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The Mystery of Edward Salt, Saltair, Ohio
Dave Shaw rallies the sleuths


From: Dave Shaw []
Sent: 12 April 2007 15:01
To: Pamela Reynolds, Saltaire Village; Steve Page
Cc: Roger Clarke; James Duncan; Phil Barlow; Denys Salt
Subject: Re: Got the pages on the Salt family

Greetings Steve, Pamela and All. This is now getting very interesting.....

(To the additional addressees of this email - Philip, David, and Denys - in order to follow this discussion of Salts in Ohio, you need to have read Steve's topic on the Chat Board of the History Club).

We should also first explain to Steve that we (in Saltaire, UK) don't have a definitive Salt family tree. Rather there exist a few versions which different people have developed over the years, focussing in some cases on different generations and branches of the family. I believe the two people who have done most work relevant to Steve's ancestry are Denys (Salt) (great grandson of Sir Titus); and David (King). I hope they can contribute to this current discussion.

I am looking at a version of the family tree produced by Denys. It shows an Edward Salt of Birmingham, described as a varnish maker. It doesn't give a date of birth, but I would guess it was around 1760 +/- 20 years. He was a cousin of Daniel Salt (Daniel being the father of Sir Titus Salt), and a grandson of the Titus Salt of Sheffield, which is (I think) the furthest back anyone has been able to go in tracing the family's ancestry.

The other point to mention is that David (King) has a record of a Salt family member in Ohio. I'm not sure at this stage if he was an Edward Salt or not; the surname may have become Atkinson through marriage. Hopefully David can shed more light on this.

The naming of Saltair(e) in Ohio presumably occurred after 1853, but it is possible that the Salts were there at an earlier date. One possibility that we shouldn't exclude in our thinking is that a Salt may have gone out at an early date to Ohio, and been joined later by another member (maybe a younger generation) of the family.

I look forward to seeing the information referred to in Pamela's email. *****

Best regards


****Note from Pamela - these documents are now online. Follow this link to view the list of documents Go!


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