twenty-one years after the end of WW1, we were again at war with Germany when war was declared, 1 September 1939. This monthly diary will show events in Saltaire throughout the war from January 1939 to the end of 1945.

The primary source of the information is the Shipley Times, which was published weekly
throughout the war. Where possible I have used the exact wording from the newspaper. Where appropriate there are links to biographies on the website.

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Life in WW2 Saltaire: 1939 | 1940 | 1941

Life in Saltaire, WW2: 1940

Updated monthly

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Also: Life in Saltaire: WW1

Saltaire Times, January 1940


Under the auspices of the SALTAIRE CONVERSAZIONI Committee
President: R. W. Guild, Esq.
At the INSTITUTE, SALTAIRE (entrance Lockwood Street),
SATURDAY 13 JANUARY 1940, 7 to 11.45
Tickets 2/6 each. Refreshments at Moderate Prices.
No person admitted without a Gas Mask.

(Over 400 guests attended the function.)


May I (through your columns) express to Shipley Council and staff the gratitude of many people of Saltaire and Shipley district for efficient and timely sanding of slippery pavements?
The enclosed rhyme is a personal tribute.
Yours, etc., A. MAWSON (Miss) – Dove Street, Saltaire

Thank you! Shipley Council, for efficient, timely aid;
Thank you! Band of workers, well equipped with sand and spade;
To the daily toiler it was such a grand relief.
Treading slippy pavements, sure of coming to no grief.
Plan for people’s welfare; your work behind the scene;
Help the nation greatly, like ship behind smoke screen;
Or speck on the horizon, or soldier in a trench,
A ploughman or a teacher, mechanic at the bench;
Let’s bravely pull together, “mid winter’s” chilly blast,
And, when hope’s ship is sinking, nail faith’s flag to the mast;
To help the smaller nations in this most crucial test.
Some of the Land of Freedom, rise up, and do your best.

(Colin’s note – Alice Mawson was born 4 March 1900. In the 1939 Register she was a weaver living with her widowed mother at 39 Dove Street. She died, a spinster, in 1992.)



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all persons having claims against the estate of Mary Ann Eccles deceased formerly of 6 Harold Place, Saltaire, Shipley in the County of York but afterwards of 35 Balfour Street, Alloa in the County of Clackmannanshire, Scotland, Widow, (who died on 31 October 1939 and whose Will and Codicil were proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of His Majesty’s High Court of Justice on 4 January 1940 by Richard Eccles the Executor named in the said Codicil) are required to send particulars of their claims to us, the undersigned, Solicitors for the said Executor, within two months from the date of the publication of this notice, after which the said Executor will distribute the assets amongst the persons entitled, having regard only to the claims of which he shall then have had notice; and he will not be liable for assets so distributed to any person of whose claim he shall not then have had notice.

DATED this 8 January 1940.
GEORGE BOLTON & PARK Solicitors for the said Executor.
84 Godwin Street, Bradford.


Saturday 20 January
Tickets at the Door 2/-
Usual Arrangements for Refreshments
No Admission Without Respirators


Victoria Hall, Saltaire.
23 to 27 January at 6.45 p.m.
Special Matinee Saturday at 2 p.m.
Edith E. Beaver’s
Superb Pantomime
Over 40 First Class artists – Exquisitely Staged and Dressed
Book Now at 6 Victoria Road – you will not regret it.
Admission 1/6., 1/3., 1/-. (Children full price Saturday Evening)
You Must See our Ten Tiny Territorials
They’re a Real Treat for Young and Old
And Don’t Forget It Will Be Moonlight All The Week
Proceeds To St. John AMBULANCE (Saltaire)


MICKEY ROONEY, The Hardy Family in
At Saltaire Picture House on Sunday 28 January at 6.30 pm
(by courtesy of Gaumont British Corporation Ltd.)
SAM WATERHOUSE (The noted Leeds Tenor)
ELSIE PRINGLE (In Monologue)
Items Will Include Community Singing.
Selections by Blue Royal Dance Band 6 to 6.30
Get Your Tickets Now and be sure of your seat.
Tickets may be obtained at Saltaire Pictures House;
Waite Bros., Kirkgate; Lupton Brooks, 2 and 4 Kirkgate; John Chell, Bingley Road.
TICKETS 1/-, 1/6, and 2/-.


A novel feature of a New Year’s party during the weekend at Langley, the residence of Coun. Victor Waddilove, C.C., and Mrs. Waddilove, was the engagement of Salt’s (Saltaire) Prize Band.

Under the conductorship of Mr. H. B. Hawley, the band played carols and other appropriate music, and their efforts were highly appreciated.

(Colin’s note – Herbert Bowdin Hawley (1880 – 17 December 1952) founded the Hammonds Sauce Company in 1924.)


To ensure that air raid warning sirens are in working order, a test will be carried out on Thursday (11 January), at 11 a.m.

As in the previous test, the sirens will sound three times. First will come the “raiders passed,” a steady note lasting for two minutes. Then will come the action warning signal, which is a fluctuating warbling note, lasting for two minutes. After a short interval the raiders passed signal, two minutes note, will again be sounded.

The usual precautions are being taken in order that there should be no confusion if there is a genuine warning to be that time.

The point to note is that if the “all clear” signal is given first, then the sounding of the sirens is simply a test and is nothing to get alarmed about. The test will not take place if, at the time arranged for it, it should happen that a preliminary caution has been issued to A.R.P’. Services to stand by. If it should be found necessary to issue a public air raid warning on Thursday, 11 January, indicating that an air raid may actually occur, the signal will be reinforced by whistles by wardens and police.


There are to be monthly tests of air raid warnings sirens throughout the Shipley area, in common with the whole of the West Riding.

The tests will be held on the second day of each month, at 2 p.m. Each time they will commence with the “raiders passed” signal, a steady note lasting for two minutes, followed by the alarm, a fluctuating note for two minutes, followed by the “raiders passed.” If there should be a genuine alarm, then, of course, the alarm would be sounded first.


The new speed limit of 20 m.p.h. during black-out hours will be introduced on 1 February.

