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Image: Michael de Greasley Added to website: 25 September 2012
History Club overwhelmingly rejects Bradford Council's water turbine in Roberts Park proposal

Dear History Club Member,

Hi. Not everyone was able to get to our meeting on Thursday 18 October 2012, & because of the nature of the meeting, it is right to give you a report on its outcomes.

1. The Club continues to grow, & it was a pleasure to welcome several newcomers to the Club.

2. We discussed Bradford Council’s proposal to install a water turbine in Roberts Park, the outcome of which is that the Club has declared, by an overwhelming majority, its opposition to the proposal. The precise motion that was carried was:
"Saltaire History Club, having been identified as a stakeholder in BMDC's Feasibility Study for a Water Turbine in Saltaire WHS, declares its opposition to the Council's proposal and calls upon BMDC to abandon its current project and find a better solution to its renewable energy needs".
This decision will be communicated to the Council.
[The voting was 23 for, 1 against, with 1 abstention. The Club is one of six local groups identified as stakeholders in the Council’s Feasibility Study for the scheme, and now joins the growing rank of stakeholders declaring their opposition to the Council’s idea. Friends of Roberts Park and Saltaire Village Society have already declared their opposition].
Given that the Club has adopted this position, it is commended to you. It is important that the Club’s position is supported by individuals, & an effective way to do this is to sign the online petition against the proposal which has been established by Sharon Ashton (Chair of Friends of Roberts Park). It’s a simple procedure, taking just a couple of minutes – simply go to:
If you do feel able to support the Club’s position in an individual capacity – thank you.

3. We spent the second part of Thursday’s meeting discussing possible lines of history research for the future. It’s great to report that several new initiatives are being undertaken by an expanding group of Club activists. That’s really encouraging. We’ve got some really talented members looking at the overseas activities of Salts Mill, & the way in which several foreign companies chose to follow Salt’s example of model townships & philanthropy. We have Club members with direct knowledge & experience of the Uddingston factory - the Scottish branch of Salts. There are good prospects for collaborating with Bradford WW1 Group in commemorating in 2014 the centenary of the outbreak of WW1. It bodes well for the future of our Club.

4. The Club's next meeting is on 29 Nov, when we look forward to history "business as usual" – more details in the coming weeks.

Best regards
Dave (Shaw)






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