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TESSA  HANKINSON has been having trouble parking her bicycle:

OK, so some years ago I cycle to Saltaire and lock my bike up to some railings by the station and catch my train to Leeds. On my return the bike brakes have been vandalised and the seat lock stolen, rendering the bike unstable. So I push it one and a half miles home. The next time I leave my bike at Saltaire I park it outside the College, as I'm off on a day trip with my horticultural class, and return to find the seat stolen. Another long walk home. Two years later, I decide to get fit again and instead of driving to Saltaire to catch my daily train to work in Leeds I cycle. I try to lock my bike to the railings on the bridge by the station and a security guard from the Mill says "You can't park there, love." He directs me to a rail by the disabled parking spaces, in public view and right by the security office. Great, I think, my bike is finally safe. A week later, as I lock my bike to the same rail, no less than three security guards approach me and ask if I am visiting the mill; "Cos if you're not, you can't park your bike there". So I unlock my bike and take it on the train with me to Leeds. As you can imagine, on a crowded early morning train this is not a popular move with my fellow commuters. I've had enough now. Please can someone tell me if/where there is anywhere in Saltaire for safe, legal, secure parking for bicycles and if there isn't why isn't there, given it is a World Heritage site? 

Tessa Hankinson


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