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Image: Caren Garfen

Reel Lives: Saltaire women who worked in the mills
Researched by Colin Coates


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Jolley, Sarah Elizabeth
c1880 – 1960

Sarah Elizabeth Jolley was the third of seven children to Joseph Joshua Jolley & Elizabeth Ann Thorpe who married in 1875.

Sarah was born in Saltaire c1880. In 1881 the family were living at 33 Ada Street in Saltaire with Joseph working as a wool sorter. By 1891 they were living at 2 Constance Street in Saltaire. Sarah aged just 11 was working as a spinner. In 1901 the family had not moved, with Sarah now working as a woollen weaver.

Sarah married William Hird in 1905. They had a son David Clifford born c1907. However William died in 1910. So in 1911 a widowed Sarah and her son were living with her parents at 7 Rhodes Street in Saltaire. Sarah was working as a weaver.
Sarah married Thomas Willoughby 6 October 1913 at St Pauls Shipley. Thomas worked as a turner.

Thomas died in 1936 and Sarah died in 1960 aged 80.


Jowett, Ada Alice
1874 - 1949

Ada Alice Jowett was born c1874 in Saltaire. Her mother was Ellen Jowett, father unknown.

Ellen married Henry Bell 23 November 1876 at Bradford Cathedral. In 1881 the family were living at 45 Charnwood Road in Eccleshill. Henry was a coachman. In 1891 & 1901 they were living at 7 Katherine Street in Saltaire. In 1891 Ada was a woollen weaver and in 1901 she was a twister.

Ada married Walter Frederick Bilney 21 May 1910 at St. Pauls Shipley. In 1911 they were living at 24 Fanny Street in Saltaire. Walter was a wool sorter in the mill. They had one son, Harry Jowett Bilney (b15 September 1910 – d1981).

Ada died aged 75 in 1949. Walter died 27th Feb 1953 at St Lukes Hospital Bradford. His home was at 30 Leyburn Grove in Shipley.


Jowett, Margaret (1)
1863 -????

Margaret Jowett was born 1863 in Saltaire, the youngest of six children to Jonas Jowett and his wife Elizabeth. In 1861 they were living at 36 Ada Street in Saltaire with Jonas working as a warp dresser. From 1871 they lived at 42 Titus Street in Saltaire. In 1881 Margaret was working as a spinner and in 1891 she was a reeler.

[Margaret Jowett is a common name, so it is not clear what happened to her after 1891.]


Jowett, Margaret (2)
1867 -????

Margaret Jowett was born 1867 in Saltaire, the eldest of nine children to John Jowett and his wife Sarah. In 1871 they were living at 20 Constance Street in Saltaire with John working as a tailor. By 1881 they were living at 42 Helen Street in Saltaire with Margaret working as a spinner. In 1891 they were living at 4 Constance Street in Saltaire with Margaret working as a twister.
[Margaret Jowett is a common name, so it is not clear what happened to her after 1891.]


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