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Added: 28 March 2008
Meeting: 17 April 2008
Shipley College, Exhibition Rd, Saltaire, 7 – 9 pm. 

The Saltaire History Club presents:

“From Baildon Moor to Saltaire: A Walk through History” by Mike Lawson

and “The Lost Mansions of the Salts” by Tish Lawson

All welcome! There is no formal membership, no fee - just dip in and out as you please. Tea and coffee are 50p. Someone will greet you in the foyer in Shipley College, Exhibition Building, Exhibition Rd.

Dave Shaw writes: Greetings All. Hope everyone has wintered well since our January meeting, which exceeded all our expectations. Many of the photos of the Mill interior which we were looking at have proved to be the originals featured in Mill brochures produced in the early 1920s - which is helping date some of the machinery. If you would like to be involved in the process, please let us know.

We have our next meeting on Thurs 17 April, complete with another great double bill of speakers. Husband & wife team Mike & Tish Lawson are both well-known local historians, and some of their recent work can be found in the 2007 publication “Bradford Chapters”. Tish is also well –known, of course, as the Senior Archivist at West Yorkshire Archives in Bradford, and is a regular participant at our Club meetings. The titles of their talks are: “From Baildon Moor to Saltaire: A Walk through History” - Mike Lawson, and “The Lost Mansions of the Salts” - Tish Lawson.

 The subjects lend themselves well to the time of year - Come to the meeting to learn about the history of the area across the river from Saltaire, and then use the Spring and your legs (and the spring in your legs) to explore it further in your own time.

Our meeting takes place at the usual time and place - 7 - 9 pm Shipley College, Exhibition Rd, Saltaire.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Best regards, Dave


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