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Added to website : 17 August 2015, updated 1 March 2016
The unsourced "Rules of Saltaire Village & Mill"

There is no evidence to show the so-called rules of Saltaire Village* and Mill* are authentic; unfortunately, there is evidence to show they are fake.

Saltaire is a World Heritage Site. It's important that Saltaire's history is represented with integrity and accuracy to the best of everyone's ability.

There are some Saltaire rules that are sourced and accepted as fact.

The genuine rules of Saltaire

Local historian, Colin Coates, confirms there are also genuine rules for Sir Titus Salt Hospital, written in 1910 and revised in 1922.

Undoubtedly, there would have been official rules to structure work and life in Saltaire, but they have not been traced. These rules may not, now, exist in any form.

Unfortunately, there has been a determined effort to represent "Rules for living in Saltaire Village 1853 - 1876" and "Rules to be observed by the hands employed in Salts Mill, 1853 - 1876", as fact. What we do know about these rules is they were produced by a local man, c. 2002, for sale in a shop.

This is what they look like:

Twitter posts have repeatedly proclaimed these rules are "offical" and "authentic". There have even been photographs faked in a crude attempt to authenticate them.

Below, a real press photograph:

Press photo: Edward Stanners, Saltaire

Below, a poorly faked photo and a made-up fact tweeted by Maria Glot of Salts Walks on two of her Twitter accounts @EllinSaltaire and @EllinGlot.

Mara Glot fakes the rules

"#SaltsMill MD presenting #Saltaires first tourist Ted Adams & daughter a suit length & #Rules of the village and Mill posters in Oct 1980"

The photo has been created by roughly cutting around the hands to insert another layer: the "rules". The press photo is black and white. The "rules" have colour around Titus Salt's cameo picture.

This issue has a long history. Polite attempts over a number of years to establish the veracity of these rules have been thwarted by Maria Glot. This isn't fun. This appears to be an attempt by Maria Glot to rewrite history; to mislead people. It is both irresponsible and deceitful. It is also completely baffling. The true story of Saltaire is fascinating enough.

Unfortunately, this issue is also clouded by the stalking behaviour of Maria Glot and her friend, Bill Brennan. More about this below.

Why does this issue matter?

THE PROBLEM: Students, researchers and writers contact the Saltaire Village website team requesting sources for the "Saltaire Mill & Village rules", promoted by Maria Glot of Salts Walks as: "Rules for Living in Saltaire Village, 1853 - 1876", and "Rules to be observed by the hands employed in Salts Mill, 1853 - 1876".

Following enquiries over a period of years, no source for these so-called "official" rules has been offered despite them being represented as authentic by repeated tweets on local tour guide, Maria Glot's, various Twitter accounts @EllinSaltaire, @SaltsWalks, @EllinGlot, and on the Twitter account @prince_harry1 attributed to a man called Brian William Brennan. Confusingly, Maria Glot also accesses and tweets from the @prince_harry1 Twitter account.

This issue has wasted a lot of good people's time. Maria Glot's and Bill Brennan's abusive behaviour towards Pamela Reynolds, the editor of this website, predates this issue.

Bill Brennan's Twitter account is @prince_harry1. The account has had various monikers; it's currently known as "BrianWilliam Brennan", but in the past "Billy Bonkey" "Boxer Bill", "William" and other names.

This account is used to promote Maria Glot and her business, Salts Walks, and also as a defaming and stalking tool. Pamela Reynolds has been targetted on Twitter feeds attributed to Maria Glot and Bill Brennan, and after dealing with this unpleasant behaviour since 2013, there is now a zero-tolerance.

As Maria Glot also posts to the Bill Brennan Twitter feed, a mistake was inevitable.

Here's "Bill Brennan" declaring "he" made history on 10 April 1996 as a Salts Walks guide...

... and here's Maria Glot declaring the same thing.

Let's focus on the fake rules.
Magnify Click on image below to magnify.