Saltaire Times, February 1940


Shipley Council are about to launch a first stage of their programme for strengthening basements for use as air raid shelters. Tenders have been invited lor the work to be undertaken in connection with the first batch of 1, 200 basements. and much of the material needed has already secured. The full programme provides for strengthening 3,000 basements. Further public shelters are also provided along the main highways of the town, and 1,400 Anderson shelters are to be supplied. Communal shelters or pill-boxes to accommodate 4,000 people will be provided in cases where there are no basements or facilities for Anderson shelters.


Saltaire Effort to Provide Sea-boot Stockings

The manager of the Saltaire Picture House is prosecuting his appeal for knitted comforts for our seamen with zeal. One of the greatest needs of those who are doing their bit the sea is for Sea-boot Stockings. Mr. Cockburn and his Committee are working hard to ensure that Saltaire does its share in this great task.


Two people were injured in a head-on collision between motor car and motor lorry in Bradford Road, Shipley, during the black-out on Friday (16 February) night.

The driver of the car, John Lishman, aged 47, manufacturer, of 16, Grange Avenue, Hirst Wood, Shipley, sustained a broken arm and his passenger, Miss Lilian Lishman, of Oak Mount, Manningham, was injured about the head. Both were taken to Saltaire Hospital, but Mr. Lishman was allowed to home after attention.

(Colin’s note – John Lishman was born 6 February 1893 in Bradford. He served in WW1 with the Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire) Regiment. He died in 1970 in Sussex.)


In aid of Local Charities will be held in the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, Wednesday, 21 February (Full Moon)
Tickets 2/6 (Limited number), Valuable Prizes
Whist and Dance, 7.30 p.m. prompt to 1.0 a.m.


Will be held at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, on Saturday 24 February 1940, 7.30 p.m. to 11.45 p.m.
Tickets 2/- each. No Admittance Without Respirator.


CLAYTON – 2 February, at a nursing home, Mary Clayton, sister of the late Charles Clayton, of 68 Victoria Road, Saltaire.

LODGE – 13 February at 8 William Henry Street, Saltaire, Sarah Lodge, wife of Wilfred Lodge.

RAWNSLEY – 15 February, Mary Rawnsley, in her eighty-first year, widow of the late William Rawnsley, at 27 Shirley Street, Saltaire.

STYLES – 23 February, at 21 Whitlam Street, Saltaire, Arthur aged 54 years, husband of Ada Styles.

RILEY – 12 February at Saltaire Hospital, Elizabeth Riley, aged 70 years, widow of the late, Herbert Riley, and mother of Marian, of Briar Hill, Baildon.


Saltaire Times, March 1940


Patrons of the Saltaire Picture House who have given their support to the manager in his efforts collect knitted comforts for the men of the Royal Navy will be pleased to hear that he has received a letter of grateful thanks from the officers the Depot for Knitted Garments for the Navy. Mention is made of the fact that immediately upon receipt the gifts were distributed to the Navy and are now being appreciated by the men. The appeal is still for such comforts stockings, gloves and pullovers. and the manager hopes that Shipley people will continue to support it in generous fashion.


For the best makes of Chocolates, Sweets, Cigarettes, etc., try
Glenaire Sweet Stores
Victoria Road


A double feature programme will be shown at Saltaire Picture House for the end of this week.

“Blind Alley” is a thrilling drama featuring Chester Morris, Ralph Bellamy and Ann Dvorak.

The second feature, “North Shanghai,” stars James Craig and Betty Furness.

Spectacular battle scenes in the war-torn Orient, a full measure of comedy and romance, and tense, exciting glimpses of intrigue.


At a meeting of the Baildon Hospital and Charities Committee, Mr. William Bottomley (treasurer) announced that the sum of £l20 was available for distribution among local charities as a result of the annual Baildon Carnival Week.

£25 was allocated to the Saltaire Hospital New Building.



17 Victoria Road, Saltaire


Motorists are urged to take the greatest care of their petrol ration books and supplementary coupons. A number of cases have been reported where these have been stolen from parked cars or have been lost in other circumstances, but in no instance has it been possible to obtain a replacement. Never, therefore, leave them in a car. No money can purchase a fresh supply petrol coupons, nor can their loss be insured against.


Bradford Corporation Transport Department proposes to run later services as from today (1 March).

Last vehicle to Saltaire (via Manningham Lane) will be 11.02 p.m., on Saturdays and Sundays, and 10.56 p.m., on other days.


Seven men and women from different parts of Yorkshire, have been chosen to broadcast to the Forces in D. G. Bridson’s Yorkshire programme in the Old Country series on Saturday 30 March.

From the lips of these men and women, most of whom have relatives or friends serving with the British Expeditionary Force in France, Yorkshire soldiers will hear how things are going on back home.

The speaker who will talk of the Yorkshire mill towns is Mrs. Janey Crabtree, of 145 Town Lane, Thackley, Bradford. Mrs. Crabtree is employed as a winder at Saltaire Mills.


Principals and buyers connected with leading drapery and furnishing stores in the district attended a showing of the film ''The Story of Wool" at the Great Northern Hotel, Leeds, yesterday (6 March).

The film, which has been made by the International Wool Secretariat, was shown for Crowe and Co. Ltd., Wholesale warehousemen, Leeds.

Some of the scenes were made at Saltaire Mills.


The National Amateur Wrestling Association catch-as-catch-can championships were held at the Cambridge Theatre, London, on Saturday 16 March.

In the Bantamweight final, R. Cazaux (College, Bradford) beat Thomas Eastell (Saltaire Mills).


COOPER – On 24 March, at 33 Dove Street, Saltaire, George, in his fifty-ninth year, the husband of Emily Cooper.

GARRETTY – Andrew, aged 69 years, the husband of Phoebe Ann Garretty, who died 20 March, at 10 Jane Street, Saltaire.

Saltaire Times, April 1940


HERE is a shock for the Bradford Cricket League and its clubs —

Len Hutton, Yorkshire end batsman, yesterday signed to play cricket for Salts, members of Yorkshire Council, for the coming season.

Len was signed yesterday at the "Somewhere In Yorkshire" centre where he is stationed as a sergeant instructor in physical training by Mr. W. L. Smith, secretary of the Salts club.

This club is associated with the Saltaire Mills and plays on a splendidly fit-out sports ground situated on the opposite side of the River Aire at Saltaire, Shipley, to where Saltaire, members of the Bradford League, play.

