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Pamela Reynolds
Working life...

I've had a variety of jobs in my time. I'm now concentrating on writing and have completed two children's novels under the pen name of Flinty Maguire. Book Three is underway.

Contact details
Pamela Reynolds

Formal stuff:
BA(Hon) First Class
Communication & Cultural Studies / Public Media
Leeds University

Guided Walks

I occasionally offer guided walks to small groups around the village. The walks take from an hour to an hour and a half. I try to answer questions up to the modern day. All good stuff!

Saltaire Village website

I moved to Saltaire in 2003. Saltaire didn't have a dedicated website, so I started to cobble one together as a hobby. From a few pages, it's grown into something substantial and has thousands of pages and images. In fact, in March 2014, the website had to be migrated to its own dedicated server. It's built on a BBC archive model, so practically everything that goes on the website remains online, like a living history book.

The website is inclusive and free. It gets around 20k unique visitors every month and it's a great platform to make connections with folk and collect nuggets of history. I'm pleased to be a small part of the developing story of Saltaire.

The website Twitter account is

Some examples of my work, below.

Flinty Maguire
Author/illustrator of the Ellie Booton's Journal series

*Trouble at the Crab Shack Café, Ellie Booton's Journal, No. 1
*The Lighthouse Code, Ellie Booton's Journal, No. 2
*Ellie Booton's Journal, No. 3 - coming soon...

Exciting, thoughtful adventures, suitable for boys and girls, reading age 10 upwards.

Trouble at the Crab Shack
Flinty Maguire Flinty Maguire


Blurb: What can I tell you about the Crab Shack café? Well, first of all, it's not a shack and crab isn't on the menu. In fact, soon, it might not be a cafe at all, and that means one thing - DISASTER! PLUS - Eddie and Susannah have fallen out - Cooper and Abigail are hanging round with that Gilby Flynn - and Elsie is about to have a nervous breakdown. And would you believe it - our school project is ONLY to make the world a BETTER PLACE - as if we didn't have enough on our plates. We're all in BIG, BIG TROUBLE.

Paperback and Kindle

Sample the book

Review >

The Lighthouse Code
Flinty Maguire Flinty Maguire


Blurb: The first time I saw the red flash I wasn't too worried, but red is a WARNING, and I should have known better. BAD stuff was about to happen. I didn't know who and I didn't know why, but one thing was obvious - someone, somewhere was trying to get a message through. It's OK, you can read my journal. Just be careful not to make the same mistakes in your life...

Paperback and Kindle

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