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Articles are designed for A4 printing in booklet form. Contributions should be a minimum of 2 pages. Please discuss the possible final word count of your research.

Contributors are asked to adhere to a house style in their articles, so as to best maintain the readability of the Journals. An informal editorial board exists to ensure a minimum quality of writing and presentation; contributors are asked to work co-operatively with the board and follow its advice on editorial matters.

Delivers to Dave Shaw, Editor and Publisher of The Saltaire Journals.

The purposes of these guidelines are two-fold. Firstly they seek to set a common standard for contributors. Secondly, by giving advance notification, they reduce the amount of work involved in the editing process.

  1. Wherever possible text should be submitted as a PC Word document. If the author lacks access or familiarity with PCs or Word, it may be possible to help, depending on the nature of the material.
  2. Start sentences with a single space.
  3. Avoid the use of the first person “I” where possible – use instead the passive form (eg rather than writing “I have not found…..” use the words “…. has not been found.”
  4. Single digit numerals should be spelt out when used in sentences (eg “The five houses accommodated 10 adults.”)
  5. When referring to streets or roads by name, use the abbreviation of St or Rd. No full stop after the abbreviation is necessary (except of course where it happens to be the end of a sentence).
  6. Similarly, the fifth son of Sir Titus Salt is normally to be referred to as Titus Salt Jr or Titus Jr (again no full stop except when ending a sentence).
  7. Dates should be presented as eg 20th September, 1803.
  8. Remember that the readership of the Journal is world-wide. Please do not assume that the reader has close familiarity with the local history or geography of Saltaire.
  9. Prior to submission of a piece of work, it is advisable to reread it from the perspective of a new reader, unfamiliar with the subject, and make adjustments accordingly.


  1. Images should be copyright-cleared.
  2. Digital images should be provided at their highest resolution.
  3. Care should be taken when taking photographs for inclusion in the Journal with consideration to light, composition and focus.
  4. Photographs, where they do not exist in digital form, should be scanned at the highest resolution possible.
  5. Diagrams should be produced digitally where possible.
  6. All images should be able to be reproduced comfortably on an A4 page.
  7. The number of images should be in proportion to the word count.
  8. For those without the means to obtain digitial photographs, or lack the equipment or knowledge to scan photographs or produce digitally-stored diagrams, please consult the editorial team.

More advice can be given on house style and images by contacting the editorial team.



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