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Image: Wei Xinliang
Richard Heald, Photographer

Richard HealdRichard Heald photographs local places, seascapes around the UK, and wildlife. He also enjoys abstract photography using various filters, flash guns, fisheye lenses and long shutter speeds to create motion blur.  Saltaire remains one of Richard's favourite places to photograph, so too the iconic, colourful and vibrant skylines of London.

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Examples of work

Richard Heald

Albert Terrace, Saltaire © R J Heald

Richard Heald

Bikes © R J Heald

Richard Heald

Salts Mill and canal: Salts Curve © R J Heald

Richard Heald

Salts Mill through the window © R J Heald

Richard Heald

Newborough beach, Northumberland © R J Heald

Richard Heald

"Oxo" © R J Heald

Richard Heald

Get rich, Camden © R J Heald

Richard Heald

Peace, the lion, Saltaire © R J Heald


All images, copyright Richard J Heald, and reproduced here with permission.

Please contact Richard Heald, the copyright owner, if you have any queries.


More about Richard Heald

Richard Heald writes: I live in Leeds with my wife and two children but have a strong connection to Saltaire. Years ago, I started evening classes at Park Lane College in Horsforth where I processed film and produced my first black and white prints - and so began a passion. My first college photographic assignment (some years ago!) was ‘Looking at life in Saltaire’: shopkeepers and streets, the church and Salts Mill. My parents, Anne and Roger Heald, ran the gift shop/Tourist Information Centre on Victoria Road for many years and still live above the shop. Saltaire remains one of my favourite places to photograph.

I also have a particular passion for abstract photography and like to use various filters, flash guns, fisheye lenses and enjoy using long shutter speed timings to create motion blur.  A favourite place to use these techniques is London as the skyline is so iconic, filled with vibrant colours.  
I photograph local places, seascapes around the UK, and wildlife.

My images are for sale. Feedback and commissions welcomed.

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