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Image: Saltaire postcard. Date unknown.
Saltaire People: Additional Biographies
Researched by Colin Coates

Saltaire People: surnames beginning with:

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Haigh, Alfred
1870 - 1930

Alfred Haigh was the son of Jabez Haigh. Jabez was born 1848 in Shipley. He married Mary Hall 27 July 1867 at Bradford Cathedral.

Alfred, the eldest of three children, was born 1870 in Shipley. In 1871 the family were living at 129 George Street in Shipley with Jabez working as tin plate worker. By 1881 they had moved to 48 Croft Street in Shipley with Alfred working as a worsted spinner.

Alfred married Mary Ellen Greenwood 30 April 1888 at Bradford Cathedral. They had twelve children, two of whom died as infants. In 1891 & 1901 they were living in Raglan Street in Shipley with Alfred employed by Shipley UDC as a gas lamp lighter. By 1907 they had moved to Saltaire, living at 1 George Street, moving to 18 George Street around 1910. By 1928 they were living at 51 Briggate in Shipley.

Alfred died in 1930. His widow, Mary, lived at 5 Albert Terrace in Saltaire until her death in 1932. Their children were:-

  • Jabez (1889 - 1935) - a shoe maker, he married Alice Screen at All Saints Normanton 16 July 1921.
  • John Willie (1892 - 29 November 1928) - a quarryman, he married Hannah Webb 23 January 1915 at St Peters Shipley.
  • Annie (1895 - 1943) - married Robert Dale 3 July 1915 at St Peters Shipley
  • Harry (born 1897)
  • Ernest (born 1899)
  • Ellen (1901 - 1919)
  • Florrie (1903 - 1921)
  • Alfred (born 1905, died 21 days old)
  • Edith (1906 - 1981) - married Horace Hirst 7 April 1928 at St Pauls Shipley
  • Lily Haigh (1909 - 1985) - married Jack Brook 1934
  • Rose Haigh - twin sister of Lily - born 1909.

Hainsworth, Joseph
1863 - 1934

Joseph Hainsworth was the son of William Hainsworth. William was born c1840 in Shipley. He married Hannah Craven 8 April 1861 at Bradford Cathedral. William died 1876 and was buried 31 October 1876 in Hirst Wood Cemetery, Shipley.

Joseph, the second eldest of eight children, was born 1863 in Shipley. In 1881 he was a yarn washer living with his widowed mother at 3 Caroline Street Saltaire.

Joseph married Ada Holgate, a warp picker aged 23 of 11 Fanny Street Saltaire, 5 January 1889 at Bradford Cathedral. In 1891 they were living at 13 Mary Street in Saltaire, with Joseph working as a yarn scourer. Ada died in 1895.

Widowed Joseph, living at 9 Fanny Street Saltaire, married Dinah Metcalf, aged 26 of 12 Fanny Street, 26 December 1896 at St Paul's Shipley. They had four children; Ernest (born 1897), Frank (1902), Mary (1904) and Harry (1907). Dinah died in 1910.

Twice widowed Joseph married Elizabeth Bennett (nee Ponder), a 46 years old widow of 39 Ada Street Saltaire, 10 January 1918 at St Peters Shipley.

Joseph and Elizabeth spent the rest of their lives at 23 Constance Street in Saltaire. Elizabeth died in 1931 and Joseph in 1934.

Hall, Grace
1874 - December 1945

Grace Hall was born in 1874 in County Durham. In 1896 Grace married James Wallace, a quarryman.

James was born in Saltaire in 1870 to William Wallace and Jane Chew. They lived at 6 Dove Street in Saltaire with William working as a pointsman on the railways.

Grace and James lived at 1 Ashley Road in Shipley, they had five daughters:-
Ethel (1899-1976)
Bertha (1900-1970)
Doris (1902-1980)
Lily (1904-1991)
Carrie (1909-1993)

Sadly James died 10 June 1915, aged just 45. He was buried at St Pauls in Shipley four days later. Grace lived her widowed life at 3 Dove Street in Saltaire until she died in December 1945. Grace was buried alongside her husband 12 December 1945.

