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Image: Tom Thompson Middleton Rutherford
WW1: The Saltaire Story
Researched by Colin Coates

WW1 Roll of Honour: surnames beginning with:

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Abrams, George William
22 June 1898 – 13 July 1982
[Updated: 1 November 2019]

George William Abrams was the son of Thomas Abrams. Thomas was born 21 December 1868 in Lincolnshire. He married Susannah Pinder in 1892 in Gainsborough.

George, the second oldest of six children, was born 22 June 1898 in Lincolnshire. In 1901 they were living in Lincolnshire with Thomas working as a gardener. By 1906 they were living in Rawmarsh, Rotherham.
George was a wool comber living with his parents at 40 Titus Street in Saltaire when he married Amy Parker 23 February 1918 at St Pauls Shipley. They had a daughter, Hilda May, born 1919.

George enlisted 22 July 1916 and he was called up 10 May 1918. He served with 2nd Battalion Prince of Wales Own West Yorkshire Regiment until he was discharged 6 November 1919.

After the war George lived with his wife in Windhill. He died 13 July 1982. George was buried in Nab Wood Cemetery Shipley alongside his wife, Amy, who died 24 May 1974 and his married daughter, Hilda May Ramsden, who died June 1982.

George had two younger brothers, Alwin and Thomas, who served in World War Two.


Adkin, John
c1892 – 1966

John Adkin was born c1892 to parents unknown.

Working as a wool carder, he married Nellie Dovener 20 November 1915 at North Bierley Registry Office. They had a daughter, Vera Mary, born 18 May 1916. They lived in Windhill, before moving in with Nellie’s family at 21 Mawson Street in Saltaire.

John enlisted 7 December 1915. He was mobilised 11 October 1916 and served with the Prince of Wales’s Own West Yorkshire Regiment. He served in France from 6 January 1917. Having received gunshot wounds 15 February 1917 he was sent home 24 February.

John survived the war, to live with his family at 100 Hirst Wood Road in Shipley. From 1945 they lived in Bingley until his death in 1966.


Allen, Albert
1886 – 16 September 1957
[Amended 16 August 2016. Updated 2 September 2017]

Albert Allen was the son of George Allen. George was born c1858 in Bradford. He was a railway fireman when he married Hannah Abbot 29 April 1882 at St. Barnabas Heaton.

Albert AllenAlbert, the third of four children, was born 1886 in Manningham and he was baptised 13 February 1887 at St. Pauls Manningham.  In 1891 the family were living in Manningham with George working as a silk seal finisher; George died in 1898. In 1901 Albert and his siblings were living with their grandparents, Joseph & Elizabeth Allen, at 3 Titus Street in Saltaire. Albert was working as a spinner.

Albert married Ethel Bowles 29 October 1910 at Christchurch Windhill. In 1911 they were living at 11 Fanny Street in Saltaire, with Albert employed as a warp twister in Saltaire Mills. Following the death of his grandparents he moved back to 3 Titus Street in 1913.

Albert saw service in South Africa and he was invalided home suffering from fever and dysentery. In August 1917 he was in a convalescent home in Epsom. On returning to Saltaire he lived at 16 Herbert Street. He remained here until his death 16 September 1957.

Albert shares a grave at Nab Wood Cemetery Shipley with his wife, Ethel, who died 19 August 1970 and their daughter Marjorie, who died in infancy. Albert is remembered on the Rolls of Honour at Saltaire URC and Saltaire Wesleyan Church.


Ambler, Benjamin Holdsworth
22 April 1881 – 28 August 1952

Benjamin Holdsworth Ambler was the son of Holdsworth Ambler. Holdsworth was born 1842 in Yeadon. He married Hannah Unwin 31 December 1863 at St Wilfrid’s Calverley. Hannah died in 1864. Widowed Holdsworth married Ellen Dawson 4 July 1865 at Bradford Cathedral. They had eight children, but four died in infancy. In 1871 they were living at 24 Princess Street in Shipley with Holdsworth employed as a mechanic. In 1881 & 1891 they were living at 3 Daisy Place in Saltaire.

Benjamin was born 22 April 1881 in Saltaire. In 1901 they were living at 3 Maddocks Street in Shipley; Benjamin was an apprentice butcher. Benjamin emigrated to Canada before 1911. He married Mary Jane Fleming 27 December 1915 in York, Toronto, Canada. Benjamin worked as a butcher and he lived with his wife at 151 Baldwin Street in Toronto

Benjamin served in WW1 as a Private with the 124th Battalion of the Canadian Oversees Expeditionary Force. When he joined up 23 December 1915 he is described as a Methodist, 5’ 7” tall, dark brown hair and blue eyes. He arrived in England with the Canadian troops 18 August 1916. He saw action in France and was wounded in France 15 August 1917. He was discharged medically unfit. 29 April 1918.

Benjamin died 28 August 1952 in Canada.


Anderson, Willie
1888 – 1928

Willie Anderson was the son of Jonathan Anderson. Jonathan was born c1852 in Bradford. He married Mary Banks, 29 November 1873, at Bradford Cathedral. Jonathan lived all his life in Bradford, and he worked as a heating engineer. Following his wife’s death, he married Annie Barraclough, 2 June 1894, at St Wilfrid Calverley.

