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Image: Saltaire postcard. Date unknown.
Saltaire People: Additional Biographies
Researched by Colin Coates

Saltaire People: surnames beginning with:

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Fawkes, Thomas
19 April 1879 – 15 November 1960

Thomas Fawkes was the son of William Fawkes. William was born 4 June 1843 in Rutland. He married Violet Skellet 11 April 1865. William worked as a railway labourer.
Thomas, the seventh of eleven children, was born 19 April 1879 in Rutland. The family lived in Rutland where in 1891 Thomas was a farm labourer.

Thomas was appointed as a porter at Saltaire railway station 15 November 1900. In 1901 he was boarder at 55 Titus Street in Saltaire.

Thomas married Annie Todd (born 21 June 1878) at Christchurch Windhill, 8 December 1903. They had three children including Edna born c1905 and Donald born 15 December 1922. They lived at 24 Ada Street in Saltaire from 1906 to 1915. Then they moved to Shipley and lived in the following houses: -
1918 to 1933 – 84 Thompson St.
1934 to 1935 – 49 Marlborough Rd.
1936 to 1939 – 24 Albert Rd.
1946 to 1955 – 8 Dallam Av.
1956 to 1957 – 57 Clifton Pl.

In 1939 Thomas was working as an excess luggage collector.

Report from the Shipley Times Friday 21 April 1922:

At the Bradford West Riding Police Court last Thursday a Bingley labourer named Luke Jones was charged with being drunk at Shipley on April 11. Defendant pleaded guilty to this charge but pleaded not guilty to a further charge of assaulting Thomas Fawkes on the same date.
Thomas Fawkes, a porter at the Shipley Midland Railway Station, said that about 10.30pm on April 11 his attention was drawn to a disturbance in the sub-way. Together with a railway inspector he went to see what the matter was and found two men fighting on the ground. Witness tried to stop the fight. The men were parted and one of them ran off, but the defendant put his arms round his (the witness’s legs). Witness asked defendant to let go and when he did not, he bent to release himself. Defendant immediately kicked out and caught him (witness) on the back of the head with his boot. Witness was unconscious for several minutes. There was afterwards a large lump on the back of his head.
Jones was fined 10s. on the first charge and sent to prison for two months on the second charge.

Excerpt from a report in the Shipley Times 2 October 1946:

Another long service employee of the London. Midland, and Scottish Railway Company who retired last week-end is Mr. Thomas Fawkes, of 8 Dallam Avenue, Shipley. A native of Rutland. he started work with the Company at Wennington in Lancashire 46 years ago. A year later he was transferred to Saltaire. Since then he has worked at several stations in Yorkshire. including ten years at Shipley.

Report from the Shipley Times 9 December 1953:

Mr and Mrs. Thomas Fawkes, of 8. Dallam Avenue, Shipley, celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary yesterday They were married at Windhill Parish Church on December 8. 1903. by the Rev. C. Strong. On Saturday a small family party was held in the Saltaire Congregational Church Schoolroom.
Mr Fawkes is a native of Rutlandshire. and worked for 45 years on the London. Midland and Scottish Railways, having periods of service at Wennington, Saltaire, Shipley, and finally Forster Square Station, Bradford, retiring from there in 1946. He was well known at one time in the Shipley district as a keen amateur gardener and won many prizes, including the Councillor. Thomas Hill Challenge Cup. which he won outright after having held it for three consecutive years.
Mrs. Fawkes, nee Emily Annie Todd, is a member of a well-known Windhill family and, until ill-health prevented her attendance, was a member of Saltaire Congregational Church Women’s Own.
Mr. and Mrs. Fawkes have one son, two daughters and five grandchildren.

Emily died 1st Qtr. 1960 in the Worth Valley district. Thomas died 15 November 1960 in Rutland.


Feather, Briggs
1860 – 7 October 1916

Briggs Feather was the son of John Feather. John was born c1826 in Keighley. He married Elizabeth (surname unknown) around 1844. In 1851 they were living in Oakworth with John working as a wool comber.

