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Image: Spitfire in the foreground. Artist unknown.
WW2: Saltaire Roll of Honour
Researched by Colin Coates
WW2 Roll of Honour: surnames beginning with:

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Wainman, Arthur
26 December 1903 – 29 May 1977

Arthur Wainman was the son of Smith Wainman. Smith was born 1869 in Selby. He married Grace Ann Clayton in 1900 in Selby. In 1901 & 1911 they were living in Selby with Smith working as a yarn bleacher.

Arthur, the third of six children, was born 26 December 1903 in Selby. By 1919 he was living with his family at 25 Amelia Street in Saltaire. They moved to 59 Albert Road around 1929.

Arthur, a warehouseman, married Elsie McCue 27 July 1929 at St Peter’s Shipley. Elsie was a weaver living at 8 William Henry Street in Saltaire. In 1939 they were living at 3 Myrtle Place in Saltaire. Arthur would remain here for the rest of his life.

Report from Shipley Times 21 October 1942 as follows: -

Private Arthur Wainman (38), husband of Mrs. Elsie Wainman, of 3Myrtle Place, Saltaire, is serving in the R.A.O.C. somewhere in England. He has been in H.M.F. over one year. Before enlisting he worked at Salt’s (Saltaire) Ltd, Saltaire Mills.

Arthur had two brothers, Charles & Eric, who also worked in Saltaire Mills, and served in WW2. Arthur died 29 May 1977. His wife, Elsie, had passed away in 1975.


Wainman, Charles
31 March 1908 – 1979

Charles Wainman was the son of Smith Wainman. Smith was born 1869 in Selby. He married Grace Ann Clayton in 1900 in Selby. In 1901 & 1911 they were living in Selby with Smith working as a yarn bleacher.

Charles, the second youngest of six children, was born 31 March 1908 in Selby. By 1919 he was living with his family at 25 Amelia Street in Saltaire. They moved to 59 Albert Road around 1929.

Charles married Emily Ward in 1933. In 1939 they were living in Bradford with Charles working as a wool warehouseman.

Report from Shipley Times 21 October 1942 as follows: -

Leading Aircraftman Charles Wainman (35), husband of Mrs. Emmie Wainman, 50 Town Lane, Idle, serving the R.A.F. somewhere in England, has been in H.M.F. for over one year. Before enlisting he was employed at Salt (Saltaire) Ltd, Saltaire Mills.

After the war Charles lived at 4 Glenroyd, Shipley. Charles had two brothers, Arthur & Eric, who also worked at Saltaire Mills and served in WW2. Charles died in 1979, Emily died 6 December 1990.


Wainman, Eric Burniston
28 July 1912 – 1978

(WW2 – Charles & Arthur Wainman)
(mill worker Amy Wainman nee Newton)

Eric Burniston Wainman was the son of Smith Wainman.Smith was born 1869 in Selby. He married Grace Ann Clayton (born 22 October 1871 Carlton, near Selby) in 1900 in Selby. They had six children. In 1901 & 1911 they were living in Selby with Smith working as a yarn bleacher.

Eric, their youngest child, was born 28 July 1912 in Selby. By 1919 they were living at 25 Amelia St in Saltaire, with Smith working as a warehouseman at Saltaire Mills. They moved to 59 Albert Rd around 1929. Around 1935 they moved to 6 Queen St, Shipley.
Eric married Amy Newton 2nd Qtr. 1939 in the district of Keighley. In the 1939 Register they were living with Eric’s widowed mother at 6 Queen St. They were both working in Saltaire Mills; Eric was a warehouseman, Amy a worsted spinner. They had at least four children: Alan born 1940, Irene born 1942, Dennis born 1946, Eric jnr. born 1947. Eric served in WW2.

Report from the Shipley Times 21 October 1942:

L/Cpl. Eric B. Wainman (30), husband of Mrs. Wainman, 8 Queen St, Shipley, is serving in the Corps of Military Police in M.E.F., he has been in H.M. Forces over two years. Before enlisting he was employed at Airedale Combing Co. Ltd., Lower Holme Mills, Baildon.

Having survived the war Eric lived with his family at 8 Queen St (next door to his widowed mother). By 1949 they had moved to 10 West Royd Terrace, and by 1958 they were at 57 West Royd Rd. Eric died in 1978; Amy died in 2015.

Eric had two brothers, Charles & Arthur, who also worked in Saltaire Mills and served in WW2.

Weston, Cyril
24 September 1923 – 26 February 2015

Cyril Weston was the son of Harold Weston. Harold was born 21 December 1903 in Wilsden. He married Hilda Gott 2 June 1923 at St Paul’s Shipley.

Cyril was born 24 September 1923 in Shipley. The family lived at 35 Rhodes Street in Shipley, moving to 1 Baker Street by 1930.

Report from the Shipley Times Saturday 05 April 1930:

Mr. Weston, of Baker Street, Shipley, was driving his motor cycle into Grange Road, when he was involved in a collision with a motor car going the direction of Ingleby Road, driven Mr. William Edward Whiteley, of Wakefield. The collision threw both vehicles halfway across the road, and the combination overturned, pinning beneath Mr. Weston’s 6-year-old son, Cyril Weston. Both Mr. Weston and his son were taken to the Bradford Infirmary, where they were allowed to proceed home after treatment for bruises. The motor cycle was badly damaged.

