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Image: Saltaire postcard. Date unknown.
Saltaire People: Additional Biographies
Researched by Colin Coates

Saltaire People: surnames beginning with:

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Rawnsley, Moses
1849 – 18 January 1904

Moses Rawnsley the son of John Rawnsley. John born 26 January 1805 in Esholt. He married Jane Light 7 November 1837 at All Saint’s Otley.

Moses, the second youngest of six children, was born in 1849 in Baildon. In 1851 the family were living in Baildon where John was a wool comber. Moses’s mother, Jane, died in 1859. In 1861 widowed John was a grocer living in Baildon with his children. John died in 1863. In 1871 Moses was a weaver living with his sister, Elizabeth, in Baildon.

Moses married Mary Ann Asker (born c1850 in Cowling) 16 December 1875 at St Paul’s Shipley. By 1881 they were living at 28 Ada Street in Saltaire where Moses was a wool warehouseman.

Moses and his wife emigrated to America around 1885. They had a daughter, Ethel, born 1889 in Philadelphia. In 1900 they lived in Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts where Moses was a wool sorter. Moses died 18 January 1904 and was buried in Bellevue Cemetery in Lawrence.


Renard, Edward
6 February 1854 – 5 January 1915

Ref. Article appearing in Saltaire WW1 Diary, 15 January 1915

Edward Renard was the son of John Renard. John was born c1817 in Wapping, Middlesex. He married Margaret Brafield in 1847 in Bermondsey, London. John was the licensed victualler of the Simon the Saviour public house in Bermondsey until his death in the 1860s.

Edward, the youngest of four children, was born 6 February 1854 in Bermondsey. In 1871 he was an out of work auctioneer’s clerk living with his widowed mother who was the licensed victualler of the Prince Regent public house in New Brentford, London.

By 1881 Edward was a certified art master living with his retired mother in Chelsea, London. Edward married Louisa Haley 16 August 1883 at St John’s Halifax. They had one child, Beryl Louisa, born 1887 in Saltaire. The family lived at 32 Albert Road (renumbered 63) in Saltaire from c1885 to c1889. Edward was the headmaster of the School of Art in Saltaire. In the same year as the Saltaire Exhibition (1887) he was instrumental in starting the Yorkshire Union of Artists.

In 1891 Edward and his family were living at 61 Kirkgate in Shipley. By 1901 they had moved to Newark, Nottinghamshire and by 1911 they were in Eastbourne, Sussex.

Edward died, aged 60, in Eastbourne 5 January 1915. In his will he left £460 16s 11d (worth c £41k in 2013) to his widow and his spinster daughter.


Rennard, Fred
12 July 1888 – 4 September 1957

Fred Rennard was the son of Joseph Rennard. Joseph was born c1858 in Leeds. He married Annie Brown 3 October 1879 at St Paul’s Shipley. They had nine children, but three died in infancy.

Fred, their third child, was born 12 July 1888 in Shipley. In 1891 the family were living at 5 Dawson Street in Windhill with Joseph working as a gas stoker. Around 1896 they moved to 26 Shirley Street in Saltaire. In 1901 Fred was working as a bobbin pegger. Around 1904 the family moved to 14 George Street in Saltaire. In 1911 Fred was working as a weaver overlooker.

Fred married Amy Jackson, a domestic servant, 22 January 1916 at St Bartholomew’s in Armley. They had two children, a son Peter Jackson, a company secretary, (23 January 1925 – 16 February 2003) and a daughter Audrey (who married Stanley Beever).

Fred & Amy lived all their lives at 54 Scarborough Road in Shipley. Fred died 4 August 1957 at the Duke of York Home in Bradford. He was buried in Hirst Wood Cemetery in Shipley. Fred left £26,487 4s 8d in his will (worth c£580k in 2015).

Amy, his widow, died 22 March 1984 aged 92.

Riley, Benson
27 January 1853 – 14 June 1929

Benson Riley was the son George Riley. George was born c1829 in Idle. He married Elizabeth Denison 25 July 1851 at St Wilfrid Calverley.

