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The Mystery of Edward Salt, Saltair, Ohio

Sherlock Holmes13 April 2007 - This is something we're still working on - and it's the BEST game of Cluedo ever! Steve Page from Cincinnati got in touch with us via the Chat Board on this website. His parents live in Saltair, Ohio - where Steve grew up - and the legend goes that this Saltair, Ohio, USA is connected with our Saltaire, Yorkshire, England.

Steve's Mum and Dad live in an old house house built the 1700s by a man from England called Edward Salt, though our Saltaire didn't come into being until 1850, when the land was purchased by Sir Titus Salt to build Salts Mill and the village. Is it possible there's a family link between Edward Salt and the Salt family in Yorkshire? The Saltaire Sleuths (aka the Saltaire Boffins) are on the case - and if there's a connection, surely they'll ferret it out. We'll post our findings on the site as we go along.

Below are links to everything we know so far....

All these files listed below have been sent to us by Steve Page.

1. Notes on the farm at Salt Air, Ohio

2. Notes on the Salt family written by Peggy Ross, April 8th, 1973.

3. Article appearing in the Cincinnati Post, 29 November 1971 entitled:
English family, river, give name to Salt Air.

4. Extract from the Official Register of American Revolutionary Soliders who lived in the state of Ohio, regarding Edward Salt Senior. Written by Helen Baker, descendant.

5. Notes and an appeal for information from Mrs. Patricia Salt Charles of Mercer Island.

6. Incomplete handwritten notes on the Salt Family.

7. The Pioneers, a sketch of life of his mother and family of Clarmont County, written by W. C. Salt in 1912.






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