Hanson, John
1833 - 21 January 1919

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Harrison, Alice Peacock
c1846 – 19 October 1921

Alice Peacock Harrison was born c1846 in Stalybridge, Cheshire to James & Sarah Harrison. In 1861 & 1871 the family were living in Bingley where James was a local Baptist minister and Alice was a dressmaker.

In 1881 Alice was sewing mistress in a school, living with her married sister at 47 Leeds Road, Idle. By 1901 Alice was living alone at 54 Victoria Road, Saltaire.

Alice, who never married, died 19 October 1921.

Report in the Shipley Times 21 October 1921: -

Miss A. P. Harrison (76), 54 Victoria Road, died suddenly on Wednesday (19 October) evening.

The circumstances are that a sister of the deceased lady, Mrs. W. Turner, who for some time has been resident with Miss Harrison, went to bed about 6.15, leaving her sister downstairs. Shortly afterwards she called down to her sister, “Alice, are you coming” and Miss Harrison replied, “Yes.” Later, Mrs. Turner hearing a noise, came downstairs and found Miss Harrison lying dead. It is supposed that Miss Harrison had commenced to mount the stairs and had fallen, a shawl she had been wearing was found half-way up the steps. The deceased lady had a wound to her right temple.

Alice was buried 22 October 1921 at St Luke’s, Morton.


Harrison, Florrie
1889 - 1921

Florrie Harrison was the daughter of Alfred Harrison. Alfred was born c1852 in Bradford. He married Eliza Poole 15 October 1879 at Saltaire Congregational Church. They lived at 4 Mawson Street in Saltaire until 1908 when they moved to 72 Victoria Road in Saltaire. They had four children, but only Florrie and her elder sister, Louisa, survived to adulthood.

Florrie was born 1889 in Saltaire. She worked as a school teacher and possessing a charming voice, she sang on various occasions in and around Shipley.

Sadly Florrie died, a spinster, in 1921, aged just 32.


Hartley, Josephine (nee Hanson)
19 January 1882 – 28 November 1977

Josephine Hanson was the daughter of Frederick William Hanson.

Frederick was born 1858 in Bradford. He married Caroline Parkinson 9 October 1881 at St Wilfrid, Calverley. They had eight children, but three died in infancy.

Josephine, their first child was born 19 January 1882 in Saltaire. In 1881 the family were living at 52 Titus Street in Saltaire where Fred was a machine wool comb maker.

Josephine, living at 23 George Street, married Fred Hartley, a clerk in Saltaire Mills, thirteen years older than her, 23 December 1909 at St Paul’s Shipley. In 1911 they were living at 21 Avondale Road in Shipley. By 1920 they had moved to 4 (renumbered 7) Albert Road in Saltaire.

Fred died 31 August 1955. In his will Fred left £1,832 (worth c£125,000 in 2020), to Josephine.

Report from the Shipley Times 22 December 1959: -


A wide circle of friends will be sorry to hear that Mrs. Josephine Hartley, of 7 Albert Road Saltaire, a well-known worker for various charities is to leave the district on December 28 to live in Scarborough.

Mrs. Hartley has been actively connected with Shipley Women Conservatives and was association president

from 1952 to 1953. Mrs. Hartley has done a great amount of voluntary work for a number of charities, including collecting for Salts Hospital. She has been a committee member of the Saltaire Conversazione for about 28 years and is a member of St Peter’s Church.

Mrs. Hartley has lived In Saltaire all her life, and so have two generations of her family before her. Her husband, the late Mr. Fred Hartley, formerly worked at Salt’s Mills as a cashier, until his retirement in 1946. He died four years ago.

Mrs. Hartley says the reason for her leaving the

district is because she has not enjoyed good health recently. She will be residing near her niece. Mrs. Kathleen Hartley. Her Scarborough address will be Flat 1“Tosti,” 20, Avenue Road, Scarborough.