Benson, the eldest of twelve children, was born 27 January 1853 in Idle. In 1861& 1871 the family were living in Idle with George working as a rope maker and in 1871 Benson was working as a wool sorter.

Benson married Ann Helliwell 28 June 1873 at St Paul Shipley. They had five children; - George (b1874), Joseph (born 1876), Mary (b1878), Bentham (b1881), Maud (b1883), Willie (b1886).
In 1881 they were living at 78 Aire Street in Shipley. Around 1894 they moved to 19 Albert Road in Saltaire (renumbered 37). Ann died in 1902.

Widowed Benson married Anne Elizabeth Heaton 25 July 1908 at St Paul Shipley. In 1904 they were living at 101 Saltaire Road in Shipley. By 1910 they were at 30 Ada Street in Saltaire. Around 1912 they moved to 35 George Street in Saltaire. From 1918 they lived at 26 Park Street in Shipley.

Benson died 14 June 1929.


Riley, Eric
11 November 1904 – 1992

Eric Riley was the son of Arthur Riley. Arthur was born 1865 in Saltaire. He married Emma Giles in 1894. In 1896 they were living at 26 Herbert Street in Saltaire. By 1900 they had moved to 1 Higher School Street in Saltaire with Arthur employed as a house painter.

Eric, the youngest of three children, was born 11 November 1904 in Saltaire. He was baptised 19 March 1905 at Saltaire Congregational Church. Eric, living with his family at 77 Victoria Road in Saltaire, gained a scholarship to Salts School in 1915. By 1926 the family were living in Baildon.

Eric married Ida Wade in 1928. At first they lived with Eric’s parents at Ellenthorpe Road in Shipley. By 1932 they had their own home at 7 Nab Wood Gardens in Shipley; they were still there in 1962.

Eric died in 1992. His parents are buried together in Nab Wood Cemetery Shipley; Arthur died 14 May 1935 and Emma died 10 January 1936.


Ripley, John Thomas
1871 – 1946

John Thomas was the son of Joseph Ripley. Joseph was born c1829 in Bradford. He married Elizabeth Briggs 2 August 1852 at St Wilfrid Calverley.

John, the youngest of three sons, was born 1864 in Bradford. In 1871 & 1881 the family were living in Albion Street, Shipley with Joseph working as a stone mason and John as a bobbin pegger.

John married Margaret Ann Adlum 6 May 1893 at St Wilfrid Calverley. They lived at 26 Ashley Road in Shipley with John working as a wool warehouseman labourer. In 1907 they moved to 28 Mary Street in Saltaire where they remained until Margaret died 31 May 1916. They had no children.

Widowed John married Ruth Hannah Hudson in 1918. They lived all their years at 23 Dove Street in Saltaire.

John died in 1946. Ruth died 4 April 1947 and she left £752 8s 3d (worth c£27k in 2016) to the bank in her will.


Robinson, Ethel
25 November 1896 – 1970

Ethel Robinson was the daughter of Israel Robinson. Israel was born 1863 in Idle. He married Lily Scott 13 June 1885 at St Wilfrid Calverley. In 1891 they were living in Windhill with Israel working as a labourer.

Ethel, the fifth of seven children, was born 25 November 1896 in Bolton Wood. In 1901 the family were living in Bradford. Israel died in 1909. In 1911 Ethel was working as a spinner and living with her widowed mother and siblings at 2 Jane Street in Saltaire.

Ethel married James Arthur Tweedy, a fitter aged 24 from Burley, Leeds, 9 November 1918 at St Peters Shipley. They had at least two children; John born 1921 and Margaret born 1927. In 1928 they were living at 9 Highbank Cottages in Shipley; in 1939 they were living at 10 Park Street in Shipley with James working as a gas lamplighter.

When James died in 1964, they were living at 1 Tower Street in Todmorden. James was buried 8 December 1964 at St Mary’s in Todmorden. Ethel died in 1970 in the district of Halifax.


Robinson, William Batley
1847 – April 1917

William Batley Robinson was the son of John Robinson. John was born 1826 in Heckmondwike. He married Maria Batley in 1850 in Dewsbury.