Bill Brennan (or Maria Glot?) declares these "actual rules" were "drawn up by Titus Salt."

That is not true.

Factually, these "rules" were produced by a local man (the late Clive Woods) at the request of Anne Heald, a retired and respected local businesswoman, for sale in her Saltaire shop. There is no evidence to show these rules are anything more than a curiosity for tourists. Currently, they are sold in Saltaire's Visitor Information Centre, and are described by VIC manager, Rachel Oxborough, as a "lighthearted souvenir".

We ask students, researchers and writers to exercise due care and diligence when referring to these rules in academic work.

Who is @prince_harry1, and what's his relationship to Maria Glot and Salts Walks?

The @prince_harry1 Twitter account belongs to a man called Brian William Brennan, or Bill Brennan. He states he lives in London. According to Shipley Police, he is a friend of Maria Glot. Maria Glot also posts to this account. Much of the account is dedicated to retweeting Maria Glot.

Pamela Reynolds, editor of this website, received disturbing emails and noted defamatory tweets about her posted, apparently, by Bill Brennan on Twitter. It later transpired that Maria Glot had access to Bill Brennan's Twitter account. The posts were obscure at first, but became personal when the photograph of Pamela Reynolds was used as the profile picture of Bill Brenna's Twitter feed. It seemed the objective of the people posting on @prince_harry1 was to upset, intimidate and frighten.

Maria Glot invited Bill Brennan to Saltaire and drove him past Pamela Reynolds' house. The defamation and insults continued. The matter was referred to the police.

The screengrab above relates to tweets posted in 2014. Whoever was using the @prince_harry1 account at the time (Maria Glot, or Bill Brennan) goaded Pamela Reynolds into making a statement.

Pamela Reynolds writes: I waited patiently for resolution and hopefully, an apology. None came. Here is my statement, written in 2016: Strange and insulting emails were sent to me by someone calling himself Bill Brennan, Lord Brian William Brennan, and Sir Brennan. Then, threatening and defamatory tweets obviously aimed at me were posted on Twitter by Maria Glot and, apparently, Bill Brennan using the Twitter account @prince_harry1. Some of the tweets were juxtaposed with pornography, which was intimidating and frightening. I became anxious and depressed. I made several attempts to speak with Maria Glot to offer her kindness, reassurance and assistance, which she rejected. I confided in my doctor, and the police. Stalking tweets were mainly posted on Saturday night, which dominated our lives for months. My husband was extremely concerned for my safety and welfare, as was my family. I was visited by one of her team to warn me and offer me comfort. I asked if I was in danger. This person could not reassure me that I was not in danger. I was, apparently, being accused of various crimes. Maria Glot's and Bill Brennan's behaviour cannot be excused. It was inappropriate, bullying, abusive and often frightening. Maria Glot had every opportunity to voice a complaint against me through conventional channels, if she had a legitimate grievance against me. That would, at least, have allowed me to defend myself. I was not afforded this basic human right. Her motivation appears to have been to drive me out of Saltaire. I have relocated - not because of Maria Glot, though no doubt she is delighted, as evidenced by more obnoxious tweets. However, I will not allow her to disturb the peace of my new home, and my husband and I now have a policy of zero-tolerance to her stalking behaviour. I am not afraid to challenge her on matters of fact, either. Sourcing and autheticating historical facts of a World Heritage Site should be a civilised affair, and I, and others, have provided Maria with many opportunities to provide a source for the rules which she proclaims, on a global, digital platform, to be authentic. All that needed to be said is this: "The source of the rules of Saltaire Village and Mill are unknown." However, conflicting and ridiculous statements have been made about them and crudely doctored images have been posted. We either stand by and do and say nothing, or else we seek the truth. From my point of view, as the editor of this website, the school children, academics and writers who take the trouble to contact the Saltaire Village website team about these rules, should be told the truth."

This is how Bill Brennan first represented himself. This film was sent to Pamela Reynolds in a series of bizarre emails.

