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Image: Saltaire postcard. Date unknown.
Saltaire People: Additional Biographies
Researched by Colin Coates

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Thornton, Farrar
1863 – 1907

Farrar Thornton was the son of Anthony Thornton. Anthony was born c1835 in Raistrick. He married Agatha Waddington in 1863 in Bradford.

Farrar, their eldest child, was born 1863 in Bradford. In 1871 they were living at 5 Regent Street in Shipley with Anthony working as a stone mason and Farrar a spinner aged just eight.

Report from the Shipley Times Saturday 11 December 1880:

Farrar Thornton, quarryman, of Wilmer Road, Shipley, was charged with assaulting Edward Colbridge, on the 30th November. The complainant is the caretaker of the Co-operative Hall, Shipley and on the day named was attending to his duties, when the defendant, who had been troublesome on former occasions came up to him and wanted to go up into the hall to play the harmonium. Colbridge refused to allow him to do so, as a meeting was about to be held, whereupon Thornton forced his way into the place, throwing complainant down on the steps. He also was very rough when ascending the steps, knocking down several children.
Defendant denied the offense and alleged that Colbridge first became violent. The magistrates, however, believed differently, and imposed a fine of 2s. 6d. and costs, in all amounting to £1 3s. 6d., which was paid.
The committee of the hall hope this case will have a salutary effect upon those youths who have hitherto been in the habit of misbehaving themselves at this place.

In 1881 Farrar, a stone mason was living with his parents at 47 Wilmer Road Shipley.
Farrar married Ellen Jeffrey 25 May 1885 at St Wilfrid’s Calverley. They had four children: -
Archibald Anthony born 1886 (emigrated to America)
Beatrice Emily born 8 January 1888
Albert Bernard born 1890 (served in WW1)
Aquilla Augusta born 1892 (served in WW1).

6 December 1892 Farrar was sentenced to 12 months in Wakefield Prison for housebreaking and larceny.

Report from the Shipley Times 26 January 1901 as follows:

Farrar Thornton, stonemason, Saltaire, was in the dock on a charge of neglecting his family.
Mr William Clapham, relieving officer for the Shipley district, stated that Thornton allowed his wife and family to become chargeable to the North Bierley Union on the 4th of December last, since when they bad received 35/0 in relief.
Prisoner said he did not know his wife had been receiving relief. He was in work till last Saturday, he would pay 16/6 now, the remainder in a month, and maintain his wife in the meantime.
Mr Clapham went on to say that he could not trust defendant, and insisted a committal, whereupon the Chairman warmly remarked,” Mr Clapham, it is not for you to say what the Bench shall do.” Thornton was then informed that if he carried out his promise all would be right; otherwise, he would be sent to gaol.

Report from the Shipley Times 20 April 1901 as follows:

Wife Desertion — Farrar Thornton, stonemason, Bradford, was summoned for deserting his wife, who at present resides at 11 Ada Street, Saltaire.
The wife stated that they had been married 15 years and had four children. In October last her husband deserted her, and she had not lived with him since. Previous to that time had been cohabiting with other women, and he seldom spent more than three nights week at home. She had two children working, one earning 8/6 and another 8/- per week, and the two youngest were 10 and 8 years old respectively. She had undergone two operations and had since been unable to work, and at one time applied for parish relief, her husband's payments had been so irregular, although he earned 39s a week.
Albert Milton, milkman, spoke as to the poverty the family and said that Mrs Thornton was a hardworking woman.
Defendant admitted the allegations made by his wife but said that what he had done had been caused by his wife's habits.
The Bench granted separation and ordered defendant to pay 10s per week towards the wife and children's maintenance.

His deserted wife, Ellen, died 6 December 1902, aged just 35. Widower Farrah married Mary Ellen Owens, 25 July 1903, at Holy Trinity Church in Bradford. Mary was 10 years younger than Farrar. Farrar died in 1907 in Keighley.


Thornton, Archibald Anthony
29 May 1886 –????

Archibald Anthony Thornton was the son of Farrar Thornton. Farrar was born 1863 in Bradford. He married Ellen Jeffrey 9 December 1866 at St Wilfrid Calverley. In 1891 the family were living in Shipley with Farrar working as a stone mason.

Archibald, the eldest of four children, was born 29 May 1886 in Bradford. In 1901 Ellen was living with her children, but without her husband, at 11 Ada Street in Saltaire. Archibald was working as a doffer in a spinning mill.

As a general labourer he emigrated to America in 1906. He arrived in Montreal, Canada 8 June 1906 aboard SS Tunisian having sailed from Liverpool. In 1918 Archibald was unemployed living in Seattle, USA.

He had two younger brothers who both served in WW1; Albert Bernard & Aquilla Augusta.


Todd, Joseph
1839 – 1913

Joseph Todd was the son of Mark Todd. Mark was born c1792 in Alwoodley, near Leeds. He married Sarah Park 13 March 1831 at Bradford Cathedral.

Joseph, the fifth of ten children, was born 1839 in Headingley. In 1851 the family were living in Windhill with Mark working as a wool comber and Joseph as a worsted spinner. In 1861 Joseph was a boarder with the Shaw family in Windhill.

Joseph married Mary Ann Lee, born 1846 Charlestown, in 1863. They had three children, but one died as an infant. Emma was born in 1867 and Alice Ann in 1870. In 1871 the family were living at 22 Leeds Road in Windhill and in 1881 they were at 27 Hall Lane in Windhill. By 1891 they had moved to Saltaire, living at 62 George Street. In 1901 they were at 27 Maddocks Street, moving to 47 Caroline Street in 1908.

Joseph died 17 April 1913 and was buried in St Paul’s churchyard, Shipley 21 April 1913. Mary Ann died 2 May 1916 and was buried alongside her husband 5 May 1916. Their spinster daughter Alice Ann lived at 47 Caroline Street until 1934.






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