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JUNE 1953
Blackpool trip 1953 Blackpool trip 1953 Blackpool trip 1953

Can you recognise anyone in this set of photographs? Your grandad? Your mum? Yourself?! If so please let us know, and add to the historical records of our World Heritage Site. Also if you have any memorabilia relating to the trip, we’d like to hear from you.

The photos were taken on Friday 26th June 1953, when Salts (Saltaire) Ltd arranged a mill outing to Blackpool for its workers. The event was part of the company’s centenary celebrations.

The outing was captured on both film and camera; 61 photos were included in a purpose-made, leather-bound album; approx half of the photos are reproduced here.

Both film and album are now the property of Bradford Industrial Museum (copyright of the photos shown here lies with the Museum; unauthorised reproduction of the images is forbidden).

It is understood that several, perhaps all, of the company’s branches were invited on the trip, so the photos may not feature Saltaire workers exclusively, but the village is featured in photos of the start of the trip, and several photos relate to a service held in Saltaire Congregational Church. If you have any information (including time and date) on the church gathering, please let us know.

The aim is to develop for posterity a record of who’s who in the photos, and thereby add to the historical records of our World Heritage Site. To this end, and to help identify individuals, the photos and the individuals featured in these electronic copies have been numbered.

To ensure data protection obligations are met, no names of identified individuals will be published on this website without the consent of the individuals concerned, or their representatives. Ownership of the sole, consolidated record of names and other information will lie with the Bradford Industrial Museum.

Please get in touch if you can help us identify who’s who in the photos.

Dave Shaw


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