Click on the windows to open them. You can download the pamphlet and consult the map.
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Apt 5, 65 Victoria Rd
1 Carlton Ave
Saltaire Primary School Saltaire United
Reformed Church
New Mill,
Victoria Rd
- NHS Trust
97 Bingley Rd
1g 1h 1i 1j 1k 1m
68 Victoria Rd 30 Caroline St 2 Victoria Rd Edward Street Bakery

Linley & Simpson

2 Dove St
1n 1p 1q 1r 2 3
66 Victoria Rd Hirst Wood Nursery 1 Dallam Ave Methodist Church Shipley Glen Tramway
at 9 Helen St
71 George St
(view from
Upper Ada St)
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25 Edward St 38 Titus St 58 George St 32 Dove St 14 Mary St 4 Daisy Place
10 11 12 13 14 15
26 Dove St 22 William Henry St 1 Whitlam St 31 Helen St 38 George St 64 George St
16 17 18 19 20 21
4 Mawson St 7 Caroline St 14 George St 31 Titus St 7 William Henry St 23 Whitlam St
22 23 24      
4 Fanny St 44 Whitlam St 55 George St      
Wishing you a merry and peaceful Christmas.
Let's be kind to one another, kind to animals
and let's take care of our planet.

The Saltaire Living Advent Calendar has been a feature of our village since 2006. This year 15 houses and community buildings will be illuminated 1from 1 December (4pm - 10.30pm), so it is well worth a walk around the windows from the very beginning. From then on, one new window will be “opened” each evening until 24th December and all remain lit until 1st January. Do join us strolling around the streets of Saltaire and enjoy each window as it opens. Each window will also be displayed on the Saltaire Village website and on social media with snippets of information about the design and designers.
Registered Charity no. 1150701. Company Ltd. by guarantee no. 6670913


Photographer: David Starley
This webpage: Flinty Maguire
Event organised by Saltaire Inspired

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