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Education in Saltaire 1833 - 1887

Here are links to 3 articles kindly sent to us by Richard Coomber on 23 February 2007. Richard participates in the Saltaire History Club. Many thanks, Richard.

Essay: How can the elementary education of Saltaire be reconstructed between 1833 and 1887
Richard Coomber writes: This is an essay I wrote for the course I am doing at Leeds Uni. As you can see it is largely an exercise on the use of sources but there is some interesting material within it on Shipley/Saltaire schools and especially Albert Road. Go!

The other two are transcriptions from local papers about the opening of Albert Road school, which it turns out was quite revolutionary.

Transcription 1
Shipley and Saltaire Times, 4 February 1878, with a correction printed on 16 February 1878

Transcription 2
Shipley and Saltaire Times, 16 March 1878, "Opening of the New Board Schools at Saltaire."

The Saltaire History Club is an informal and open meeting place for anyone intrested in Saltaire. People get together every 3 months and otherwise keep in touch via the Chat Board on this site. The meetings are held in the Resource Centre of Shipley College on Exhibition Road.























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