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UNESCOSaltaire Village is near Bradford in West Yorkshire, England. It is named after Sir Titus Salt who built a textile mill, known as Salts Mill and this village on the River Aire. Designed by architects, Lockwood and Mawson, Saltaire has beautiful Italianate architecture and a rich history. Saltaire Village was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001.

Saltaire is a village where people live. You don't have to book to come here and Salts Mill is free to enter. There are shops, places to eat, wonderful architecture and a lovely park.

Saltaire Heritage and Architecture

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This is a regularly updated list of every name researched by historian, Colin Coates. It's easy to search and each name links to that person's biography. Go to the list >

Mill Workers

WW1 The Saltaire StoryQuick link:

Researched by Colin Coates

Saltaire Mill operated from 1853 until 1986, and gave employment to thousands of workers. Few records survived. Mill workers appear on census information from 1861 to 1911. Here we find out who they were.
More >

Extra biographies

WW1 The Saltaire StoryQuick link:

The people connected to Saltaire who didn't work in the Mill, or serve in a war. We discover their lives in Saltaire.

Researched by Colin Coates

News: 100 years ago

WW1 The Saltaire StoryQuick link:

Life and reportage, but not as we know it. Saltaire stories that hit the news.

Researched by Colin Coates

Saltaire Social History

An Italian Immigrant Abroad: Assuntina Anzalone, who came to Saltaire from Italy as a 19 year old girl. This is her story >

Saltaire's Social History:
A collection of Saltaire stories >

We love hearing your stories:
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New research: Debunking two myths concerning the life of Sir Titus Salt

Researched by David King
Balgarnie wrote a biography of Sir Titus Salt. Did he get some things wrong? More >

Reel Lives: Women who worked in the mills

WW1 The Saltaire StoryQuick links:

Researched by Colin Coates and inspired by the Cloth & Memory exhibition in Salts Mill, by British artist, Caren Garfen.Biographies of the 108 women connected with Saltaire who worked in mills. More >

WW1 - The Saltaire Story

WW1 The Saltaire StoryQuick links:

Researched by Colin Coates

Second Boer War Roll of Honour

WW1 The Saltaire StoryQuick link:

Researched by Colin Coates
Biographies of those connected with Saltaire who served in the Second Boer War.

House histories

Quick link:

Researched by Colin Coates

Who lived in Saltaire houses? Colin Coates discovers the people and families who made their home in Saltaire. First street: Ada St.

WW2 - The Roll of Honour

Quick link:

Researched by Colin Coates

Honouring the men and women who lived in Saltaire and served their country in World War Two. More >

Saltaire Journals

The Saltaire Journals publish research relating to Saltaire and its history.

They are available to download on a world-wide basis to non-commercial parties such as local historians, and research and educational bodies. More >


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