Briggs, the second youngest of seven children was born 1860 in Haworth. The family were living in Haworth in both the 1861 and 1871 censuses with John working as a weaver. By 1881 they had moved to 8 Ferrands Road in Shipley. Briggs, a bootmaker, married Lavinia in 1883. They had four children: Elizabeth (b1885), Olive (b1889), Hannah (b1892) and Frank (b1895) who served in WW1.
In 1892 they were living at 10 Ferrands Road in Shipley. By 1911 they had moved to 73 Bingley Road in Saltaire (formerly 12 Gordon Terrace) with Briggs running a boot shop.

Briggs died 7 October 1916 and was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery Shipley. His widow, Lavinia, died 18 November 1938 and she was buried alongside him.


Feather, Enos
1862 – 21 January 1919

Enos Feather was the son of James Feather. James was born c1832 in Haworth. He married Sarah Ann Shackleton 26 February 1859 in Keighley. In 1861 they were living at 5 Mary Street in Saltaire with James working as a roller coverer.

Enos, the second of seven children was born 1862 in Saltaire. In 1871 they were living at 42 Mary Street. In 1881 they were living at 22 Gordon Terrace (re-numbered 93 Bingley Road) with Enos working as an apprentice grocer.

Sarah Ann died 24 August 1913 and was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery, James joined her when he died 2 November 1915.
Enos married Eva Hey 14 March 1887. Eva was living at 10 Shirley Street. They had a son, Frank, who was born in 1889 and died in 1896. They had a daughter, Annie, born in 1895. In 1891 they were living at 48 Leeds Road in Shipley with Enos working as a Grocer. In 1891 they were at 10 Oastler Road in Shipley. By 1911 they were living at 87 Bingley Road (originally 19 Gordon Terrace) in Saltaire.

Enos died 21 January 1919 and was buried three days later in Nab Wood Cemetery. Hi widow, Eva, died 1944 and was buried alongside Enos.


Feather, Horace
1867 – 12 September 1953

Horace Feather was the son of James Feather. James was born c1832 in Haworth. He married Sarah Ann Shackleton 26 February 1859 in Keighley. In 1861 they were living at 5 Mary Street in Saltaire with James working as a roller coverer.

Horace, the fourth of seven children was born 1867 in Saltaire. In 1871 they were living at 42 Mary Street. In 1881 they were living at 22 Gordon Terrace (re-numbered 93 Bingley Road) with Horace working as a mill hand. In 1891 the family were living at 10 Victoria Road where Horace was a butcher, which would his trade and place of work for the rest of his life. Sarah Ann died 24 August 1913 and was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery, James joined her when he died 2 November 1915. 

Horace married Ada Butterfield 11 December 1893 at Holy Trinity church in Bingley. They had four children (with one dying in infancy); Ethel born c1896, Harry 1900 and Frank Butterfield 1905. They lived at 10 Victoria Road until they moved to Midgley Farm in Baildon around 1923 whilst carrying on the business in Victoria Road.

In 1906 Horace was made President of the Shipley & District Butchers Association. He, along with his wife, were prominent members of Shipley society. Ada died 5 December 1929 and was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery. Horace died 12 September 1953 and was buried alongside her. In his will Horace left £15,329 6s 11d (worth c£420k in 2018) to his sons Harry, a bank official, and Frank, who carried on the family’s butchery business.


Fieldhouse, Jabez
1854 – 6 November 1914

Jabez Fieldhouse was the son of George Fieldhouse. George was born c1815 in Baildon. He married Ann Hill 26 December 1839 at Bradford Cathedral. In 1851 they were living at King Street in Bingley with George working as a wool comber.

Jabez, the second youngest of seven children, was born 1854 in Bingley. In 1861 the family were living at Lane Top in Burley. 1871 finds them in Saltaire at 22 Constance Street with Jabez working as a bookkeeper. In 1881 he was a wool sorter and lodging at 17 Kirkgate in Shipley.

Jabez married Esther Illingworth 28 January 1884 at Bradford Cathedral. They had 11 children, but only six survived to adulthood; Sam (1881 – 29 September 1901), Alice (b1885), Emily (b1886), Annie, Miriam (b1893) and Harold (1895 – 14 July 1938.)

In 1887 they were living at 21 Amelia Street in Saltaire. They moved to 4 Oxford Street in Shipley in 1891. By 1900 they were at 7 George Street in Saltaire.

