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Through the Saltaire Keyhole
Through the keyhole with The Shipley and Saltaire Times
July 1879

Researched by Clive Woods


At the Otley Petty Sessions, on Friday last, before a full Bench of Justices, the following youths were summoned by Savannagh Speak, for damaging grass at Baildon, on the 22nd of June, viz:- John Ledgard, Wm. Binns, Evan Eustell, John Constantine, Garnett Mann, Joseph Summerscale, John Smith, John Wilson, W.H. Wyrill, and B. Sharp, all of Saltaire. Complainant stated that on the afternoon of the day in question he found the defendants trespassing in a plantation adjoining Shipley Glen. Considerable damage was done to the grass by people who frequented the Glen as they thought the plantation in question was part and parcel of it. He therefore felt that it was his duty to take measures calculated to put a stop to the practice. When Speak and several constables discovered the defendants they were playing a game of cards called "Nap.," and did not notice the presence of their informants for some minutes. Defendants pleaded guilty and were fined 1s., and ordered to pay 1d. damage and the costs, each. 

[Note: "Nap" is a card game in which you have five cards. As in Whist, you call the number of tricks you can win. One who calls five is said to "Go Nap" and to "Make his Nap" if he wins them all. – Clive]

[See, it's not only history he's expert in. – Ed]

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