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Image: Michael de Greasley Added to website: 29 July 2014
A family wedding in Saltaire: Kevin Foster marries Eileen Winifred Foster (nee McNicholas)

The contributor's grandparents lived in Saltaire on Shirley Street from the 1940's to the late 80's and are both in the photo. (Sent via email, 7 May 2014). If you can name anyone, please get in touch. We've had some feedback already. Email:

Saltaire family wedding
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The photograph was taken outside St Walburga’s Church, Farfield Road, Shipley.
1. John McNicolas (bride's uncle)

4. Thomas McNicholas (bride's uncle)

7. Lily Kendall (mother of Joan Porter and bride's auntie. Lily was a burler and mender at Salts Mill, then a housewife Lily's husband, Harold was a spinning overlooker, then a rent collector in Shipley c. 1953). Lived at 6 Katherine Street, Saltaire

8. Joan Porter (nee Kendall. Bride's cousin. Joan was a burler and mender at Salts Mill, then a housewife).

11. Ethel Gill (nee Kendall. Bride's auntie)

20. Edith May McNicholas (nee Glover. Bride's sister-in-law)

23. Ian McNicholas (page boy - bride's nephew)

24. Patricia Anne McNicholas (bridesmaid - bride's niece)

  25. Groom: Kevin Foster

26. Bride: Eileen Winifred Foster (nee McNicholas)

28. Hilda May McNicolas (nee Kendall. Bride's mother)

29. James Patrick McNicholas (bride's father)

31. Bill (William) Jones (bride's cousin's husband)

35. Anthony Jones

50. Keith McNicholas (bride's brother)

Note from the Editor:

Many thanks to Geoffrey Porter for getting in touch. Information was taken over the telephone; the names alongside the number are being checked by Geoffrey. Futher information given by Pat Long, nee McNicholas. Grateful thanks to all.







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