Saltaire became famous during the last war, when in their ranks was Sydney F. Barnes. at that time the highest-paid " star" in the Yorkshire Leagues; this time, Salts, a somewhat unconsidered club up to a few years ago, take the initiative.


W.E. Bowes, the Yorkshire and England bowler, has registered to play for Saltaire in the Bradford Cricket League. Bowes, who is in the Army, and is now “somewhere in Yorkshire,” has been signed for the season, and will play whenever his military duties permit.

Saltaire have also signed Alfred Pope, the Derbyshire County player, and J. M. Crossley, a former Bradford League “star,” who for some seasons has played in the Huddersfield League.


Three West Riding millworkers will to-night (23 April) help J. B. Priestley to tell B.B.C. listeners of the changes that have taken place in England since the Bradford novelist wrote his famous "English Journey " seven years ago. In order to write "English Journey" Mr. Priestley spent months trotting up and down the country, and a vivid, sometimes caustic, portrayal of our national life was the result.

Since war began Mr. Priestley has retraced his steps, and on the radio to-night, in a feature entitled: “New English Journey” he will deal with the changes war has effected. The programme is being presented in collaboration with D. G. Bridson.

The participants in the programme will be speaking from B.B.C. studios in various parts of the country. The three Yorkshire mill folk will be in a Yorkshire studio. They are Mr. Fred Hird, assistant engineer, of 43 Aire View Avenue, Cottingley, Mr. Jack Crabtree, beam setter, of 145 Town Lane, Thackley, Bradford, and his wife, Janie Crabtree, a warper.

All three are employed at the famous-the-world-over mills of Salts (Saltaire) Ltd.


Mr. F. FEARNLEY RHODES was last night (24 April) elected chairman of the governors of the Saltaire Hospital for the third year in succession. Mr. Rhodes, who is just recovering from a serious illness, has given notable service to the hospital ever since election to the Board of Governors about 14 years ago.

As chairman during the past two years he has played a big part in the very difficult negotiations connected with the scheme for the erection of a new hospital in Bradford Road. He had hoped that it would be possible to start the building operations this year, and the postponement of the scheme on account of the war came as a big disappointment to him, but he can at least find satisfaction in the fact that the purchase of the site has been completed. The building fund has already reached £4,800, and all legal problems have been solved in readiness for an immediate start after the war.

Mr. Rhodes has been a leading figure in the public life of Shipley for many years and was chairman of the Council for five years.


Salts (Saltaire) A.F.C. Annual Dance
to be held in the Victoria Hall, Saltaire.
Saturday 27 April – Dancing from 7.30 to 11.45 p.m.
Mr. Cyril Butterworth of B.B.C. Redcar Follies and his Band
M.C.: Mr. P. Nightingale
Refreshments at Moderate Charges – Running Buffet
Tickets 2s. each


Combining all the thrills of the football field with the excitement of a human drama and an enthralling murder mystery, “The Arsenal Stadium Mystery,” screened at Saltaire Picture House at the end of this week (19 April), brings to cinemagoers intimate glimpses of some of soccer’s greatest names – Drake, Bastin, Eddie Hapgood, Kirchin and Bryn Jones. Leslie Banks, Greta Gynt, and Ian MacLean head the cast.



13 April at Saltaire Methodist Chapel, by Rev. John Parry Brooks, Richard, son of Mr. & Mrs. Meanwell Henton, of Frizinghall, to Joyce, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Gibson, Cottingley Grange, Shipley.


Hewitt – 17 April, at 26 Dove Street, Saltaire, Annie, aged 53 years, the wife of Thomas Hewitt.

Bailey – 26 April, at 30 Dove Street, Saltaire, Walter Bailey, (after a long illness), aged 65 years.

Cortege will leave the above address on Monday 29 April, at 2.15 p.m., for service and internment at Nab Wood Cemetery.

Saltaire Times, May 1940


Two Shipley friends, Private Jack Lockwood, aged 20, and Private Dennis Hartley, aged 19, are reported missing in the Norwegian campaign. Private Lockwood, who formerly lived in Thompson Street and worked at Saltaire Mills, joined the York and Lancaster Regiment several months before the war. He is a brother of Mrs. Haggerty, of 11 Katherine Street, Saltaire.

Private Hartley a nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Atkinson, of 11 Alexandra Road, Shipley, and is the fiancé of Private Lockwood’s sister, Miss Doris Lockwood. He joined the York and Lancaster Regiment two years ago, and before that worked at Saltaire Mills.

Another Shipley soldier who served in the Norwegian campaign saw them both in Norway, and states that he heard Private Hartley had been wounded.


Shipley people had a particular interest in the Middleton and Prestwich by-election in which the British Union candidate was heavily defeated. The successful Conservative candidate, Lieutenant Ernest Everard Gates, is son of the late Mr. Ernest H. Gates, head of Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., and E. H. Gates A Co., from whom he inherited over half-a-million pounds at the age 22. He is 37 years of age. and is in temporary command of a battery of the Royal Artillery in the West Country.


When Shipley receives its 400 Continental refugees they will be taken to temporary accommodation at the Saltaire Institute and at the Sunday schools associated with the Providence Methodist, Hall Methodist, Windhill Mission, Saltaire Road Methodist, Bethel Baptist and Salem churches. The Public Assistance Officer will make arrangements for feeding them, and voluntary staff will be recruited from the local W.V.S. and from the congregations of the respective churches. Later, the refugees will either go to requisitioned houses or to billets in private houses with payment on the recognised scale.


The death occurred at his home, “Storiths,” Moorhead Lane, Shipley, on Sunday (26 May), of Mr. Henry Vincent Clark, formerly head of the Design Department of the Bradford College of Art and Crafts. Mr. Clark, who was 58 retired in August last because of failing health.

Trained at the School of Art, University of Reading, Mr. Clark was design master at Shipley School of Art for seven years, and later taught at Keighley School of Art.

In 1930 he became secretary to the Yorkshire Group of Artists and was also a member of the Advisory Committee of the Allied Trades of the Yorkshire Council for Further Education.

Mr. Clark was prominently connected with the Saltaire Methodist Church. He leaves a widow and an adopted daughter.