Willie, the youngest of four children, was born 1888 in Bradford. In 1911 he was living in Bradford with his father, stepmother and siblings. He was working as a heating engineer. He married Rose Appleby, 18 April 1914, at St Peters Shipley. Rose was living with her parents at 23 Jane Street in Saltaire. In 1918 Willie & Rose were living at 21 Amelia Street in Saltaire. They had at least three children including Jonathan, born in 1919, and James, born in 1927.

Willie fought in the war and survived.

In the 1921 Census the family remained at 21 Amelia Street. Willie was a heating engineer working in his father’s business, Jonathan Anderson & Sons, in Bradford. Living with living with them was Willie’s bother-in-law, John Appleby, his wife Jenny, and their son, George.

Willie died in 1928.


Appleby, John
10 December 1895 – September 1951

John Appleby was the son of James Appleby. James was born c1867 in Hampsthwaite. He married Mary Jane Calvert 28 July 1889 in Bradford Cathedral.

John, the third of eight surviving children, was born 10 December 1895 in Killinghall near Harrogate. In 1901 the family were living in Killinghall with James working as a stone quarryman. By 1911 they had moved to 23 Jane Street in Saltaire with James working as a labourer and John as a spinner. The family remained there until after 1918.

John enlisted in March 1917 and was drafted overseas as a Gunner with the Royal Field Artillery in January 1918. He was wounded in June 1918, and after recovering he was retained in France until he was demobilised in March 1919.

John married Jennie Hall, 14 February 1920, at St. Peters Shipley . Jenny was born, 9 February 1892. They were both living at 21 Amelia Street, Saltaire. They had four children: George, born 14 April 1921, Iris born 6 March 1923, Ronald born 18 May 1925, Raymond born 7 April 1932.

In the 1921 Census John and his family were living with his married sister, Rose Anderson (nee Appleby) and her husband, Willie Anderson, at 21 Amelia Street. John was a dyer’s labourer working at Saltaire Mills. From 1922 to 1938 they were living at 1 Mary Street, Saltaire

Extract from a report in the Shipley Times 28 May 1927: -

During a children's entertainment at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire, on Saturday (21 May) afternoon, George Appleby (6), 1 Mary Street, had the misfortune to fall from the balcony into the body of the hall, a distance of about 20 feet. He was taken to Sir Titus Salt's Hospital, Saltaire, suffering from concussion and cuts the head.

In the 1939 Register they were living at 19 Hirst Wood Road, Shipley. John was a dyer’s labourer. George was an apprentice warp twister, Iris was a twister, and Ronald a piece folder.

John died September 1951. He was living at 19 Hirst Wood Road in Shipley.


Armstrong, George Brooksbank
6 December 1888 – 10 May 1963

George Brooksbank Armstrong was the son of James Edward Armstrong. James was born c1863 in Liverpool. He married Margaret Brooksbank 20 October 1883 at St. Marys Eastwood in Keighley. In 1891 the family were living at 12 Thomas Street in Keighley with James working as a carter.

George, the third of six children, was born 6 December, 1888, in Keighley. He was baptised 1 December 1889 at St. Marys, Eastwood, Keighley. In 1911 George was working as a dyer and he was living with his aunt, Hannah Brooksbank, at 17 Amelia Street in Saltaire.

George married Sarah Hannah Godfrey, 29 July 1911, at St Peter’s Shipley. Sarah, born 29 August 1886, was a weaver living at 5 Daisy Place in Saltaire. They had three children: Charles born in 1912, Harry in 1913, and Clara in 1920.

George was a volunteer with the 3rd Battalion Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding) Regiment from 17 December 1906 to 8 April 1908. He transferred to the 6th Battalion 29 April 1908 when he was a labourer at Salts Mill and living at 1 Mary Street in Saltaire. He took part in annual training at Redcar, 25 July to 9 August 1908, and at Marske, 25 July to 8 August 1909. George left the battalion 29 April 1910.

George served in survived WW1.

In the 1921 Census he lived with his family at 58 George Street, Saltaire. He was a dyer’s labourer at Saltaire Mills. In 1939 they were living at 24 Baker Street, Shipley, the home of Sarah’s mother.

George died 10 May 1963 in Blackpool. He was buried/cremated at Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley, and interred alongside his wife, Sarah, who died 18 November 1962 and their son, Harry, who died 6 January 1943, aged just 29.


Atkinson, Harry
c1894 –????

Harry Atkinson, born c1894, was the son of William Atkinson.  
Harry, working as a riveter, married Emma Beanland 25 March 1916 at St Peters Shipley. He was living at 15 Caroline Street in Saltaire. They had a daughter, Sylvia, born 14 September 1916.

Harry enlisted 14 February and served as a Private with the 3rd Battalion Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment. He fought in France from 4 January 1917 to 3 March 1917. Harry and his family lived with Emma’s parents at 9 Constance Street in Saltaire.


Atkinson, Herbert
c1894 – ????

Herbert Atkinson was the son of Fred Atkinson. Fred was born c1870 in Bradford. He married Emmeline Brearley 13 August 1892 at St. Stephen Bowling.

Herbert, their only son, was born c1894 in Bradford. In 1901 the family lived at 18 Shirley Street in Saltaire with Fred working as a cotton warp dresser. In 1911 they were living at 14 Albert Road in Saltaire.

Herbert was an apprentice overlooker at Salts Mill before working at Jowett Motor Works. He served as a Private with the Prince of Wales’s Own (West Yorkshire Regiment). Herbert was awarded the Military Certificate of Merit 29 June 1916 for taking part in a dangerous raid.

Herbert spent time in hospital during the war, however he survived.






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