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Image: Saltaire postcard. Date unknown.
Saltaire People: Additional Biographies
Researched by Colin Coates

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Ogden, Henry
16 December 1905 – 19 October 1990

Henry Ogden was the son of William Henry Ogden. William was born 18666 in Heaton, Bradford. He married Catherine Davis 12 July 1903 at St Paul’s Shipley. William was working as a mill hand and living at 4 Amelia Street, Saltaire when he married Catherine Davis.

Henry, who had an older brother, was born in Saltaire, 16 December 1905. The family continued to live at 4 Amelia Street. Henry attended the Saltaire Congregational School, winning a prize in January 1916.

Report from the Shipley Times 26 September 1919: -

“Asked for a Thrashing” – Caught in a Magistrates Orchard

At the Bradford West Riding Children’s Court (yesterday) John Simpson (13), 34 George Street; Robert Haggerty (13), 2 Ada Street; and Henry Ogden, 4 Amelia Street, were summoned by Mr J A Burton of Glenholme, Shipley, for having damaged his fruit trees and attempted to steal 12 apples valued at 1s. Haggerty and Ogden pleaded guilty, but Simpson did not appear, his father having sent him to work.

Mr Burton said that on the night of the 15th about 10 o’clock, he found the boys running about in his orchard. He caught Simpson and Haggerty, but Ogden got away. He took the two boys into his house, where they implored him to give them a good thrashing and send them away. He told them that he should deal with them otherwise. They gave him their names and volunteered the name of the boy who got away. Simpson told him he was earning 27s 6d a week and Haggerty said his wages were 28s 7d.

Next morning witness found a considerable number of apples on the ground. The branches of one of the best trees in his garden had been damaged. He had not given the boys a chance because he wanted the Bench to deal with them and make an example of them to other boys slackly dealt with at home.

Each of the defendants were fined.

Report from the Shipley Times 2 March 1923: -


At the Bradford West Riding Police Court on Monday (26 February) Louis Sheldon (16), painter's apprentice, and Henry Ogden (17) millhand, both of Shipley, were charged with stealing four boxes of sweets, valued 19s. 2d.

It was stated that Messrs. J. W. A. Seaton have a portable sweet shop which they use in the Shipley Market Place on Saturday nights During the week it is placed in a yard in Stead street. On Sunday night, when two police officers were doing their rounds, they found that the door had been smashed open with a big iron bar, and on entering discovered Sheldon and Ogden with box of chocolate Easter eggs, a box of “all-sorts,” a box of crystalised gum and a box of Christmas fathers ready for removal.

Sheldon had been previously convicted for shop-breaking, and there was a minor conviction against Ogden.

Supt. Oliver said both boys were good workers and had good homes. They appeared have got into the company of boys who were leading them wrong.

They were each fined 40s., the Chairman (Mr. J. G. Mowat) instructing the parents to deduct it from their pocket-money.

In May 1923, Henry was one of eight youths fined 5s for playing football on the highway in Prod Lane, Baildon.

Henry married Evelyn Smith in 1930. They had no children. In the 1939 Register they were living at 4 Amelia Street, with Henry working as a wool warehouseman and he was a volunteer A.R.P. warden.

Following their divorce, Evelyn married Arthur Seed in 1946. Henry continued to live at 4 Amelia Street until 1948. From 1951 to 1958 he lived at 73 Albert Road, Saltaire.

Henry died 19 October in Leeds.





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