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The Answers!
Here you will find the answers to Eddie Lawler's Saltaire Family Treasure Hunt. We hope you've had fun exploring Saltaire and pondering the questions.
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The Answers to Eddie Lawler's Saltaire Treasure Hunt

1. Larger than life, beneath his gaze Is where the Sunday music’s played.
Answer: Titus Salt

2. That was a doddle, but who’s the sculptor? And where was the artist based – that’s stumped you?
Answer: F Derwent Wood, London. The Foundry was Alessandro Parlanti, Fulham, London

3. Which Turkish goat provides mohair One of the wools used in Saltaire?
Answer: Angora

4. And why’s this statue there? What date Does all this fuss commemorate?
Answer: Salt's 100th birthday and 50 years since the opening of the Mill

5. Down below’s another year It’s when a half moon first appeared.
Answer: 1870

6. Saltaire is sandstone on the whole But what stone is the drinking bowl?
Answer: Granite

7. Now promenade to find in stone Where’s flowers, pumpkins, fruit and cones?
Answer: The shelter

8. Then find the old park-keepers home How many fires kept him warm?
Answer: 7

9. Don’t cross the bridge, until you’ve spotted Small creature eating fruit – you’ve got it?
Answer: A bird

10. And as you cross the River Aire Big chimney rings a bell – but where?
Answer: Venice

11. Church pillar capitals – Ionic? Corinthian? Doric? Polyphonic?
Answer: Corinthian

12. Two naked ladies!!? Mermaids?? See ’em?? Yes! They’re on the
Answer: mausoleum

13. Stars in church windows, and on Salt’s crest How many on his place of rest?
Answer: 27

14. Cross front of t’Mill for quite a hike Another woolly animal minds the bikes.
Answer: Alpaca

15. And below big chimney is his pal Saltaire trade-mark, rings his bell.
Answer: Belwarp

16. Uphill, a monogram twice to prove “I built this school” – two gables-worth.
Answer: TS

17. Bird in the crest – is it a seagull Ostrich, vulture – or an eagle?
Answer: Ostrich

18. Two more ladies – flimsy skirts on Symbolise the all-round person.
Answer: Arts and Science (above Victoria Hall main door)

19. Ye gods! That one far right’s the feller No pub – but wine in Titus’ cellar.
Answer: Bachuus

20. Which of the four proud leonine beasts Sits on a plinth the most South-East?
Answer: Peace

21. The style of arches up the road - what’s different from the ones below?
Answer: Pointed (Gothic)

22. Date in window over door tells you what is now no more
Answer: 1868


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