Josephine died 28 November 1977 at 101 Prospect Mount Rd in Scarborough. In her will she left £14,216 (worth c£90,000 in 2020).


Heaton, John
c1857 - 11 October 1916

John Heaton was the son of Joseph Heaton. Joseph was born c1819 in Baildon. He married Sarah Bradley 3 September 1844 at All Saints Otley. They had a daughter, Mary, born in 1847. In 1851 they were living in Baildon with Joseph working as a warp dresser. Sarah died in 1854. Widowed Joseph married Mary Vint in 1855.

John, the second of seven children to Joseph and Mary, was born c1857 in Baildon. In 1861 the family were living at Tong Park in Baildon. By 1871 they had moved to Saltaire living at 5 Higher School Street. John worked as worsted spinner then as a wool sorter. In the 1891 census they were living at 66 George Street in Saltaire.

Joseph died 21 January 1893 and was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery Shipley. Around 1895 John moved with his widowed mother, Mary, to 16 Titus Street in Saltaire. Mary died 14 May 1910 and she was buried alongside her husband.

John never married. In the 1911 census he was living at 16 Titus Street with his spinster sister, Anne. John died 11 October 1916 and Ann 11 August 1919. They were both buried with their parents.

Hodgson, Charles
7 November 1871 - March 1956

Charles Hodgson was the son of Thomas Hodgson. Thomas was born c1838 in Baildon. He married Elizabeth Binns 19 October 1863 at Bradford Cathedral. In 1871 they were living at 76 Dale Street, Shipley with Thomas working as a warp dresser.

Charles, the fourth of seven children, was born 7 November 1871. Thomas, his father, died in 1880; in 1881 widowed Elizabeth was living with her children at 12 Wycliffe Place, Shipley. Elizabeth married Joseph Bootham in 1886.

In 1891 Charles was a labourer living with his mother and stepfather at Wycliffe Court, Shipley. In the 1901 census (3 April) Charles was green grocer helping his mother run a shop at 48 Titus Street, Saltaire. Three days later, 6 April, Charles married Ann Jane Hodgson at Bradford Cathedral. Ann was born c1878 in Cumberland.

Referring to the book "A Penny for Going" by Roger Clarke the Hodgson family sold fruit from a shop at 13 Victoria Road, Saltaire by 1905. Roger writes, "Charlie Hodgson also used to sell greengroceries from a horse and cart, which he kept on land at Hirst Wood, (which later became a garden centre). He kept pigs, chickens and a horse there and used to collect leftover food for pig swill from schools and hospitals. He also ran a pig club during the war, which enabled a few lucky family and friends to enjoy extra pork at Christmas. His wife, Ann, ran the shop, collecting fruit and vegetables from Bradford Market in the early mornings."

In 1931 Charles, a conservative, was elected as a councillor for the West Ward, which covered most of Saltaire.

Notice from the Shipley Times Saturday 21 March 1931.

Notices from the Shipley Times Thursday 2 April 1931.

Two were elected from each ward.

Charles was only a councillor for a short time, as he resigned in June 1932.

Extract from a report in the Shipley Times 2 July 1932 as follows: -

"The Clerk reported that Coun. Charles Hodgson, of Saltaire, one of the Conservative members of the West Ward had tendered his resignation. The Council accepted this with regret."

No reason was given for his resignation. However Charles was having problems with his business.

Legal Notice in the Yorkshire Post 28 September 1932 as follows: -

In the matter of a DEED OF ASSIGNMENT for the benefit of Creditors, executed on 14 June 1932, by CHARLES HODGSON of 13 Victoria Road, Saltaire in the County of York, carrying on business at the above address as a fruitier and at Hirst Lane, Saltaire, aforesaid, as a Garage Proprietor.