Extracts from emails sent by "Bill Brennan" to the Saltaire Village website team. The author of them is in doubt as the email was copied to a private email address, known to Maria Glot, but not an "outsider".

From: bill brennan
Sent: 07 December 2013 20:33
"You can see the real Bill Brennan by clicking on the attachment or go to You Tube, wobbly bottom bill's day out.
Let the guides decide who to trust.
Brian William Brennan

From: bill brennan
Sent: 10 December 2013 14:08
Subject: Complaints

Do you have a complaints site on your forum?
Just keeping up the pressure. Bill.xx
Brian William Brennan

More about Bill Brennan explained by Twitter feed screengrabs >

The "fake rules"...
A timeline of enquires, emails and tweets about these "fake rules"

Various local historians and researchers have been involved in this issue. Following our unsuccessful enquires, all that can be offered is a time-line: email responses from Salts Walks guide, Roger Clarke, and tweeted statements by Maria Glot of Salts Walks relating to these "rules" of Saltaire Village and Mill.

In conclusion, Salts Walks guides, Maria Glot, Sally Clegg and Roger Clarke, have not offered a source for these rules, despite Maria Glot's representation of them as "authentic".

Further enquiries from people seeking a source for these "rules" for academic purposes, will be referred to this page. Over the years, this issue has wasted a lot of good people's time.

Pamela Reynolds, Editor


29 August 2013: The Saltaire History Club received an email enquiry from a student requesting the source of the so-called rules of Saltaire Village and Mill.

From: heather XXX
Sent: Thursday, 29 August 2013, 19:45
Subject: rules for living and working in saltaire

I'm trying to do some research preparation for my GCSE history controlled assessment on factory towns in the 1800's. One of the questions I have to answer is about the rules of living and working in Saltaire (in the late 1800's when it was first established) however I cant find a set of the rules anywhere. would you be able to send me them or tell me where I can find them online? It would be very helpful if you could.
thanks, Heather :)

Those responding on behalf of the Saltaire History Club, did not know the source of the rules for Saltaire Village and Mill. Enquiries began.

30 August 2013: Roger Clarke, a guide employed by Maria Glot of Salts Walks, replied to Dave Shaw of Saltaire History Club. This email was syndicated to interested parties researching this issue. Roger Clarke's understanding was that the rules were "products".

From: roger clarke
To: Dave Shaw
Sent: Friday, 30 August 2013, 13:07
Subject: Fw: rules for living and working in saltaire

... The list of rules were devised by Anne Heald, Clive and Maria and sold at No 2 Victoria Rd.  When the shop closed they went to Maria and we still use them on Salts Walks.
I have a tour this afternoon and will check on things like copywrite then.  Anne was always keen for the group to own the products. ...


August 2013: Enquiries established the so-called rules of Saltaire Village and Mill were commissioned by Anne Heald, who ran the gift shop and Tourist Information Office at 2 Victoria Road. They were written by Clive Woods (c2002) and sold in the shop. There was no further clarification as to Clive Woods' source.

Clive Woods' booklet "Saltaire History & Regeneration, The Official Guide", was published in 2000. He references Saltaire's genuine rules of the almshouses and park, but makes no reference to any other rules. The booklet advertises guided walks by Salts Walks, and census details for sale at £3.50, "Beautifully presented on parchment paper & wax sealed. Makes an unusual and special gift, for anyone living in Saltaire past, present and future."

The so-called "Rules for Living in Saltaire Village, 1853 - 1876", and "Rules to be observed by the hands employed in Salts Mill, 1853 - 1876", did not exist in the year 2000, otherwise Clive Woods would have referenced them.

Image below: scan of the advert appearing in Clive Woods' booklet, "Saltaire History & Regeneration, The Official Guide".

Clive Woods' advert

October 2013: An attempt by Pamela Reynolds, editor of, to assist Maria Glot after she chose to leave the Saltaire Village website (March 2013) without providing an exit statement to help her customers.

