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Added to website: 10 October 2012
Meeting: Thursday 18 October 2012

Saltaire's Future
What do you think of the Feasibility Study for a
Water Turbine in Saltaire?

What to research next?

Shipley College, Victoria Road
(opposite Victoria Hall) 7 – 9 pm.
ALL WELCOME - and it's FREE!

Dear Friends,

The next meeting of the History Club will be held on 18 Oct, 7-9 PM at Salts Building , Victoria Rd.

The meetiing will be in two parts:

The first part will address the motion:  

"Saltaire History Club, having been identified as a stakeholder in BMDC's Feasibility Study for a Water Turbine in Saltaire WHS, declares its opposition to the Council's proposal and calls upon BMDC to abandon its current project and find a better solution to its energy needs".

The second part of the meeting will be devoted to a discussion of the most fruitful topics for future research by Club members. There are many such possible topics - the role of the Saltaire township during WW1; building on the achievments of the recent Symposium, which has led to the Club having unprecedented contacts with the families of both the Salts & the Roberts's; further contact with Dayton, Tennessee; a data base of the histories of Saltaire houses & their occupants; etc etc.

As always the meeting is free, & all are welcome.

Best regards

Dayton or Bust! The blog of two Saltaire historians on an American Adventure

Dayton or Bust! The blog of 2 Saltaire Historians on an American adventure

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