Persons having claims against the Debtor, who have not already done so, are required to send particulars thereof to us, the undersigned, or to Mr. C THOMPSON of 21 Henry Street, Keighley in the County of York, the Trustee under the said ???? before the 31st day of October. 1932, or in ???? thereof they will be excluded from the benefit of any dividend proposed to be declared. Dated 27th day of September 1932. W and G. BURR SUGDEN and CO., 6 and 8, Devonshire Street, Keighley.

The Hodgson family were still trading at 13 Victoria Road in 1936. They left between October 1936 and November 1938. Charles's wife, Ann, died around February 1937. She was buried 6 February in Hirst Wood Cemetery, Shipley. In the 1939 Register, Charles is a poultry & general dealer living at 16 Hirstwood Road, Shipley.

Charles died around March 1956. He was buried 14 March 1956 with his wife in Hirst Wood Cemetery Shipley.

Hodson, George William
24 October 1889 - 1966

George William Hodson was the son of Tom Hodson. Tom Hodson was born 18 February 1856 in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. In 1888 he married Rosa Robinson at All Saints church in Bingley. In 1891 they lived at High Bank Cottages in Shipley with Tom working as a warehouseman. In 1901 they were living at 6 Queens Road in Shipley; Tom was a wool warehouseman. They had three sons: George William (the eldest), Thomas and John Richard. Rosa Hodson died in 1904. She was buried 3 September 1904 at Hirst Wood Cemetery in Shipley. The following year Tom married Mary Mitchell (nee Stones). Tom died 1919 and was buried 28 April 1919 in Hirst Wood Cemetery.

George William Hodson was born 24 October 1889 in Bradford. He was baptised 8 January 1890 at Saltaire Wesleyan Chapel. In 1906 & 1907 he lived with his family at 45 Rhodes Street in Saltaire. In 1908 they moved to 27 Maddocks Street in Saltaire. (The house remained in family for 46 years.) George worked as a warehouseman; his father a colour matcher.

George married Minnie Cooper in 1921. They had a daughter, Margaret Jeanne born in 1924. They probably lived in Bradford.

George died in Bradford in 1966. His daughter, Margaret Jeanne, qualified as a midwife 10 November 1950. In 1957 she was living at 21 Grange Avenue. Hirst Wood, Shipley.

[Updated with the help of Robert Linford; published online, 2 September 2017]

Hodson, John Richard
17 February 1900 - 1965?
[Updated with the help of Robert Linford. 2 September 2017]

John Richard was the son of Tom Hodson. Tom Hodson was born 18 February 1856 in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. In 1888 he married Rosa Robinson at All Saints church in Bingley. In 1891 they lived at High Bank Cottages in Shipley with Tom working as a warehouseman. In 1901 they were living at 6 Queens Road in Shipley; Tom was a wool warehouseman. They had three sons: George William, Thomas and John Richard (the youngest). Rosa Hodson died in 1904. She was buried 3 September 1904 at Hirst Wood Cemetery in Shipley. The following year Tom married Mary Mitchell (nee Stones). Tom died 1919 and was buried 28 April 1919 in Hirst Wood Cemetery.

John Richard was born 17 February 1900 in Shipley. He was baptised 1 October 1903 at St Pauls in Shipley. In 1906 & 1907 he lived with his family at 45 Rhodes Street in Saltaire. In 1908 they moved to 27 Maddocks Street in Saltaire. (The house remained in family for 46 years.) His father was working as a colour matcher.

John lived with his step mother, Mary, at 27 Maddocks Street until he married Lucy Ann Bolton in 1933. They had a son, Geoffrey born 30 September 1934. In 1939 they were living at 10 Armstrong Street in Farsley, with John working as a roving overlooker. He died 1965 in Blackpool; his widow, Lucy, died in Blackpool in 1969. Their son Geoffrey died in Leeds in 1998.

John's step-mother, Mary, remained at 27 Maddocks Street until her death in 1947. The house remained in the family, being lived in by Edith Alice Mitchell, daughter of Mary, and her husband Herbert Lonsdale (they married in 1928). Edith died in 1949; Herbert continued living in the house until 1954.