From: Pamela Reynolds <>
Date: 14 October 2013 12:18
Subject: Can I help?
To: Maria Glot

Dear Maria
 I am aware that it is taking a long time for your website to get up and running, which must be frustrating for you.
 What can I do to help you? I am prepared to help with a good heart – if you think I can. All I would ask is that you communicate with me respectfully and that you respect me when you see me on the street.
If you feel I can support you – we could meet for coffee – and I will do my best to put things on track for you again
Good wishes

13 May 2014: Roger Clarke responds to another enquiry addressed to the Saltaire History Club requesting permission to reproduce the text of the Rules for Living in Saltaire Village.

Email date
From: Roger Clarke
Sent: 13 May 2014 10:18
To: carol
Cc:; Maria Glot

Subject: Re: rules for living in saltaire village

Roger Clarke, a Salts Walks guide, amends his view that the copyright of the rules belongs to Salts Walks. He states instead that Anne Heald and Maria Glot "copyrighted the format and presentation rather than the information." This raised the question again, if these rules are authentic, what is their source? An answer was not offered.

13 June 2014, Maria Glot tweets: "Want to know what rules Titus Salt imposed on his inmates; only on Best website info & actually based in Saltaire"

Maria Glot tweet

One month after Roger Clarke's email stating the copyright of the Saltaire rules doesn't belong to Salts Walks, there still seems to be a sense of ownership about the rules. Rules that, apparently, date back to 1853 are only available on Maria Glot's website (though, unfortunately, not in any archive, library, book, or other traceable source).

10 August 2014 : Maria Glot tweets: " for #BlueBadgeGuides in #Saltaire"

A search for the names of Salts Walks guides (Maria Glot, Roger Clarke, Sheila Lansdell, Vivienne Swaine, Sally Clegg) on the database of the British Guild of Tourist Guides (Blue Badge Guides) produced zero results.

[Database search: September 2014, and again, 1 March 2016]

Sample tweets, 2014, Maria Glot tweets: "Shame history is mostly written by grumpy old men & regurgitated by middle-aged amateurs." And, "T. Salt's reputation safe with @EllinSaltaire. Descendants of auld straggly beard confirm he was the daddy of them all. Who were the mummies?

There have been suggestions that Sir Titus Salt fathered illegitimate children. Unless there is some hidden, secret source for this information, there is nothing to suggest that Sir Titus was anything other than a faithful husband to his wife, Caroline.

One year later, 2015: Maria Glot has not offered a source for the so-called "rules" of Saltaire Village and Mill.

Maria Glot has various Twitter accounts including @SaltsWalks @EllinSaltaire @EllinGlot and also uses @prince_harry1

27 May 2015, Maria Glot tweets:
"Over 1,000 people interested in #TitusSalts rules of #Saltaire get your copies from #Saltairevisitorcentre best info"

Below: Note the copyright notice at the bottom left of the page: © Maria Glot 2002 SALTS WALKS

Unsourced Saltaire rules

23 July 2015, Maria Glot tweets: "Rules #Saltaire, result of 45+yrs of research, from recollections of 100s of millworkers. Not just light-hearted souvenirs! Oral history."

Maria Glot tweet

Oral history implies that, within living memory, rules dating back to 1853 have been remembered verbatim.

25 July 2015, Maria Glot tweets: "The self-appointed defenders of the 'true' history of #Saltaire. Take 'em with a pinch of Salt,' as Titus would've said, the wit. And we do."

Maria Glot tweet

The use of 'true' (in inverted commas) and 'pinch of salt' appears to infer that the rules are fake.

29 July 2015, Maria Glot tweets: "#TitusSalt would dismiss RANTS against his RULES. He ran a successful commercial Mill & Village. His reply, unhappy? Go!" [Punctuated]

Maria Glot tweet

Is Maria Glot inferring that no one should question the source of the rules, and that the request for an academic standard is a 'rant'? Considering that GCSE and university students may quote them in course work and dissertations, an academic standard is, of course, necessary.