Mr. F. Fearnley Rhodes has been elected chairman of the governors of the Saltaire Hospital for the third year in succession.

Mr. Rhodes, who is just recovering from serious illness, has given notable service to the hospital ever since his election to the Board of Governors about 14 years ago.

He has played a big part in the very difficult negotiations connected with the scheme for the erection of a new hospital in Road. The building fund has already reached £4,800, and all legal problems have been solved in readiness for an immediate start after the war.

Mr. Rhodes has been a leading figure the public life of Shipley for many years and was chairman of the Council for five years.


George Morrell, husband of Mary Alice, died 19 May 1940, aged 74, at 13 Amelia Street, Saltaire.

Saltaire Times, June 1940


The recent “Garrison Theatre” entertainment held at Saltaire Institute under the auspices of the Baildon Bridge A.R.P. First-Aid Depot realised nearly £2O in aid of the Shipley and Baildon War Comforts Fund.
On behalf of the personnel at the depot, Mrs. Wight man presented half of the proceeds to Coun. W. J. Robinson (chairman of the Baildon fund), and later the remaining half of the proceeds were handed over to Coun. A. E. Horne (chairman of the Shipley Comforts Fund).


Consideration of the Surveyor’s scheme for the installation of revolving door at the front entrance to Saltaire Institute, at an estimated cost of £230, was deferred.

The Libraries' Committee reported receipt a letter from the secretary of the Saltaire Congregational Church Deacons asking the Council to stipulate that any Sunday concerts held at the Saltaire Institute should not commence earlier than 7 p.m., to avoid interference with church services. The committee recommended that Sunday concerts should not be permitted to commence before 7.45 p.m.


The board of Salts (Saltaire) Ltd. have decided to defer the issue the report and accounts for the year ended 31 March 1940, pending the result discussions with the Inland Revenue authorities with regard the company's taxation liability.
The directors have approved the payment of a further dividend of 3 ½ per cent less income tax payable 31 July on the preference shares in respect the year ended 31 March.


To-day nothing could more topical than a film dealing with the Navy. In “South of the Sea," shown at Saltaire Picture House at the end of this week, the British Admiralty lent enthusiastic support to enable the producers to obtain the authentic scenes, and a good portion of the action of this story centres around the Dartmouth Naval College and the surrounding sea and countryside.
A double feature programme will be screened on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (10 to 12 June). An exciting prison drama, “Behind The Gates,” features Brian Donlevy and Jaqueline Wells. “Hidden Power,” stars Jack Holt, with Gertrude Michael and Dickie Moore in support.

George Raft and Claire Trevor are co-starred “I Stole a Million,’’ screened at Saltaire Picture House at the end of this week. It is series of thrilling adventures and romantic upsets, and the story has been told to win the national critics’ highest acclaim.
For the first three days of next week (17 to 19 June) there will be a double-feature programme. Latest mystery drama from the studio that has produced outstanding share of Hollywood’s super shockers, “The House of Fear,” will be the principal feature. William Gargan, Irene Hervey and Alan Dinehart head the cast. The supporting film, “Inside Information,” stars June Lang and Dick Foran.

“For Freedom,” screened at Saltaire Picture House at the end this week, magnificently commemorates on the screen the greatest British naval drama in history, the Battle of the River Plate. It does more than this, it shows British Merchantmen going through hell in the fight with the “Graf Spee”: British prisoners rescued from the “Altmark,” and introduces the officers and men re-living the parts they nobly played that grey morning when three British cruisers first sighted the German pocket battleship. Screened for the whole of next week (from Monday 24 June), “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” stars Charles Laughton, with Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Thomas Mitchell and Maureen O’Hara in support. It is a really fine picture, and Charles Laughton gives one of the best performances of his career in the title role.


To overcome difficulties of team selection In these wartime days, the Yorkshire Cricket League, at a meeting In Leeds, adopted a resolution giving clubs permission to play any man who happens to be a particular district any time. The transfer of W. E. Bowes from Saltaire to York was confirmed.


8 June – There was a thrilling finish in Saltaire’s match with Idle. Saltaire declared with 212 for eight, which included 74 by Charlie Lee. Idle passed this total with their final pair at the wickets.
8 June – Salts (Saltaire) lost at home to Scarborough. The visitors batted first and scored 295 for six, and in reply Salts made 194.
8 June – Saltaire Second X1 beat Idle by 69 runs

15 June – Pudsey batted first scoring 143. Saltaire fell short, scoring just 120.
15 June – Salts (Saltaire) 245 for 6, failed to force a victory against Sowerby Bridge 148 for 7.
15 June – Saltaire Second X1 were beaten by Pudsey by four wickets.

22 June – Undercliffe 193 for 9, beat Saltaire 101 all out.
22 June – Saltaire Second X1 204 beat Undercliffe 195.

29 June – Farsley 143 for 8 were beaten by Saltaire 144 for 5 – Saltaire wining on the last ball.
29 June – Addingham 82 all out were beaten by Salts (Saltaire) 83 for 8.
29 June – Saltaire Second X1 124 drew with Farsley 109 for 8.


Saltaire: COOK-GENERAL; homely family; wages 25s. Write A62, The Yorkshire Observer.


Dewhirst – 9 June at 3 George Street, Saltaire, Gordon aged six, son of Arthur & Gladys Dewhirst.
Wade – 5 June at Low Hollins, Bishop Thornton, Harrogate (late of Saltaire), Richard Coultous Stead, aged 76, husband of Doris Wade.

Saltaire Times, July 1940


Driver James L. Mylrea, of the Royal Engineers, former Saltaire Amateurs goalkeeper, is in hospital in the Midlands. Driver Mylrea, who lives at Selbourne Terrace. Manningham, was seriously wounded in France.

(James Lawrence Mylrea – 10 May 1920 – 1992.)


The death has occurred (on 5 July) of Lady Alice Whitehead, of “White Gates,” Ilkley, widow of the late Sir Henry Whitehead, of Baildon.

Like her late husband, Lady Whitehead took a keen personal interest in various local charitable and cultural organisations, especially those with which her husband had been associated, such as the former Saltaire Rose Show and Saltaire Conversazioni.

