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Image: Michael de Greasley Added to website, February 2007
The Dewhirst genealogy

Information and images contributed and researched by Pat Holland, Halifax

Grateful thanks to Pat Holland of Saltaire for contributing this information and the accompanying images.

Also: Report on James Dewhirst's death:

James Dewhirst, aged 50, met his death at the new dyehouse at Saltaire.
Read the article which appeared in the Bradford Observer, 1860.

1861 living 19 Titus Street

Rhoda Dewhirst (nee Rushworth) age 51 widow of James (Jimmy) Dewhirst.

Sarah age 28
Eccles age 23
Sarah Ann age 24 - daughter in law
James age 19 - cotton warp dresser
Young Rushworth age 17 - Gas stoker
William age 15 - mechanic
Leonard age 8 - scholar

2007 - Pat Holland comments: Sarah was born in 1833 at Wadsworth. She married Daniel O'Leary who was a Porter at Shipley Station. Apparently he used to sell humbugs made by Sarah to passengers on a Saturday. In 1901 when Princess Beatrice visited Saltaire he gave her some of them. Daniel died in 1903 of bronchitus.

John Farrar Dewhirst, (not mentioned above) born 1835, married Ann, had 3 children and moved to Lancashire.
Eccles, born 1837 a painter married Sarah Ann.
Harriet (not mentioned above) born 1839 was crippled died young.
James, born 1841 married Hannah Flaxington they had 7 children.
Young Rushworth, born 1844, became a gas stoker and married Eliza.
William, born 1846, became a mechanic, married Hannah Denby and they had 5 children including Rushworth born 1877.
Leonard, born 1852 at Copley, became a Tinner at Salts and married Sarah Brown

In 1871 they were living at 41 Titus Street

Rhoda age 61
Eccles age 34 - a Mule picker
Leonard age 18 - a Tinner,
James Arthur age 10 - grandson
Charles age 8 - grandson

1871 living at 6 Mary Street

James Dewhirst age 29
Hannah his wife
James William age 4

Rhoda Dewhirst died age 68 and was buried at St Pauls, Shipley

1881 living 9 Helen Street

James Dewhirst age 40 with wife, Hannah
James William age 14 - Spinner
Joseph age 12 - Spinner
John age 9
Abel age 7
Louisa age 4

1881 living 21 Dove Street

Young Rushworth Dewhirst age 37 Gas Fitter
Eliza age 36

1881 living 45 Earle Street

William Dewhirst age 35 - Mechanic
Hanah age 33
Turner, son age 6
Rushworth son age 3

1881 living 18 Dove Street

Leonard Dewhirst age 28 - Tinner at Salts Mill
Sarah age 24, (nee Brown, his wife)
Rhoda age 7
Sarah (Sally) age 5
James, born 1880 age 1**

Sarah the wife of Leonard died in 1883 and Leonard married Louisa Lambert.

Above: Inside Salts Mill
James Dewhirst b 1880. [James was Pat Holland's granddad.]

Above: Group of men
James, born 1880, is seated far left.

2007 - Pat Holland comments: James, born 1880 was my granddad. He grew up to work in the Salts Mill. My grandparents always talked about Salts and the houses they lived in and the happy times they had with street parties etc, visiting the Glen and walking across the moors to Dick Hudsons.

1891 living 4 Dove Street

Leonard Dewhirst age 38 - Tin Plate worker
Louisa age 35, (nee Lambert, his wife)
Rhoda age 17 - Spinner at Salts
Sarah (Sally) age 15 - Doffer at Salts
Mary age 3
David age 1.
A son Arthur was born later.

In 1923 Leonard Dewhirst died age 70 at 3 George Street, home of his son Arthur and wife Gladys.

Above: Left to right - Sally b 1876. Rhoda b 1874.

Above: Rhoda is driving and sitting in the sidecar is Sally.

2007 - Pat Holland comments: Rhoda was born in 1874 and went on to work as a spinner at Salts Mill. Sarah (Sally) was born 1876 and went on to work as a wool twister at Salts for 51 years. She was presented with a clock which my sister now has. I remember as a child being taken to see “the little Aunties” Rhoda and Sally who lived at 1 Edward Street. They were both under 5 feet tall and always wore a hat even indoors. We used to go on the tram up to the Glen.

More about Rhoda and Sarah Dewhirst >

1891 living 105 George Street

James William age 24 (Eldest son of James and Hannah.)
Ellen age 23

1905 James Dewhirst was living at 8 Albert Road

1905 living 21 Helen Street

James Dewhirst, born 1880 (son Leonard and Sarah) was a Mechanic at Salts who married Edith Goldsbrough* in 1905 (from 6 Windsor Road)
James and Edith had:

  • Charles Deacon, born 1906 but who died 1906
  • Arthur born 1908 (went on to marry Cis. He became a Director of Isaac Holdens Mill in Bradford. He died 1974.)
  • Grace born 1911 (went on to marry Edward Jackson. She died 1984.)
  • Ethel born 1912 (Ethel never married and looked after her parents. She worked at Daltons printers on Dock Lane. She died 1988.)
    William born 1914

In 1914 James and Edith lived at 26 Park Street
*In 1923 Harriet and William Goldsbrough (parents of Edith) lived at 33 Dover Street.

Above: The wedding of James and Edith, 1905 at St. Paul's in Shipley.
Leonard is next to James on back row.

Above: Seated at left on 2nd row from front is Sally Dewhirst b 1876
and at the other end of the row is her sister Rhoda b 1874.
Behind Sally is William Goldsbrough and his wife Harriet
(parents of Edith who married James 1880)
next but one to Harriet is, I think, Louisa (Leonard's second wife) then Leonard.

Edith with her children, Arthur, Grace and baby Ethel.

2007 - Pat Holland comments: William was born 1914 at 26 Park Street Saltaire. He married Evelyn. He was Treasurer of Ilkley UDC from 1950 until he died in 1970. He was my father.

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