30 July 2015, Maria Glot tweets: Sir Titus Salt rules of #Saltaire village suddenley (sic) in great demand, all authenticated by 45+yrs research, must be down to good PR, & Clive

This tweet clearly states that the rules are authenticated by research over a period of 45 years (since 1970). However, we also know that Clive Woods, produced the rules, c2002, and did not reference them in his "Official Guide", written in 2000.

4 August 2015, Maria Glot tweets: #TitusSalts rules authentic only presentation copyrighted. Everyone welcome to reproduce. Result of 45 yrs + research

9 August 2015, Maria Glot tweets: "Where it began in 1963 Victoria Hall #Saltaire age 9. Mill workers told me their stories lions, rules, church and so much." The @prince_harry1 account retweets it with LOL.

The "rules" are now derived from mill workers talking to Maria Glot since 1963 (in 2015, 52 years ago).

Above, a manipulated image of Victoria Hall, layered with a child Photoshopped into the image, also Photoshopped, holding the rules of the village as currently sold in Saltaire Visitor Info Centre (also added: chandelier from the United Reformed Church and a lion from outside Victoria Hall).

12 August 2015, Maria Glot tweets: "Our history walks are based on 45+years of mill workers oral history. People could not read or write in Victorian times."

Maria Glot tweet

Are we to understand that rules supposedly written in 1853 are derived from talking to mill workers since 1970, and that, somehow, they were remembered verbatim? When other rules about Saltaire have been recorded in written form (the rules of the almshouses and park) why would other "official" rules not exist on paper?

The statement, "People could not read or write in Victorian times," is obviously inaccurate. The rules of Saltaire almshouses and park were reproduced by Abraham Holroyd in his book, Saltaire and its Founder*, written in 1873. Titus Salt died 1876. Holroyd's book is named as a primary source for Clive Woods' booklet**, written in 2000.

*Saltaire and its Founder by Abraham Holroyd, is republished by Piroisms Press in collaboration with Falcon Books of Saltaire, 2000 (ISBN: 0953860108.

** Saltaire History & Regeneration. Official Guide by Clive Woods. April, 2000.

15 August 2015, Maria Glot tweets: Treasured memories of Clive Woods best #Saltairehistorian ever first guide for #Saltswalks source of all rules and info

Maria Glot tweet


Maria Glot now states that Clive Woods is the source of "all rules and info" for Salts Walks. Part of this statement is factual. Clive Woods did produce the rules of the village and mill for sale in a local shop, c2002.

However, the authentic rules of Saltaire (park and almshouses) are, of course, referenced in historical documents.

Recap: Clive Woods' booklet: Saltaire History & Regeneration, Official Guide by Clive Woods, published 2000, mentions the rules of the Saltaire almshouses and park. Clive Woods makes no reference to any other rules. One can conclude, that in the year 2000, Clive Woods had no knowledge of, or reference point to, the so-called rules of the Mill and Village.

Clive Woods' primary sources for his book are stated as:

Rev. R. Balgarnie: Sir Titus Salt, Baronet: His life and its Lessons, 1877.
Reprinted as: Balgarnie's Salt, with commentary and additions by Barlo & Shaw
Nemine Juvante (Saltaire) Publications (20 Sept. 2003)
ISBN-10: 0954584007
ISBN-13: 978-0954584009

Abraham Holroyd: Saltaire and its Founder.
Republished by Piroisms Press in collaboration with Falcon Books of Saltaire, 2000
ISBN: 0953860108

Jim Greenhalf: Salt and Silver
Publisher: Bradford Arts, Museums and Libraries Service (1 Jun. 1997)
ISBN-10: 0907734502
ISBN-13: 978-0907734505
Reprinted, August 2015. Available from Salts Mill, Saltaire.