She was hostess at the Conversazioni for the first three years of the revival of the series as a means of raising money for charities, and even after her husband's death, when she virtually retired from public life, she always remained an ardent supporter of the famous New Year assemblies at Saltaire.

Lady Whitehead gave valuable support to the Shipley and District Orchestral Society and was a patron of the opera.

The late Sir Henry Whitehead was at one time chairman, of Messrs. Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., and a former President of the Bradford Chamber of Commerce.


Leonard Hutton, Yorkshire and England player, taking a day’s leave from the Army to assist Salts, in the Yorkshire Cricket Council match against Sowerby Bridge, was in great all-round form on Saturday (6 July).

In 90 minutes he hit 115 out of a total of 216, including four 6’s and eleven 4’s.

When the visitors batted he claimed seven wickets for 16 runs in four overs. Sowerby Bridge were all out for 75.


Our (People Newspaper) Berwick Yearling Race this year a hard one. Nevertheless, returns were remarkably good and three velocities of over 1,000 were recorded. Two of these were made by one loft. This belong to Mr. Edward Slinger, 22 William Henry Street, Saltaire, who filled first and third positions with 1017 and 1014 yards per minute. H. Cooper, 257 Tong Road, Wortley, Leeds, was second with 1015.


Saturday 27 July – Shipley War Services Comforts Funds. Talented young artists of “Nig-Nog,” Review will appear.


Percy Victor Fry, son of William Fry, died 9 July, aged 69, at East Molsey, Surrey.

Edwin Bailey, of 30 Dove Street, died 23 July, aged 71.

Clara Dewhirst, of 53 Victoria Road, died at a nursing home aged 77. She was the wife of the late William Henry Dewhirst (late of Marlborough Road, Shipley.)

Eva Mayes, of 6 Alexandra Square, Shipley, died 20 July. She was the widow of Sydney Mayes.

Saltaire Times, August 1940


A six-year-old Shipley girl, Joan Lofthouse, Hirst Wood Crescent, Shipley, who fell into the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Saltaire, was rescued by Edriss Gough, of 7 Dallam Avenue, Shipley, a 17-ycar-old member of the 1st Airedale Unit, Sea Cadet Corps.

The girl fell into the water when, with two other children, she was attempting to get round the wall in the foot or so spare between the end of the wall and the canal. Cadet Gough, who had been having a swim, immediately dived in and brought the child to safety.

(Colin’s Note – Edriss Gough (7 December 1922 – 1997)).


There was a double wedding at Saltaire Methodist Church on Monday 19 August.

Mr. Arthur Raistrick, a member of the Shipley Auxiliary Fire Service, married Miss Florence Mary Goad

Mr. R. T. Hopkinson, an Air Raid Precaution warden, married Miss Amy Goad.

Shipley Auxiliary Fire Service members formed a guard of honour at the church.

(Colin’s Note – in the 1939 Register the Goad sisters were living with their widowed mother at 6 St. Paul’s Road, Shipley.

Reginald Theobald Hopkinson was a toy shop assistant living with his widowed mother and sister at 12 Hirstwood Road, Shipley.)


Youths and Men Will Keep Fit

Shipley's "Fitness for Service" scheme, arranged under the auspices of the Central Council for Recreative Physical Training, was launched at Roberts Park, Saltaire, last night (29 August).

The scheme’s object is to provide an opportunity for youths over 16 and men up to 60 to keep fit, and a wide range of ages was represented at the session.

The instructors were Mr. Fred Blakeborough, the former boxer; Mr. Jimmy Frew, the F.A. coach; and Mr. Clinton Sayer, the Yorkshire Area Organiser.

Sessions are to be held every Monday and Thursday at Roberts Park in fine weather, or in the Saltaire Institute gymnasium if wet.


1 August – “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”
8 August – “Three Sons.”
12 August – “Gates of Alcatraz,” and “Konga.”
15 August – “Man About Town.”
19 August – “Mexican Spitfire.”
22 August – “A Window in London,” and “Married and in Love.”
26 August – “He married his Wife,” and “The Spider’s Web.”


10 August – The future England cricketer, Jim Laker, scored 101 not out in Saltaire’s draw with Bankfoot.

24 August – Idle scored 197 and beat Saltaire by 68 runs. For Saltaire A.V. Pope took 5 for 51 and scored 57.

(Colin’s note – Alfred Vardy Pope, born 15 August 1909 in Derby. Died in 1996 in Derby.) 

31 August – Saltaire scored 188 and beat Pudsey St. Lawrence by 4 runs.


WEAVERS Wanted, coatings and dress. Apply Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., Saltaire.


Cosford – 29 August, Henry, husband of Lily Cosford, 40 Helen Street, Saltaire.


Saltaire Times, September 1940

Shipley and Saltaire Shopkeepers Fined

Harry Verity, grocer, of Saltaire Road, Shipley, appeared the Bradford West Riding Police Court today (5 September) charged with exposing eggs for sale without a price ticket, selling eggs over the maximum price and buying the eggs over the maximum price. He pleaded guilty to all charges.

Mr. R. S. Bishop (prosecuting for the Ministry Food) said that when examined none of the eggs attained the required weight. They were marked 2s. 10d. per dozen, whereas the fixed price at the time was 2s. 6d. per dozen for grade B eggs.

Verity stated that he had bought the eggs at 2s. 7d. a dozen and thought that by charging 2s. l0d. he was allowing only a small margin of profit. Mr. Bishop admitted that there was proof that the eggs had been bought at an excessive price, and charge was later being brought against the wholesaler. Verity was fined total of £5 8s. which included three guineas advocate's fee.

A similar series charges was brought against Ernest Herbert Tinsley, of Gordon Terrace, Saltaire. He had bought the eggs from the same wholesaler as Verity, paying the same amount, but only charged 2s. 9d. per dozen. Tinsley remarked that the controlled price of eggs was changing nearly every day, and that was selling the eggs at loss. He added that since the charges had been brought against Verity and himself, eggs were practically unobtainable in Shipley, as tradesmen refused sell at a very small profit or at loss, with the possibility of a police court case even then.

Tinsley was fined a total £6 6s., including three guineas advocate's fee.


