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Day 1: The Adventure Begins…
Wed 25th April

We arrived safely at Knoxville Airport on Tuesday evening to a warm welcome from our hosts for the first two days of the Dayton Venture 2012. As we walked through to the terminal’s baggage collection area, two placard waving supporters were there waiting for us – George & Andrea Wignall, now residents of nearby Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

George is a former Bradfordian – an Old Hansonian who pursued a successful career in polymer sciences during his appointment at the prestigious Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The Laboratory had evolved from the USA’s 1940s Manhatten Project which was created to develop a nuclear capability before the Germans did so.

Bradford in the 19th century underwent an enormous expansion in its population – around 100,000 in three decades. So great was the USA’s commitment to the Manhatten Project that Oak Ridge’s population grew from a few hundred in 1941 to 75,000 in little more than two years, much of it done in top secret, within secure boundaries (“A City Behind a Fence”). The housing programme included fascinating prefabricated dwellings – many still standing - which are worth careful study in their own right.

Dave Shaw outside the Manhatten Project Guest House

Manhattan Project Guest House

Oak Ridge Housing

Oak Ridge Housing

Our first day has been spent with George, Andrea, & Andrea’s mother Sally – a lovely trio who showed us round the sites of Oak Ridge. Perfect hosts – we cannot thank them enough for their hospitality!

The Welcoming Party - George & Andrea Wignall and Andrea's mother, Sally

Tomorrow we move 40 miles down the road to Dayton – the heart of our Tennessee travels, where the Salts launched their second major venture in the 1880s.

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