Going back to 14 July 2015, Maria Glot tweets: "#Saltswalks guides provide the best sourced info about #Saltaire. No need to be bored by regurgitations of Balgarnie"

Maria Glot tweet

It seems like we've come a confused and full circle. Rev. R. Balgarnie's book was a primary source of Clive Woods' booklet. Clive Woods is, according to Maria Glot's tweet on 15 August 2015, "#Saltswalks source of all rules and info", yet Maria appears to reject Balgarnie as a source of info. Clive Woods' booklet is a modest 26 pages plus adverts.

The so-called rules of Saltaire Village and Mill as promoted and sold by Salts Walks can only be traced back to c2002, when they were produced by Clive Woods for sale in the local Tourist Info Centre.

17 August 2015, Maria Glot tweets: "Clive Woods was meticulous in sourcing all information. He conducted guided walks & lectures to 1000's over 20+ yrs"

Is this hopeful? Over two years since the first enquiry, is it possible that there is a source to the rules? "Meticulous" (showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise) would mean that Clive Woods recorded his source/s in detail.

Maria Glot's image, above, appears to come from Clive Woods' booklet. However, the scanned page is not from the original booklet. Extra comment has been added, dated 2007, by Roger Clarke.

17 August 2015, Pamela Reynolds of Saltaire Website tweets:

"That's wonderful news, Maria. Please provide the source for his #Saltaire rules and we can get this cleared up. Thanks. @EllinSaltaire"


"Best recipient of source for Clive's rules is Julie of the #Saltaire Archive. Will check with her in couple of days. Thanks. @EllinSaltaire"

The Saltaire Archive is housed in Exhibition Building, Shipley College. This is the most appropriate place to refer information about Saltaire.

18 August 2015, Pamela Reynolds, Editor of Saltaire Village website emails Shipley College to request that, if Maria Glot provides a source for the "Rules for Living in Saltaire Village, 1853 - 1876", and "Rules to be observed by the hands employed in Salts Mill, 1853 - 1876", she will be notified.

From: Pamela Reynolds []
Sent: 18 August 2015 12:09
Cc: Helen.Thornton; 'Rachel Oxborough';; 'roger clarke'; David King
Subject: Unsourced rules of Saltaire Village

The email was copied to Helen Thornton, employed by Bradford Council as World Heritage Officer; Rachel Oxborough, manager of the Saltaire Visitor Info Centre which sells these rules; the History Club Committee (Colin Coates, Dave Shaw, Maggie Smith, Trevor Hart); and Roger Clarke, a Salts Walks guide who has previously interacted regarding this matter.

19 August 2015, David King, a respected and published historian, emails feedback on the unsourced rules issue.

David King writes: "I am not aware that anything relating to the rules* was discovered in Clive's** archive and working papers following his death and nobody subsequently who has done research into Saltaire has come across any mention of the rules in historical sources."

*Rules: the unsourced rules are "Rules for Living in Saltaire Village, 1853 - 1876", and "Rules to be observed by the hands employed in Salts Mill, 1853 - 1876"
[Please note, there are genuine rules for the almshouses and park, sourced from "Saltaire and its Founder" by Abraham Holroyd, 1873, republished by Piroisms Press in collaboration with Falcon Books of Saltaire, 2000 ISBN: 0953860108.]

**Clive Woods, who produced the rules c2002 for sale in a shop, died on the 22 November 2007 at his home in Victoria Road, Saltaire. His papers were subsequently examined.]

21 August 2015: Email sent on behalf of The Saltaire Archive, housed in Shipley College, sydicated to interested parties. Basically, "rules" should be regarded as "promotional material intended for tourists".

Julie Woodward writes: "I have said on previous occasions that as far as I am aware there are no documents in the Saltaire Archive that would substantiate the 'rules of Saltaire Village' in question. I have no reason to change that view.
"I would echo what others have said, that as the source of the rules cannot be established they should be regarded as promotional material intended for tourists. If anyone has any knowledge of documents that would provide sources the Saltaire Archive would be pleased to receive that information."