Excerpt from the Shipley Times 06 March 1937:

One hundred and sixteen out of a total of 218, or 53 per cent, of the boys of the Saltaire Road Senior School, Shipley, can swim. The Headmaster, Mr. W. Yates, will not satisfied however, until a far higher percentage has been attained.
At the school's annual swimming gala at Shipley Baths on Wednesday night, Mr. Yates appealed to parents to give their children every encouragement to take up this useful sport.
Mr Yates announced the result of the evening’s competition for the swimming championship trophy as: -
Montrose House 58 points; Darwin 45; Clive 36; Caxton 28.
Mr J D Fraser, Shipley’s Director of Education, presented the trophy to Cyril Weston, captain of Montrose House, who expressed the delight of the members of his house at gaining this success. He voiced a special word of praise to Mr N Thompson and the other masters for the care they had taken in training the boys and arranging the event.

Report from the Shipley Times 7 October 1942:

At Shipley Parish Church on Saturday (3 October) the wedding took place between Trooper Cyril Weston, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. H Weston, of Baker Street, Shipley, and Miss Edna Schofield only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Schofield, of Ada Street, Saltaire.
The bride was formerly on the clerical staff of Messrs. Luxton, Hyde and Winfield, auditors and accountants. Barclays Bank Chambers Shipley. Her mother was organiser of the Glenaire Trio and has helped in many charity concerts. The bridegroom was a member of the Saltaire Mills Home Guard and is now serving in the Tank Corps. He was a former member of the Salts (Saltaire) Football Club. A guard of honour was provided by the Saltaire Mills Home Guard.
The ceremony was performed by the Vicar (Reverend Canon W J Perrett).
Given away by her father, the bride wore a dress of white lace with white tulle veil. She carried a bouquet of pink roses. The bridesmaid was Miss Irene Morley (friend of the bride), and Mrs. Trevor Smith (cousin of the bride) was matron of honour. The bridesmaid and matron of honour wore blue dresses with head-dress of blue organde and veils to match. They each carried bouquet bronze chrysanthemums. Mr. Trevor Smith was the best man.
Afterwards a reception was at the Saltaire Institute.

The married couple lived at the following addresses: -
1942 – 1 Baker Street, Shipley
1945 - 18 Oakfield Drive, Baildon
1947 to 1949 – 27 Woodcot Avenue, Baildon
1950 to 1953 – 46 Saltaire Road Shipley

Report from the Shipley Times 2 December 1942:

Trooper Cyril Weston, husband of Mrs. Edna Weston, 1Baker Street. Shipley, is now with the R.A.C.
Before joining the Forces, he was employed in the designing office at Salts (Saltaire) Ltd., Saltaire Mills. He was a playing member of the Salt football team.

Cyril died 26 February 2015 at Lymington in Hampshire.


Wood, Harold
???? – ????

Harold Wood was the son of Henry Wood. Henry was born 9 December 1898. He married Alice (marriage date and maiden name unknown.). In 1939 they were living at Aireview Cottage, Rosedale Place, Shipley. Henry died 1st Qtr 1944.

Report from the Shipley Times 14 June 1944 as follows: -

Harold Wood, R.A., only son of Mrs. and the late Mr. Henry Wood, of Aireview Cottage, Shipley, has been in the Army since 1939. He first enlisted in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, but was later transferred to the Royal Artillery. At present he is serving in India. Before Joining up he was employed at Salts (Saltaire) Ltd.


Wright, Harry
25 February 1910 – 1970

Harry Wright was the son of Thomas Henry Wright. Thomas was born 10 March 1883 in Shipley. Working as a canal boatman he married Sarah Anne Deakin 24 December 1909 at Bradford Cathedral.

Harry was born 25 February 1910 in Shipley. He was baptised 23 August 1910 at St Paul’s Shipley. In 1911 the family were living at 9 Piccadilly, Shipley. Thomas served in WW1.

Report from the Shipley Times Friday 31 July 1914:

On Friday afternoon a boy named Harry Wright, of 9 Piccadilly Shipley, was knocked down by a motor-car in Otley Road near the Post Office. The car was driven by Thomas Bathen of 49 Spring Dale Street, Huddersfield. The boy, who was attended to by Dr. Hatch, was found to have sustained bruises at the back of the head.

Harry married Nellie Smith in 1931. In 1939 they were living at 11 Park Grove in Shipley with Harry working as a yarn packer.

Harry served in WW2. From before 1945 to 1958 they lived at 21 Ada Street in Saltaire. Working as a bar cellar man, he was a witness to a motor accident outside the Rosse Hotel on 27 June 1953. He had a son, Kenneth born c1946.

Report from the Shipley Times 20 February 1957:

He Kicked a Quern
An important archaeological find was made on Brackenhall Green, Shipley Glen, a week last Sunday by two Saltaire boys, Kenneth Wright (11) of 21 Ada Street and Fred Pearson (10) of 22 Helen Street.
Kenneth accidently kicked against a circular stone partly buried in the ground and when the two unearthed it they found it to be the upper portion of a beehive quern, or hand mill for producing flour, of a type used by Celtic people 2,000 years ago.
They took it to the Cartwright Memorial Hall, where it is to be included in a new permanent display of querns in the Archaeology Museum.

Harry died in 1970; Nellie in 1973.






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