Jabez died 6 November 1914 and he was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery in Shipley. From 1919 his widow, Esther, was living at 27 Dove Street in Saltaire. She died 19 November 1929 and was buried alongside Jabez.


Fillingham, Naomi
23 December 1887 – 7 May 1968

Naomi Fillingham was the daughter of Charles William Fillingham. Charles was born c1848 in Beverley. He married Fanny Meanwell (born c1851 Hull) in Lincoln in 1869. In 1871 they were living in Lincoln, by 1881 they had moved to Gainsborough. Charles worked as an iron moulder.

Naomi, the second youngest of nine children was born 23 December 1887 in Shipley. In 1891 the family were living at 5 Merton Street in Shipley. In 1901 they were living at 2 Balfour Street in Shipley with Charles now working as an insurance agent. Naomi was working as a stocking finisher.

23 February 1902, Naomi is reported as giving a piano solo at the Annual Students Concert in connection with the Shipley School of Music. On 29 December 1903 Naomi and her younger sister, Ethel, were vocalists at an entertainment for children at the Primitive Methodist Church in Saltaire Road, Shipley. In 1904 when they were living in Baker Street in Shipley, the family had a unique double wedding. Two of Naomi’s elder sisters, Eliza and Nellie, married brothers James and Arthur Ward.

Naomi’s father, Charles, died in 1909. In 1911 Naomi was living with her widowed mother, and Ethel, at 18 Helen Street in Saltaire. Both Naomi and Ethel were working as winders. George William Fillingham, a brother of Naomi served in WW1.

Naomi moved with her family to 11 Shirley Street in Saltaire around 1915 and remained there until about 1929. In 1922 sister Ethel married Fred Berry. They had a daughter, Joan, born 30 April 1923.

From around 1929 until about1935 the family, including Fred, lived at 61 George Street in Saltaire. They all moved to 25 Albert Road in Saltaire around 1935.

At a Shipley Urban Council meeting on 29 June 1937 Naomi was one of two ladies, from seven applicants, recommended for the position of midwife.

Naomi’s mother, Fanny, died in 1939.

In the 1939 Register Naomi was working as a municipal midwife, Fred was a worsted warping overlooker and Joan an office clerk.

In 1962 spinster Naomi was still living with Berry family at 25 Albert Road.

On 11 June 1958 Naomi and Ethel celebrated the 85 th birthday of their widowed sister, Maria Sidebottom, who lived at 1 Albert Road in Saltaire. Maria married Samuel Sidebottom in 1900; Samuel served in WW1 he died in 1953 having worked at Leeds Railway Station for fifty years, after which they were caretakers for Lloyds Bank in Saltaire.

Naomi died 7 May 1968, aged 80. She is remembered in the Garden of Remembrance at Hirst Wood Cemetery in Shipley.

Her nephew Jack Fillingham served in WW2.


Fox, Smith
1855 - 1922

Smith Fox was the son of Parker Fox. Parker was born 4 June 1834 in Bradford. He married Martha Smith 23 July 1855 at Bradford Cathedral.

Smith, the eldest of six children, was born 1855. In 1861 the family lived at 3 Wright Street in Bradford, with Parker working as a worsted spinning overlooker. By 1871 they were living at 38 George Street in Saltaire. Smith was a mill worker, at first a spinner then as a wool sorter.
Smith married Emma Wilson 4 November 1882 at Bradford Cathedral. They had five children; Edith Alice (b1883), Ernest (b1885), Harry (b1888), Arthur (b1892) and Annie (b1895).

The family lived at 4 Herbert Street in Saltaire until around 1891 when they moved to 25 Birklea Street in Bowling. By 1900 they were living at 3 Birch Grove in Keighley. In 1911 Smith was boarding, without his family, 136 Coates Road in Bradford.

Smith played cricket for Saltaire Cricket Club and died in 1922.


Fry, William & Clifford

The Fry family through William and then Clifford, his son, served the people of Saltaire for over 45 years.

Fry, William  
1838 – 23 November 1916

William, the son of Humphrey Fry, was born 1838 in Wellington in Somerset. In 1861 he was living in a boarding house in Derby and working as a railway porter.