21 August 2015: Pamela Reynolds, editor of Saltaire Village website, emails Helen Thornton (World Heritage Officer), Saltaire History Club, Roger Clarke (Salts Walks guide) and others. Salts Walks guide, Roger Clarke, is asked to clarify the copyright status of the so-called rules of Saltaire Village and Mill.

From: Pamela Reynolds []
Sent: 21 August 2015 14:05
To: 'Julie Woodward'; 'roger clarke'; 'David King';; 'Rachel Oxborough'; 'Helen Thornton'; 'Nav Chohan'; 'Valerie Jenkins'
Subject: Unsourced rules of Saltaire Village - further comments invited


"May I also ask Roger Clarke of Salts Walks how I should answer these questions: “What is the copyright status of the so-called Rules of Saltaire Village and Mill, as promoted by Salts Walks? Are they authentic, as declared by Maria  Glot, the owner of Salts Walks, and what is their source?’  I feel Roger, who has stated Salts Walks uses these rules, should be able to answer, considering the number of school children and students who pay to be guided by the Salts Walks team."

27 August 2015: Pamela Reynolds, editor of Saltaire Village website, emails Sally Clegg, another Salts Walks guide, asking her to clarify the source of the rules of the village and mill.

From: Pamela []
Sent: 27 August 2015 10:22
To: 'Sally Clegg'
Cc: '' <>; Roger Clarke; Valerie Jenkins; Julie WOODWARD; Helen Thornton; Rachel Oxborough; David King


... To remind you of the current difficulty: those who field questions about Saltaire need assistance as to how to answer this recurring question: what is the source of the rules of the village and mill? ... Maria (Glot) has not provided an answer about the source of these rules (mill and village)... We need to be fair to students and others who enquire about them. Academic integrity and copyright is important...

I wonder if you can answer the question about the rules you use on the walks. It would be so helpful. Surely, as you deal with teachers and school children, university students and groups with interest in historical matters, you wouldn’t want to obstruct the truth?

All good wishes

Salts Walks guides: Maria Glot, Roger Clarke and Sally Clegg have not offered a source for the rules which are represented as "authentic". Roger Clarke responded he had "nothing more to add". Sally Clegg did not respond. Maria Glot did not contact the Saltaire Archive.

Below: Roger Clarke is also described as the "best historian in Saltaire". He is pictured with Sally Clegg, 18 October 2015.

30 October 2015, Maria Glot tweeted: Mrs Elin Dooley on a visit to her roots (or tubers) in #Dublin, was advised: "Never let a lie stand in the way of a good story". Wise words.

The Saltaire "rules" promoted by Maria Glot as "authentic" have not been sourced. Maria Glot, Sally Clegg and Roger Clarke have not responded to requests to provide information to verify their autheticity.

There is no evidence to suggest they are real and therefore should not be cited in academic work.

The good news...

There are other authentic rules of Saltaire: Almshouses, Park and the Hospital.

These are reliably sourced from historial documents >

The bad news...

There are Saltaire myths being peddled about Saltaire. Have you heard any of these?

Who is Brian William Brennan?

Bill Brennan aka Billy BonkeyBrian William Brennan, or Bill Brennan, is a man, spoken to by Shipley Police, who says he lives in London. Bill Brennan and Maria Glot are friends.

Bill Brennan's Twitter account @prince_harry1, currently identified by the moniker "BrianWilliam Brennan" is also used by Maria Glot. The account is variously locked and unlocked and is used to promote Salts Walks and Maria Glot, and also as a stalking and defaming tool.

The @prince_harry1 account also insists the fake Saltaire rules are official.

Here's an a screen grab from a film Bill Brennan kindly sent to the Saltaire Village website team.

Bill Brennan of London

Below, a few screengrabs of tweets from Maria Glot's and Bill Brennan's Twitter accounts. Maria also posts on Bill Brennan's twitter account.