A Shipley Spitfire Fund was launched at a representative public meeting held in the Shipley Town Hall last night (26 September). Mr. A. E. Horne (chairman of the Council) presided and announced that he had already received promises of donations amounting to well over £2.000.

The donors included: -

Mr. Gordon Waddilove, £500; Salt's (Saltaire) Ltd.. at least £500: Anonymous, £500: J. Smith (Shipley) Ltd., Windhill, £250: Miss Ashenhurst, £100: Mr. J. Horne. £100; and Mr. A. Linley, £l00.

Mr. Horne suggested that Shipley should aim at raising £5.000 within the next month.

In regard to the donation from Salt's (Saltaire) Ltd, he explained that a collection would be taken each week for four weeks, and the firm guaranteed at least £500. He hoped that other local firms would follow this splendid example.

The Rev, W. J. Perrett (Vicar of Shipley) proposed that the fund should be known as the Shipley Fighter Aircraft Fund. After some discussion, however, the meeting decided that the word Spitfire had caught the public fancy and was understood to include all types of fighter aircraft.

Mr. H. E. Hall (treasurer and accountant to the Council) was appointed treasurer of the fund, and Mr. Horne said he would be very glad to receive donations, at the Town Hall.


Library – It was reported that for the month of July the number of borrowers’ cards in force was 6,203; the issue of books at Saltaire 9,439, Windhill 5,812.

In August the cards in force were 6,226; issue of books at Saltaire 10,579, Windhill 6.266.

Saltaire Institute. —The Librarian reported that the West Riding Magistrates, Bradford, had intimated that they would not be prepared to grant any further licences for the sale of intoxicating liquor at the Saltaire Institute during the period of the war. It was also reported that the police had intimated that the Institute should close no later than 10 p.m. for the duration of the war.


Private Jack Simpson (Black Watch), of 18 Dove Street, Saltaire, was reported (12 September) as a prisoner of war.


Secretary of St. Chad’s Parochial Church Council and a well-known former cubmaster, Mr. Arthur W. Garrod, only son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Garrod. Upper Woodlands Road, Bradford, was married (7 September) at St. Chad’s Church to Mis Sarah A. Ellis, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Ellis, of George Street, Saltaire.

The Rev. J. W. Shipley performed the ceremony, which was followed by Nuptial Mass, sung by the Rev. A. H. Arnold.

Mr. George Terry was best man. The bride wore ivory figured satin dress, cut in Medici style, and carried a bouquet of carnations.


Mr. Harry Lambert, only son Mr. and Mrs. A. Lambert, Victoria Road, Saltaire, and Miss Edna Elaine Roberts, younger daughter Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Roberts, Ravenscliffe Avenue, Eccleshill, were married at St. Peter’s Church, Shipley, (14 September) where the bridegroom is Sunday school superintendent and a member of the choir, and the bride is a Sunday school teacher.

The bridegroom is on active service with the R.N.R. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. T. B. Cornish and the Rev. G. G. Cragg, and Mr. J. Murgatroyd was best man.

The bride wore a white lace dress and tulle veil, and carried a bouquet of red roses, and the bridesmaid, Miss Freda Margerison, was in turquoise blue, with a head-dress of silver leaves and ribbon.


The wedding took place (14 September) at Shipley Parish church of Mr. Raymond Greenbough, of Shipley, and Mrs. Doris Edna Atherton, third daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. Baldry, of Boston, Lincs.

The bridegroom is an associate of the Insurance Institute, and the bride has been a popular member of the nursing staff at Saltaire Hospital for 11 years.


The death (5 September) has occurred in his seventy seventh year, of Mr. Frederick White, of 26, Grosvenor Road, Shipley, a member the Shipley Council from 1923 to 1931, and formerly manager of the burling and mending department at Saltaire Mills for many years. In his younger days Mr. White was an enthusiastic amateur cricketer and rendered excellent service as a bowler with the Saltaire and Windfall teams. He played for the Yorkshire Colts several times. During his membership the Council he did good work chairman of the Estates Committee and the Libraries Committee.


A well-known figure in Yorkshire club cricket circles, Mr. Constantine Pickles, of 9 Milton Street, Skipton, died yesterday (30 September) at the age of 76.

A native of Shipley, he had resided at Skipton since 1894. In 1938 he retired after something like 40 years' service as an umpire in the Yorkshire Council, the old West Yorkshire League. the Airedale and Wharfedale League, and club cricket in the Craven area.

In his younger days he played Rugby Union football, serving Saltaire and other clubs in the Shipley district as full-back.

Mr. Pickles' other interests included hospital and friendly society work. For several years he was a member of the management committee of the Skipton and District Hospital, and he was presented to the Princess Royal on the occasion of the opening of the Whinfield Hospital.

He had been associated with Oddfellowship since 1891, when he joined the Tree of Life Lodge at Shipley. Since going to Skipton he had been connected with the Earl of Thanet Lodge. and he was a Past Provincial Grand Master of the Skipton District.

He is survived by a widow, three daughters, and one son. The funeral is at Skipton on Thursday (3 October).


MANNINGHAM LANE (230); Shop, with good living accommodation and ample storage room; suitable various trades; rent £1 per week.

F. Gresswell, F.A.I., 3 Victoria Road, Saltaire.


ELLIS – 19 September at 29 Avondale Road, Shipley, aged 84 years. Edwin Ellis (Ted), dearly loved husband of Louise Ellis and father of J W Ellis.

Service and internment at Nab Wood Cemetery on Monday 23 September at 12 noon.

Saltaire Picture House

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Saltaire Times, October 1940


The directors of Salts (Saltaire), Ltd.. announce an ordinary dividend of 3d. per share in respect of the year ended 31 March 1940, compared with nothing for the previous year.

The resumption of dividends is the outcome of the smart recovery in the earnings position of the company.

Profits on trading are returned at £358, 845. against £147,075 for 1938-39. The dividend on the preferred ordinary is 1s. per share, both results being subject to tax payments.



Sergeant James Kelly (R.A.F.), of 22 Constance Street, Saltaire. is reported missing following an operational flight.

Sergeant Kelly is native of County Clare and joined the R.A.F. in September of last year.

Before the war he worked at Lea Farm. Cottingley. is well known in physical culture circles in the Shipley district.

