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Added to website: 17 August 2018
Meeting: 6 September 2018

All welcome and it's free!

Saltaire History Club, 10 Sept 2015

Image courtesy Shaun and Julie Daniels.
Meet Lewes, who is a very happy alpaca living with Shaun and Julie,
Yorkshire alpaca farmers.

Steve Day

Connecting the Threads - The Alpaca Wool Journey
from Altiplano to Airedale

The talk will be based on my progress so far in researching the remarkable journey of the alpaca wool from its source in the high altiplano of Andean Peru, across the Atlantic via Cape Horn, Liverpool and the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Given the non survival of archives from Salts Mill I'll outline the available sources that enable us to piece together the story. So far they've taken me from Leeds to London. I'll also make use of sources I've found on the internet that can give us some further insight. The focus will be mostly on information I've garnered relating to the business in Peru, but there will be some references to sources closer to home drawn from the archives of Black Dyke Mills.


Karthryn Hughes

"Mr Pybus and the Bradford Munition Factories"

Find out how Bradford responded to the national shell crisis. With pictures from inside the Pheonix Munitions works at Thornbury you'll gain an insight into what it was like to work there and what kind of manager Mr Pybus was.

Resource Centre, Saltaire Archive Room
Shipley College
Exhibition Road,
BD18 3JW

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The Saltaire History Club is free to attend and everyone is welcome.


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Note from Colin Coates, History Club Chairperson

Hello All,

 I apologise for the lateness of this email. For our meeting on Thursday 6 September 7pm to 9pm at our usual venue, Shipley College in Exhibition Road, we have two excellent speakers lined up:

Steve Day: Connecting the Threads - The Alpaca Wool Journey from Altiplano to Airedale


Kathryn Hughes - Mr Pybus and the Bradford Munition Factories

Hope to see as many of you there as possible, and don't forget it is FREE and open to all.

Best Regards
Colin Coates
Chairperson Saltaire History Club

PS: Dates of remaining meetings in 2018 (all on Thursday evenings): 13 Dec

PPS: On Facebook, the Club is now reaching over 1200 readers per week. It’s proving to be a helpful way of carrying news & history features to a wider audience than our actual Club membership – have a look at , Please “like” and “follow” us if you want to keep abreast of the latest Club news.







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