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Image: Michael de Greasley Added to website: 18 October 2013
My father, Barry Clatworthy
11 August 1928 - 18 October 2008

Remembering my father, Barry Clatwothy.
Pamela Reynolds, Editor. 18 October 2013

Barry Clatworthy who taught in Hull.

My dad, Barry Clatworthy, died five years ago today. He was a teacher and a very good one. I didn't fully realise how good until after he died. Then I started to find comments about him on Facebook from people who had been taught by him. They thought he was great. He came to Saltaire to visit me. He loved it here. I'm glad he saw me happy and settled in such a lovely place when I married Patrick.

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My dad was an avid reader and an enthusiastic historian. He was practical and methodical - organising his workshop in the garage as well as his written databases of the books he read (with comments) and music (which he rated).

Barry Clatworthy, class of 1984, Alderman Cogan, Hull
Barry Clatworthy with his class of 1984, Alderman Cogan School, Hull
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People said he was always the same - friendly and funny, helpful and kind. He kept birthday cards and letters from his friends and family. He loved animals. He loved children. In his treasured possessions was a history exercise book by one of his Alderman Cogan pupils, David Fisher, in form 4A1; because David's work was so carefully done, Dad marked the book: for retention, and he kept this book safe for the rest of his life. [David, if you want your book back, I'll gladly send it! Email: ]

I knew my dad loved me. He always greeted me with a bear hug saying, 'Who loves ya baby?' And as he got older, he became even more sentimental. Kindness and friendship humbled him. He treasured people, animals, memories - the beauty of the earth. I put a tribute together for his funeral - a synopsis of his life. It was a progressive and very useful life. I am very proud of him.

There are so many moments when I stop and think, what would Dad have done? When I hear his voice, he steers me good. I think I share some of his characteristics. I organise and archive, driven by a need to be helpful. These traits are hard-wired in me - my grandparents were similar folk.

I was sorting through some of Dad's books and found that he had re-read some of his favourites in his final weeks. He was particularly fond of C. S. Forester and read Hornblower and the Atropos, in August 2008. He died in October. The day before he died, he asked me questions about the chronology of royalty. He was frustrated he couldn't remember the exact dates of all the kings and queens. He had a joke to tell up to the day he died. He was a funny, happy, kind, clever and helpful man.

Barry Clatworthy deserves a mention on this website. Without him, it would never have occured to me to spend so much time developing a resource that might help folk out there in the cyberspace that so mystified him.

I miss him every day.

From: Smith Andy
Sent: 13 February 2014 16:25

Pamela, I hope you don't mind me contacting you about your dad?

He taught me in 3A1 in 1979 / 1980 and I remember him well (and if around today I'm sure he'd remember me too) for all the times he had to tell me to stop talking or misbehaving!! He also taught my sister I think in the early 70s as she was also at Alderman Cogan in those days.

I really do think that your dad was one of the best, if not THE best teacher I had the pleasure to meet during my school days. I always remember his laugh which was very infectious, and I loved it if it was me that could make him smile. I have a very vivid memory of your dad. We were doing impersonations of famous people to the class in one of our funny laid back classes that he used to let us do, and one of the lads started walking around the class as Charlie Chaplin (funny walk, swirling his cane etc) and I shouted out and pointed at him with "Lester Piggott"!! Well, your dad just completely lost it and couldn't stop laughing for ages - the whole class was in uproar :) Very funny memory.

I was only talking about him last week with a colleague who was also taught by him, and I've just come across this on the internet, hence my e-mail. I remember your dad and his friend / colleague from those days, Mr Syrat, in their cars and their smartly turned out appearance (flat cap, waxed jacket etc)!!

I have so many memories of your dad and they are all fond ones. A lovely man, and looking back it was a lovely time in my life.


Andy Smith

Alderman Cogan School

1977 - 1981

FACEBOOK memories of some pupils of Alderman Cogan School in Hull, who were taught by Barry Clatworthy

Yes Joanne, we DID have a gardening patch behind the prefabs... Damn those Cogan days were good! Mr Smith (with his scary selection of canes) follwed by Rev. Leeman, who made school Graces fun! "God bless this bunch as they munch their lunch".... Mr Cook was 'looking at you looking at me' and Mr Clatworthy was a genius! Miss Jefferson (I'll have British Bulldogs banned) was a truly amazing teacher in many ways! I LOVED my Cogan days!

Anyone else remember the legend who was Barry Clatworthy? He was the best teacher I've ever had - so enthusiastic about books - and I'll never forget all the fab nuggets of information he used to share with us!!
Mr Clatworthy - firm but fair teacher, great respect for him. He was a truly fabulous teacher and I looked forward to my lessons with him. A great man.
I am so saddened to hear today through the messages here about the death of a great teacher librarian and friend Barry Clatworthy. He taught me from a young age how to research which I have used all through life up to date. My thoughts go to his familiy and friends. May he rest in peace.
Sorry to hear about Mr Clatworthy he was a great teacher. I remember him telling me he'd read my poem out to all his other classes it was so good - I was embarrassed! It had to be like the classic 'I must go down to the sea again' can't remember who that was by but loving food, mine was 'I must go down to my dinner again, to a lovely steak and chips'! Ah good memories!
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