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WINNER of the Saltaire Sentinel's John Nicholson Poetry Prize, 2007: SALTAIRE - A UNIQUE MONUMENT TO ONE MAN'S VISION by Geoff Tynan

A unique monument to one man's vision
By Geoff Tynan

A unique monument to one man’s vision,
Water the key to his decision.
To power looms and convey the goods,
The Leeds and Liverpool ascends the landscape like no river could.

Clean air for once instead of smog,
But no place to sell the grog.
To keep the highway free and neat,
No washing please across the street.

Mind and body catered for,
Rich in Art, Sport and knowledge for the poor.
Gateways to a better life,
No smoke clad city strife.

Relax in the mystical east for a while,
Shed the days toil Turkish style.
Wander home through streets related,
The Salt family tree on Prussian blue stated.

The Masons Art lifts the tone,
Street corners fanned in Yorkshire stone.
From flagstones worn by workers all,
To the Classical of,  Victoria Hall.




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