William, the elder of two sons, was born 5 April 1851 in Dewsbury. In 1861 & 1871 the family were living in Dewsbury with John working firstly as a wool spinner then secondly as a green grocer.

William married Emma Hartley 31 January 1885 at Birkenshaw. They had three children; Harold (born 1886), Elsie (1888) and Edith (1891). In 1891 they were living in Guiseley with William working as a Police Constable.

By 1901 they had moved to 8 George Street in Saltaire. In 1911 William had retired from the police force and was living with his wife, Emma, at 22 Victoria Road in Saltaire.

William died 8 November 1914; in his will he left £260 13s 6d (worth c£2k in 2017) to his widow, Emma. In March 1917 it was reported that Emma was taken to court to be evicted from her home.


Rushworth, Emma
1857 – 19 July 1889

Emma Rushworth was the daughter of David Rushworth. David was born c1819 in Shipley. He married Elizabeth Gill 3 January 1841 at St Wilfrid’s Calverley. Sadly Elizabeth died 2nd Qtr. 1842. Widower David married Ruth Rushforth, 18 April 1842, at Bradford Cathedral. Ruth was 11 years younger than David. They had three daughters.

Emma, their middle child, was born 1857 in Shipley. In 1861 they were living in Briggate, Shipley with David working as a weaver. David died in February 1862. Widow Ruth married George Smithson in 1867. In 1871 Emma was a spinner living with her mother and stepfather at 36 Ada Street in Saltaire. George died in 1872.

In 1881 Emma was a weaver living at 36 Ada Street with her sister and step-sister. Her mother was working as a nurse and living in Shipley. Emma, a spinster, died 19 July 1889.

Report from the Shipley Times 27 July 1889: -

Funeral of a Salvationist
There was a large gathering of Salvationists at Shipley on Monday, when remains of Miss Emma Rushworth aged thirty-two years of 36 Ada Street, Saltaire, were interred in the churchyard of St Paul’s Shipley.
The deceased was an officer in the Salvation Army. She joined the Army on its first establishment in Shipley, some six years ago, and some three years later, at her own request, she was sent to the Training Home of the Army in London, to further her desire to become an officer. After being three months in the Home, she was appointed to a depot at Winslow. Subsequently she was sent to Stoke Church, and afterwards to Haverford West in Wales.
The latter was her last charge as, never very strong, her health gave way, and about five months ago she returned to her family at Saltaire to recruit her health.
Much sympathy was expressed for her by her fellow workers in the Army, and the announcement of her death on Friday last, the 19th inst., was received with the utmost regret.
A procession was formed in Ada Street, headed by the officers and the brass band of the Army. The bearers were the members of the tambourine band, of which the deceased was formerly captain. Each wore the distinctive sashes of membership. Following the hearse was a long procession of the members of the Army. It is estimated that over a thousand members of the Army and others attended the funeral.


Rutherford, Ethel (nee Moore)
15 July 1890 – 1973

Ethel was the daughter of Henry Moore. Henry was born c1869 in Purton in Wiltshire. He married Rhoda Tuck 1888 in Keighley.

Ethel was their eldest child, born 15 July 1890 in Haworth. They had three more children; Edith (born 1892), Albert (born 3 February 1894) and Fred (born 24 October 1895). Both Albert and Fred served in WW1.

In 1891 the family were living in Midgley with Henry working as a weaver. Henry died in 1899, aged just thirty. In 1901 widowed Rhoda, working as a weaver, was living with her children at 38 Ada Street in Saltaire. By 1911 they had moved to 11 Katherine Street in Saltaire with Ethel and her mother both working as weavers.

Ethel married Robert John Thompson Middleton Rutherford at St Peters Shipley, 29 January 1916. Robert was a clerk and he also served in WW1. They lived at 11 Katherine Street until 1925 when they moved to 13 Tower Road in Shipley, where they lived until 1956.

Husband Robert died in Blackpool in 1958 and Ethel died in Fylde, Lancashire in 1973.






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