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CONGRATULATIONS to this year's winner,
GEOFF TYNAN of Hirst Lane, Saltaire.

The Four Lions

Destined for Trafalgar Square,
To guard a hero there.
Too small to lay at Nelsons feet,
Too proud we are the fleet.

A home was needed, a place of rest,
Sir Titus Salt could buy the best.
On mighty plinths of stone they stand,
Still they guard but not as planned.

A model school a model hall,
Rallying minds and spirits all.
Attacked by time, wind and rain,
Even the rumblings of a heavy goods train.

Potent symbols of a once proud nation.
On Salt’s final journey a village stands in admiration.
The lion’s watchful gaze shall never cease,
Their names, War, Determination, Vigilance and Peace.

© Geoff Tynan, 2006

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