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Image: Flinty Maguire
Saltaire House Histories
Researched by Colin Coates

NEW RESEARCH - more streets will be added

Ada Street | Albert Road | Albert Terrace | Amelia Street

Intro to Saltaire House Histories

Colin Coates, May 2020: The houses that belong to Saltaire were built in seven phases between1853 and 1875. In the 1881 census 4325 people occupied 825 dwellings. Taking information from the censuses 1861 to 1911, the Electoral Registers and reports found in the British Newspaper Archives we can create a history of every house in Saltaire from when it was built up to 1960. The histories will be listed alphabetically using house numbers as they are today. House number changes will be detailed in the house histories. Did you know Victoria Road was originally named Victoria Street, and several houses in Victoria Road have had three numbers? Gordon Terrace was built in two phases before becoming part of Bingley Road; and Edward Street starts at Number Six. Did you ever wonder where the railway station master lived?

When complete these house histories will reveal all and give us an further insight into Saltaire's fascinating history.

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Ada Street - Complete

1 Ada Street
2 Ada Street
3 Ada Street
4 Ada Street
5 Ada Street
6 Ada Street
7 Ada Street
8 Ada Street
9 Ada Street
10 Ada Street
11 Ada Street
12 Ada Street
13 Ada Street
14 Ada Street
15 Ada Street
16 Ada Street
17 Ada Street
18 Ada Street
19 Ada Street
20 Ada Street
21 Ada Street
22 Ada Street
23 Ada Street
24 Ada Street
25 Ada Street
26 Ada Street
27 Ada Street
28 Ada Street
29 Ada Street
30 Ada Street
31 Ada Street
32 Ada Street
33 Ada Street
34 Ada Street
35 Ada Street
36 Ada Street
37 Ada Street
38 Ada Street
39 Ada Street
40 Ada Street
41 Ada Street
42 Ada Street
43 Ada Street
44 Ada Street

Albert Road - Complete

1 Albert Road
3 Albert Road
5 Albert Road
7 Albert Road
9 Albert Road
11 Albert Road
13 Albert Road
15 Albert Road
17 Albert Road
19 Albert Road
21 Albert Road
23 Albert Road
25 Albert Road
27 Albert Road
29 Albert Road
31 Albert Road
33 Albert Road
35 Albert Road
37 Albert Road
39 Albert Road

41 Albert Road
43 Albert Road
45 Albert Road
47 Albert Road
49 Albert Road
51 Albert Road
53 Albert Road
55 Albert Road
57 Albert Road
59 Albert Road
61 Albert Road
63 Albert Road
65 Albert Road
67 Albert Road
69 Albert Road
71 Albert Road
73 Albert Road
75 Albert Road
77 Albert Road


Albert Terrace - Complete

1 Albert Terrace
2 Albert Terrace
3 Albert Terrace
6 Albert Terrace
7 Albert Terrace
10 Albert Terrace
11 Albert Terrace
14 Albert Terrace
15 Albert Terrace
18 Albert Terrace
19 Albert Terrace
22 Albert Terrace
23 Albert Terrace
24 Albert Terrace



Amelia Street - current research

1 Amelia Street
2 Amelia Street
3 Amelia Street
4 Amelia Street
5 Amelia Street
6 Amelia Street
7 Amelia Street
8 Amelia Street
9 Amelia Street
10 Amelia Street
11 Amelia Street
12 Amelia Street
13 Amelia Street
14 Amelia Street
15 Amelia Street


16 Amelia Street
17 Amelia Street
18 Amelia Street
19 Amelia Street
20 Amelia Street
21 Amelia Street






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