Magnify Some images magnify with a click

Below: Maria Glot, as "Ellin Saltaire", announcing her friend, Bill Brennan's visit to Saltaire.

"Private itinerary for security reasons. Personal appearances and autographs arranged for a bargain fee."


Below: Bill Brennan's visit to Saltaire is announced, and some of "his" thoughts. As Maria Glot posts to this account, it is unclear who is responsible for these tweets. Elements of Pamela Reynold's address were posted (known to Maria Glot, not to Bill Brennan) on the @prince_harry1 account. Bill Brennan was driven past Pamela Reynolds' home in Maria Glot's car. The police were informed of this stalking behaviour.

#unknownmale #implicitthreat #falseinformation #stalking

"Perpetrator must pay the price for peddling fraudulent picture tweets. Tut, tut, get out of that one. First stop, Shipley cop shop."

"And so to Saltaire! Time to dispel the obsessive myth promulgated by four eyes that I am a doppleganger. There is only one Bill Brennan."

Below: The Bill Brennan account continues to stalk Pamela Reynolds [editor of this website] by using her photograph as the profile picture. Police involvement and intervention resulted.
#stalking #rhymingthreat #notsuchfun
Below: Perhaps not so coincidentally, Maria also likes to make up offensive rhymes.

Below: Bill Brennan, dressed as he appeared in a bizarre film emailed to Pamela Reynolds.

Maria Glot's promotion of Saltaire

It's unbelievable, frankly, that Maria Glot could think that the activity on her various Twitter accounts promotes Saltaire and her business, Salts Walks, in a postive light. I won't post them here, but on occasion "Bill's" tweets are juxtaposed with pornography. That behaviour, together with the stalking behaviour towards me, Pamela Reynolds, was extremely disturbing.

Below: The user of the @prince_harry1 account posts my photograph, and then uses my photograph as the Bill Brennan profile picture. This is clearly stalking behaviour.

Stalking behaviour is meant to disconcert and distress. This quote, below, is from the Crown Prosecution Service website about the effect of stalking.

"The effect of such (stalking) behaviour is to curtail a victim's freedom, leaving them feeling that they constantly have to be careful. In many cases, the conduct might appear innocent ( if it were to be taken in isolation), but when carried out repeatedly so as to amount to a course of conduct, it may then cause significant alarm, harassment or distress to the victim."

It's apparent that there is an enjoyed sense of power.

Maria Glot retweeting this "Baiting and Bashing" tweet.

Pamela Reynolds sought advice from Shipley Police. There were two interventions. Following the first warning, tweets were deleted, but there was defiance and the stalking continued.

Following the second warning, this was captured before it was deleted. Maria Glot's tweet relates to her fantasy that she was "chucked" off the Saltaire Village website; that business was stolen from her, and making out that the police were supporting her in this claim.

The stalking behaviour didn't quite disappear...

Pamela Reynolds has now relocated to the East Coast. This grapevine news was greeted enthusiastically on the @prince_harry1 Twitter feed (used by Bill Brennan and Maria Glot).

This is childish and bullying, but I don't mind. I just hope that whoever posted these tweets as "William" is not a role model for children.

Maria Glot's and Bill Brennan's interest in Saltburn on the East Coast indicates a continuation of stalking behaviour. Pamela Reynolds writes as Flinty Maguire.

It seems that Maria Glot and Bill Brennan just can't let go of their stalking hobby. The @prince_harry1 account retweets my whereabouts. So does Maria Glot's account, @EllinSaltaire.

The motivation is, as always, negative.

Below: The @prince_harry1 Twitter account following Saltburn Book Corner and Saltburn by the sea on the East Coast, where Pamela Reynolds, who writes as Flinty Maguire, now lives.

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And, coincidentally, here is Maria Glot's Twitter account @EllinSaltaire following Saltburn Book Corner.

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And a reminder of who has access to the @prince_harry1 Twitter account: the founder of Salts Walks, Maria Glot.

The fake rules

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