Holgate, Colin
4 September 1897 - 1971

Colin Holgate was the son of Levi Holgate. Levi was born c1865 in Shipley. He married Emily Ada Pitts, 20 November 1886, at Bradford Cathedral. In 1891 they were living at 3 Alexander Square in Shipley with Levi working as a plush weaver.

Colin, the youngest of three children, was born 4 September 1897 in Shipley. In 1901 the family were living at 19 Beatrice Street in Shipley with Levi working as a musician. From 1906 to 1916 the family lived at 6 Higher School Street in Saltaire. Levi died in 1920; Emily died in 1940.

Colin, working as a mill hand, married Elizabeth Alice Groncutt, 25 September 1916, at St Peters in Shipley. At 23, Elizabeth was four years older than Colin.

Colin and Elizabeth lived at 91 Browgate in Baildon from 1920 to 1923. They moved to 15 Rhodes Street in Saltaire in 1924, where they remained until 1960. In 1962 they were living at 35 Nab Wood Crescent in Shipley.

Colin died in 1971. His widow, Elizabeth, died 17 July 1987 in Scarborough.

Holmes, Joseph
c1854 - 5 February 1923

Joseph Holmes was the son of William Holmes. William was born 1830 in Baildon. He married Sarah Crabtree, 6 December 1852, at All Saints, Otley.

Joseph was born c1854 in Baildon. The family lived in Baildon where William was a weaver.

Joseph, a warp dresser, married Emma Myers, 19 February 1875, at St Wilfrid's Calverley. They had at least five children. In 1881 they were living at 55 Browgate in Baildon; by 1891 they had moved to 42 Ada Street in Saltaire.

Joseph and his family emigrated to America in 1891. They arrived in New York, 21 December, aboard SS Britannic having sailed from Liverpool. They lived in Jamestown in New York State where Joseph was a warp dresser. Joseph died 5 February 1923 in Jamestown.


Houlden, Alfred
1870 – 8 January 1939

Alfred Houlden was the son of John Houlden. John was born in 1836. He married Mary Gaunt 14 November 1857 at St Oswald’s Guiseley. They had 11 children. In 1861 they were living in Rawdon with John working as a weaver.

Alfred was born 4th Quarter 1870 in Horsforth. In 1871 they were in Horsforth. In 1881 & 1891 they were living at 22 Albert Road (renumbered 43) in Saltaire. John worked as a grease extractor. Alfred worked as a plumber.

In April 1883 Alfred was one of six Saltaire youths found guilty of stealing peas and corn from a shed in a field in Shipley. By 1901 they had moved to 2 Katherine Street. In 1911 Alfred was living with his widowed mother at 19 (37 Albert Road). He would live the rest of his life here.

Alfred married Emmeline Ferguson 2 October 1912 at St Peter’s Shipley. They had no children.

Alfred died 8 January 1939. He was buried two days later in Hirst Wood Cemetery, Shipley. In his will he left £166 8s to Emmeline. She was buried alongside him 16 April 1959.


Howarth, Thomas
22 March 1905 – 2 September 1974

Thomas Howarth was the son of Alfred Howarth. Alfred was born 22 March 1905 in Drighlington. He married Emily Butterfield, 26 January 1905, at St. Paul’s Shipley.

Thomas was born 22 March 1905 in Bingley. He married Dora Fillingham 13 October 1934 at Christchurch, Windhill. They had three children: Joyce born 6 March 1936, Lionel 1941, and Janet 1944.

In 1939 the family were living at 25 Herbert Street in Saltaire where Thomas was a joiner and carpenter. He was also an A.R.P. rescue party volunteer. By 1949 they had moved to 39 Albert Road, where Thomas & Dora would spend the rest of their lives.

Excerpt from a report in the Shipley Times 2 October 1957: -

The wedding took place at St. Peter’s Church, Shipley on Saturday (28 September), of Miss Joyce Howarth, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Howarth, of 39 Albert Road, Saltaire, and Mr. John Pitts, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Pitts, of the " Plough Inn,” Mirfield.