He has been missing since 15 September, when the aircraft of which he was wireless operator and machine gunner failed to return from operational flight.



As of 20 October this fund stood at £2,759,029

In the seventh list of subscriptions, Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., gave £100,000.



The Aire from Saltaire upwards has become a notable roach fishery and also contains pike and chub and a few grayling in its higher lengths.



Another successful year for the Saltaire Hospital is revealed in the annual report, issued yesterday (7 October) by Mr. F. Fearnley Rhodes (chairman of the governors).

Statistics concerning the year's work are: -

In-patients 485; operations 320; outpatients 2, 588; daily attendances 13,340; massage treatments 1, 905; X-ray examinations 674, sunray treatments 111; dental cases 200; deaths (Including accident cases)16. The motor accident figures compared with the five preceding years. were as follows: —

Number of Cases     Detained
1934-5 56   23
1935-6 36   10
1936-7 61   20
1937-8 55   31
1938-9 43   15
1939-40 44   30

The income of the hospital during the year amounted to £4,613. compared with £5,071 last year and there was a loss of £50 on the year's working.

On the other hand, donations to the New Hospital Fund amounted to £1,031, bringing the total income of the fund to £4, 847.

Of this amount £3, 500 has been expended to purchase the site of the new hospital in Bradford Road. leaving a balance in hand, after payment of legal expenses of £1,269.

Mr. Rhodes states that the new hospital scheme is held up owing to the war, but the building will be erected as soon as circumstances will allow, and, in the meantime, donations to the fund will be thankfully received by the governors.



A donation of £1,250 from the directors, staff, and operatives of Salts (Saltaire). Ltd., to the Shipley Spitfire Fund was announced by Mr. A. E. Horne (chairman of the Shipley Council) at a meeting held in Shipley Town Hall last night (10 October).

Mr. Horne added that he had written a personal letter of thanks to the firm, and he hoped other local concerns would follow this magnificent example. It made him very hopeful that Shipley would achieve its object of raising £5,000, before the end of the month.

Mr. H. E. Hall (treasurer of the fund) reported that donations received amounted to £2.785, and there were further promises which would bring the total to £3,689.

Mr. H. Barnes (secretary) said that 1, 380 circulars had been sent out to local residents asking for donations to the fund.

Other donations included £3 10s., from Miss Mary Jones & friends, Dove Street, Saltaire.

(Colin’s note – Mary (or May) Jones was born 1 May 1927. She was living with her parents, Robert Jones & Mary Ann Marston at 7 Dove Street, Saltaire)



An inscribed Bible was presented by the Shipley Rotary club to Edriss Gough, aged 17, of 7 Dallam Avenue, Shipley, a member of the 1st Airedale Unit of the Sea Cadet Corps, who recently rescued a 6-year-old girl from drowning in the canal at Saltaire.



Libraries. —The library report showed that the number of Borrowers’ cards in force was 6, 271, and that the issue of books at Saltaire was 10,104, and at Windhill 6,212.

The Chairman submitted a letter from Mr. A. Newton Smith, of Shipley, asking that the borrowers of books should be allowed to retain any class of book for 14 days. It was resolved no action be taken in be matter.

The librarian reported that Mr. T. Jackson, Shipley, had offered to give to the Saltaire Library 26 volumes. It was resolved that the offer was to be accepted, and the thanks of the Committee extended to Mr. Jackson.


Saltaire Picture House

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Crossland – 15 October, at 59 Victoria Road, Saltaire, Kendall, aged 73 years, husband of Ada Crossland.


Saltaire Times, November 1940


Seven members of two families were gassed at Saltaire on Saturday (2 November), two fatally and two seriously.

The dead are Joyce Wilkins (14) and Doreen Wilkins (12), daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John Beck Wilkins, of 10 Albert Terrace, Saltaire, and the two seriously gassed are their mother, Clara Wilkins, and Mrs. J. H. Bell, (7 Albert Terrace), a next-door neighbour.

Three younger members of the Wilkins family, Betty (11), James (8), and Kathleen (5), made a speedy recovery. Their father, who is a soldier the R.A.S.C., has been granted compassionate leave, and they returned home to him on Sunday.

It is believed that the gas was a leakage from a fracture in a nearby gas main, probably caused by subsidence. The Shipley Urban Council Gas Department quickly took effective measures to avert any further danger.

Mrs. Bell woke with a choking sensation and roused her husband. There was a very strong smell gas. Mr. Bell warned the rest of the family and sent for help to the nearest A.R. P. post. He also endeavoured to rouse the Wilkins family, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

Members of the A.R.P. personnel and Police-Constable Elliott arrived, and the latter forced open the door of the Wilkins' house, and upstairs found in a bedroom the three young children who were asleep. In another bedroom were Mrs. Wilkins and her two elder children. The constable at once opened the doors and windows of the house. The A.R.P. personnel and Constable Elliott applied artificial respiration.

The victims were taken to Saltaire Hospital, where it was found that Joyce Wilkins was dead. Mrs. Wilkins and Doreen Wilkins were unconscious, and oxygen treatment was immediately applied. Doreen Wilkins died in the hospital on Sunday morning. Sadly Clara died a few days later.


Elsie Dorothy Chambers, weaver, aged 39, of 4 Charteris Road. Lower Grange, Bradford, was fatally injured in accident in the weaving department at Saltaire Mills yesterday (12 November).

Mrs. Chambers was seen by another weaver to walk out of her “alley” with shocking injuries to the side of her head.

Dr Foster, of Shipley, was immediately summoned, but when he arrived Mrs. Chambers was dead.

The weaver who saw her, Lilian Walker, was taken ill as a result of the shock and had to return home.


No news has been received of Leading Sick Berth Attendant Charles Durham, of Bradford, and Radio Officer Richard Shackleton, of Keighley, members of the crew of the merchant cruiser Jervis Bay, sunk by a German raider in the Atlantic.

Durham, whose home is at 627 Bolton Road, Bradford, is 45 married, and has an 11-year-old daughter. Audrey.

As the surgeon of the Jervis Bay is among the survivors, Mrs. Durham is hopeful that her husband is also safe.

A Reservist, he was called up on the outbreak of war, and was immediately drafted to the Jervis, Bay. His wife last saw him a year ago when he was on leave.

