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Image: Michael de Greasley See also: Dave Shaw and David King's blog: Dayton or Bust!
Three Saltaire Historians and a long walk home to Saltaire from New Lanark...

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Phase 2: from Carlisle to Saltaire, beginning 19th July. Join us on the 26th for the last day of walking.
Dated: Sunday 17th July

Dear Friends,

We successfully completed the first stage of the walk - the 90 miles from New Lanark to Carlisle - in late June, and on Tuesday 19th July we will return to Carlisle to walk the remaining 120 miles, via the Eden Valley and the Dales, to Saltaire..

A few people have expressed an interest in accompanying us on the last day's walking on Tues 26th - we'd be delighted to have you join us. We will be departing from Ilkley railway station at 9.30 am, coming over the moors via Dick Hudsons and Shipley Glen. We plan to arrive at the Boat House in Saltaire at 1 pm on that day. If you would like to join us, we look forward to seeing you on the 26th.

As you will know, the model industrial township of New Lanark is - like Saltaire - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famed for the radical social policies of its owner Robert Owen, New Lanark, which predated Saltaire by more than 50 years, was and is an inspiration to us all. We undertook the walk mainly for the fun of it, but also to strengthen the bonds between the two sites.

Best wishes

Dave Shaw, Roger Clarke and David King
Saltaire History Club

Carpe Diem - an anagram of “epic dream”…
Dated 19th July 2011

Setting off from Carlisle with the Intrepid Duo in the teeth of a Slight Drizzle

Tuesday morning dawned, and David King got us off to the smoothest of starts – collected us by car in Saltaire, up through the Dales, a few junctions up the M6 and there we were – back at Carlisle Castle, where we’d called a temporary halt at the end of the first 90 miles of walking from New Lanark. Now for the 120 miles back to Saltaire. Our task for the day: to walk the 16 miles from Carlisle to Lazonby without mishap.

Saltaire - this way!

Lazonby is a small village on the River Eden – the river that’s going to be our companion for a couple of days as we head south towards Appleby.

The River Eden didn’t disappoint. Heron, swans, rapids, waterfalls, and then the delightful village of Wetheral. Roger nearly scored in Wetheral, with two ladies who described him as “fit”, before introducing him to the Flight of Fancy & St Constantine – delightful riverside features.

Roger sitting on the Flight of Fancy at Wetheral

We’re using a map supplied by David Ford & colleagues of Saltaire Bookshop – a great little map at a bargain price. Thank you, David & Co!

Roger & Dave's first encounter with balsam in the Eden Valley

St Constantines Cell at Wetheral on the River Eden

Dry Beck Viaduct near Armathwaite on the Settle Carlisle Line

While Dave & Roger were walking, David King spent time exploring the byways of Carlisle, picking up some good maps from a huge second-hand book shop there. David then drove to Lazonby via Brampton, a picturesque and ancient market town.We were extremely lucky to get to our destination in sunshine, seconds before a torrential cloud burst drenched everything.

The Old Moot Hall in Brampton

What score for the day on our silent monitors? White! – for the wonderful sunshine & scenery,  the lovely Briardale B & B in Lazonby, & the welcoming Highland Drove Inn at Great Salkeld.

The Best B & B in Lazonby

We’re set fair for tomorrow – no  injuries to report, and spirits are high. Yipee!

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