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The only disappointing thing about Eric Petrossian's one man Gospel show, Kingdom Come, in the United Reformed Church on September 13th  was the size of the audience. The performance lived up to its billing as "accessible and entertaining to Christians and non-Christians alike", as Eric brought his experience of acting and stand up comedy together in a perfectly appropriate blend.

His 'Godfather-like' Satan, mumbling the only line of the evening not taken directly from the Bible, ("Gonna make you an offer you can't refuse"), with tissues stuffed unashamedly in cheeks during the Temptation scene, was a delight which no-one could have taken as irreverent or facetious, while his amazing range of characterisation made Pharisees and Sadducees both laughable and terrifying; always in the right places. Within minutes, listeners were enthralled to find 'master of memory' added to Eric's long list of talents as he reeled off the genealogy ("Abraham the father of Isaac..etc.etc.etc.") at stunning speed.

Outstanding 'entertainment' from start to finish it certainly was; but if the performer's genuine faith were ever in any doubt, such was laid to rest by his treatment of the Passion, including an amazingly thought-provoking Last Supper and a Resurrection which would have rattled the firmest unbeliever.


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