Thomas died 2 September 1974; Dora died 2 July 1991.


Howker, James
c1836 - 4 July 1914

James Howker was the son of John & Mary Howker. John was born c1813 in Haworth.

James, the second of four sons, was born c1836 in Stanbury near Haworth. In 1851 the family were living in Stanbury with both John and James working as wool combers.

James married Elizabeth Newton in 1861. They had thirteen children:-

John Newton (b1862)
Ellen (1864 - 9 August 1913)
Ann (1865 - 30 April 1937)
James William (b1866)
Sarah (1870 - 17 March 1897)
Mary Elizabeth (1872 - 12 June 1884)
Willie (b1874)
Ada Hannah (1875 - 29 November 1876)
Newton (1877 - 27 April 1953)
George (1878 - 7 May 1879)
Wright (1879 - 1918)
Arthur (1881 - 21 February 1945)
Edwin (b1882)

In 1871 the family were living at 16 Whitlam Street in Saltaire with James working as an overlooker. By 1881 they had moved to 43 Titus Street in Saltaire, where they remained the rest of their lives.

James died 4 July 1914 and was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery Shipley. Elizabeth died 18th January 1920 and was buried alongside him.

Hoyle, Ernest
20 November 1904 - 15 February 1967

Ernest Hoyle was the son of Joseph Brackshaw Hoyle. Joseph was born 1866 in Brighouse. He married Lucy Street 14 June 1890 at St Luke's Milnsbridge, Huddersfield. In 1891 they were living in Lockwood where Joseph was a labourer. In 1901 they were living in Attercliffe where Joseph was a stoker at a colliery.

Ernest, the youngest of four children was born 20 November 1904 in Canklow, Rotherham. In 1911 Lucy was living with her children but without her husband at Cudworth, Barnsley.

Report from Shipley Times Friday 09 February 1917:

The magistrates at the Bradford West Biding Police Court, on Monday, ordered four Shipley boys each to be given six strokes of the birch for stealing, and Sir James Roberts, Bart, (who presided), warned the mother of one of the boys who had previously been before the Bench, and whose father is in France; that if he came there again he would be sent an Industrial School. In addition to Sir James, there were present Sir Ellis Denby, Mr. J. A. Burton, and Coun. Thos. Hill. The boys in question are William Hy. Wright (9), Lewis Wright (10), 35 Dale St., Hargreaves Sq.; Lionel V, Harrold (12), 99 Union St., Hargreaves Sq., and Ernest Hoyle (12), 104, Union St., Hargreaves Sq.
According to the evidence a box of soap tablets belonging to Mr. Whitworth Rimmington, chemist, Otley Rd., was left in the yard behind the shop, and the lads went and after breaking the box open stole seventy-two tablets. The reason why they were left in the yard was that they came at a time when those in charge of the shop were very busy.
Detective Officer Brown said that pome the tablets had been hidden under a hut in Bank Street, The lads were found out by one them taking a tablet back to Mr. Rimmington. The lad said he had not taken it but had found it in a hole the wall.
Sir James remarked that it was very sad the boys should be charged with such an offence, and the seriousness of the cases was increased the fact that two of them had been before the Bench on a former occasion. One of them had had the birch before, but that did not seem have cured him. He hoped that in future the boys would keep out of trouble.

By 1918 Lucy and her children were living at 23 Mary Street in Saltaire, where she remained until her death in 1937.

Report from Shipley Times Friday 28 December 1923:

At Bradford West Riding Court on Thursday last week three Saltaire youths, for having played "put and take" with a top, on December 9, were each fined 10s. They were John Hudson, doffer; Ernest Hoyle, labourer; and Levens Park, labourer. Police Superintendent Oliver said that gaming amongst boys was on the increase at Saltaire and the game was played underneath a street lamp.

