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Added to website: 14 February 2011
Meeting: Thursday 3rd March 2011

Joseph Wright: From t'Mill to t'Dreaming Spires
by Eddie Lawler
Saltaire 1877: A Church Divided
by Roger Clarke

Saltaire Methodist Church
Saltaire Road, Saltaire, 7 – 9 pm.
ALL WELCOME - and it's FREE!

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Dear Friends,

I hope 2011 has got off to a good start for everyone. We have our first Club meeting of the year coming up on Thursday 3 March, and the good news is that we have two really good speakers to mark the occasion.

Our main speaker is local playwright and songwriter Eddie Lawler, and his chosen topic is “Joseph Wright: From t’Mill to t’Dreaming Spires”. Wright rose from very humble beginnings in Salts Mill to become Professor of Dialect at Oxford University, and wrote and edited seminal works on English dialects. Eddie will introduce examples from this Dictionary, and from Wright’s Grammar of the Windhill Dialect, and we’re all  invited to bring examples from our own knowledge of the local twang.

Our other speaker will be our own Roger Clarke, on “1877: A Church Divided”. In 1877 Saltaire Congregational Church was divided by a bitter dispute centred on its minister, the Reverend David Cowan. It is the character of Rev Cowan that Roger plays in the guided walks around Saltaire, and at our meeting he will re-enact the role played by the minister in the dispute.

During the tea break you’ll be able to browse a couple of recent donations to Saltaire Archives (both of which have come through contacts made via our ever-excellent Saltaire Village Website). The first includes a Long Service Certificate for a lady who worked for 56 years at the Mill – her ancestors first moved into the village during the building of Titus Street. The second is a set of family bibles originally belonging to the Marshall family. In this set of books we found a dedication to the first person to be married in Saltaire Methodist Church, so it’s particularly relevant to the setting of our meeting, which as usual will be held at Saltaire Methodist Church, Saltaire Rd, Saltaire, 7 – 9 pm.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again,

Dave (Shaw)


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