Throughout the last war Durham, served with the R.A.M.C. and was awarded the Mons Star.

Since his youth he has been a member of the St. John Ambulance Brigade, Saltaire Mills division. He is a cloth finisher at Saltaire Mills.

He was vicar's warden at St Chrysostom's Church before the war. His parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. Sam Durham, of Windhill.



Mr. Frank Dickinson, secretary of the Yorkshire Power Loom Overlookers Society and of the Bradford P.L.O.S., has been appointed a member of the new division of the Appellate Tribunal, which will sit under the chairmanship of Sir Philip James Macdonnell, and will take appeals from conscientious objectors in the North of England.

This announcement was made last night (1 November) by the Minister of Labour and National Service.



Memories of Saltaire were recalled to Mr. J. W. Denison, of 12 Bradford Road, Idle, by his discovery in a box of the memorial card associated with the death of Sir Titus Salt, Bart., who died on 29 December 1870, and was interred at the Mausoleum. Saltaire, on 5 January 1877.

There was also a funeral service sheet connection with the passing a most esteemed director of Saltaire Mills. William Evans Glyde. which occurred in August. 1884.

Mr. Denison remembers that the children at Albert Road School were instructed to raise their caps to Mr. Glyde when they met him on the street.

Other items found in the box included two half-price tickets for the Royal Yorkshire Jubilee Exhibition at Saltaire in 1887. The organiser of this exhibition which, like most affairs of its type, failed to produce any profit, was Mr. Titus Salt, son of Sir Titus.

Mr. Titus Salt died 23 November 1887 and Mr. Denison has still in his possession a card of admission to the church grounds on the day of the funeral.

Mr. Denison was born in Saltaire. and lived there for many years before removing to Idle.



Despite war conditions. the annual show of the Shipley, Windhill. and District Ornithologist Society. to be held tomorrow (30 November), has attracted a record entry of 1376. This is the highest entry ever recorded at any Yorkshire Union Show, and it includes some of the finest specimens in the country

The show is to be held at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, but will be confined to one day Instead of the usual two days.



A warm tribute to Len Hutton was paid by Captain S. B Brearley, at the annual dinner of Salts (Saltaire) Cricket Club on Saturday (16 November) evening.

Reviewing the progress of the club during the past year, Captain Brearley said the outstanding feature had been the fact that they had the assistance of Hutton, who had not only shown brilliant batsmanship, but had given a display of bowling and fielding which was a lesson to the whole club. Captain Brearley made complimentary reference to the work or their coach, Shackleton, in bringing out three or four first-class youngsters. Their great disappointment had been the failure to gain admission to the Bradford League. They felt strongly that the Bradford League was their proper sphere in the cricket world.


WEAVING OVERLOOKER, experienced, Required for dress goods; accustomed to circular box and dobby looms.

Apply Salts (Saltaire), Ltd., Cross Roads Mills, near Keighley.


Saltaire Picture House

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Cutler – 7 November – Joseph husband of Marion Cutler, 2 Constance Street, Saltaire.

Excell – 5 November – at 92 Hirst Wood Road, Shipley, Alice, wife of Joseph Blackburn Excell

Smith – 7 November – at Waltham, Massachusetts, John Richard Smith, late of Saltaire, husband of Jane Hannah (nee Shackleton).

George Read was killed in road accident near Tadcaster 3 November. Born in Saltaire he served in WW1 & WW2.

Saltaire Times, December 1940


Shipley and Baildon people spent Christmas very quietly, and there was little organised merrymaking.

At Saltaire Hospital, however, every effort was made to shut out war conditions. The wards wen decorated as usual, and the customary Christmas dinner was served.

Among the visitors received by the matron ( Miss A. E. Mills) were Mr. F. Fearnley Rhodes, Miss Dunn. Mr. W. Crabtree and Dr. E. Sharpe (governors of the hospital), Mr. A. K. Horne (chairman Shipley Council), and Mr. W. Milner (chairman of Baildon Council).


A labourer who was alleged to have struck a soldier on the head with a bottle was at Bradford West Riding Court yesterday (23 December) committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions, bail being allowed.

He was John Beck Simpson (32), of Shipley, and he was charged with wounding Private Stephen Brown.


Six soldiers were admitted into Saltaire Hospital, yesterday (5 December), after a bus came into contact with a squad of soldiers at Redburn Drive. Shipley, during the black-out.

The Injured soldiers were: — Private Alfred Davies. Corpl. William Colebrook (detained), Private James Peacock, Private Herbert Carter (detained), Private James Payne (detained) and Private J. S. Williams. Last night the detained men were progressing satisfactorily.


At a meeting of the Governors of Saltaire Hospital last night (11 December), it was reported that the total donations to the new hospital fund now amount to £5, 073.


Rehearsals for Edith Emily Beaver’s seventh super-pantomime, “Cinderella,” are now in full swing. Costumes, if possible, are more exquisite than ever; also, there is a cast of first-class artists.

This time Miss Beaver brings a new and altogether charming principal boy in Gwen Brindle. and the title role will be taken by dainty Mona Dobson, who, in every respect, is ideally suited to the part.


The body of Arthur Stead. aged 48. gardener. lodging at 8 Highfield Place, Manningham, was recovered from the canal near Saltaire Mills. Shipley yesterday (20 December).

Stead, who had lately been acting as a firewatcher, left his lodgings on Thursday (19 December) night to go to work.

A verdict of "Found drowned" was recorded at an inquest held at Shipley on Saturday (21 December). The jury added that there was not sufficient evidence to show how he got into the water.


The headmaster, staff and scholars of the Salt Boys’ High School, Shipley, have every reason to be pleased with the result of their recent National Savings Committee, which has realised £781.

This is a very commendable achievement by a school of 204 boys. The school savings group has a membership of 166, and 70 names were added during the course of the effort which was organised by Mr. J. S. Mathers, assisted by Mr. S. Davies.


Mr. Frederick White, of 26 Grosvenor Road, Shipley, formerly departmental manager at Saltaire Mills, a notable amateur cricketer, and for many years a member of Shipley Council left £4, 204 (net personalty £3,615.)


Apply Salts (Saltaire). Ltd., Saltaire Mills.





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