Report from Shipley Times Friday 7 January 1927:

At Bradford West Riding Police Court on Monday, Ernest Hoyle (22), labourer, of Saltaire. pleaded "guilty" to stealing timber from hi employer, Alfred Normanton, packing case maker, Saltaire.
Hoyle said that he was on short time and had to support his invalid mother. He took, the timber in order to make a little pocket money.
A police witness said Hoyle was very unsatisfactory workman, often arriving at 9 a.m. instead of 7 a.m. His employer, however, had allowed him to keep on working out of sympathy for his mother.
Hoyle, against whom there were two previous convictions, one for stealing and the other for gambling was placed under the care of the Probation Officer for 12 months.

Ernest married Margaret Fawcett Onslow in 1935. Margaret was born 20 April 1909. They lived with his mother at 23 Mary Street with Ernest working as a packing case maker and a taxi cab driver. By 1944 Ernest had his own home at 26 Ada Street in Saltaire.

Report from Shipley Times 19 July 1944:

Thefts From Employers - Saltaire Man Fined
At Bradford City Police Court on Thursday, Ernest Hoyle (39), wood cutting machinist, of 26 Ada Street, Saltaire, pleaded "Guilty" to stealing twelve hanks of rope, a cop of twine and a quantity of wood, value 1 3s, the property of his employers, Fred Holmes & Son (Bradford) Ltd.
Mr. J. T. Hyde, prosecuting, said the accused had worked tor Messrs. Holmes since December last. On July 8, about 11 am., Det.- Sgt. Hustler Interviewed him at his work and told him he had been making Inquiries respecting material which had been missed from the works. Hoyle said; I have some rope at home. Somebody put me up to It." The officer accompanied Hoyle to his home and there recovered the articles which formed the subject of the charge.
The goods were later shown to Mr. Stanley Holmes, director of the firm, who Identified them as similar to property missing from the works. Hoyle was then arrested and taken to the Bradford Town Hall, and when charged he said, "I plead guilty to stealing it"
Det.-Sgt. Hustler said that Hoyle, after leaving school at thirteen years of age, had worked In local mills for four years, and since then had been employed by various firms as a case maker. In 1937 he again appeared at the Bradford West Riding Police Court and was bound over for twelve months for stealing timber, the property of bis employers. His wages at Messrs. Holmes averaged 6 16s. per week. A director of the firm gave evidence on behalf of Hoyle and said he was a good workman. While he was prepared to take him back the firm had decided to dispense with his services.
Hoyle said he was sorry for what he had done. He had not used the stuff he had stolen, and If he had had the opportunity, he would have taken back the property.
"I ask you to give me another chance," he said to the Stipendiary Magistrate (Dr. Coddington): "I have suffered more this week than I have done all my life."
Imposing a fine of 7, the Stipendiary Magistrate said that nearly every workman who came before the Court and admitted stealing articles wanted directly or Indirectly for the war was sent to prison, and It was under very exceptional circumstances that he was not sending accused to prison.

Ernest died 15 February 1967 at 26 Ada Street. In his will he left 588 (worth c11,000 in 2020) to his widow. Margaret died 4 November 1980 at 26 Ada Street. In her will she left 6,537 (worth c28,500 in 2020).

Hutley, Sarah Ann
1853 - 3 February 1918

Sarah Ann Hutley was the daughter of Thomas Hutley. Thomas was born c1823 in Scriven, North Yorkshire. He married Sarah Atkinson 3 February 1845 at Bradford Cathedral.

Sarah Ann, the second youngest of nine children, was born in 1853 in Shipley. In 1861 the family were living at 11 Whitlam Street in Saltaire, with Thomas working as a stone mason. By 1871 they were living at 2 Daisy Place in Saltaire, where Sarah would live for the rest of her life. Her father died 15 November 1877 and her mother died in 1891.

Sarah Ann worked as a weaver and she never married. After the death of her mother, she lived with her younger sister, Clarissa, also a spinster.

Sarah Ann died 3 February 1918 and was buried three days later in Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley. Her sister, Clarissa, joined her when she died 22 December 1919.





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