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The Saltaire Village website came online mid 2005 as a few experimental pages. From January 2006, the monthly news-sheet, The Saltaire Sentinel, was published on the website, so too news, social history and visitor information.

The website has had a few different looks and its most recent overhaul was in May 2020. It is designed and edited by children’s author, Flinty Maguire. The website has been kindly supported by volunteers and has always been independent. The site also promoted local business and supported the Saltaire History Club, but time constraints mean that this is no longer possible. Our focus is now on publishing social history, in particular the research of historian, Colin Coates, and Saltaire related stories submitted to the website, which are gratefully received. We are proud to provide a home to the important and esteemed Saltaire Journals, edited and published by Dave Shaw of Nemine Juvante Publications, and the archive of The Saltaire Sentinel, edited by the late James Duncan. Photographers and artists generously allow us to share their work, which is greatly appreciated.

Although we were local, Colin now lives in Queensland, Australia, and Flinty lives on the North Yorkshire coast. Dave Shaw lives in Saltaire and James Duncan ended his days on Dove Street. The website is unfunded. Adverts help to meet the costs involved. We hope you don't find them too intrusive.

Many thanks for your interest in our work. We hope you find the website interesting and helpful.

All good wishes,

The Saltaire Village Website Team


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Virtual Exploration of Saltaire

If you can't get here in person, you can be a virtual explorer of Saltaire with Google's new World Wonders Project. Explore!


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