William married Mary Ann Dunn in 1862; they had five sons and two daughters. In 1871 there family were living in Otley with William working as a railway station master. By 1873 they had move to Saltaire with William working as the secretary for Salts Schools and the other schools in Saltaire. He held this position until the schools were passed over to the Shipley Education Committee in 1900. William held the post of clerk/secretary of the Saltaire Institute from 1874, he was also the clerk to the Sir Titus Salt Charity, the body that governed Saltaire Hospital.

From before 1879 to 1887 William lived with his family at 24 George Street in Saltaire. They lost a daughter, Winifred Adeline, when she died 10 November 1879 aged just eight months. Between 1887 and 1902 they lived at 5 Myrtle Place in Saltaire. His wife, died in 1901; widowed William lived at 71 George Street in Saltaire before moving to 233 Bingley Road in Shipley. Through failing health and the loss of sight in his left eye William resigned from his positions in September 1914. In his last few years he held the post of consulting librarian for Shipley Council.

William died 23 November 1916 and he was buried, alongside his wife, two days later at Nab Wood Cemetery in Shipley at a well-attended funeral. In his will he left £248 13s 5d (worth c£23k in 2015) to his sons Ernest & Clifford and his son in law, George Leslie Armstrong.

Fry, Edgar Clifford
1874 – 11 May 1950

Edgar Clifford, the fourth son of William, was born in 1874 in Saltaire. Clifford (as he was known) was educated at Salt Schools. In 1891 & 1901he was working as a clerk for a stuff merchant.

Clifford married Sarah Marie Thread 8 April 1903 at St Andrews Bradford. They had one son, Geoffrey Keith Fry, born 4 June 1905. They lived at 10 Albert Road (renumbered 19) in Saltaire with Clifford working as an account for Joseph Dawson, a textile manufacturing company in Bradford. In 1919 the family moved away from Saltaire to live at 6 Beechwood Avenue in Shipley.

Clifford served as chairman of the Institute Club committee who ran the club for Shipley Council. He was also honorary secretary for the Social Evenings which were a feature of the Institute. In 1926 he was presented with a silver fruit bowl for his services to the Conversazione.

When his father’s health was fading he assisted him by becoming deputy clerk of the Sir Titus Salt Charity. Upon his father’s death he declined the role of clerk and instead accepted the position of honorary secretary for the charity. He held this position with throughout the war. In March 1919 the charity reluctantly accepted his resignation and thanked him for his valuable work. Clifford was a Unionist, and as such he held the post of Vice-chairman of Shipley Unionist Club.

Clifford and his wife left the Shipley area around 1926 and by1950 they were living in Birkby near Huddersfield. Clifford died 11 May 1950 at Trinity Street Nursing Home in Huddersfield. In his will he left £472 4s 3d (worth £14k in 2015) to his son Geoffrey who was working as a mill manager.

His widow, Sarah, moved to Rastrick and she died 26 August 1959 at Thornhill Nursing Home in Lindley Huddersfield. In her will she left £2829 12s 9d (worth £59k in 2015) to her son Geoffrey.


Furniss, Thompson
1852 – 1929

Thompson Furniss was the son of Henry Furniss. Henry was born c1809 in Pontefract. He married Ann Berry in 1830 at St Wilfrids Calverley. In 1841 they lived in Idle with Henry working as a wool comber. In 1851 & 1861 they were living in Victoria Buildings in Shipley with Henry switching from being a wool comber to being a night watchman.

Thompson, the youngest of seven children, was born 1852 in Shipley. In 1871 the family were living at 21 Hall Lane in Shipley with Thompson working as a hairdresser. Thompson married Ruth Ann Maud in 1874. They lived in Titus Street in Saltaire until moving to 79 Victoria Road in Saltaire around 1879. Here Thompson ran a barbers shop until his death in 1929. He was president of the Shipley & District Hairdressers Association.

Ruth & Thompson had five children; Harry (b1874), James (b1876), Willie (b1877) Emily Maud (b1880) and Bertha (b 1884). Willie Furnessserved in and survived the war. Bertha married Fred Rhodes who also served in and survived the war.

(Note – surname often spelt as “Furness”.)








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