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, Jean McAllisterThe following extracts are  from a report in the Bradford Observer for Sept.25th 1856 of a speech made by Sir Titus on the occasion of his being presented by his workers with a bust of himself. The ceremony, which took place on Sept 20th , was re-enacted exactly 150 years later, courtesy of Mr. Dave Shaw and friends, when Mr.Denys Salt took the part of his honourable ancestor. 

"Three years ago, when I had the pleasure of meeting you at the opening of the works in Saltaire, I then stated my motives and objects in erecting them. So far I have reason to hope that my wishes will be fulfilled, and that I shall there be surrounded by an industrious, happy and moral people (Applause), and so long as I am supported by you as heretofore, with God's blessing, I have no doubt of success (Applause).

I am sure therefore, that you will take it in good part, if I remind you that you must be co-workers with me (Hear,hear), for it is only as you – young and old, great and small  - do your part, that I can succeed in promoting the object I have in view (Applause) . This is my most earnest wish for Saltaire." (Hear,hear).... 

"The task of improving the condition of the working classes, however difficult and laborious it may be, is not thankless or unprofitable." (Loud and reiterated cheering.)

Photo: Denys Salt, great grandson of Sir Titus Salt and Jean McAllister, Shipley College Principle

The last word in the proceedings was reserved originally for Mr M Marshall – and repeated, to the amusement of all hearers in 2006, by Mr. P Barlo: "Mr Chairman, Laydis, an' gentlemen – Hav wrout for sixteen years for Mister Salt, an' ah ham weel pleeas'd wi' im. An'ah ham weel pleeeased wi'aar chairman; an' ah second t'moation wi' all me hart an' sit ma daan."

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