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SALTAIRE JOURNALS are being produced in order to provide a means for historians to publish findings which relate to Saltaire, the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Yorkshire, England. The spirit of the venture is to make The Journals freely available on a world-wide basis to non-commercial parties such as local historians, and research and educational bodies.  The facility is free to contributors and readers alike.

Each Journal issued will consist of a single topic by an author or group of authors. The Journals will be published not at regular intervals, but as new research is written up, and will be freely available to download from this website. This is the main means by which the Journals will be issued, with the reader free to print off the articles as they wish. Any copyrights attached to an article will be made known in its issuing. A limited number of copies will be printed centrally, for deposition in libraries, archives and other outlets.

Anyone with findings that relate to Saltaire, its community and its environs, are warmly invited and encouraged to have their researches published in The Saltaire Journals. This will guarantee that their work not only reaches the widest possible audience, but also will be formally and permanently deposited at the British Library. The series carries appropriate ISSNs (International Standard Serial Numbers).
It is hoped that articles will lead to commentary and discussion. Provision for that is made within the Chat Board of the above website. Similarly; corrections and additions to articles can be made in this way. Such commentary, corrections, etc will not be formally deposited.

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Delivers to Dave Shaw, Editor and Publisher of The Saltaire Journals.

Some words about our logo are merited. The logo is an adaptation by artist Katy Clarke of the famous Belwarp logo, which was used by Salts Mill throughout much of its long life as a manufacturer excelling in textile production.  The original trademark of the company is etched into the very fabric of the building, and can be seen today on the mill’s south-facing front. We hope our modest venture serves as one reminder of the mill’s great heritage.
It is hoped that the Saltaire Journals add to our readers’ enjoyment and appreciation of our World Heritage Site.



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